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Sasural Simar Ka 1st October 2014 Written Episode

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Sasural Simar Ka 1st October 2014 Written Episode

Post by Tanthya on 2014-10-01, 20:40

Sasural Simar Ka 1st October 2014 Written Episode
Scene 1
Sunnaina sees vikrant and sanju. she is dazed. She captures simar’s body and says vikrant stop. she goes to vikrant and grunts why you deceived your sunnaina. You knew that I did all this for you. I just wanted to stay with you and sanju. You never let me realize that you knew I was around you. why you did this to me. What were the shortcomings in my love. You threw me out of your life. Roli prays the fire blows and sunnaina leaves. Virkant says sunnaina was in my heart and will always be. I will always love her because she was a nice woman. she always distributed happiness. You can’t by my sunnaina. Why are you punishing sunnaina. roli says try understand sunnaina. Sunnaina says shut this is all because of you. you told him my reality and planned this drama. I told you that I will kill your simar didi. You parted me from my family. Now see what I will do to simar. roli says in heart I have to stop sunnaina. Roli says stops right there or I will put all this water in the fire. Sunnaina turns back. She laughs and says, I will have to leave but I will take simar with me. She is going towards the cliff. Vikrant says stop right there sunnaina. She goes to the edge of cliff. roli says please leave my sister sunnaina. sid says stop all this sunnaina. vikrant says please let simar go sunnaina. sunnaina turns, SAnju says mama please stop. She holds her hand. She I wanna be with you mama please don’t leave me. Sunnaina hugs her. Vikrant says please leave simar sunnaina. I can live with your memories but if something happens to simar I will die. I am already guilty. Sunnaina says I can’t see you and sanju in trouble I will leave simar but I have a condition. Vikrant says what? Sunnaina says you have to fill simar’s hairline. Sunnaina says you have to marry her right now. Roli says what aer you saying? why you wanna make her life hell? sunnina says what is left in simar’s life. This will settle vikrant and sanju’s life. I wanna make them one before I leave. Sunnaina says she should get love of a mom. Vikrant says simar will always love sanju. sunnaina says that was different scenario. sHe has her family here. I have no trust on simar and roli. They can cheat you and sanju like they cheated me.
Scene 2
Sid asks pandit ji not to let the fire blow. He says it has already blown. I can’t do anything now. roli sits in sunanina’s feet and says please leave my sister. Sunnaina says you are wasting your time. Vikrant takes the sindur and fills simar’s hairline. Sunnaina comes out of simar’s body. she says look I parted you from your husband just like you parted me from mine. She leaves the world. roli says didi sunnaina has left and all your troubles too. simar says prem ji. Prem is standing there. He has seen vikrant filling simar’s hairline.

Precap-vikrant says I apologize filling your hairline. this was the only way to save your life. sid says prem listen to me.prem says she has died for me.

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