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Sasuraal Simar Ka - Written Update - 30 September 2014

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Sasuraal Simar Ka - Written Update - 30 September 2014

Post by slmu on 2014-09-30, 20:37

Sasural Simar Ka 30th September 2014 Written Episode

Scene 1
Simar is in temple with roli and sid. Roli says killing vikrant and sid was our plan. We had no other option to save you. sid says she is right. Simar says how could you be so mean? how could you kill them? Vikrant comes there and says I will tell you. Simar is shocked. sanju is also with him. sanju hugs simar. roli say we had to do this to send sunnaina back. This will forvc her to go back. vikrant says sunnaina wanted to stay here and she could even harm you for that. It was out of our control. So I planned my own accident to force sunnaina to go back. simar says it has worked. sunnaina wants to go back. She has asked me to get arrangements for that. Simar asks how did you deceived her? And what about the cops. Vikrant says inspector is my friend. we planned it very well, because we had to pretend in front of a soul. roli says our first plan was the presence of sunnaina in Vikrant’s car. Just as we planned vikrant too the car to the cliff. He kept talking to sunnaina. and just when the car reached cliff, vikrant too sanju from the car and shoved sunnaina. He jumped after a while and roli took them with her. Sid says inspector will give us dead bodies that nobody else has claimed. we are confident that sunnaina wont know. simar says you did all this for me. thank you. I am very happy to see you both alive. everything will be fine now. roli says until sunnaina goes back vikrant and sanju have to stay here in this temple.

Scene 2
Mausi ji says the time runs so fasts. Everything changes. Baa and karthik are in jail and sanju and vikrnat have died. Sujata asks sis where are you going? He says we are going to funerals of vikrant and sanju. roli says can we go? Pari says how can you go to help someone who deceived whole family. Mata ji says we should help others out of humanity in this kind of situation. You both can go.
Simar says to sunnaina sanju and Vikrant’s funerals are done. Sit down this pooja is to get you peace. Vikrant and sanju are seeing from inside the temple. The pooja starts. Sanju says papa I am hungry. He says in heart we can’t go out during the pooja. There are just a few minutes left. Sanju says I am really hungry papa. He says just a few more minutes I will take you to restaurant. Sanju leaves his hand and is about to go out the temple. Pandit ji says just when the fire blows that soul will leave this world. Vikrant looks for sanju. He says I have to find her before sunnaina sees her. Sunnaina sees vikrant and sanju. SHe is bewildered.

Precap-sunnaina says there is one condition you have to marry simar. Vikrant fills simar’s hairline. . 


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