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ArHi FF: Checkmate! (Epilogue updated)

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ArHi FF: Checkmate! (Epilogue updated)

Post by Abavi on 2013-02-18, 09:14

Arhi FF: Checkmate!
Plot: The Story is pretty much a continuation of the plot in the show- it starts from the wedding promo, when they walk in married shocking all the family members.
P.S.: This story is already posted in another forum and is almost nearing its end... so the updates here would be faster... if I get enough responses

Part 1
Soon whispers were heard amongst all the guests, busily gossiping why Arnav and Kushi got married suddenly, that too on the same day when Aakash and Payal were married. If they wanted they could have had both the weddings on the same day right?

"Why chote?" Anjali asked Arnav "Why all of a sudden"
"Di, we love eachother... You know I dont believe in all this... If I had told you, you would force me into all this ceremony, so I took her and we did a register marraige"
"Chote, we know you both are in love, I mean we are not blind, we saw... but I dont know why you thought we will all force you for the ceremonies? We would have come to the register office? your wedding was completed without my presence?"
"Di, I am sorry, I.. We didnt want to wait" He told her, not knowing what to say.

why didnt he want to wait? soon a distinct gossip started making rounds among guests... "May be she is pregnant with his baby"
Anjali caught up with it again... All the family was shocked hearing this.
"Is it true Chotey? Is this what you wanted to say when you came to my room? you were feeling very sorry..."
but before Arnav could answer in negative, Garima came forward with anger and slapped kushi in her face.
"tell me? is it true? Are you pregnant?"
"no!" Kushi whispered in Agony, holding her cheeks. She looked at Arnav for support, but he was looking at shyam to see his reaction when kushi was slapped!

Arnav ripped his eyes of shyam and turned back to look at her with cold contempt. She turned back to look at her mom helplessly.
"No Ma!" she said again "How could you think I could stoop so low? dont you trust me?" she asked them, but it was indirectly routed to Arnav
"then why did you do this all of a sudden" Kushi could not answer Buaji's Question
"buaji,you know about me, I did this for a reason, something that is between me and Arnavji. we cannot tell you the reason now, but sometime in future, you will all come to know"
"when? Kushi you disgraced us, for all that we did to you, we took you in and this is what you do to us? did you think of payal when you took this decision?"

Garima asked her "No kushi, We can never forgive you for this"
She turned her face away from a shocked Kushi and told Naniji and Mami
"We are sorry for this, really sorry, we dont know what was in her mind to have eloped like this but Please do not punish Payal for Kushi's mistake!"
with that she left their house with Buaji and babuji. Kushi pleadingly looked at her father's face begging him to trust her, which he did, with a quiet head nod and a ackward smile before he was wheeled out of RM.

"Anjali bitiya, what has happened has happened. Now Kushi is also a bahu of this house, lets welcome her and see what is to be done next"
Kushi was overwhelmed at this and went to take Nani's blessings. Nani blessed her
"but Kushi bitiya, I am disappointed with you... I can see chotey taking a decision, you should have been able to convince him, you of all agreed for a quick wedding without any ceremony?"
"Sorry Naniji"
"Hmm, atleast I am happy that chotey got married!" Anjali told winking at Kushi with all happiness which made Arnav sad, He left the place and soon took the stairs.
"look at him, why so much Gussa? You dont know what you have signed up for kushi!" Anjali further teased Kushi
"I know what exactly I have signed up for Anjali ji" Kushi thought to herself.

to be continued...

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Part 2

Post by Abavi on 2013-02-22, 16:09

part 2

Kushi was sitting on the bed, Arnav's bed where anjali had set her up, the room was beautifully decorated with candles and roses. Anjali was gigling and teasing her but her mind was else where, thinking about the turn of events from the time when she again confronted Arnav, telling him that she needed to speak to him.

He had looked angry, very angry, he seemed to be avoiding her completely. Why did he behave like this after all that he did for the past three days? she wanted to know.
"You want to know what happened? isnt it?" he sneered at her angrily "ok Let me tell you, I know what a two faced b**** you are! cheating on my Di with Shyam"
"what?" she asked unbelievingly "Arnavji How could you..."
"stop it stop it right now... I have always been right, girls like you... my fault, why in the world did I think you are special? What did my Di do to you?
Why did you do this to her? to me?" He kept shouting at her, without giving her a chance to explain
Kushi was lost for words, she could not speak, her body became chilled, he was accusing her of betrayal, treachery, she felt nauseatic...
"let me speak Arnavji please ! did shyam tell you all this?" she managed to say at last
"shyam?" he asked her "Oh yeah, your sweetheart, first name basis, so dont think of any other lies to turn me off the track, I have been there myself, seen it ok? " he told her, his last sentence, gritting his teeth.
"If you had been there then what were you doing? watching him when he was abusing me?" Kushi shouted at him
"Abusing? No kushi your sweetheart was hugging you... remember?" Arnav told her sarcastically "it was digusting enough, whatever I saw!"
then it was as if it was a shouting match between them, that they were surprised that nobody heard their fight and came up, luckily for them, the ceremony
had began downstairs and the noice was deafening enough for them to hear any noice coming from Arnav's bedroom.
"then why dont you let me tell you everything?"
"No I dont want to"
"you have to know before you come to a conclusion!"
"No I know whatever matters, I am not interested in you or details of your love story"
"oh you know everything do you? thane you must have known that he was my ex-fiance..."
"yeah that man whom you call as your jijaji, he cheated us, our entire family, he was staying in our pg, cleverly planned ot get me engaged to him..."do you know that?"
"Oh thats when you got interested in him? yeah I remember the day when you told you are devastated that your engagement broke, then you started coming to RM everyday.. It all fits in... yeah"
"oh please? how cruel can you get? how could you after all this that happened between us?"
"Thats exactly what I am wondering about you too Kushi!"
"DM! I can never do this to Anjali nor to any married woman! you are not in a state of mind to know truth from false...but what I am saying is truth" her voice broke down.
"How can I trust you Kushi?"
"What else do you want me to do if you are not able to believe what I say?"
"if what ever you say is true, then why didnt you come to us early enough?"
"I wanted to say everything to Anjaliji but seeing how vulnerable she was to shyam, I didnt have any option but to hold this from her"
"she being vulnerable is all the more reason to tell her! "
"no, I couldnt see her Broken down...I realised it will destroy her"
"you could have come to me? No,you didnt, all you do is after you have been found hugging a married man, deny that you not in love with him, funny actually"
"I have come to you didnt I? I thought of giving his a second chance, thought he will realise his mistake and be happy with Anjali ji, but no, he is a psycho..I realised it today when he when he...the point is I wanted to tell you everything the moment I realised that. I now realise Anjali ji is better off without him... thats what I told him, to leave he get out of her life..."
A small crease appeared in Arnav's eyebrows hearing this... Was kushi telling the truth afterall? No he needs to be careful before trusting her this time...
"Di cannot be told .. Atleast now...She is pregnant!"
"Why are you depressed Kushi? you sweetheart cheated you too and didnt tell you?"
"I am depressed for the same reason as you.. and again... he is far from that... he can never be, no one can ever be other than ..."
"other than?" Arnav demanded with hope
But kushi could not complete the sentence.. she slumped down on the floor, breaking into loud sobs. Arnav closed his fists, turning away from the sight of her crying in agony, still surprised that her tears had this much effect on him.
"Kushi when you feel upto it, come here and sit, I need to talk to you" arnav told her as he sat on the edge of his bed.
After sometime 5 minutes, she surfaced, when to his bathroom, washed her face, and came and sat next to him.
"See now its not the time to tell di everything.. I need to do something about this... I have a plan and you are in it whether you like it or not..."
"I dont know why I am trusting you still after what you think I am up to ... yes, I am in it" Kushi told him simply
"see if you dont agree to it then Aakash Payal marra.."he stopped suddenly realising that she has already consented without even questioning him what his plan is
"ok, we are getting married, so it would seem atleast to the world..."
she looked at him sharply "getting married?"
"Oh not in real sense? what did you think" he asked "that you will be asked to be a Rich Man's wife for betraying his sister behind his back?" He asked her
She simply closed her eyes tight muttering DM
"its going to be a marraige in others eyes!" he said guaging her cautiously.
"you mean we will be faking a marraige between us?"
"yes thats what I mean "
"for how long?"
"Six months!"
She pondered silently for a few seconds before replying back
"when do we do it?" she asked without any emotion in her.
"right now! he said getting up, come with me"

to be continued...

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part 3

Post by Abavi on 2013-02-22, 16:09

Kushi was brought out of her thoughts when Arnav came in throwing his blazer on the other side of the bed

"Enough of this drama... what are you waiting for like a bride?" his voice was dripping with sarcasm.
she noticed that Anjali had left her long back, seeing her lost, probably she thought that kushi was nervous and left gigling.
she got down from the bed and went to change into something more comfortable, when she was devoid of her bridal wear and her accessories, she came into the room to find Arnav already sleeping on one side of the bed. Sleepwas something which was so distant to her right now. She went near the window, staring at the stars. How long she remained like that she didnt know, but it was nearly 2 in the night when Arnav got up to see the other side of the bed empty.
he quickly saw if she was sleeping on the couch. No the couch was empty too. Then he panicked. Did he make a wrong move again? bringing shyam and Kushi under the same roof? He got up quickly only to find her on a chair, she had pulled it such that it faced the window and had gone to sleep on it, probably ataring at the stars, he thought to hinself. he took a blanket and covered her with it and went back to sleep.
The next few days were tough for Kushi and Arnav, appearing to be newly weds, that too, the ones who have eloped and got themselves married, so maintaining that picture for their family, while there was lot of tension between them was a tough task.
Fr kushi it was even more tougher, considering that she had not gained Arnav's trust yet.
when, two days after marraige, Anjali had come to her with her mother's Kangans, saying that their mother left it for her future Bahu, Arnav had downrighly asked her "Why this soon Di?" which surprised Anjali. she told him that as they have got married this was the right time for her to give these kangans to Kushi. Kushi who was hurt with Arnav's choice of words first, soon recovered to say anjali that he probably meant that the kangans can wait until both the families acepted their marriage with whole hearted happiness.

