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Main resons why I think CV’s-EK want to go for the leap thing

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Main resons why I think CV’s-EK want to go for the leap thing

Post by Giannita63 on 2014-08-14, 23:19

Well my friends, very unusually I decide to open a thread post but now I couldn’t stop myself from taking all this out of my chest.  I started watching this serial a year ago and even though I am not Indian, coming from a complete different culture, I fell in love with it since the first glimpse I gave on it.  I have followed it even though I could not understand a word of the language and have been giving it so much of my time on its ups and downs, good and horrible tracks with stoic determination, even when I have swore I will quit, simply have been unable to.  But due to the rumors of a leap and change of story, I couldn’t help myself from analyzing the probabilities of this to become a reality pretty soon.  And the main reason why I believe this rumor have big chances to happen for real, is for what I state below; even if I take the risk of gaining the hate of other forum members. Bang  affraid 

Main reason for leap:   Impossibility of showing a real Jodha-Akbar  “epic love story”

 scratch  scratch 
Why??? Sadly because of Pari’s demands;  her don’t  this and don’t that for doing romantic scenes.   If this show is about a love story and the female lead is not willing to do romance on screen, then the nature of the show has no meaning.  Lap, lap, lap and only lap, hugging like brother and sister with no passion whatsoever, sporadic and meaningless forehead kisses and the worst of all, AIR KISSES doesn’t work for what should be an “epic love story”.   

Yes, I know I can be crucified for saying this, all Pari’s fans must be screaming at me right now with dozens of chapals ready to be thrown at me!!!  Even me; I am even willing to crucify myself because I am ALSO a Paridhi’s big fan and REALLY, REALLY, REALLY love her!!!  But loving someone doesn’t mean you can’t see his/her faults and justify all their actions.  I know the arguments for her refusals of playing love scenes:   Indian culture, she is married, her in-laws and family doesn’t like seen her in romantic scenes but then why in the world she accepted this role?  She must have discussed all this with her family PREVIOUSLY, at the show inception.  But this is another topic I won’t discuss, for me here the real fault is on CV’s, Zee and EK.  First, wrong choice (EK should have never chose a married woman to play an “epic love story” for as much as beautiful she is and how much physically she suit the character) and second, they have been proven incapable of making their actress perform the job she was hired for.   And yes, I dare myself of saying it was a wrong choice because if we have not seeing Paridhi as Jodha, we’ve never have fallen in love with her and associate her with the character we have grown to love so much.  Broken Heart  Broken Heart  Broken Heart 

 I believe Ekta Ma’m got really pissed off after the SR track.  She may have had planned a totally different thing than what we got, that was even publicized broadly.   Then, out of the blue, with no further advice or clue, the scene was thrown out like… daaah???  On a Monday, without promo, without nothing!!! And even it had its beautiful parts, something was lacking and other much had no sense (who in the world have their first love night and wake up totally dressed up??)  Probably that’s why that scene was so delayed because CV’s must have been discussing endlessly with the actress and she kept saying no, no, no, no….  Bang  Bang  So EK got fed up, throw the scene the way she did and in her head, she may have started planning how to get out of this situation and bang!! Leap thought crossed her mind…. And since subsequently no real romance could be shown, she may have asked her CV team to do something that make viewers angry, hate the show and therefore,  many would decide to stop watching making TRP’s drop so then she could justify a leap without having make a drastic decision to fire the female lead because as a business woman, she KNOWS that replacing leads almost NEVER works (ex. QH, once Karan Sing G. was replaced, the show dropped to the floor, they took the risk of a huge leap, was hard at the beginning but slowly viewers started accepting the new story and now the show is going up again).   So, my guess here (and don´t be surprised if this happens) is that, Ekta is planning to KEEP RAJAT to play Salim and get another girl to play Anarkali.  And I really believe she will be very careful in whom she choose this time, will get someone who will be willing to do the romantic scenes the way she wants to and get rid of the problem with Paridhi.   She knows that keeping Rajat, viewers eventually would accept the new story and the new female lead that can perform hot romantic scenes with him.

 But as everything in life, taking such a high risk may succeed or may not.  I believe she is “proving” with Atifa track.    If the things are this way, she must be measuring audience reaction towards another female interaction with Rajat.  Off course, right now majority is against that because Paridhi is STILL on the show and even though I believe the actress playing Atifa is kind of pretty, she is not beautiful enough to match Paridhi.  But EK may be doing all this as a test and if the track ends up the way Nannaya and many others believe, with Jalal being the hero and all that crap being part of a Master plan of him to catch all villains at once, then she has good chances to succeed after the leap.  

