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Jodha Akbar - Is Am Sorry Enough?

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Jodha Akbar - Is Am Sorry Enough?

Post by Nanayaa623 on 2014-08-14, 23:39

Can am sorry heal the wounded pride/ego?

Anger is an emotional response related to one’s psychological interpretation when one’s basic boundaries are violated. Some have a tendency to react to anger through retaliation.

Jodha out of kindness took a path that landed her in more trouble than she ever dreamed off. She almost lost her life and the life of her loved ones in womb! Lucky enough Jalal didn’t give up on her and was willing to give her a second chance risking his life to save hers and their kids. Either for his pride or ego as a King or because of love blinded with anger.

This is how far Jodha and Jalal have come in the journey of love. In their folly both have hurt each other with words and actions which will take time and distance to heal.  Jalal this time is determined not to let Jodha off the hook easily so she can learn from her mistakes putting her life and their unborn children at risk and their reputation among the citizenry.  Jodha accepts her mistakes and the consequences of her actions and said I am sorry. Is that enough to heal the wounded pride/ego and make things right instantly? NO!!! But being remorseful and accepting one’s folly and mistake with a humble heart is a step well taken. There is a saying that says time heals all wounds but I believe distance heals better. Since CV team is ready to put a distance between their leads for now I applaud them for the stupid effort they put into it to convince the audience.

What will be the punishment Jalal gives to Jodha?
Who will intercede for Jodha?
In time past when Jalal gets into the most dangerous weakness (ANGER) Jodha was the only one who dare appeal to it and make him see reason through this weakness of his and encourage him to forgive. Now Jodha is facing that same anger.

Who have the guts or compassionate heart in Agra Palace enough to plead on Jodha’s behalf?
Jodha plead for Baski
Jodha plead for Sharif
Jodha plead for Ruky
Jalal’s close relations that stab him in the back with their actions sand continue to stab him in the back until now!
Jodha use her wish to plead for Moti Bai when Jalal was about to share innocent blood.
Jodha used her wish to plead for King Kong so that her husband does not share blood in the holy month.

Hopefully Jodha will learn that not all that glitters is  gold and put some restrains on her heart, learn who to love, give kindness, and use her wishes for giving to her by her King / husband (they might come in handy).

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Re: Jodha Akbar - Is Am Sorry Enough?

Post by dhwaniforum on 2014-08-18, 12:02

Please continue the discussion in the above pasted link


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