And the other day, when Anjali had felt very dizzy and threw up, Kushi had run to her, holding her and helping her clean up. Kushi had not felt digusted, she made sure that anjali was taken care of properly which was not missed by Arnav's eyes.
"why do you care so much for Di? IS it because she is carrying Shyam's kid?"
Kushi who was by this time, used to his swings between being polite and sudden taunts replied back with sigh.
"No, its because, its Anjali's kid and the Kid would make someone whom I care for a Mama for the first time" She said with her face as straight as possible and left the place.
Arnav smiled.

What is it with him, she wondered, "He behaves nicely with me, suddely he turns so nasty, trying to sting me with words. and then turns back to being nice..."

Arnav on the other hand was getting mad with the feelings that he was being subject to. He was surprised that he was still attracted to Kushi, He loved her still after everything and He was feeling insecure about it too...
Everytime he felt insecure, he would endup hurting her, with his choice of words, but then feel bad immediately...then one day he again saw Shyam going to wards the kitchen and he knew Kushi was there already. He followed Shyam.

"Kushiji Please hear what I have to say..."
"Leave me alone!" He heard Kushi say when he entered the kitchen. They both saw him, with kushi immediately moving away from there, leaving the two men staring at eachother.
"Dont think that by marrying her, you have seperated us...She is mine and I will do anything to get her, even if I have to eliminate your Di or her unwanted baby" Shyam jeered at Arnav
"I know you love Kushi, Shyam! If you even think of hurting my Di or her unborn kid, You remember Kushi is my wife, I can do the same thing to her!" Arnav replied back coolly and moved from there.
This conversation made both Shyam and Arnav realise that all was not lost...
For Shyam realised that Arnav telling that he is holding Kushi as his trump would mean that all is not well with Arnav and Kushi.they are not as happy with the wedding as they seem to be...
For Arnav, it seemed to give the first clue that Kushi had been faithful to him and had been telling the truth, as she had lot of oppurtunities to tell shyam that it was only a fake marraige, if they really shared a relationship as shyam told him. Shyam still didnt know the truth which means kushi wanted to stay away from shyam and she was looking at Arnav as her sheild. His plan to go for a fake marriage was to check if kushi would be faithful with the secret which was only between them both and she has been faithful so far.

Both Shyam and Arnav had started playing their game of chess in real life, only that they were plotting with moves with only their respective queens, one willingly risking his queen, and for the other, his queen willing to risk herself for his win, both have cleverly guaged the other's weekness is their strength, the game had just began!

part 3

Kushi was brought out of her thoughts when Arnav came in throwing his blazer on the other side of the bed

"Enough of this drama... what are you waiting for like a bride?" his voice was dripping with sarcasm.
she noticed that Anjali had left her long back, seeing her lost, probably she thought that kushi was nervous and left gigling.
she got down from the bed and went to change into something more comfortable, when she was devoid of her bridal wear and her accessories, she came into the room to find Arnav already sleeping on one side of the bed. Sleepwas something which was so distant to her right now. She went near the window, staring at the stars. How long she remained like that she didnt know, but it was nearly 2 in the night when Arnav got up to see the other side of the bed empty.
he quickly saw if she was sleeping on the couch. No the couch was empty too. Then he panicked. Did he make a wrong move again? bringing shyam and Kushi under the same roof? He got up quickly only to find her on a chair, she had pulled it such that it faced the window and had gone to sleep on it, probably ataring at the stars, he thought to hinself. he took a blanket and covered her with it and went back to sleep.
The next few days were tough for Kushi and Arnav, appearing to be newly weds, that too, the ones who have eloped and got themselves married, so maintaining that picture for their family, while there was lot of tension between them was a tough task.
Fr kushi it was even more tougher, considering that she had not gained Arnav's trust yet.
when, two days after marraige, Anjali had come to her with her mother's Kangans, saying that their mother left it for her future Bahu, Arnav had downrighly asked her "Why this soon Di?" which surprised Anjali. she told him that as they have got married this was the right time for her to give these kangans to Kushi. Kushi who was hurt with Arnav's choice of words first, soon recovered to say anjali that he probably meant that the kangans can wait until both the families acepted their marriage with whole hearted happiness.

And the other day, when Anjali had felt very dizzy and threw up, Kushi had run to her, holding her and helping her clean up. Kushi had not felt digusted, she made sure that anjali was taken care of properly which was not missed by Arnav's eyes.
"why do you care so much for Di? IS it because she is carrying Shyam's kid?"
Kushi who was by this time, used to his swings between being polite and sudden taunts replied back with sigh.
"No, its because, its Anjali's kid and the Kid would make someone whom I care for a Mama for the first time" She said with her face as straight as possible and left the place.
Arnav smiled.

What is it with him, she wondered, "He behaves nicely with me, suddely he turns so nasty, trying to sting me with words. and then turns back to being nice..."

Arnav on the other hand was getting mad with the feelings that he was being subject to. He was surprised that he was still attracted to Kushi, He loved her still after everything and He was feeling insecure about it too...
Everytime he felt insecure, he would endup hurting her, with his choice of words, but then feel bad immediately...then one day he again saw Shyam going to wards the kitchen and he knew Kushi was there already. He followed Shyam.

"Kushiji Please hear what I have to say..."
"Leave me alone!" He heard Kushi say when he entered the kitchen. They both saw him, with kushi immediately moving away from there, leaving the two men staring at eachother.
"Dont think that by marrying her, you have seperated us...She is mine and I will do anything to get her, even if I have to eliminate your Di or her unwanted baby" Shyam jeered at Arnav
"I know you love Kushi, Shyam! If you even think of hurting my Di or her unborn kid, You remember Kushi is my wife, I can do the same thing to her!" Arnav replied back coolly and moved from there.
This conversation made both Shyam and Arnav realise that all was not lost...
For Shyam realised that Arnav telling that he is holding Kushi as his trump would mean that all is not well with Arnav and Kushi.they are not as happy with the wedding as they seem to be...
For Arnav, it seemed to give the first clue that Kushi had been faithful to him and had been telling the truth, as she had lot of oppurtunities to tell shyam that it was only a fake marraige, if they really shared a relationship as shyam told him. Shyam still didnt know the truth which means kushi wanted to stay away from shyam and she was looking at Arnav as her sheild. His plan to go for a fake marriage was to check if kushi would be faithful with the secret which was only between them both and she has been faithful so far.

Both Shyam and Arnav had started playing their game of chess in real life, only that they were plotting with moves with only their respective queens, one willingly risking his queen, and for the other, his queen willing to risk herself for his win, both have cleverly guaged the other's weekness is their strength, the game had just began!

to be continued.

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Part 4

Post by Abavi on 2013-02-22, 16:11

"suniye, can't you come with me? please, its our baby's first scan.."
"No Rani Sahiba, I have some work, you go..."

"but today is wont have court today right?"

"I have sme work to do at home, I have to collate some info for a case" he said irritated.

Arnav heard this conversation when he crossed Anjali's room. He looked at his Di's disappointed face.

"Di, I am going that way, I will come with you"

"No Chote, actually gynecologist appointment involves a lot of waiting, I dont want you to wait there for so long, I will go alone no problem" she told him and then turned to shyam" this time I am leaving you but next time you should come, no excuses!"

"Yeah, surely Rani shaiba!" Shyam told her smirking at Arnav.

"Ok about time, I got ready" she told leaving to change her dress.

"Kushi! come here" he called out loudly coming out of his Di's room. He was also aware of shyam coming out of his room following his call and When he saw her coming upstairs with a questioning look, he pulled her hand all of a sudden, cornering her against a wall, and went near her. Kushi turned her face to her side, closing her eyes tightly out of shock.
"What are you doing?" she shrieked glaring at him
"trying to kiss my wife" he said kissing her on her cheek.
"you dont want to witness our romance staying at home do you jijaji?"
Kushi opened her eyes at that instance looking around and found shyam flaring his nostrils at them. Then she understood everything, Her expression changed from anger to a sigh

"oh Please Arnvaji" she said holding the front of his shirt
Anjali came out of that room at that point and saw Shyam standing in the middle staring to Kushi and Arnav at a very close proximity.
"Honestly Chote, get a room both of you!" she said laughing at her brother and his wife.

"Yeah We would love to, dont we Kushi?" he said winking at her.
Kushi was still breathing heavily and pretending to blush

Shyam accessed the situation. The conversation last night and now Kushi's anger at arnav's behaviour clearly says that all was not well between the two. Kushi was forced into the marriage and was not happy nor was Arnav. He only touched Kushi to irritate him or get even with him. So to stop this torture to kushi, he decided that he would go with Anjali. He was afterall in a delusion that kushi still loved him and would have married him if Anjali was not there in his life.
"I will come with you Rani sahiba! after all I want to see our baby as well" he said looking at Kushi with sudden softness

Kushi turned her face the other way with digust. Arnav simply shrugged at this remark with his usual Smirk playing around his lips.

"Really, I know you cant resist!come then the car is waiting..." Anjali told clunging on to shyam's hand and going down the stairs.

As soon as they were out of the view, Arnav started his taunting.
"So angry that your sweetheart decided to go with my sister Kushi?"
"No, I am disgusted that your sister is going with that slime!"
Kushi told and pushed Arnav away "and dont you dare act like that to me".

