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Decoding: Abhi the Rockstar

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Decoding: Abhi the Rockstar

Post by amimus on 2014-10-09, 12:49

Abhi is a character which fascinates me at times.  I am trying to understand him and it’s becoming a little bit difficult and confusing.  I am finding him as a person who gets influenced very easily and is an emotional guy.

He loves his family a lot and especially his sister for whom he can do anything. He got married to Pragya, a girl unknown to him and whom he knew as the one whom his best friend Purab loves. He did it for his sister so that she gets Purab-her love.  Once married with Pragya he wanted to torture her but he was not able to do it, he did try initially but failed. Why is it so because in his heart he is a good person, it’s his sister and girlfriend who are not good and always instigate him.

He also does not use his brains or logical reasoning. He got to know that Pragya is not responsible for Aaliya’s heartache in spite of that he is blaming her. Why would you do that I mean it’s Purab who did not have the guts to own up that he loves Bulbul and not Abhi’s sister. Should Abhi not have questioned Purab , but he is not ready to listen, maybe because he knows in his heart that he has done wrong with Pragya and is still doing it but unable to accept it as Aaliya and Tanu won’t let him..

I hope soon we get to see a different side of Abhi and start liking him.

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Re: Decoding: Abhi the Rockstar

Post by Maria J on 2014-10-09, 13:59

Nice post Ami..  long hug

Abhi's brains goes for a long drive everytime his sister or Tanu are near him.. I so want to see a different side of him soon. His behaviour with Pragya now is really irritating..

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