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Cat fight between Aaliya and Bulbul in Kumkum Bhagya

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Cat fight between Aaliya and Bulbul in Kumkum Bhagya

Post by candy on 2014-09-11, 13:58

As we have reported that Sarla Maa will suffer from heart attack when Tanu told her about Purab and Bulbul’s relation and Pragya thrown ourt from Abhi’s house.

ABhi will tell Dadi that he can’t live with Pragya but when he will come to about Sarla Maa, he will help Pragya in taking care of her mother. Pragya will shock to see change in Abhi’s behavior and she will hug Abhi.
Purab and aaliya

Further Bulbul will get to know about her mother so she will come to hospital with Purab. Then Aaliya will see them together and start to fight with Bulbul. Literally she will kill Bulbul but Purab will try to stop her and slap her.

Tanu will also try to stop Aaliya but Aaliya lose her temper and do cat fight with Bulbul. Later Aaliya will shout Purab that he slap her only due to Bulbul.

On other side, Tanu is pregnant. Abhi will trap in two ladies, Pragya and Tanu. He will refuse to live with Pragya but his heart can’t accept it. Tanu is also pregnant as she has extramarital affair with Abhi so he will stay with Tanu.

Let’s see will Tanu really pregnant or she will tell her fake pregnancy as she wants to stay with Abhi?


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