"I will act however I like... Oh yeah you would have prefered him kissing you probably" he asked with his usual contempt.

"Stop it!" she shouted at him "I would not like anyone forcing them on me!" she said him firmly.

"I understood your intention to make him go with your sis but you have no right to get this close with me "

"No one says me what to do and what not to do" Arnav told her gritting his teeth

"Oh yes, I can... we have faked our marraige and if you are not being in your limits, I can cross my limits too"

"Cross your limits? what will you do? Run around meeting hugging your love in secret? or tell him that its just a fake marraige and your loyalty still lies with him?"

"I have told you so many times! I will repeat it again...I have no business with him! How about telling that this was a fake marriage to your sis and nani?"

That got him tongue tied...He stared at her. she slowly started to speak

"Arnavji! I do have principles in life, which I value, I told you the truth, yet you didnt believe me, you asked for this Fake marraige, which was against my principles and yet I agreed. it costed me my Family's trust, yet I took it because, you were trying to save your sister's married life" Her voice was breaking down but yet she continued "my principles can let me that far, as I am saving a married lady's life, but getting physically close with some one with no relationship tag in it or more so no feeling of love is something I cannot forgive myself!"

"I know you dont have any feelings for me... as if I care" Arnav laughed out with derision

"I didnt mean that" Kushi told, She was suddenly feeling tired as Arnav was not in a mood to buy any of her explanation "I meant you kissed me, not because you felt like it or because you wanted to... you kissed me because you wanted to piss him off." she paused, Her tone almost changed to a pleading side "Dont humiliate me like this!"
Arnav looked at her but pushed the guilt that started creeping in slowly "humiliating you? you deserve this,!" he spoke with vehemence.

"Dont you understand? or do you try not to understand at all? what to you expect me to do? prove my innocence?"

"As if you will be able to?"

"I will be able to... but why should I? if you dont have an open mind and what will you do if I prove my innocence?

Arnav could never get over his open admiration for her fighting spirit, which in midst of all his despise still made him smile at her.
"Anything you ask... "he told her, his heart missing a beat if at all this was true that would mean Kushi was innocent "and if you are not able to?"
"I will be able to,that too in a weeks time"
"weeks time? I will give you a month's time, but by the end of that time if you are not able to?"
"You have already taken what ever I considered precious in my life Arnavji, I have nothing to lose again... but yes, if I am not able to I will do anything you ask for!"

"thats a deal then." he said and they parted with new hopes building inside them.

to be continued...

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Part 5

Post by Abavi on 2013-02-22, 16:12

It was almost afternoon when Anjali came back from hospital.

"Where is Shyamji?" she asked coming in.
"Arnav who was working on his laptop in the Hall Couch looked up.
"What do you mean? he came with you right?"
"hmm yes, but as I told waiting for my turn with the Gynec was long, so I actually asked him to leave.. Probably he had some work and left to do it"
Arnav realised that forcing shyam will not turn things in his favour... He needs to follow a different stretegy...Seeing Arnav deep in thought, Anjali said
"hmm, Shyam ji was so sweet, even though he had work, he decided to come with me,he loves me so much!"

Kushi who was setting the table for serving lunch for all of them turned to look at Anjali and soon looked towards her husband to see he was also sharply looking at her. she let her eyes drop down and started concentrating on her work.
Kushi decided to confront shyam directly. Probably she could use a mobile phone and record what he replied to her. that way she can prove her innocence easily...or so she thought...
Easily said than done... confronting shyam was itself very digusting but Kushi was not someone who would cringe on a challenge, that too with Arnavji...

"Shyam is afterall a pig...just go in front of him, he will start speaking about his revolting desires...turn a deaf ear, ask him if he lied to Arnav about her loyalty, record his facial expressions and its done" She thought.

But most of the times, her conversation with him was either stopped well in the initial few seconds, mostly by Anjali who was always clinging to him whenever he was at home or by Arnav's peircing stares.

The very first of her succesful attempts of making shyam deliver his sickening talks, the recording was not done properly, she had failed to capture his face and his voice aptly. The second attempt was succesful and she had a decent view of his face and voice.

But when the she wanted to show this to Arnav, she was shocked to see it had magically disappeared. She was confused, she did save it but it was not there anymore...What confused her even more was the fact that the first one where she had not recorded it clearly was also not there... "did Shyam find out?" she thought helplessly"but when did he have access to my phone?"

Arnav did not let go of this oppurtunity to taunt her as well...

"you think I will believe this that easily Kushi? a recording of his declaration of undying love for you? I have heard that live, I dont need a recording...and again, even if you showed me one, How would I know whether you asked him to act out a nice scene and recorded it? did you give him the dailogues as well Kushi?"

Kushi was again left broken and lost... this doesnt work like this... she told herself... I will have to find someother way... DM! help me she said, then it struck her...

to be continued...

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Part 6

Post by Abavi on 2013-02-22, 16:12

RM was getting geared up for Rakshabandan festival...
Anjali was dressed beautifully as usual... she was radiantly taking care of all the festive arrangements... Kushi and Payal helped her too..

"Kushi after a long time you are this cheerful!" Anjali commented...
"Yes di, we both never had an oppurtunity to celebrate this festival officially as we didnt have brothers... now after getting married, we are getting a chance to do this festival..."
"We still dont have brothers Kushi!" Payal reminded her
"But still we get to see the world's greatest sis tying Rakhi to her beloved brothers!" Kushi jumped and hugged Anjali.
"Kushi, you are bringing in som much excitement with your mere presence... I was worried about your state of mind for a few days... you were so gloomy last few days, you have come back to your normal self" Nani told her.
Anjali performed pooja and tied Rakhi to Arnav and Akaash.
when she finished, Kushi brought out a thal. Everyone were giving her confused looks.
"Actually I thought, " Kushi told smiling sweetly at shyam "since I and jiji do not have brother, we could tie Rakhi to Shyam ji?" Kushi declared emphatically.
"what?" was collectively heard from shyam, Arnav, Payal and Anjali
while Anjali was so moved with tears, Payal was giving her stares which plainly asked"how could you kushi? that slime? our brother?" Arnav could not help that "smart move Kushi" smile while Shyam was devastated!
"Thats really a great idea kushi" Anjali said wiping her tears
"No, no Kushiji...thats not posible!" Shyam stammered.
"Why shyamji? you wont accept me as your little sister?" kushi asked him
"No, I mean I didnot ... I am not ready for the function" Shyam stammered again
"what we need is all a Rakhi, sweets and pooja thal... I have made it ready see? and actually I got 2 sets for me and JiJi" she smiled at him
Anjali pulled him to the center where kushi was standing.
"I didnt get a gift" shyam told helplessly cursing himself for staying there while the festival was happeneing...

Kushi came with the pooja thal did pooja and asked him to show his hand.
shyam was feeling High and dry. She was smirking at him, he turned to looked at an amused Arnav who was watching this curiosly. "bloody shit! I should have feigned something and moved out of the house at this time" Shyam thought to himself
He snapped back to what was happening. Since he was lost in thoughts, Anjali had held his hand for Kushi and she was in the process of tying Rakhi to him. He tried to pull, but it would be obvious...He kept quiet and accepted it...
"But kushi you should have atleast given me a clue, I would have got gifts for you and Payal" Anjali told while Payal did it for shyam.
"no problem Di, the thought is all that matters.." Kushi told her.
"But we can give Shagun... "Anjali told, bring out her purse and handing some money to shyam asking him to give it to Payal and Kushi

Shyam gave it to payal, but an Idea struck him... "You sprang this on me kushi? I will give you a shock which will wipe that smirk of your husband's face" he said moving to kushi.
He gave her the money, She accepted it with a "beware of me" look
He suddenly hugged her in front of everyone, the move was so sudden, that she was taken by surprise,
"Kushi, That was a very nice gesture on your part to tie Rakhi to me...Now I have got two of you who LOVE me"
She tried to push him away and finally succeded with such force that he nearly tripped and fell backwards...

"i meant like a bro" he added cunningly...
He then immediately looked at Arnav who was disgusted looking at this. The family did not feel this hug was odd. They were infact moved that their extended family was getting closer.
Once when only Arnav, khushi and shyam was alone,
shyam grinned.
"Oh god, trust you Kushiji to come up with Ideas to display affection in front of the family...she is really god sent Anrav!"
Arnav was so angry that he held Shyam's collar but too disgusted to look or talk to him. He felt like throwing up...
"today you both have degraded the beautiful relationship that a rakhi binds" with that he left to his room
Kushi ran behind him
"Arnavji, please listen, I didnt..."
"I should have known Kushi, you looked so happy today...yucks Kushi! your thoughts!" he slammed to the door on her face.

"DM ! another attempt, another wall.. please give me strength" she cried out, moving towards the pool and looked up at the stars... After sometime, her thoughts which had gone from happiness, to the feel of success, then helplessness, dread, sense of failure once again and dejectedness in mere minutes once again cooled down to a strong determination.

"Arnavji, I will not give up, I will win you back!" she told herself going into thinking mode again.

to be continued...

