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Jodha Akbar - The Calm before the Storm!

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Jodha Akbar - The Calm before the Storm!

Post by Nanayaa623 on 2014-08-19, 23:26

Gosh I admire Jalal today!!! He is focused and determined. Risking it all to gain all back again! Only great men with such daring nature have the guts to do this and survive.

Jalal had his first confrontation with his mother who reminds him of all that it seems he has forgotten and what is a stake with his behavior and decision but he did not blink and stood firm on his decision to marry Atifa.

The citizenry, priests minor kings, ministers are all talking and taking decisions. New players’ (opportunistic enemies) put in their own cards which create new problems that Jalal has to deal with. Spies of Jalal spread around gathering information as to what is going on in the minds of various people around for the game changer to know what to do next.  Now the mastermind doesn’t know what is going on anymore if they are on the victory side or not! The game changer seems to be playing a game they don’t understand so he/she has to wait and see where the wind is blowing to so he/she can follow suit. How sharp!  (This simple implies the game changer is still in control of affairs! So far so good the palace doors are shut now in the name of the protest this has become a closed case now centered only within the four walls of the palace. Genius!

 Ruky and Salima set out to convince Jalal to retrieve from his decision to marry Atifa who is already a married woman reminding his of the consequence this will bring. Jodha also follow suit with tears in her eyes and start from a different angle but Jalal is on moved and shut her down with his own counterattack “I would have listened to you but because you disrespected me you have lost the right to give me suggestion” It is interesting to note that Jalal was not in the mood to repeat himself and be all angry with Jodha which he is tired of acting out by now so he used his famous excuse and left her feeling hurt and dizzy.  Jalal is living up to expectation that he is out of his mind and he is madly in love with Atifa and he will go to ends of the world if need be to defy all and marry her! How romantic! Poor guy he is a walking tornado ready to devour!

Ruky is frustrated and unhappy but she has to obey Jalal’s orders and start the marriage preparations. She runs into perfume seller and immediately stamps her authority on the affairs of the other wives Atifa having heard this I guess came out to provoke Ruky because they have a score to settle!(gosh Ruky made my day!) Ruky fell into her trap because now Atifa is sure Jodha is a done deal but Ruky doesn’t give a damn and she is definitely not Jodha who wikll with pride and dignity walk away gracefully. She dealt with that witch very well to my satisfaction! Jalal saw this from afar and was alarmed that Ruky is putting herself in danger by this action he has to at fast and settles it quickly before his plans are ruined. Jalal scold Ruky in front ofAtifa and all others which did not go down well with Jodha and couldn’t stand quietly. She took a stand for Ruky against Jalal (will Ruky have down this for Jodha?). Jalal then turns his fury on Jodha accusing her of always challenging him in front of people! This pushed Jodha to voice out the thought that has been lingering over her mind and heart lately as her last weapon that she will leave Jalal and can’t be his wife. Jalal knowing what this stubborn wife of his can do answered with a masterpiece he I will give Jodha divorce himself after I marry Atifa on Eid. Atifa is happy a smile of victory!  Now surely Jalal can give Jodha the divorce immediately and walk away I guess but the game changer is still in control of the game at his own pace.

Jodha is shocked to hear this from Jalal and stood still as though her world vanished and she was suddenly seeing herself in a remote Island and stayed there for a while! Let’s see if she can come back to Agra Palace soon by tomorrow! Alright those of you who will have Jalal’s neck for this please pause. He know what she can endure and his only hope now is that “ I can make amends once this is all over. She loves me and she is carrying my children. She will not leave me. All he did was to make assure that Jodha will not wake up in the middle of the night and leave the palace (she can still anyway you can never tell what this daring woman can do). Even if it takes long for Jodha to forgive Jalal he will prefer to have her alive and well in Agra close to him and hope that one day she will forgive his folly. And since the score is one, one now I expect it to cancel it out shortly!

You are all invited to the Nikah of Jalal and Atifa! Till then less pull her hair!!!

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