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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6 oct 2014 written update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6 oct 2014 written update

Post by cutie pai :-) on 2014-10-06, 20:30

Written update...

The episode starts...
At bhalla house...
ishita and the whole family and relatives are ready for the aarti...they starts the aarti...everyone is happy...
Raman looks at mani in jealous simi does the aarti...ishu starts feeling uncoincious and she fells down and faints...and falls on the ground...raman runs to her and says ishu to open her eyes...he takes her head on his lap and notices blood from her nose...appa says lets take her to doctor...raman says to romi to bring the car keys......vandu says yeah i will take care of kids...

Raman brings ishita lifting her in his arms...he asks for doctor...staff boy informs him that its strike today..raman gets angry and says she is my wife nd what strike...mani sees raman's care towards ishu...
later mani says to him that he is abhimanyu nd he gives donation to this hospital and he tells that its emergency...the doctor gets ready nd he tells to everyone...

At ashok's place...
mihika comes to him and throws the mobile to him and says i dont want gifts...he says its very costly take it...
He taunts on mihir...
He holds her hand....shagun comes there saying surprize to ashok and she is shocked to see them...ashok says u came at right time..see mihika is showing attitude to me...shagun asks what happened...ashoks tells her that mihika's phone was damaged by me so i am giving her new one nd now am having two relations from her...shagun is happy she says ashok is a big heqrt person...take the mobile he shows love to people who are linked to me...
mihika thinks u should know he is showing love to whom...she leaves...she gets call nd runs to hospital...

At hospital...
Raman asks about ishu from nurse...nurse tells only doctor will be able to tell...he gets angry nd says if anything happens with my wife then see...appa calms him asks raman to behave we cant do our work properly...mani says sorry and asks to see ishu...mihika is finding auto..she calls mihir nd says him to reach there fast ...apshagun sees her nd stops their car...she asks that y mihika is tensed..mihika tells that ishu is not well...ashok offers her lift...she sits as shagun insits her....

Mihir comes to hospital...nd asks from romi about ishu...
Raman comes there nd scolds romi saying that all this hapoened bcoz of u i will slap came drunk nd complained to mummy...romi says first see u know how to talk with her u says anything to her...mani gears them...raman peqves...

Mani was outside on phone...
Ashok nd shagun drops mihika there...ashok asks mani that what he is doing here...mani tells him that ishu is my child hood friend....mani tells him that she was in stress i think...ashol tells him bad about raman nd makes him the reason of her stess...
mani says no she is fine now..ashok tells him about their old relations with raman...hectells that shagun left raman as he was not good nd ishu married to him for ruhi as she got attached to her...he says i will pray for her..mi would have came inside but raman is there nd he will create scene...ashok leaves..
Mani says ishu married for ruhi...sovtheu have no love how she is living...

Amma comes nd asks mihika about ishu...mihika tells that they jad taken her for some tests...dont worry nothing will happen to her...mihir gives medicines to appa...mihika asks about bala...vandu says bala is talking with some from half hour..his number is coming busy...ruhi asks from vandu about ishu..vandu tells that she went to clinic...ruhi asks about everyone...vandu says they went to relatives u come nd sleep....ruhi goes to sleep.

Vandu finally connects to Bala and he asks her why is she disturbing her, he is in hospital. ....She asks why are you shouting on me. He sees its Vandu and says I m sorry, I was getting credit card agent call. ..She sys don’t shout on me, I felt scared, how is Ishu.... Mihika asks Bala to come. Bala says I will talk to doctor and inform you. Bala says if you do this, Vandu will know, but she should not know in this condition...... The doctor talks to Raman and Mani about Ishita’s diet. Raman says she was fasting in Navratri. ...The doctor says its serious thing, as she has nose bleeding. Raman says but she was fine.

The doctor asks does she fast a lot. ...Raman says I don’t think she fasts. Mani asks are you sure, she always kept fasts. The doctor asks about allergy. Raman says no. Mani tells her allergies. Raman gives wrong answers and says he will call Appa. Mani says everything. Mani says she has TB in intestine. ...Raman is shocked. The doctor says its serious, she should not fast in this state, it forms acid and when was it diagnosed. Mani says at 17 years age, she was fine later on. The doctor asks Raman her blood group.... Before Raman says, Mani says A +. The doctor says you know more than her husband. He asks for old records. Raman says he will bring. Mani says he will get it, you be here...

Amma was searching for old records...she is tensed she doesnt finds it...mani comferts her...amma says ishu was fasting nd doing all work also...mani asks her to relax...he says where the file can be...amma says when mine accident happened ishu took all...they goes to her room nd finds it..ruhi wakes up nd asks about ishu nd says why are u crying...mani says ishu told me that u r good girl nd more than sharvan also....ishu is in hospital...she was unwell so doctor gave her medicines nd she is resting...ruhi says i wants to go to her...mani says i will take u when she will smile...vandu makes her to sleep again...mani gives the file to amma...mani says her to rest as she is tired...he will call her when ishu will be fine...
mani leaves from there.

Precap:- Raman asks the men that what they are doing here...the men tells that we are for strike..nd will not let anyone work...raman gets angry.

cutie pai :-)
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Re: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6 oct 2014 written update

Post by Tanthya on 2014-10-06, 21:31

Thank you.. Ashok needs a big slap ..

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Re: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6 oct 2014 written update

Post by pollyanna on 2014-10-06, 21:47

sathu...i guess...with ashok......mani too Wink :P

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Re: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6 oct 2014 written update

Post by slmu on 2014-10-07, 12:25

Thanks Jenny.. nice episode.. how clever of Ashok to try to poison Mani's mind.

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Re: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6 oct 2014 written update

Post by zuzana on 2014-10-07, 13:20

beautiful update Jenny...

Ashok needs a big kick at the back


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Re: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6 oct 2014 written update

Post by Sponsored content Today at 14:06

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