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part 7

Post by Abavi on 2013-02-22, 16:13

"DM! I should not break down" kushi kept telling herself "Think kushi, look at the problem positively, if you loose your cool.. it is not going to help... be yourself... this can be handled..."
But how much ever she thought she didnt get any brainwave on how to trap Shyam and eventually dozed off on the Poolside bench.
"how disgusting!last time in terrace, this time in front of everyone..."
"no, she didnt look happy though!, infact she was shocked and disgusted "
"but he said that she planned all this... she was happy the whole day!"
"until he hugged, then she even tried pushing him away so forcefully"
"she puts on a act!"
"No, it was genuine, she caught him off handed, he didnt look happy while she tied that rakhi"
Arnav couldnt help the fight which was happening inside him... It seemed that his heart and brain was in a direct conflict and neither was listening to his feeble shutup, giving him a headache.
Dinner that night was a quiet affair until kushi came down a little late.
"sorry I felt a little tired and dozed off..." she apologised.
"dozed off for such a long time Kushi? you were sleeping for almost three hours now...How will you sleep at night?" Payal asked her.
"thats ok payal bitiya ... " Nani told her "Kushi bitiya sit, have some dinner"
"That understandable... tired were you? didnt sleep properly at night? nowadays Kushi does'nt sleep properly at night... isnt it chotey?" Anjali told her teasingly look from Arnav to Kushi...
Arnav gave her a annoyed look...
Kushi ignored this teasing and took her seat and immediately her eyes fell on the plate of jelebis on the table.
"Jelebis! jiji I love you for this" she took a bite.
"I didnt make it Kushi" Payal told immediately
"I made it, because today has been a special day!" Shyam told her.
Arnav's face reddened with Anger. Kushi didnt expect this, she instantly ran to the washbasin and mimed puking whatever she had eaten.
"What happened?"
"Kushi bitia you are not well is it?"
the family bombarded her with questions...
"Kushi are you alright? Arnav's concern was out before he could check it as usual.

Kushi came back to the table seeing all of them with concerned looks
"I didnt like it" she said with contempt looking at shyam.
Shyam was hurt while Arnav was amused.

"You didnt like what you like the most?" Anjali was surprised
"Oh Kushiji! Are you also pregnant like di? because only di became like that what she liked she hates to eat now and what she hated she likes to eat now... all ulta" NK asked her
Arnav's smile was replaced by a shock.
"NK they are just married for two weeks... it will not happen that soon" Mamiji told and everyone laughed.
"But did you both..."Anjali looked from Arnav to Kushi "I mean she did faint that day...and she looks tired as well"
Arnav was stupified.. did it mean that shyam and Kushi were physically involved as well?
He looked at shyam. Shyam was looking terrified and so angry that his nostrils were flaring...he kept on looking at Kushi and then at Arnav. Arnav realised that if that was the case, then probably Shyam would be smriking at him not looking devastated...At last, It seemed that his heart was slowly starting to win the battle, he smiled again.

"chote?" Naniji called him when she saw him smile..."is it true then? did you both do it before your marriage?"
"do what? " he asked them, he had totally been occupied with shyam's thoughts that he failed to realise for a second that the context in which they were seeing Kushi's so called pregnancy symptoms pointed to him.
"oh thats why sudden marriage?" Mamiji piped in
"No!" Kushi answered for both of them."Naniji I am not feeling well...thats all. I dont want to eat...I dont feel like eating, I will go to bed now and try to get some rest now."
"no , take some fruits atleast" Naniji told her not fully convinced yet
"Its ok Naniji, I will take some milk later, I really dont feel like eating now."
"I will give you medicines after I finish eating Kushi..." Anjali told her
"Its ok di. Arnavji has a first aid box at his room"
"No you cant take those general medicines...I mean just in case if you are expecting... that is..." Nani told giving her and Arnav glaring looks.
"No Naniji, I am not..." Kushi was annoyed.
She left to her room.
When Arnav reached their room, he saw her sitting on the bed, holding her stomach murmuring "how hungry she was" to herself.
"Kushi you..."
"Stop! I know what you are going to ask me... Am I pregnant with Shyam's kid right? No I am Not! if you think that I... "She started breathlessly talking
"No I didnt mean to ask that" Arnav replied calmly..."I wanted to ask if you are feeling alright or do you want me to take you to the doctor."
Kushi was stunned for a moment. he had not talked to her this nice since her sudden wedding with him and was confused with his constant now cold, now hot attitude. what happened suddenly to change his attitude towards me? she wondered...was he sarcastic?
"No I am alright, I only faked sickness because I didnt want to eat his jelebis"
"Thought so..." he said casually and threw something on the bed.
"what is this?" she took it read it slowly and her eyes grew wide "Pregnancy test? I thought you believed me.. How could you believe I can stoop so low? yeah if you can think I have an affair with that excuse of a BIL you have, you can think more than that as well" she told him angrily...
"No I didnt ask you for a test, Di asked me to give it to you" He said tying to control his laugh.
"What? do they still think? DM" she asked standing up
He shrugged his shoulders putting on an innocent look.
"well then, go tell her that I am not kunti!"she threw it back at him.
"to get pregnant just with looks from suryadev"
"What do you mean ?"
"I mean I cant possibly get pregnant if you only keep looking at me when you think I am asleep!" she finished quickly throwing him annoyed looks before walking towards the bathroom.He was clean bowled by her comment, but soon broke into a grin thinking of her comment while throwing the kit into the wardrobe.
"She doent seem as naive as she looks.." He told himself.

He was beginning to believe that there were chances that his wife was not having an affair with Shyam and he misunderstood her, he needed concrete evidences, and from now on he would go for it rather than pushing her to provide it...He still was confused about her asking shyam to leave his sister, but right now after a long time, his heart felt lighter, more at peace than it had been for two weeks now and he wanted to live that moment before the sheer reality throws in the ugly truth on him, be it this way or that way, he would be having a tough time. He smiled thinking of the incident that happened just before he entered their room.

"Chotey! wait" Anjali called him when she saw him passing by her room to his own.
"yes di"
"wait a minute, I will give you something" Anjali was looking for something in her wardrobe while he waited outside her room "Where did I leave that spare one? I had it somewhere here..."
Shyam who was about to enter looked so upset and distraught
"Dont think you can get away with this...I dont care if she carries your kid, I will get her, Make her mine!" Shyam jeered at arnav
"Wrong move JiJaji!, this means that you both were not physically intimate" Arnav told him coolly.
"I meant She cannot be pregnant with your kid, She loves me, she wont let you get involved with her that way " Shyam tried to cover up his mistake
"Oh I dont know if I can answer that question of yours" Arnav mocked pointedly "You are asking a very personal question about me and my wife, so kindly excuse"
"yeah you landed in one big time s*** and I will make sure your are buried in it..."
They both quickly regained their facial expressions into normal jovial ones when they saw Anjali coming out.
"Here chotey, give this to Kushi" Anjali was back holding some medicines and a kit
"Rani Sahiba, why this?" he was irritated with his wife's enthusiasm
"suniye, you dont know, with these two, anything is possible!"
"thanks di, it will help" he said simply, while looking at shyam, the smirk still gone higher and walked to his room.
to be continued...

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part 8

Post by Abavi on 2013-02-22, 16:17

"Where are you going?"
Kushi turned back to see her husband, who was bent against the laptop, typing away furiously, any one who saw him working like that would not guess that he was also aware of other things happening in the room, but then, he had noticed, the question has been asked.
"Do you expect me to get your permission even to go to the loo?"
"You are not going to the loo now are you? My senses say that you are going out of the room"
"I am going to the kitchen..I havent taken my dinner yet if you remember and I am feeling hungry and I want to eat something... enough?"
she said exasperated and walked away.
Kushi was in the kitchen, cutting some fruits for herself when she heard that vile voice behind her sending shivers up her spine.
She turned back to look at him, his smile was sickening and face pathetically flowing with fake goodness.
"Why did you do this? You with his child, oh my god, I cant even imagine it" he was pulling his hairs with both his hands.
"Dont come near me" she said slowly gripping the knife in her hand tightly
"this marraige of yours drove me into maddness Kushiji, seriously, I know you belong here, in my heart...but I didnt quiet understand what went wrong ... But now I know, That rogue forced himself upon you... isnt it? you became pregnant... then you had to marry him... Dont worry kushiji... I dont mind atall, this is just a small hurdle, get rid of it and this mock wedding, We will get away from this maddening crowd... go away somewhere where we both can live happily ever after"
Kushi laughed out loud...
"Are you mad, Seriously, you need a doctor... How in the world do you still think that I loved you?"
"I know you heart Kushiji, I have never even touched you and that rogue, he made you pregnant, think who is better for you...Ask your heart, I who can never hurt you, who love you somuch that..."
"Stop it seriously,your voice is so sickening, that i am getting another fit of nausea... I dont want to talk to you, I am leaving..."she tried to move but shyam grabbed her hand and pushed her back that her lower back hit the counter.
"Aaahh" the knife that she was holding slipped out of her hand and fell down
"No, If I am being nice, you wont notice me nor take me seriously, I will show you I am not any lesser than that rogue"
"Leave me"
He laughed advancing towards her, forcing both her hand backwards
"Leave me now or I will shout" Kushi's eyes were tearing up
"try, as if anyone will believe you... your own husband doesnt" he started to lean on her when random things started happening
"No..." Kushi shouted before bending her knees and kicking him on his groin
"Ooouch!" Shyam fell backwards, clutching himself with pain
"You :O!"
They heard movement just outside the kitchen, and at that moment heard Arnav's "Kushi"
Kushi sighed a breath of relief
He ran inside, "you alright?" he asked quickly before turning to face shyam "you bas***d" He was about to punch him when shyam started laughing
"Oh kushi! really, I didnt know why you acted like that, I was confused really, you ask me to come here, then when I come, you suddenly act weird... Now I realise, you saw him coming.. thats why... But that was painful dear!"
Arnav who was about to punch him straightened himself turned to look at kushi.
"No" Kushi wimpered.
Arnav in a swift movement kicked shyam again in his groin making him whine pathetically.
"that was for touching my wife!" he growled at shyam
He saw Kushi shivering against the counter, went near her protectively putting his hand against her shoulders
"If she had really planned this, you wouldnt be blabbering about her failed plans you wimp! and this one is for telling me tales about her!" he said, rapidly punching shyam across him jaw.
then they heard a shattering of glass followed by a scream
"di" Arnav whispered fearfully

He looked at Shyam who was wriggling with pain.
"I am not finshed with you yet... you will regret for crossing paths with me!" he growled and then rushed out of the kitchen, closely followed by kushi.

to be continued...

