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MAHA Eppy!! The Love is Stronger, The Bond is tighter

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MAHA Eppy!! The Love is Stronger, The Bond is tighter

Post by Trinidream on 2014-09-21, 14:32

WOW!! I have to start with that Today's MAHA eppy was WOW!! With the SAHIL scenes we did get, they were special. Sanam is on the floor with the broken house in tears. She is devastated. She thinks that she knew it was a dream to hope but still did anyway, now her hopes and those of Dilshad's are destroyed. Aahil overhears her and sees her emotional. The ladies are here and Sanam enters. She is still emotional and when they ask about the dream house, she is about to say there is no dream house, when aahil stops her and enters with the house in his arms. Sanam's emotions then reminds me of a nurse entering a new mother's room with her newborn baby. Sanam is overwhelmed. You could see how the two of them reconnected there., This house was a baby for them, that they created in love. They eventually smile at each other. The ladies ask Aahil to explain the house to them. Sanam is still a bit out of it and she gazes at her husband. He goes and lays the house of the table and starts to explain each room. At first he forgets Sanam's cover up story and talks about a room that will be their kids room. He immediately stops as the ladies smile and looks at Sanam. She gets teary eyed and looks at him with love and filled with emotions. She realises in my opinion, that he too wants it to be for their kids. He was hesitant to give her excuse and tries to make the correction but does so clumsily.
Sanam, he does not want it for anyone else's kids but yours and his together. 
I loved how he boasted that he'd give her the best kitchen as she is an excellent chef. This came out so naturally for him. Afterwards the ladies are impressed and unofficially announces them the winners. They tell Tanu she is lucky to have a son and daughter in law like SAHIL. After they leave Sanam questions Aahil who apologizes for his behaviour. BIG step forward for Aahil. He realizes he was wrong about his wife. 
He excuses himself and after he leaves Tanu tries to taunt Sanam who answers her back.

Sanam goes to their room and she and Aahil begin to have a soothing coversation. She too apologizes as the last thing she wanted was to hurt him but only to make him happy. He forgives her, but she can't believe he could do so like that. She reprimands herself. She says she is going to impress him and cook something extra special. He tries to stop her as there was no need but she continues. He is happy again.
Tanu learns that Aahil got the papers days before and realises she is losing him. She tells Azhars parents to get the forms before Aahil has a chance to next time. Dont know how that would happen, but whatever...
She also learn SAHIL won this round and to get ready for the next which is a photo shoot video shoot for their profile. Tanu comes up with an evil plan..
Precap.. from what we see Khalu Khalu is going to accidentally mix up the drug they have with the one from Razia. They are going to actually put Bhang in the apple pie mixture. 
I have NO IDEA what they thought they were really putting. I'm guessing they were supposed to have mixed the drug in juice for Sanam, but put the bhang in the apple pie filling instead.

So it seems whatever it is, is going to make SAHIL prob confess their love for each other. The TRUTH will come out due to the truth serum? Or iot would get them soo intoxicated that they'd consummate their marriage before confession.. BUT we know in the next few days will be SAHIL HOTT@@
I thought today was a fairly good eppy. For Aahil, he knows this dream house meant a lot to Sanam. He also knows that Sanam only wants him to be happy. For Sanam, she knows that Aahil too wants this dream house. And though she covered up her want of a baby and more kids, planning a room for them, it seems Aahil did not remember her cover up at first and she realises he too wants kids with her. He was hesitant to make the correction. She also knows that he is proud of her and wants to show her off.

Tanu also realises that Aahil has no intentions of divorcing his wife.

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Re: MAHA Eppy!! The Love is Stronger, The Bond is tighter

Post by cutie pai :-) on 2014-09-21, 16:49

Hey trinidream...very well written yr...
I agree this maha episode was awesome...ahil prepared the dreamhouse by himself...nd shocked sanam...
And yes i loved the part where sanam asks sorry from was so cute scene...
I was expecting the dance sequence to be aired in maha episode but i think it will be aired on monday now...

cutie pai :-)
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Re: MAHA Eppy!! The Love is Stronger, The Bond is tighter

Post by sarra0 on 2014-09-22, 11:13

thanks...i didn't get a chance to watch and after reading u feel like I have seen the important he saw how hurt sanam was and rebuilt the dream house on his own for them...just like her hopes of having something she wasnt expecting at this point in her life...

yep tanu was so proud that she had never taught him how to love but that is a good thing as when he experiences it now it will b the proper thing in its purest is to aahil benefit...

so r they trying to kill her, injure her or do something else? watever they will fail...

i am looking forward to the song sequence and also more sahil scenes...

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Re: MAHA Eppy!! The Love is Stronger, The Bond is tighter

Post by Sponsored content Today at 18:32

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