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rukaiya to desire to adopt jodhas one son

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rukaiya to desire to adopt jodhas one son

Post by raj roshni on 2014-09-08, 13:58

In coming episodes Jalal angry with Shariffudin
will decide to kill him when Jodha stops him
and makes him understand that he should not
hurt his sister and tells him he has to make
Shariffudin understand his mistake and Jalal
calms down and finally comes up with a plan.
He will share this to his mother and other wives
when Jalal praises Jodha for her intelligent
thinking and also tells she deserves to
be Mariam-uz-Zamani which makes Rukaiya
upset and angry as all are concerned about
Jodha.She then begins to think since she has
no chance of being a mother she comes up
with a thought.
Rukaiya decides to talk to Jalal and Jodha
and expresses her desire to adopt one of
Jodha’s twin babies.Shocked with her request
Jalal remains adamant and bluntly refuses to
do so for separating one of the baby from
But ever but since Jodha has been awakened
to her own motherly instincts, she understands
Rukaiya’s pain of being a childless begum.After
contemplating the consequences of her
decision, Jodha finally takes a decision.Will she
agree to give one of her baby to Rukaiya ?
Will she agree to part with her baby? or Do
Jodha has another plan of keeping both babies
with her along with not hurting Rukaiya ?

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