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part 9

Post by Abavi on 2013-02-22, 16:17

Arnav and Kushi ran to find Anjali near the stairs surrounded by family members.
"Di, what happened?"
"Chotey.." she cried, "I...I Lost balance, fell down and the glass stool, it rolled and smashed...and.."
"Are you alright di? are you hurt anywhere?"
"no, I am alright...I slipped but caught hold of the railing, but my other leg dashed against the stool and shattered the glass" she was weeping as usual.
"leave that di, THat doesnt matter, are you sure you are not hurt?"
"I am fine"
The family members were asking her to go to her room and take rest when she let out fresh shrieks.
"What happened to you? your face?"
they all turned to look at shyam standing a little behind. Arnav glared at shyam.
"Nothing Rani sahiba" he said coming forward "I heard your scream and in a rush, dashed against the wall, I am alright really, I am worried about you actually" he said with sugar coated tone.
"oh god, you are bleeding" she panicked looking at his broken lips
"We are there na, we will give first aid" Mamiji told her, looking at shyam
"The cut seems deeper, you would need stiches" Mamiji commented.
"Dont worry di, Jijaji, I will take you to the doc" Akaash took shyam away.
"yes now you stay calm anjali bitiya, you are already shocked out of the near fall, You have to be careful at this early stages." Naniji told her
"Di, go take rest, Jijaji will be alright" Arnav told her, stressing more than necessary on 'Jijaji'
Shyam turned to look at him with anger and then left with Aakash.
Payal and Mamiji offered to take Anjali to her room.
The family dispersed.
Arnav was looking at Anjali until her figure turned towards her room.
"Kushi" he called out but there was no response. He turned back to find that she was not there.
"Kushi" He called a little louder, but soon found her carrying a trash tray and a broom to clean the glass shreds.

"why do you do this, leave it, I will call OP" he said turning to call OP
"its 10 in the night, today is sunday and he has already retired to the servant quarters" she replied calmly "And someone should do it right? the glass peices can hurt one of us... and why shouldnt I do this? This is my house too, atleast for now"
"I didnt mean that way" he said hastly before joining to help her, removing the wooden skeleton away in a corner and carefully removing the large glass peices still struck to it, into the bin.

They worked silently, no words were exchanged, Arnav peeking quiet often than necessary at Kushi. when they were done, dumping the glass shreds in the bin, they started climbing silently up the stairs.
"Kushi" Arnav who was walking behind her called out softly. He knew he owed her an apology, he had wronged her but only didnt know how to right the wrong and make everything ok between them.
she turned back to look at him
"Are you Alright?"
"yeah"she nodded
"Back at kitchen..."
"I am alright Arnavji" she assured him again
Arnav realised that she didnt want to discuss about that right now.
"Did you have anything at all"
"she threw a quizzical look at him"
"You said you were hungry... you wanted to eat something?"
"No, I dont really feel hungry right now..." she told him.
They decided to quickly check if everything was alright with Anjali and knocked her room. There was no response and Arnav tentatively opened to find the room empty. Obviously Aakash and shyam had not returned yet, but where did Anjali go? Arnav was puzzled as was Kushi.
"Where did she go?"
Arnav shook his head in negative "No Idea"
they came out of her room.
"probably she is in Mamiji's room or Nani's room. I will go and have a look" Arnav told Kushi and turned to go
"Wait" Kushi called out "What was that?"
"what was what?"
"That noise... someone is crying.."
"its coming from the terrace!"
they ran up the terrace but stopped when they listened to Anjali talking to someone on her mobile, Sobbing all the while...
"I.. I never thought that shyam would stoop so low...and my suspicion was right.. chotey knows it...I dont really know what to do...All because of my fault, that girl has suffered so much... today he crossed his limits...Ithink Chotey hit him...he was bleeding..."
Arnav was staring at Kushi who was staring back at him in shock. Anjali knows about Shyam! But before Kushi could stop him, Arnav opened the terrace door and stared at Anjali who was looking at both of them terrified,

"I will talk to you later... ch..chotey and Kushi are here... its..Its all over" Anjali told to the person in the line on the other end and ended the call.
Then she started weeping very badly.
"di" Arnav called out in a tone, which suggested fear, fear of betrayal from a person whose happiness, he considered very important in his life, a person for whom, he was ready to sacrifice his own happiness. Anjali kept on crying.
"You know about shyam?" he asked her still unable to believe what was unfolding in front of him. she nodded.
"I know.. I know everything, How he tricked Kushi and her family to believe him, how he got her engaged to him... how he was playing a double faced game with me and her, How he tortures her still... yes I know"
Arnav was stunned standing there, for sometime now, the truth had been hitting him in the face, and he had been neglecting it or not letting it sink into him for the sake of his di, who seems to know the entire truth all the while.

"How long have you been knowing about him?" Kushi who was standing behind come forward, her voice broken with this truth which was nothing but far-fetched madness.

"For sometime now...I am his wife Kushi...I suspected when his absences were not justified properly, then a lot of incidents confirmed my suspicions."
"But why" Kushi knelt down to sit beside Anjali "why is he still in your life"
"because I love him still!"
"love? You love him still?" Arnav couldnt control the rage building upon him "You knew he tortured kushi and yet kept quiet? do you have any idea what she went through because of this?" he choked
"I know!" Anjali told them,her eyes downcast "And I have always tried to protect her. The moment I came to know about his double faced play, I started keeping her near me, all the time, you remember chotey, even after your engagement with Lavanya, I found a way to make her keep coming to RM, I always made sure that I would call him asking him to come home...forcing him to leave your house immediately after she left Rm those days"
"So that means, that day when your mangal sutra broke...I mean" Kushi struggled to finish
"when you came to tell me that my husband cheated on me? Yes I know..."Anjali completed it for her.
"You knew it all the while..."Kushi gasped "that means...on that day..."Kushi looked at her questioningly
"yes, I staged the breaking of my mangalsutra..."Anjali finished sadly.

Arnav stood there stupified, all the blame game that he had literally loaded unceremoniously on kushi were turning virtual and meaningless in front of his eyes.
"and when you both married out of the blue, I suspected chotey knew the truth...but after your wedding, I was literally stalking him when he was in the proximity of you, Kushi"
"That makes sense... I mean when I wanted to get him to confess, I found it really hard to corner him alone...soyou deleted it, the video?"
"But I dont understand...why did you delete it?"
"I didnt know that you were trying to prove your trust to Chotey.. I didnt know that he knew only half the truth, I thought Chotey was trying to get a confession from him as an evidence for my divorce"
"yes the other day I overheard him when he was speaking over phone about divorce...I .."Anjali told Kushi, then she stopped to look at Arnav, his face had gone pale.

"I cant believe this... Do you even have any idea of what I am making her go through? " he asked anjali "she is going through hell Di, She lost her self respect, her parents, her name, her beliefs, her dreams... all because of me, us...and she was innocent al the while..." he choked unable to continue, he could sense a lump in his throat, nor was he able to look at Kushi.
"I didnt know Chotey" Anjali started with fresh tears, i didnt have any idea that you didnt trust her, I came to know only today, when i overheard you and shyam talking outside my bedroom, that was when I realised that you probably doubted that Shyam and Kushi had an affair... I decided to talk to you in the morning, Make everything alright between you two...When this incident in the kitchen happened"
"You knew that too" Kushi asked incredulously
"I knew he was upto something dirty, I could hear your voices fromt he kitchen, But I didnt know that Chotey had come to your rescue already, I pushed the glass table down and screamed so that you could be saved"
"Di! I dont understand... this marraige of yours with that scum is a total mess.. why do you still want to be in it.. if it hurts your so much, when it hurts the ones you care for so much... I dont understand at all"
Anjali looked into his eyes
"I am scared chotey, I am scared to let go of love"
"for a man who will never love you back?"
"The man is not worthy of it but my love is genuine..." she sobbed uncontrollably, her body shaking while she cried.
"Arnavji, please,this is painful for her... and she is exhausted.. and she needs her rest... She is expecting.. it is not good for the baby, We will speak about this in the morning"
Anjali stopped crying suddenly and let out a laugh, which did not have any humor in it, a empty, ironical laugh
"there is no baby!" she told them as a matter of fact.
They both were shocked
"no baby.. what do you mean?"
"Arent you pregnant?"
but they both somehow knew the answer.
"I staged the pregnancy too... My last attempt to revive my marraige"
They both went speechless, They started to realise the extent to which Anjali feared getting out of her loveless marraige, for, she had loved him truly, madly and deeply, even if the love had been directed to a wrong person, it was very much there, with that the pain of feeling that the person she loved would never be hers, A pain caused by a passionate love which will always go in vain

"tell me only one thing" Arnav told after a few minutes of silence between the three "Is there anyone else who knows this truth? apart from us?"
Anjali looked at him sharply. she knew this would come, wasnt she speaking over the phone when they came in?
"tell me di... Who else knows this? You were speaking to someone when we came here..."
Anjali took some time to compose herself then answered him
"Dr.Ashok Mehta"
"Dr. Ashok mehta? Mehta clinic where you go for checkup? how does he know?" Kushi was confused. she turned to look at Arnav. But his face had gone pale again
"No" he whispered "impossible..."
"yet it is true" Anjali told him

"How is he related in all this?" kushi asked them, she was bewildered, but all they did was looking at eachother, conversing through their eyes, their thoughts had gone back in time, where they both shared a painful past full of turmoil. Kushi couldnt get anything out of this silent conversations between the two siblings beside her,they were not yet ready to share the secrets of the past that only they both shared and understood yet they would let her into it when they were ready and she would know, only with time.

to be continued...

