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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1 oct 2014 written update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1 oct 2014 written update

Post by cutie pai :-) on 2014-10-01, 18:54

Written update...
The episode starts...
At bhalla house....
Ishu is looking on internet for the navratri puja...romi was helping her in decorating the house...ishu says to him that he cant shave for nine days and smiles...
Simi comes at home...ishu sees her and smiles and says u came..simi tells that yes his dad was ok so i came here...ishu says thats good now u can help me in navratri puja...simi says yes now im absence of mom only i have to do all work na...ishu is confused..simi leaves from there...
Romi and ishu starts decorating the house...everything is done..simi and Mr bhalla comes there..romi says wow now mummy will see it and will be very happy...ishu says yeah..she asks from Mr bhalla that for nine days we will only have simple food na...Mr bhalla agrees...he tells her that she have tpo grow 'khetri' known in punjabi...and if it grows keeps our family happy..ishu says u know so much about all rituals...they smiles...
Raman comes at home...ishu says everything is done and i hope everything goes well..raman hears this nd smiles...he goes to room...

Ishu comes there and coughs...raman says u can take medicine...ishu says no need i was only checking your mood...ramam says oh but sorry yaar i reacted too much...ishu says no i can understand ur reason for being so angry...raman says yeah i gets furious while seeing ashok's face....ishu says i know...raman says sprry....and asks that is everything prepared for puja...ishu says yeah nd i hope it goes well...raman says will u keep fast ishu says yeah mummiji used to keep then i will also keep...he asks can u be hungry...ishu says of course...she sayz will u be able to be away from non veg...raman says during navratri i never thinks of  non veg...

Raman tries to do masti with ishu...he says maa used to do maun vrat also...ishu says reallybut from morning i am looking on net but i didnt got something like that...raman says but she used to keep..she used to be silent for nine days...romi comes there saying that i took everything from market..raman says u dont believe me u can ask from romi...he signs to romi saying that maa used to keep maun vrat...romi says yes yes..she didnt says anything for nine days...raman nd romi smiles...ishu says Then i also need to keep it..she gets tensed...and leaves...both bro smiles...

At ashok house...
Suraj nd ashok were having a drink...suraj says why u brought that girl in room...ashok says i didnt knew that shagun will come there but i have to be away from her...suraj says yes we have to ppan something big so u can leave her...he thinks.

At bhalla house...
All bhalla family gathers for puja...raman and ishita starts the puja nd performs all the rituals....later neelu asks ishu about something..ishu tells her by giving signs..ruhi comes there and talks to ishu...ishu tries to explain her through signs...ruhi says r u playing dum charades raman says tell ruhi what u r saying...ishu sees him...Mr bhalla asks raman nd romi that what u r doing with ishu...raman tells him about there plans...Mr bhalla smiles nd he tells this to ishu that raman is just playing with her...ishu gets anvry at him....

In room...
Ishita was sitting near mirror...raman comes nd sits nd does his work...ishu thinks that nowadays raman started playing with me..he laughs with me...was mani saying right...ishu reminds mani's words that we can get second chance in life for love...ishu is her thoughts...raman asks from her thay what she is thinking..she says i am thinking about the words of my friend mani...she asks him that can  anyone get second chance for love...raman says love is very bad thing he gives his lecture..he says we need of loving two times...iahu thinks raman cant fall in love second time after that...
She asks him that will he go to office today..raman says i am doing the work at home...ishu says ok then i am leaving for clinic nd u plz go at amma house as i will go in night..raman says ok...

Raman was leaving for amma's house and courier comes at house...he asks whats this...the man tells him that its for ishita...raman takes it finds a love book...romi sees it and teases raman...
he sees that mani send it...he calls ishu...he tells her that a book came from mani...she says mani and starts smiling...she starts praising mani...raman gets frustrated nd fights with her...she cuts the call nd says ravan kumar....

Mani comes there and says who is ravan kumar...ishu smiles and says what r u doing here...he says i wanted to meet u so came but dont change the topic tell me who is ravan kumar...ishu says that i call raman as ravan kumar from love...they starts talking...ishu asks him to come in golu festival at iyers as amma will also meet him...mani says i also wanted to meet them nd he agrees..they smiles nd mani leavesafter sometime...ishu says y he dislikes raman...
screen freezes on her smiling face.

Precap:- Raman was at iyers...sharavn shouts at him saying that u made u my friend but were wrong...mani comes there..raman sees him..both are shocked looking at each other...raman says what r u doing here..ishu comes there and shouts mani and hugs him.
.raman thinks he is mani ...he gets shocked.

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Re: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1 oct 2014 written update

Post by Tanthya on 2014-10-01, 19:36

Kya Aaj mani aayega ????

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Re: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1 oct 2014 written update

Post by Shesherkobita on 2014-10-01, 20:06


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Re: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1 oct 2014 written update

Post by sarra0 on 2014-10-01, 21:44 he apologises today...tomorrow when they meet should b funny  hppy hppy

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Re: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1 oct 2014 written update

Post by slmu on 2014-10-02, 13:13

Thanks Jenny

At least he had the grace to apologize but seriously Ishu saying don't? crazy woman..

Nice leg pulling by Raman

Looking forward to Mani-Raman face to face

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Re: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1 oct 2014 written update

Post by hooked on 2014-10-02, 23:49

Thanks Jenny!! Missed the episode so catching up through your update!! I'm so glad Raman apologised to Ishita. These are the small gestures on which a relationship is founded!

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Re: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1 oct 2014 written update

Post by Sponsored content Today at 20:21

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