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Films with mixed reviews cross Rs.100-crore mark: Hrithik

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Films with mixed reviews cross Rs.100-crore mark: Hrithik

Post by -*Fenil*- on 2014-10-09, 15:18

He values critics' opinion but at the same time Hrithik
Roshan says that surprisingly all the movies which
opened to mixed reviews managed to gross over Rs.100
crore. Happy and contented, the star now plans to have
at least two films in a year.
Case in point is his just released "Bang Bang", which
banged the box office by earning Rs.200 crore in just
five days despite not so overwhelming response from the
It not only had a tremendous run at the box office, but
also minted Rs.201.51 crore in five days.
"Every opinion matters to me personally. Whichever films
have crossed Rs.100 crore in Indian cinema has got
mixed reviews, so I respect them," he said.
Although the box office was not too crowded when
"Bang Bang " came out, it had to share the space with
"Haider ". The grim and gritty tale was in total contrast to
Hrithik's typical pot-boiler laden with flying bullets,
racing cars, etc.
So far, most of his successes came from his father and
filmmaker Rakesh Roshan 's stable, including his last hit
"Krrish 3".
But this Sidharth Anand's directorial venture, which has
been produced by Fox Star Studios at a budge of Rs.140
crore, broke the opening day record of "Krrish 3" by
earning Rs.27.54 crore on the first day.
And the success brings satisfaction for Hrithik.
"We did not increase the ticket prize, our film was not a
solo release and still it has surpassed the collections of
' Krrish 3', so I am very happy," said the 40-year-old.
Asked what is his father's reaction on "Bang Bang "
surpassing the box office collection of "Krrish", he said:
"I am very happy, but I don't know what my father is
"It's a one step ahead for me and it's a growth. Start has
been great, it crossed Rs.100 crore mark and that's a big
What adds to his joy is that his children - sons Hrehaan
and Hridhaan - have given it a thumbs up.
"I wanted my children to like the film. They were so
excited that I had to prepare them before making them
watch the film."
"They saw the late night show and post the picture, they
said that it's the best film I have ever done. I am so
happy and that reaction is the most important reaction
for me," said the star delightedly.
Known for being choosy and taking a break after each
film, Hrithik has changed the rules now.
He said, "I am pushing myself to have regular release.
From the start of my career, I wanted to do two to three
films in a year. Now, I will plan my years in such a way
that I will have two releases in a year," he said.

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