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part 10

Post by Abavi on 2013-02-22, 16:20

Arnav entered the crowded hospital lobby and went to the receptionist desk.
"I want to see Dr.Ashok Mehta"
"Do you have an appointment?"
"It is not possible to see the chief neurologist without an appointment. Shall I fix you an appointment?"
"yes please"
She looked into the computer at her desk
"you can see him on next friday 10 Am slot"
"next friday?"
"yes, his calender is already full till next friday"
"No I need to see him today"
"That is not possible, he accepts patients without appointment only if it is really an emergency"
At that time a doctor in his early thirties crossed him. He stopped in his tracks suddenly, turned to look at Arnav
Arnav turned hearing his name being called out. He stared at the other person
"Has Anjali come with you?" He serached for Anjali
Arnav nodded his head in negative. "I need to talk to you!"
"Dr, he wanted an appointment today. Should I squeeze it into today's schedule?"
"Thats Alright...How many patients do I have today?"
"10, three are already waiting"
"Is Dr.Raheja in?"
"Yes Dr."
"Ask him to handle the patients, Let me know if there are any emergencies or if my presence is required." He turned to Arnav "lets go to my cabin, come"
As soon as they reached Dr.Ashok's cabin, he started speaking, Arnav remained a calm listener for most of the conversation. Only asking questions when necessary, nodding at right places, trying to understand, fix pieces which were missing in a jigsaw puzzle.
"I had a feeling that you would come to see me after Anjali's call yesterday. Hope Kushi is alright after yesterday's incident... Anjali was very worried about her"
"she is Alright."
"You are angry with you sister arent you?"
For this Arnav didnt answer, he just looked on
Dr. Ashok let out a deep sigh.
"You ought not be, You of all know her well. if anyone needs to be blamed its Shyam... and no one else ... to some extent probably me..."
"what do you mean.. How do you come into this picture?"
"If only I had the courage to stand against my parents decision on that day, when I was to wed Anjali, that day when you both lost your mom, Anjali would not be in this crap relationship..."
"I was a young doctor then , just out with a mere degree in MBBS, I could not go against my parents wish and marry Anjali after your Mother's suicide, though I wanted to ... I was very much in Love, but I wanted to keep her well,I didnt have a permanent job, I was just starting out at my Father's hospital and Anjali was mourning, I thought it was better to let things go as such for a while, give everything sometime to cooldown, get healed by itself, went to UK to complete my MD, came back to India after 3 years, realised that I was still in love with Anjali, but unfortunately found out that you and Anjali was no longer living with your Uncle"
"we were thrown out!"
"I came to know! I tried to trace her but couldnot... I guessed that you might have gone to stay with your Nani, but I learned that the entire family shifted from Lucknow, I kept searching for her, then shifted to delhi establishing my own clinic when one day, I met her after 7 long years in the temple, Married and Happy... You both changed your Surname, All the magazines were screaming with your picture, but when we last met, you were really young, 14 or 15 years... I couldnt relate to our surname or recognise you, If I had, then I wouldnt have missed Anjali in my life... Something that I still regret in my life!"
Arnav nodded his head, his throat had gone dry. Ashok continued.
"I dont blame Anjali, She had suffered a lot for a young age, Just like your kushi has... I mean, if you can think of yourself in her shoes... She was just a 19 year old when her wedding with me was called off... She had just lost her mother, she had to turn a mother for a mourning son, you, Daughter for a mourning mother, your nani, and yet face the agony of a lost love, me, take in the betrayal of a brutal uncle... and she was mourning for her mother herself...She needed a support outside the family, someone with whom she can forget her responsibilities.. someone who can take care of her...I should have been there... to support her, to give her a shoulder to cry...but I had gone away, And when shyam gave her that support, she accepted it willingly, trusting him readily, ready to give him all the love she felt. She had to be the pillar of emotional support for all of you, you were too young to take up responsibilities, She had managed the show until you were ready to take up responsibilities. "
"I know.. I know how much Di suffered those days, Thats precisely why I put her happiness in front of mine... But hiding something this big, for my and Di's selfishness, Letting the other girl suffer..."
"You only know half the picture..."
"what do you mean?"
"Do you even know what Anjali had to face? I mean she had tried to protect Kushi in all ways possible...She had tried to do the same thing Kushi tried to do to her...there are lot more in the picture"
"You know something that I dont know... tell me"
"I dont know the whole picture yet... There is a mysterious part on why Shyam is obsessed with Kushi or where he first saw her...But Shyam is a very dangerous guy. I was the first one to find out that he was cheating on your sister, I only had a brief glimpse of him, I did not even get introduced.. only a brief glimpse before my second coincidental meeting with Anjali in the temple again.
Somedays later, I had a call from lifeline hosptial about a patient and went there as consultant doctor."

"It was Kushi's dad, but I didnt have any Idea who Kushi was then, I saw him again there, with the family, I thought probably, this was his family, but before I could go and talk to him, I overheard the ladies talking about getting him engaged to one of their girls and he was happy hearing it.
I tried to warn Anjali about this... but she was too blinded by love then and she thought I was telling tales about her husband because I was still intersted in her!
Atleast she got the second part right... I was and am still in love with her, But that doesnt mean that I would tell tales about her husband... She stopped talking to me. She realised slowly after that I was telling the truth.

One day she called me and told that she was in an accident, I drove there, and got to know that the car was sabotaged. Only then she told me that her husband had indeed been acting very odd lately and she is not able to overcome his betrayal because of her love for him... "
"What? Shyam tried to Kill Di?" Arnav was shocked
"Not once... thrice..."
"What? She never told me..."
"thats the main problem with yor sister... as is the problem with your wife, they dont want to worry you with things because they know you worry tomuch already for them! When I found out the leakage of fuel all the way and the breaks had failed, I suspected that someone had purposefully done it, we both thought it was shyam, then I asked her to be careful around him, She spoke to me about the other incident when you all found a scorpion prowling around your house. I asked her to bring me the dead scorpion and she did"

Dr. Ashok brought out a box and took out the sample packet where the dead scorpion was sealed.

"I sent this for sample test and found out about this species...this one is deadly and is not normaly found in our environment. It has been brought from somewhere. No prices for guess, but somehow, it ended up on Shyam's back as per Anjali's report, then Anjali found this bottle on his cupboard and when she told me that there was a haven that day at home, I put two and two together..."
he said showing Arnav the bottle named ether.

"Anjali confirmed it saying that Shyam had gifted her a perfume bottle that very day, I asked her for the perfume bottle and I tested it out in our lab to have high ether content than normal perfumes!
After this I sincerely started advising her that he is dangerous and she had to get out of this marraige, but she denied... she was truly in love, she was caught in those days when he had been a real support or atleast faked to support her be her mental strength...which was very much needed at that time... she could nt let go of him."

"She asked me to give her fake reports of her pregnancy, Which I didnt want to do, he is not worth her... But she forced me, you sister is really adamant if she needs to be...I gave her those.. But I suppose that didnt stop Shyam to redeem himself. She didnt want me to tell anyone about these murder attempts, but I am telling you because I dont want her face any danger any longer. This guy is obsessed with your wife Arnav... and he will not hesitate to eliminate you or Anjali to get Kushi and he will be equally dangerous for Kushi as he is for Anjali, The sooner you throw him out of their lifes the better, I warn you, it will be traumatic for anjali to let him go but that is something you have to convince her...for her own well being and your happy married life with your wife as well!"

A chill ran down Arnav's spine. Ashok offered him some water which he gulped down thankfully.

"If there is something that I am proud of, it is the way you have grown up to take responsibility in Life... I was your age when I couldnt go against my parents... and you, just got married when you decided that Kushi is your life... Anjali keeps telling how much you have been going through in life... She was both happy and very upset when you finally walked in as a married man along with Kushi"

"she told she always wanted Kushi in your life, the girl had to suffer somuch in her young life, No wonder Anjali saw her younger self in Kushi, She only thought that Kushi deserved someone better and who else would fit in that picture other than her darling brother? and again she was amazed about the girl's optimism, her maturity which was quiet enough to handle you and your anger, treat you just like your mother wanted her bahu to do, but was sad because she was worried because the sudden marraige alerted her that something was wrong...she didnt know what...I am surprised that you didnt guess, All that rasams she insisted that you both do, was always aimed at getting you both closer, mending Kushi's relationship with the family, with her parents... She didnt sense it had to do with your trust in Kushi... If she had known that she would have been the first to let you know that Kushi was innocent... trust me!"

Arnav nodded

"thanks!"he told simply and the Doctor smiled.

Arnav saw this man, who by few minutes of fate had not been his Jeejaji, this man who by every sense would have been the mental support, the elder brother whom he had missed when life was treating him cruelly, a Man who would have been a better choice for his sister...
"Anytime!" he replied with a smile "You can walk in anytime, you need to clear your mind of those confusing thoughts...I will always be there for you"
Arnav smiled at him. Dr.Ashok looked at Arnav's face for sometime.

"Trust me Arnav, the most saddest thing on earth is to know that the person whom you love, loves someone else... and still keep loving them... I know it because I am facing it, your sister knows it because she is facing it and shyam knows it and he is facing it too... "
"I know it too.. I mean atleast I thought so..."
Dr. Ashok smiled and continued.

"but the major difference is how you react to it... some get depressed, some hold on to it like thats their lifeline, some get obsessed to the point of turning sadistic, some end up hurting their loved one or needs a lot of self control to make use of your dimaag and act accordingly...and in your case, you suffered, not because of Anjali or Kushi... it was becasue you acted impulsively out of Anger! "

Arnav nodded.

