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Post by Trinidream on 2014-09-30, 02:33

The car comes to a screeching halt on this open mass of land. Sanam comes out and wonders why she was brought there. Aahil comes out and leans against the car. OMG!! Aahil is soo yummy and you could see the essence of love in his eyes for her. It's refreshing to see Aahil soo in love. He announces that the land is theirs... (i love how he says it's theirs. They are one unit in this marriage.) He then announces that here they'll build Sanam's Dhaba.. Her expression was one of shoch and for awhile she became speechless. She then became emotional while Aahil drank in her reaction but he's soo proud of himself. 

Question... Aahil? Are you having your dream house there too? I guess so for convenience so that your wife can work close to home while tending to your children until you yourself get home from work. 

Sanam becomes overwhelmed and gets emotional. She runs to hug him and they embrace tightly. 

She thanks him... at first it sounds like ," Thank you honey.. but I guess it's Thank you Ahil."

She starts to plan where everything will go excitedly. Aahil watches in amazement. Every now and again she touches his hand. Isn't it wonderful. She is acting or moving as if they are a normal married couple where the wife is telling her husband her plans. In excitement of exploring the area, she trips and falls in the arms of her husband. They gaze mesmerized as the sun starts to go down. 

After they compose of themselves, Aahil starts to apologize for burning her last dhaba and for hurting her. The painful memories return to her, while ahil recounts those moments apologizing from the bottom of his heart. 
She eventually stops him midway as he continues to apologize, by putting her hand over his mouth. She tells him that she has forgiven him a long time ago for that. 

They look at each other she smiles at him. I love this couple.. OMG!! When I watch them, I feel like i'm interrupting something special. 

Thunder booms and lightning strikes. Sanam hugs Aahil at the sound. He holds her close.  She tells herself she wants to always be with him and wonders if this is love. Realizing it is, she wonders how to tell him. 

Aahil says a storm is coming. They go inside the car and you could tell there is tension and awkwardness. On Both sides... it's too cute. 

She asks him if they are going. He asks her if she wants too. She shakes her head slightly. He puts on romantic music, and begins to get romantic with her. She is shy and becomes overwhelmed to the point of heavy breathing as she jumps out of the car. 

Girl, Aahil will have to keep you under him during consummation. 

Mind Blowing eppy.

You know what I realised though. Now we are told that something will bring the sisters to meet. Have no idea what it is.. but..

What if Tanu somehow decides to have Aahil arrested for murder, making an anonymous call. Sanam phones Rehaan asking him to come to Aahil's help and bring a lawyer. Rehaan brings Seher along with him. 

What I realized is perhaps WHY they are hastily doing the SEHAN romance. 

Here you have two sisters in a relationship. ONE SAHIL had their relationship tried and tested and they were able to grow, and love and learn from each other. ALL Sanam is knowledgeable aaout her life, Aahil knows, and Sanam knows all Aahil's secrets as what is knowledgeable to HIM. They have grown and developed giving their love opportunity to grow and flourish to what it is today. 

SEHAN on the other hand, well BOTH sides are keeping secrets from each other, while Hypocrite rehaan preaches that he hates secrets. He quickly falls in love... ohh I mean "Falls in love" with Seher after being "in love" with Sanam, and confesses his feelings.. There was no time for the couple , i mean the "couple" to really learn about each other and go through trials to be where they are. They have NO IDEA what it is like to be on opposite sides of the fence. SAHIL does. 

So what i'm realizing, and i guess it will have to happen to show whether i'm right or wrong... The storm coming will test them as a couple. 

We saw that as the storm approached, SAHIL were together and Sanam sought comfort in Aahil. They were there to face it together. On the other hand, when the storm came, Seher was by herself and as time went by, Rehaan arrived but both stood at a distant. 

These two are huge symbols with how the other storm will affect them/

SAHIL will face it as a team though it MIGHT cause pain at first.. 

The aftermath would be, which couple is left standing WITHOUT too much bruises.

I don't have to be the one to tell you which.

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Re: IT IS LOVE.....

Post by Shegarf71 on 2014-09-30, 02:45

A fabulous fabulous epi Trini..thanks for an equally fab post!True how love provides the rainbow colored glasses and for awhile you remain in that special place where nothing can hurt you..a feeling of pure out of world experience.For Aahil and Sanam,this is that time...
Meanwhile your warnings about the storm looming in the horizon were brilliant!Thank you..I always read quietly...but was so happy to see your post..that I had to say something..just wonderful! hpee


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Re: IT IS LOVE.....

Post by Tanthya on 2014-09-30, 21:56

Thank You Trinidream, Your writing raises the episode to another level altogether

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Re: IT IS LOVE.....

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