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Wallpaper Wednesdays | The Princess and The Bride

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Wallpaper Wednesdays | The Princess and The Bride

Post by --sumana13-- on 2014-10-08, 13:49

Care Khan, take this! We are out to bait you with all that we can. Yes, we miss you. We miss your posts on Wallpaper Wednesdays and no matter whatever kind of bravado we display, there is no one better than you. Period. There, we said it. Phew. Now, it is out in the universe and perhaps our wish to have you back will be answered (hopefully soon!).

We give you The Princess and the Bride as our Wallpaper Wednesday. Not one but two pictures of Shivya Pathania for seriously we could not choose one. Il était très difficile (Oh! we use french for emphasis ;-), doesn’t it sound that much more impactful?)

Well, the first picture is of a girl full of life, innocent and looking forward to fulfilment of her dreams. The Princess in her proverbial garden, picking up flowers and twirling around full of happiness. Will her dreams be fulfilled?

The second on is that of the Bride. Shy, hesitant and wary of what is coming her way. She is almost ready to run away. Will she?
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