"but one good thing out of this is, out of Anger, you decided to get married to her which was a blessing in disguise, whatever has happened is already past, if Kushi is what Anjali tells me is... I am sure she will understand...But you need to give her time to come around... practice patience..."

The phone rang and the Dr. picked it up and heard for brief moments
"Arnav, I think We have to cut this meeting short, One of my patients has a fits attack! I have to leave"
"yes Dr. you proceed"
"If there is one thing that I would advise you, Dont judge people when you are in Anger, You will make mistakes which you will regret later, I made a mistake all those years back, which I am still regretting, You dont do the same thing, hold on to your loved one, and there is no point in getting frustrated because your love chose someone else because you chose to let her go in the first place!"
with that Ashok took his coat and moved out of the room.

to be continued...

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part 11

Post by Abavi on 2013-02-22, 16:21

Nani and Anjali were surprised when Arnav came back home at midday.
"Chotey how come? its only 3.30 and you are back at home... are you travelling somewhere?" Nani asked him...
"No Nani I was little free today and decided to come home" he said throwing a glance at Anjali who was looking at him as well...she nodded at him before he climbed upstairs.

Arnav entered his room to see Kushi putting his ironed clothes into his wardrobe. She was oblivious to his presence. He stood at the door for sometime looking at her quietly. He owed her an apology. A serious heartfelt one! but before he could call her name, he heard her speak.

"you are home" He had thought she didnt know he was there.. But she had noticed his arrival. She turned to smile at him.
"you have a headache? hmm...I know...I have one too... Thats what happens when you dont sleep at night!" she told him as a matter of fact...

All the three had spent the entire night sitting in the terrace until the wee hours of the morning... and then had hastily come down to their own rooms to catch sleep for a couple of hours before everyone in the household would wake up.

"Kushi I .. I need to speak with you"
"Tell me.. Did you go and see this Ashok? " she asked him.
he nodded. He waited for him to continue... But he didnt..
"Who is he?" she asked slowly "I am sorry I didnt mean to be intruding into.."
"Its Alright... He is.. hmm He was Di's fiance...10 years back... the wedding didnt happen..." he found it hard to continue... He wanted to first correct the wrong that he did to her... This was not the time to tell her about his past, he didnt want to mix his apology with her pity and empathy for his mother's she should forgive him first, and he has to accept his fault, this will not be confused with anything with his past... She saw the reluctance in his eyes and kept quiet.

"do you want tea..." she asked changing subject, preparing to go down.
"No.. I ...would you forgive me? " Kushi's smile soon faded, her face went grim.
"I dont think I am ready to talk about that now Arnavji!"
"Kushi... please ..I.. I am very sorry Kushi.. for whatever I have done without thinking, without knowing the truth.. I am really sorry, I mean it!" told her coming closer...
She looked at him for sometime
"Sorry! isnt it very simple? what do you expect me to say back to you?" she asked him back
"Kushi, I know I wronged you... so much..I..please Kushi...please understand!"
"I understand it quiet deprived me of my family, made me an orphan again... crashed my dreams, ridiculed my values and you say a sorry and I should forget and let go of everything?"
"I didnt ask to let go of everything... I am only telling you that I will make it ok for you, everything which was upset because of me" he told her desperately
"Yeah you, the great ASR, can do anything right? I can see that you will be able to set anything right... the pain that I went through..."
"Cant you see, I went through the same pain dammit... do you think I did this all purposely... cant you see how much I suffered when I thought you were in love with Shyam? How much I am suffering when I realised that I was wrong..." he shouted at her angrily
"Thats exactly why I cant forgive you!... You brought it upon ourselves... How could you? our life was all rosy in the morning and by night everything turned into thorns... for both of us..." she shouted back...
"Please kushi" he told her, his voice was broken and pleading " please forgive me for hurting you so much!"
"again you are asking forgiveness for a wrong mistake" she told him "I am not angry with you for hurting me or for hurting yourself! I am angry with you for not trusting me..."
witht hat she felt the room, leaving Arnav to look at her departing figure with a forlorn expression.
Then he took his car keys and left his house.

Later that night Arnav came in only moments before dinner...and both of them avoided looking at eachother during dinner. Anjali was curious about this.. she was throwing suspicious glances at both of them... But decided not to interfere and give them sometime.

when Arnav climbed the stairs to his room, he noticed that Kushi was by the pool side, arranging her bed.

"Kushi, come in and sleep... Its cold outside"
"You realised it only today is it?"
"Kushi please...You can stay angry with me.. but dont make this very difficult for me..."
kushi neglected him, going on about making her bed.
"Now if you dont come in then, I will also sleep here" he told her
"I am staying here because I dont want to stay in the same room where you are..."
"then let me sleep here" he said squatting next to her bed. She did not heed to his words... she took out a mosquito coil and lit it.
"do you have mosquitoes here?"
"what did you expect with plants and water?warm and cosy like your bedroom? go in and sleep!You wont be able to sustain even two hours here"
"What? Kushi you."
but they were cut off by Anjali's voice just above them
They looked up to see Anjali descending down the stairs near the pool, she had been spending some time in the terrace and had decided to take this path down, Arnav realised that he had forgotten to close the door from the terrace which leads to the pool by his room side.
"what are you both doing here?"
"Anjaliji, I like to watch the stars from here... So I thought weI will spend some time here...he is not letting me" Kushi told her.
"yeah... And I was saying her it is late and the place is full of mosquitoes and we should go in..." Arnav told with a smirk..
Anjali smiled and nodded
Arnav stood up, pulling kushi out of her bed and dragging her inside, come in now!
Anjali smiled as she came down and went the other way towards her room.

Arnav pushed her into his bed and covered her with his quilt.
"Stay put and sleep! did you get it?" he told her with finality "If it bothers you so much, I will sleep on the recliner"
she watched him as he went to close the door, and settle down by the recliner, and then turned look at her and smile. She got up suddenly throwing away his quilt.
"what now?" he asked
she went to the cabinet where the extra pillows were piled. She took some and arranged them in line on the bed.
"That recliner will not be comfortable... you can sleep on the other side...but dont dare cross the pillows ok?" she told him with so much sincerity, that his amused look when she was arranging the pillows diving the bed, turned into a laugh which he tried hard to surpress. He looked at this girl with whom he had fallen in irrevocably in love with, the girl who was rightfully standing in his room, holding his quilt and defining terms for sharing his bed...
"what? come and sleep... I am not heartless like you" she told with mock fury
"If you wish so.." he told her and settled down on the other side of the bed ignoring the strange feeling that it is going to be difficult to agree to her terms and lay quiet.


to be continued...

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part 12

Post by Abavi on 2013-02-22, 16:23

Arnav woke up the next day morning hearing the clinking sound of bangles...He smiled to himself thinking how difficult it was to go to sleep, sleeping next to her, the clinking of her lone pair of gold bangles and ringing of her Anklets not making it easy...bringing in happy memories associated with them...urging him to hug her and kiss her senseless...

She was continuosly twisting and turning in bed and he had asked her if she was not feeling comfortable to sleep, wondering if she always kept turning and rolling like this when she slept... she had murmered something about new place, but the look she gave told him something else... probably this was the effect of his presense and blazing looks at her or probably she was also in the same boat as him reminiscing through those moments!

she then finally turned the other way, putting her head on the downside of the bed, and dozed off... but for him, this seemed difficult too, in his direct view were her feet as beautiful as ever, the anklets in them brought yet another memory continuing with the sweet torture... He didnt exactly remember when he slept finally.

He opened his eyes to see her looking through the assorted array of her bangles, confused which she should choose. she must have been up for sometime now, she had taken her bath and her hair was still wet. she was wearing a peach coloured salwar suit and was in the process of choosing matching bangles for the same... He got up and went near her.
"shall I?"
She was taken aback hearing his voice all of a sudden, but went back to choosing her bangles ignoring him. she chose a set of bangles finally but he took them from her, replacing them back, He took the ones he had bought her before the misunderstanding happened...
"this one?"
she stared at him. He looked at her lovingly.
"who is watching?" she asked abruptly
"No one!" Arnav calmly replied.
"I Know...I was only wondering..." her voice trailed off.
"my god! Kushi, I never thought you could be this sarcastic!" he told her with a laugh.
"I have been with you for a month"
"If you want to learn from me... I would advise you not to choose from my bad examples!"
"I had to give you a taste of your own bitter medicine! then you will know how others feel when they are the recipients!"
"believe me..I know, Actually when I gave you the medicine... didnt I take half of it myself?"
"yeah...but the point was just an allergy and we took medicines for chicken pox!"
he burst out laughing...
"kushi, you are getting better and bettr with words, my god what an analogy"
"hmm.. afterall, I am a Raizada now aint I?"
he smiled...

"speaking of which... we were actually choosing bangles for you..."
"I can choose them myself"
But he didnt listen to her and took hand in his.

"This one was my Mom's" he said as a matter of fact pointing to the lone pair of gold bangle that she always wears nowadays... the bangles that he had given her during his first fake act all those days back, since mami was watching...and slowly started putting in the bangles that he chose for her, into her hands...
"I know.. Didnt your Di give me these after our wedding.. and ...?"she stopped talking and looked at him
Arnav looked at her and looked away.." and I acted like an idiot that day"
"No thats.. alright.. why did you decide you give it to me again the other day?
"because she left these for her bahu, Thats you!"
she nodded
"No I meant...but that day you were not ready.. I understood that... and a week later why did you give me these... I mean ..I know, these should be the last reminiscent memory of hers for you and yet you decided to give me these, when you did not trust me..and you never mentioned teh reason"
"you know Kushi, when I and Di lost her for ever, during those days when we were coming in terms with her death, there were several days and nights we spent, holding these bangles close to us... the clinking of these bangles, gave us a certain calmness as if she was speaking to us.. we used to believe these bangles had some power in them... But now I think it is true... that day when I gave you these... I never thought that you deserved this... But now I realise, my mom's bangles choose the right pair of wrists to adorn..." he told her, while she looked at him quietly, taking in his open talk after a long time... a talk that gave her an insight of his sad past...

