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SBSQubool Hai Segt 24Sep14 "Sanam ka Ahil talli huvaa"

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SBSQubool Hai Segt 24Sep14 "Sanam ka Ahil talli huvaa"

Post by --sumana13-- on 2014-09-24, 14:19

Written Update ...

SBS takes us to the sets of QH where Sanam and Ahil were seen shooting a drunken scene
VO saya ahil peekay talli huvaa

Ahil is wearing the same red kurta with mild glitter and Saman is in a canary yellow suit
Sanam and Ahil get out of their car which is parked by the side of a road

The BG song for the segt was .."Talli huvaa, talli huvaa ..."

Following this Ahil opens the boot of his car pulls out a Vat Bottle and behind to drink it straight out of the bottle
Sanam tries to stop him but she fails
pepsi  pepsi
VO advises Sanam to explain the drawbacks of alcoholism when he becomes sober now he is totally talli
VO says what happened to you Ahil you embraced this bottle instead of your beautiful graceful biwi ?.

Sanam speaks to viewers that when he screamed onscreen he looked very scary while offscreen he is totally a chilled out guy

Ahil says that he was scared of Sanam in real life

VO advices Ahil to let of of the bottle and embrace Sanam
Heart Heart

Video Update....

Coming up ...

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