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Jodha Akbar - New Article Telleytakies

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Jodha Akbar - New Article Telleytakies

Post by Nanayaa623 on 2014-09-29, 01:01

Zeenat To Attempt To Kill Jodha’s Kids, Rukkaiya To Be Exposed In ‘Jodhaakbar’.

In the coming episodes of Zee Tv show Jodha Akbar, viewers will get to see new plot and evil intentions of Rukkaiya Begum who is getting ready to show Jodha is not fit for being mother and so Rukkaiya can take over Mariam-uz-Zamani position.

Rukkaiya's plan is to take one of the baby from Jodha which she already did by taking Hussain, soon she will appoint Zeenat for taking care of Hasan, but actual plan of Rukkaiya is not to kill Hasan but to put him in danger where she can blame Jodha for being careless and make Jalal away from Jodha.

But Zeenat being Maid who will take care of Hassan, actually comes to kill both the kids with other motive of revenge, but she will fail on repeated attempts. But we hear the kids will saved on time and Zeenat will be punished and Ruks plan will be exposed to Jalal that she tried to harm kid just to show Jodha irresponsible and Hussain will be given back to Jodha.

Rukkaiya will plead that she will never harm the kids and she just want to get Mariam-uz-Zamani, but we hear this time Jodha also won't forgive her.

But twist in tale is Maham's curse will follow where the kids will die later due to some illness and we hear this track will run according to history but it is to be confirmed.

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