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Sasuraal Simar Ka - Written Update - 6 October 2014

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Sasuraal Simar Ka - Written Update - 6 October 2014

Post by slmu on 2014-10-06, 20:09

Sasural Simar Ka 6th October 2014 Written Episode

Scene 1
The lawyer comes in and says is simar bharadwaj here? Simar says yes. he says prem has sent you this legal notice? Simar asks what kind of notice? He says Prem bharadwaj wants to divorce you. Simar is so dazed so anything. Roli holds her. Lawyer says it will be better that the case doesn’t go to the courts. Lawyer says simar has to sign these papers. Lawyer says he is my client so I had to handover these papers to you. I hope you understand and sign them soon. He leaves. Roli says simar please buck up didi. Siamr goes to her room without saying anything. Sid says I have to talk to prem. Sid says to vikrant please take care of simar we have to go to prem. Vikrant says don’t worry about her. Simar locks herself in the room. She recalls prem saying I am very lucky that you are my wife. I will never let anything happen to you. Vikrant comes in. he feels bad for simar. He says simar is probably not in condition to talk. I am responsible for this too.

On the other hand, Prem is upset too. He recalls when her married simar and they entered bharadwaj house together. simar recalls prem filling surbhi’s hairline. Prem recalls simar begging him and saying she just did it for his family. roli comes to prem and says what is this jeju? how can you imagine that simar can break your trust? She can’t live without you. I want you answers today, why are you quite. I know you haven’t taken this decision fron you heart. Roli says she did this to save me and all our family. You have to answer me. Prem goes downstairs. roli follows him. Sid stops him and says you won’t go anywhere. Roli says no one knows simar more than you jeju. You know she is yours and she can never betray you. everyone comes there. Roli says prem is giving simar divorce. Mata ji dazed she says what is this? Sujata says divorce? Sid says don’t do this to yourself prem. Don’t apart yourself from her. karuna says this house belongs to subhi now. roli says just a paper can not apart simar and prem. This is about love not social acceptance. They have been tied forever. Roli says please jeju listen to your heart once. prem is quite. He says yes I know what I want, I have taken this decision with all my heart. Everyone is bewildered. Prem leaves. Everyone goes to their rooms. pari says surbhi someone was right that relationships are made from heart and prem’s heart is connected to you. roli is crying. sid says roli don’t cry prem will understand.

Scene 3
next morning, simar wakes up saying prem’s name. She gathers the courage to call prem. Prem sees simar’s name on his phone’s screen. He recalls pari saying you have to think about surbhi before bringing simar back to your life. who will own simar. He leaves his phone on the side table unanswered. Simar tries again. Prem recalls again pari’s word. That’s its about surbhi’s life. You filled her hairline. simar says prem ji please pick up the phone. Prem declines the call.

Precap-simar says to pari I will not back up. Pari says she has no idea that I can do anything for my sister. I will never let her come back to prem. 


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