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BOI: BangBang to be another Ra1 or JaiHo

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BOI: BangBang to be another Ra1 or JaiHo

Post by -*Fenil*- on 2014-10-09, 13:16

Bang Bang And Haider Fail To Score Big Over Holiday
Thursday 09 September 2014 11.00 IST
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The last week was probably the best period ever for
potential collections with holiday after holiday but both
films have failed to get the best out of them due to
content. There have been major holidays or partial
holidays and a Sunday over six of the last seven days.
This sort of week has probably never happened before.
The two releases Bang Bang and Haider failed to make
the best out of the period. Neither films are flops but
when you have such a fantastic opportunity with
holidays galore, the results should be better. The clash
was there but it made little difference as Haider got the
release required. Bang Bang could have had more
screens but with such spare capacity it would have
made little difference.
Bang Bang is heading for a Ra.One or Jai Ho type of
result where the makers will at best cover cost like
Ra.One or there will be losers like in Jai Ho, here it will
be the producers who could lose 5-10% of the
investment. Haider will be a plus for the makers because
Shahid Kapoor is on profit sharing as well as the
directer who is co producer as well. But profits will be so
low that it will mean the Shahid Kapoor and the directer
have practically worked free. The scenario is different
for Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif who got a big
remuneration as well as the directer of the film.
The collections in mass circuits have been the killer.
The business of Bang Bang has been low in UP, Gujarat,
CI, Rajasthan and CP Berar while Haider is hardly on the
rador with very low collections in these areas but that
was sort of expected as film only for a small section of
the audience.

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