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Rukiaya is ambitious with wrong motives!

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Rukiaya is ambitious with wrong motives!

Post by Nanayaa623 on 2014-09-11, 05:19

Rukiaya is ambitious with wrong motives!
Ruky is a victim of cruelty from Maham and now she is made barren knocking her out of a race to be MUZ which has been her dream or ambition as a princess of the Mughal Sultanat.
Till date it looks like most of the other wives have suffered the same kind of faith from the hands of Maham unknowingly but in the case of Ruky her quest to be MUZ is her ambition she is not willingly to let go easily.
In the beginning of the serial it became clear to me that Ruky made an enemy with Maham without knowing and she has been sleeping with the enemy for a long time without realizing! Maham when Ruky desired to be high than her someday decided to clip her ‘wings’ to prevent her from flying too high!
Now Ruky is on a new plan to get herself a new ‘wings’ to fly at the expense of Jodha who happens to be lucky enough to have two children in her womb while Ruky can’t even conceive again. Did Ruky brought this misfortune upon herself when she conceived a wrong motive in her heart or when she disclosed her desire to someone who wanted the same equal type of power (Maham)?.
As a woman I sympathized with Ruky for the fact that she has been robbed of the most fulfilling aspect of a woman (motherhood) which she will never experience in her life and also she is out of the ‘race’ for the title of MUZ as Jalal’s first wife fairly. (Was there any race or she made it a race herself?)
Rukaiya biggest problem so far to me is her motives and her methods of asking! She reminds me of this scripture in the good book today: You desire but do not have, so you kill, you covet but you cannot get what you want so you quarrel and fight, you do not have because you do not ask God. When you ask too you do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives, that you may spend what you get on your pleasures, James 4: 2-3 Initially in the serial she was seen praying for a child until she got pregnant and then she changed and voiced out her ambition and wrong motive desiring to be ‘MUZ’ and not a mother per sa and to control even Jalal her (husband). So who snatched the blessing
of motherhood from her and why? Was it the Giver or Maham?
Now Ruky is trying to find another way to achieve her goal by her own means! If Jodha feels for Ruky and decides to share or even give Ruky one of her child in this circumstances fate will not forgive Ruky or let her have what she doesn’t value because her motives have not changed and once again what may be given to her by her plots maybe taken away until she learns what the maker wants from her.
This is a serial but the situation reminds me again of one King called Nebuchadnezzar(Daniel 4:30-35) whom God took all his powers from him and he became insane because he thought it was by ‘my power’ only I have all and can get all.  Jalal made me glad today and want to believe the real one was like this too. He made it clear he might be King but his 'authority' has limits and since our words and motives are before God I guess he scores some marks before God! God doesn’t joke with that aspect when it comes to ‘man’! You will force His hand to humble you very fast when you cross that limit! ( God resist the proud and gives grace to the humble)
I hope with time Ruky will correct her motives and get a second chance of happiness.

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