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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 12th September 2014 Written Update

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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 12th September 2014 Written Update

Post by Maria J on 2014-09-12, 23:25

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 12th September 2014 Written Update

Ranvir’s employees inform him all guests are coming. They then come outside. One employee asks Ranvir’s assistant about Ishaani. He says he doesn’t know either, but she seems to be very important for the boss and he seems to have organized this party for her only.
Ishaani and Chirag arrive at the party. Ishaani has left card with Devarsh. Chirag is not happy. Ishaani apologizes him and tells a staff about it, but she says they can’t go in without card. Chirag tells the staff to check guest list, his name must be in it. The staff says it’s not there. Chirag gets shocked. He then asks her to check Ishaani’s name. Another staff comes and asks her what she’s doing. Sir said to let Ishaani go in as soon as she comes. She apologizes to Ishaani and Chirag and let them go in.
They enter the house and it’s a grand party. All are dancing and enjoying. Ishaani looks around and recalls memories with this house. Chirag is talking about all celebrities, but Ishaani doesn’t listen anything. She becomes emotional recalling all memories. Ranvir comes in the corridor and looks downstairs. Chirag looks at Ishaani and asks why she’s crying. He understands it’s because she came to the house after very long. He promises her that he will talk to RV and buy this house for her as a wedding gift. He wipes her tears and asks her to smile. She hugs him. Now Ranvir’s eyes get teary seeing Ishaani hugging Chirag, a tear falls and he wipes it.
Chirag acts like a big man and bosses around. He drinks champagne in return of their good time. He offers it to Ishaani, but she says no. He then asks for juice.
Chirag takes Ishaani and they see all dancing. Chirag thinks he should have come alone here, there are so many good girls there. Ishaani wonders where Devarsh and Disha are. Chirag sees one of his girlfriends there and wonders what to do. He tells Ishaani that one of his clients is also in this party with whom he was supposed to have a meeting today, but he lied to come to this party with Ishaani. He tells her to have some juice and he will talk to his client. He goes to his girlfriend and talks with her. Ishaani is alone now. Ranvir watches everything from upstairs.
Some guests are discussing how big party is and they wonder how much money RV would have. One guy says as much as he wouldn’t even know. Ishaani listens all that. Guests continue that all are dying to see him, even MLA. MLA asks one person where his boss is. He didn’t even come to welcome him. The guy says he will come soon. All are very anxious.
Ishaani again recalls memories with the house. Ranvir secretly watches her. Ishaani’s dupatta gets stuck. Ranvir runs and helps her out. Before she turns to see him, he moves away and one of his employees comes there. Ishaani thanks him. Ranvir keeps following Ishaani and she seems to be sensing something, but continues walking.
Chitali arrives with her husband. They feel good returning to their house. Her husband praises her saree. She says she has cracked a deal with laundryman, she teaches english to his wife and in return she gets high class sarees of his customers to wear. Amba watches them.
Meanwhile, Ishaani continues going around in the house and feels happy.
Ranvir joins the party and finally his full face is shown. He looks at Ishaani and says, life is from breath, but he got his life when his breath stopped, when he saw her (Ishaani) for the first time. But 2 years ago, circumstances changed lives, his as well as hers. He didn’t see love in her eyes, but he saw oneness because of which he was ready to spend all his life. But life didn’t want to fulfill even that small wish of his. He recalls everyone beating him and him saying he just loved Ishaani. Ranvir continues, today despite having everything, he has nothing. He doesn’t have that oneness, but his eyes still don’t come off her. Even one-sided, but he has fallen in love. For everyone, his life has changed a lot, but only he knows that his life was lost in those 2 years. Because whom he took as his world wasn’t in front of him. Today again, she is in front of him and his life will once again start from today.
Precap: Amba in a new look and with an attitude is shown.


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