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Humsafars:- Who all fainted?

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Humsafars:- Who all fainted?

Post by pollyanna on 2014-10-10, 14:28

Okk, sorry for my over enthusiasm but I watched HS on TV after a long gap, so itna toh banta hai hpee

Coming to the point---

1. When Sahir says BLESS YOU

2. When Sahir softened during Arzoo's apology

3. When Sahir was checking out Arzoon while she was speaking to Sarfaraz or when she was having imli. I so love the alignment of their seating position.

4. When Sahir was interrogating and was getting exasperated at Arzoo's innocence and her round about answers.

Uff, I am liking this romance, my kinda thing :) luv

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Re: Humsafars:- Who all fainted?

Post by Tanthya on 2014-10-10, 15:04

2 point... ooohhh so loved that scene and moment ..

I like the fact that Sahir  does not Yell nor does he make it a point of insulting the women publicly..

 ... Mirchi and the last scene..Jaana...Munch on it

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