This entire crazy King Kong track, the Jodha jungle adventure being pregnant may be to justify the death of the twins.   Since Jodha was under a terrible stress, emotionally disturbed for Jalal’s infidelity and sudden lack of love for her, being forced to go through extreme physical effort in pregnant state, almost being raped by several men and now after returning to Agra, she may not be pardoned for her fault of releasing Khyber,  how the kids would survive?  Jodha may get sick after returning to Agra and as history says, the kids will born, but on the EK story, they will born too weak because of all her mother´s suffering, so logically, they would die…. Then CV’s will show a terribly regretful Jalal and Jodha,  maybe they will start showing minor leaps to fast forward the story, the born of the other kids that did not survived either since Jodha may have not be fully recovered of the past trauma (with no detailed SR scenes involved so Paridhi’s don’t this, don’t that demands of performing romantic scenes are fulfilled), a very short track of Jalal and Jodha going to Salim Chisti until the successful born of Prince Salim happens  (and here I’m fast forwarding too, for not extending this post too much) to end up with the so predicted 15 year leap.  Off course, they will have to show some of Salim’s childhood and how Jodha and Akbar became the truly soul mates after all the good and bad happened in their lives, some soul talk may be shown too to end the Jodha Akbar “epic love story” track to introduce the new Salim-Anarkali story.   And since Jodha and Jalal will be grown adults for that time, THEN EK may decide to replace the leads with some mature actors (if that happens, she must be searching if not already for actors that resembles a little to the original young ones) keeping Rajat as Salim and then getting rid of the annoying don’t this, don’t that actress… (this is Ekta’s thought, not mine I clarify!!) 

All this is my analysis after seeing the things that are actually happening in the serial.  In IF many girls states they have called ZEE and that they have being assured that no leap will take place, but at the end who believes that??? They are business people and are only concern about TRP’s, so they will barefacedly LIE on them to keep viewers glued at the TV in the hope that the story will get better and their cherished Akdha will finally be shown in one frame as they dream…. Until the leap comes to their faces and all are left with a huge question mark in their heads!   confused 

Unless the producers put up their pants and give a lecture to the lead actress to make her do her job rightfully (thing that I really don’t see happening) the show could continue as “Jodha Akbar” with our beloved Parijat as leads.   However, as I have said many times, I highly doubt on the intelligence of current EK CV team, they truly LACK of creativity to make this story become successful.  Even with Paridhi’s don’t this, don’t that’s, I am totally confident to say that this story COULD BE SAVED and make it as successful as it was at the inception of the show if ONLY this group of team Producers-Writers-Channel staff would listen to audience, become creative and DO a good story making honor to the original protagonists of the History.   Love scenes CAN be performed with a little of creativity and cooperation from the lead actress if ONLY the people that can take the wheel of this show know a little from the art of negotiation. 

Being not Indian I cannot give opinion on real history, only for what I have learned in my researches on the real Akbar and what I have read in the forums about the real story of him; all I can say is that I truly believe there is more than enough material to make this story good.  There is still plenty to talk about before taking a decision of a change of story.   But also because I’m not Indian and not familiar with the famous Ekta Kapoor and her saazishes, I can opine only from my limited POV.  As this being my first time watching and Indian serial, for sure I was unaware until now of how this lady can turn a good story into a total incomprehensible mess…  So taking the easy way out is not illogical from her side and leap is the easiest way to do it.  But this is only speculation on my part, let’s wait and see if leap comes and if all my suspects become true or not…. 

And sorry for this long post but well, which latina woman can be stopped once start talking?



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Re: Main resons why I think CV’s-EK want to go for the leap thing

Post by mandygi on 2014-08-17, 02:10

i also do not like paridhi's do's and don't and that is the reason i do not like her doesn't matter how big an actress she is!..initially she had no problems but why all of a sudden all these problems started happening once thw show was successful because she knew that ekta will not take a chance of kicking her out and then ekta will have to listen to her demands and mould the story the way she wants..and if her in laws had issues then why she took the role, i am sure ekta must have clarified it all in the beginning..look at the SR it was worst till date..too short and hardly any touching and then fully clothed hppy 


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