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Udaan - Written Update - 4 October 2014

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Udaan - Written Update - 4 October 2014

Post by slmu on 2014-10-04, 21:12

Udaan 4th October 2014 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Baa telling Suraj about Gandhi ji. Suraj gets bored and leaves. Baa says last ray of hope is also going. Chakor talks to Gandhi ji and says she does not want to go back to Azaadgunj. Pasha and his goon hear her talking and go to kidnap her. Chakor sees Aditya’s book there and says how will he do inauguration there. Ishwar thanks the reporter for coming. She says why. He says what I decide, I always do. She says she will do his work and asks about Chakor. He says she did not come being afraid of Bhaiya ji. Chakor says what to do now and thinks of the place. She thinks she has to take this book. Pasha looks for her at the home. Chakor leaves and thinks of Aditya’s words.
Ishwar and Prabhakar have a talk. Chakor says she has to return Aditya’s favor. She prays to Bapu asking him to help her. She runs out. Pasha sees her running and asks his goon to catch her fast. 

Bhaiya ji comes in the book inauguration. Bhaiya ji asks about Chakor. Ishwar says she did not come here. Pasha follows Chakor. Chakor sees Bapu’s pic and a lady covers her with shawl. Pasha gets the shawl girl and moves out. Manohar calls Bhaiya ji and says we got the girl. Bhaiya ji smiles and sits on the VIP guest seat. He tells Tejaswini that congrats, I have done the work. No one will get Chakor now. She says she knows his smartness, she is happy that he did it without her help.

He says about Ishwar Rawat, I have prepared such thing that he will dance all his life on my tune. Aditya says he did big mistake, he forgot book at home. Abha says she has sent driver, he will get it. Prabhakar says this happened as we were focused on Chakor. Ishwar asks him not to be annoyed. Ishwar thanks everyone for coming and says there will be some delay in book inauguration. He says its good that Bhaiya ji is here, you can talk to him till then. He smiles.

Tejaswini says Ishwar is attacking you with reporters, be careful. Bhaiya ji says don’t worry, I m an old player. The reporter questions Bhaiya ji does he remember her. Bhaiya ji thinks of her asking him questions when he became the MP. The reporter says my question is still the same, which I asked 7 years ago, I hope I get the answer today. Prabhakar asks Ishwar whats happening. Ishwar says let her do her work. Bhaiya ji says you have asked a wrong question with a simple straight man. He laughs on her and says what will I answer you.

She asks about the book name. Bhaiya ji says yes, I know, Aditya has written his first book and the name is Mera Bachpan. She taunts him and asks did you think about the child’s experience in your area, what will you name them, whose families you have made Bandhua. Bhaiya ji is shocked. She questions more about the stamp on their hands. She says such stamp is on Chakor’s hand too, whom you have locked in your haveli. Bhaiya ji gets angry.

Bhaiya ji says Chakor lives with us as my daughter, she is free to go anywhere, I m, also a Bandhua. He asks Prabhakar to call Chakor. Ishwar comes to know Chakor went alone and he did not get her. Ishwar tells Abha that they did something. Abha says where is our Chakor. Chakor is in a big bag.


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