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Review of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein – 13-8-14

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Review of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein – 13-8-14

Post by Maria J on 2014-08-14, 17:11

Review of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein – 13-8-14

Hi Everyone..

Oh what an awkward morning for IshRa..  Raman fumbling around was hilarious. Bechari Ishu she thought this was done and forgotten but Raman will embarrass her further with the gift.. I’m so glad they are still the same.. same cute digs at each other..

Romi scenes at the breakfast table and everyone’s reactions were fabulous… Raman’s reaction would be worth a watch when Ishita questions him about Romi’s birth.

I loved the cake throwing scene. Shagun is still not getting the point that Ashok taunted her too when he called Raman her ex. She blindly continues to support Ashok to further instigate Raman. Suraj seemed very happy at the office when Raman was being told that Suraj’s condition. So Suraj like Ashok is also just lot fluff and no substance kind of a guy. He really thinks that getting Raman to resign will be insulting. I’m waiting to see the downfall of this Suraj..  even more than Ashok..  

Thank you for reading.. 

Maria J

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Re: Review of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein – 13-8-14

Post by sarra0 on 2014-08-14, 17:42

raman ishita in the morning where raman looked at0her and kept looking and was surprised at it was cute...but they make me laugh she was covered, nothing to b nervous about....and then the scene near the dining table where they r the reason for both gifts make sense  hppy hppy 

romi was funny but I thou they r rich now thou money is would b the same at the other place the money would not b his...but I want 5dishes for dinner or  hppy hppy hppy has he put in for DNA tests?

suraj is a waste of space...y they bought him in as an extension of ashok I don't know...ashok getting caked  hppy Clap suraj should consider himself lucky that raman didot do it to him as well...oh y raman y did u not spread the love...

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