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Jodha Akbar: Rukaiya misfortune or blessing in disguised?

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Jodha Akbar: Rukaiya misfortune or blessing in disguised?

Post by Nanayaa623 on 2014-10-03, 23:08


Before I start let me clarify that the CV team have followed the fact that Hussien the (second child) die first. They just created drama and made sure he will be with Jodha by then. So we should watch again there was a switch in Hamida’s room. I guess they like it when fans are all worked up and buzzing about JA.

Ruky rushed into Hamida's room and picked the first born child (Hasan) from the Amer baby’s cot which had Hasan unknowingly or knowingly probably because second child (Hussien) has been crying too much whom she taught early on was the quite one. Jodha also rushed in and picked up second child (Hussien) who was in Ruky’s baby cot which was lined with a gold cloth and shown when Zeenat poisoned him. So did Ruky made the switch because of Hussin crying too much and she can’t sleep or it was just a sheer coincidence the switch happened (well we shall know later I guess). However before she did Zeenat poisoned Hussien whom Jodha now has with her thinking he is Hasan.

Now Jodha has the second born child and he is going to be sick in a few days as he will die from illness (to everyone). With this new promo again I don’t know if Ruky will now start showing her real motives behind her asking for the child when the second child dies in a few days. So is this a misfortune or a blessing in disguised for Ruky?  Probably this is how her real intentions will be made known to Jalal and Jodha especially and unluckily for her after elevating herself around as MUZ before everyone the first born will also die in a few days bring her to square one.

Gosh this will be something else for her. Hmm the worse form of disgrace and punishment! Let’s imagine the feeling of Ruky having arrived and succeeded in her aim to have a child and become MUZ at the expense of Jodha and then all of a sudden she find yourself falling flat on her face due to the death of Hasan and the very people she mocked and mistreated who showed her kindness are the same people whom will be there to see her descending low.

It could be that is the way CV team is going now something that will take Ruky along time to recover from knowing her character I am sure she will make sure she taunts other wives and Jodha especially for having the child and then she going to be MUZ her dream.  Jalal might now ignore her if she is going to act the way she did with him and Jodha in promo.  Probably when Hussien dies who now is taught of as Hasan with Jodha Ruky will now start being bitchy and reveals her true intentions which might cause her sore relationship with Jalal because not only will he realized she wants to be MUZ but she fooled him to believe she truly wants to be a mother which Jodha tries her best and sacrificed for her to have that joy and in return she paid back with evil. 

Jalal broke ties with Maham when she tries to separate Jodha and him in the Sujamal track I guess this track will lead to something like this but not for long as she will be forgiving perhaps by Jodha insistence when Salim is born and they are both happy.  I don't think they will make Ruky attempt murder of Jodha but only her wrong motives and ambition to be MUZ will be made know to all and when Hasan dies she will be the one who will face humiliation among her family and Jalal might blame her.  However CV team can’t be rule out of their dramatic minds and can turn Ruky into an attempted murderer any time if they want to do so.  That is in the case that Jalal use the reverse farmaan on Ruky being a bad mother and give Hasan to Jodha putting Ruky in her fury state.

I guess we should be prepared to experience heartbreak emotions next week and looking forward to Paridhi and Rajat pulling it off wonderfully!

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