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do read pls support karan

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do read pls support karan

Post by mansi sapra on 2014-09-18, 13:19

guys its just that karan did not gave a explaination but he feels the same as preetika 
do you know she was a journailast too if she did it and feels it was right and if her fans can support her than why not we i think we all should support karan he is right why spoil such a beautiful moment and hum 6-7 hours phala adhi adhuri news dhaka ke wo beautful moment kyu barbad kara i know being rude is not good but 1 time 2time kitney bar karan mana kar chuka hai they dont understand and karan is not popularity seeker he want fans who would appricate his work and he is happy with his work he woos every one with his work as per the roomers divyanka and karan ki nahi banti but their on screen chemistry i think i dont need to tell about it they r wonderfull they make the emotion real 
not like them thank god for that. so appricate them

mansi sapra

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