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Qubool Hai - Written Update - 26 September 2014

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Qubool Hai - Written Update - 26 September 2014

Post by slmu on 2014-09-26, 22:40

Qubool Hai 26th September 2014 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Sanam wakes up to find ahil getting her breakfast in bed. She is surprised, and begisn to get up hurriedly, but he makes her sit saying that he wanted to surprise her, and asks her to get ready and have breakfast, and then gives her something to wear, choosing it for her. She is shocked as he asks how she liked it. He asks how this surprise is. She is asked by him to get ready soon, or else they shall be late. She asks him to come slong insistently, and he complies by sitting on the bed. sanam says that she wants to thank him, for all this, as its a big deal for her, and whatever he did lastnight, even if its in jest. but he says that such games changed his life overnight, and felt that, that balloon game was life changing for him. she says that she knew that it would work. He asks her to get ready soon, while he cups her face and caressed it, as danam revaks in his attention. He says that he wants to make today special and memorable for both of them. He kisses her on the forehead, and asks her to get ready. She is all smiles and gushing. He leaves asking her to get ready. tanveer wonders where sanam is going with ahil, and whats his plan, and blames it all on azhar’s parents who ruined everything for her, and in vain.

Meanwhile, as usual, azhar’s parents are gorging on food, when tanveer walks in angrily. Tanveer vents out her frustration angrily at azhar’s parents, asking how dare they lie to her. They sais they never lied. Tanveer reminds them the work, that she had given them, and starts throwing things at them, and wonders why she tolerates these good for nothing people, as they are of no use to her. She tells them that she wont leave them. they stick to her feet and profusely apologise, but tanveer says that this time they shall definitely be punished, and shall not be forgiven. She leaves, while they fume.

Scene 2:
Location: Faiz’s residence
Faiz’s aunt is shocked to see a girl, and immediately takes her inside, saying that she should have warned her before coming, even if she called her. She stealthily ducks her inside a room, but not before faiz sees them. Inside, the aunt says that what she told her is completely true, and she shall definitely fulfill her promises, but the girl would have to listen to one thing, and thats tyo marry faiz. she starts smiling, and asks what would she get after marriage. the aunt says that she would get beyond her expectations, but only when she does exactly what she is told to do, and she may marry him, but she would control this house. the girl excitedly agrees, while his aunt says that she had to go through a lot to get haya divorced from faiz, as she maybe deaf and dumb, but is very smart, and understands sign language, and she proved her wrong always.Faiz is shocked to hear this from the door, and distraught too. He understands that his aunt was behind making haya bad in front of her eyes. His aunt oblivious to all this, claims to the girl, that she made him belive finally that this deaf and ukmb girl is playing with his life, and glaots about her conspiracies in getting haya out of his life. faiz gets extremely angry and furious too, as his aunt’s word continue to haunt him. He breaks the mirroi, with his hands, and wounds his hands. the shattering of the glass gets his aunt’s attention, who’s tensed and scared to see him. Faiz eyes her angrily.

Scene 3:
location: Lal Kothi
Razia reaches the lal kothi, to fulfill the lady’s first request, who would tell her about seher’s whereabouts. shje enters the pricked walls somehow, and then gets down to plucking 100 flowers, but with much difficulty as she is laced with thorn cuts and bruises. just then, she is shocked as she finds the watchman having found her, and trying to catch her, labelling her as a thief. razia runs for her life, but her cloth gets stuck in the thorn hedges, and somehow escapes, with her wig having fallen down. She starts lamenting at her fate now.

Scene 4:
Location: Rehaan’s office
Meanwhile, while seher comes in the office, she finds the safe open, and is reminded of the threats of her partners. A sudden pat on the shoulder startles her, and she finds that its rehaan, who’s surprised to see her so scared. She gets tensed seeing him, as he smiles down at her. An awkward yet romantic eyegaze follows She
points out to him, that the safe is open, asking him to be more alert, as the safe is lying all open, with money exposed. He apologises. He gives her the key and asks her to close it herself. She asks does he trust her like that. Rehaan says that he trusts her more than himself. He says that in his world of lies, she is only truth in his life. seher is extremely tensed and guilty. He says that he is frustrated with the web of lies in his life, and that he had thought about this course of life only, when she came and changed his life overnight, and he wanted to live freely again, as he felt himself at peace. He says that he never thought he could smile and live peacefully, but she showed him yet again. She thinks that she can understand what he wants to say, but he cant, what she wants to say out loud. He says that she has come so close to him, that sometime it feels that he cant even live one day without her. she leaves tensed, while he thinks that he might have hurt her with his confession. The screen freezes on his tensed face.

Precap: Rahat tensedly asks haya if she would marry him. she is shocked, and rendered speechless, as rahat waits impatiently, and tensed himself. Meanwhile, Tanveer tells ahil to sign them, as the divorce papers are ready and would be here in the next 2, 3 days. sanam and ahil are shocked, while tanveer smiles. 


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Re: Qubool Hai - Written Update - 26 September 2014

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Re: Qubool Hai - Written Update - 26 September 2014

Post by sara.iris.18 on 2014-09-26, 23:24

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Re: Qubool Hai - Written Update - 26 September 2014

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