"I have done mistakes, but with my mom's bangles, I am happy I ended up doing the right thing" he smiled at her
She merely nodded.. She realised, that he had slipped the other set of bangles into both her hands and he was still holding her right hand.
"I think, I have to go down" She told abruptly
he nodded but was still holding her hand
"You are not yet complete"
He turned her making her face the mirror, standing behind her, holding her by shoulders.
"Can you see?"
She took a while to find out
but before she could take some and apply it, he did it for her.
"now its complete!" he smiled coyly at her
She pushed him away.
"You dont believe in this, then why do you play with my emotions again? I have told you, I still havent forgiven or forgotten still!"
but before he could answer her, they heard a knock at the door, and they saw Anjali standing at their room entrance.

"shall I come in?"
"Yeah Di, Ofcourse"
"Are you still Angry with me Chotey?"
"with you? no di! what.."
"But I am angry with you!"
"With me?" he asked her baffled.
"you will know later" she laughed.."actually I came to tell you both not to let any one in the family know about our little secret nor give any clue to Shyam that I know about his secret!"
"you still defend him?" kushi was stumped "I am sorry Anjaliji but I fail to understand this... he doesnt deserve you at all...then Why?"
"why?" Anjali repeated again and then smiled sadly before continuing...
"Kushiji you are married for a month now... has you husband treated you well?"
her question threw both of them off guard... Arnav was shocked while Kushi was perplexed.
"yeah Ofcourse..."
Anjali simply turned and opened the door to the poolside and showed them the bed which was left there. They guessed that Anjali had heard their conversation last night before they heard her voice.
"so what does this mean then?" she asked Kushi."you have been sleeping outside all these days right?" she asked throwing dirty looks at Arnav.
"No Anjaliji, we just forgot to take it.. we came in right after we saw you..."
"I know about my brother Kushi... I know to what extent he will go when he loves someone and I know how ruthless he can be when he wants to be" Anjali told Kushi. she paused for moment and then continued...

"but the point here is.. you have been defending your husband who was ruthless with you, who didnt trust you at all, probably who was taunting you emotionally, and yet you are married for hardly a month, you never even hinted to us that you were suffering all these days...Why?"
"because I believed there was a strong reason behind his acts...I was right wasnt I?"
"you mean to say, if anyone else had a strong reason, you would have agreed to take this behaviour and keep quiet? How about NK? if he had been in chotey's place would you have agreed to marry him?"
Kushi looked lost, and so seemed Arnav. Anjali continued.
"You would not have.. nor would chotey have offered a marraige proposal if shyam was behind another girl! Now do you have an answer for why you defended him all these days Kushi? the answer would be the same for your question"
"but Anjaliji, Are you comparing your brother with Your husband?" Kushi was losing her cool "this is ridiculous!"
Arnav was hurt too..
"No I am not comparing chotey and shyam ji... I am comparing 2 husbands, and how they treated their respective wifes... Dont get me wrong... I know my brother too well... He has feelings for you, he would go to any extent to see you are happy, but even if you had wronged him, he shouldnt have treated you this way.. but still you defended him right? But Shyam... He had betrayed me behind my back.. but in this three years of marriage, when in my presence he has always been caring, supportive and a pampering husband, Why shouldnt I defend him "
"I cant believe this di...He tried to kill you!" Arnav shouted. He couldnt believe that his sister was sheild Shyam's acts even after all this.
"Ashok told you?"Anjali asked unruffled...
"what? when?" Kushi was startled.
"who told me this is not important..What is important is how irrational can you get... how can you compare me and Him.. I love her Dammit! whereas he.. he is putting on an act.. and you know it..."
"high time" Anjali sighed.
"high time you confessed that you love her!"
Arnav realised that he had blurted that his confession in a fit of anger. Kushi looked dazed too...Anjali turned to kushi.
"and it is high time that you realised your feelings too..."
"hmm?" Kushi;s heart had again started with her dhak dhak...
"He is always like this Kushi... He would say he doesnt give a damn about emotions... they dont exist for him... But he is highly emotional... You push his right buttons, then you will see a side of him which is very vulnerable,very delicate and so scared to face the world...a very few have seen this side of him... very few he trusts would protect and shield it from the rest if the world... and when he thought that someone he he wanted to trust his heart with was in love with someone else, all hell broke loose... he didnt hurt you because he wanted you to see the pain.. it was his way of protecting his emotions which were responding to you like crazy... this is what Mom told in the letter to you... "
when Anjali told about the letter, Kushi looked confused, for a second and then later changed her expressions, nodding her head...but that didnt go un noticed by Anjali
"now dont tell me that you havent given her mom's letter"she asked Arnav
"I havent.. I ..I thought I will show her later..."
she nodded and then continued.
"I thought I shouldnt interere, decided to give you both time to set things right... yesterday when I accidentally overheard your conversations... I realised, I should do something soon... I know I was Harsh...I never meant to compare him and you chotey.. but I had to do something that pushed you both to realise something right? remember this thing... it is very precious to fall in love and more precious to realise that it is reciprocated too... not all of us are lucky enough..."
she looked at both of them. they looked at eachother.
"and do read that letter Kushi, probably you will be able to forgive him sooner, he has problems with trusting people... but once it is established... it never falters..." with that she turned to leave.
Anjali left the room, closing the door.

to be continued...

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Part 13

Post by Abavi on 2013-02-22, 16:42

After an erie silence, Kushi spoke.
"Dont take whatever Di told to heart, I mean she didnt mean it"
Arnav smiled before he answered.
"I got the meaning alright... I know what my Di meant"
"I know she meant well, but you are far better than shyam, no actually it is not right at all to compare you both"
Arnav was amused, this girl was more hurt that he was compared with shyam, than the underlying meaning in his sister's conversation
"Di was not happy with how I treated my wife.. I think she was kind of feeling responsible for my actions, probably she feels that she has failed to imbibe some chivalry in me to treat my woman well"
"you were tricked!" she told him
"that does'nt give me any right to treat you the way I treated!" he replied her calmly
Kushi looked a him for a long time.
"yeah, I guess you are right..." she said slowly and left the room
Arnav sighed watching her leave then broke into a sad smile, thinking of the irony of the situation, of all the ways he thought this apology would go, he never imagined that kushi would be defending him against himself.
It has been a week after that and Arnav was back at home after a tiring day at office. He had changed his dress and was picking up his laptop to finish his pending tasks.

"Have your dinner first" He looked up to see Kushi smiling at him, carrying a tray in her hands.

They both slowly started to act normally around eachother, there was no ackwardness anymore nor was any romance in air. To their surprise, they discovered that they both could get along very well in each others company, there was bickering all the time, alright. but that was something that they had accepted to be a vital part of their relationship.

she layed the tray on his stool, moving aside his laptop and file.

She then saw a box laid at the bed, curiosity overcoming her, she took it in hand

"What is this"
Arnav did'nt reply, but was shooting nervous glances at her. She opened it to find a beautiful saree in red with intricate designs in golden embroidery.
"wow!" she said excitedly, a gold coloured blouse fell out of it. and underneath in the box was a sorry note.
"not again" she muttered and sharply looked at Arnav, who quickly turned the other way. She dumped the saree and Blouse into the box.

"What happened?"
"I didnt like it"
"Your expressions didnt say so"
"I didnt like the low cut blouse!"
"What the" Arnav tried to control the annoyance creeping inside him "I designed it"
"that does'nt change my opinion about the blouse" she snapped at him "nor the sorry note!"

"you have prejudiced opinion..How can you tell without trying?" he asked he still annoyed "You simply want to annoy me with your comments!"

"then why dont you try giving me directly once... How long would you leave it in the dresser, on the bed for me to find out your gifts? What do you expect me to do? come behind you asking did you get it for me?"
Arnav was short of words for a second. kushi started moving out of the room

She stopped in her tracks

"And I would have thought you have started working on the problem at hand... No...a sorry note really? You thought these gifts will really do the trick? undo the fact that you did not trust me?" she asked him angrily " and what did you say just now? the whole day your sister annoyed me and now you! and you say I am annoying you?"
"Di?" Arnav asked surprised "what happened?"
"Oh god How adamant she is... I spent hours and hours trying to convince her... no she wouldnt budge...and I thought you are the most Adamant... I was forced to change my opinion on it"
Arnav nodded.

"I told you it is not going to be easy"
"She refuses to see Reason...I think it runs in your blood... to be Adamant...But Naniji, jeejaji, mamaji are all not like that... Probably, you both took after your father... was your father adamant too?"

Kushi kept on chattering, never realising that she had treaded on a sensitive spot. but the mention that they both were like their father blew off his cool. Kushi realised it but a second later, biting her tongue, but it was done, He stormed off angrily towards the pool.

"Arnavji I am sorry! please please.. Actually I didnt mean to hurt you, it was a casual comment..."
"leave me alone"
"I am sorry... I didnot"
"get out"
"Arnavji? "
"Didnt you hear me?"
she also strode of angrily.
But was back after a few minutes... draping the saree that he had bought her, the first saree that he had bought her... She stood silently beside him, but he pretended not to see her. She silently placed the dinner tray beside him.
"you havent taken your dinner still"
"I dont need it"
"dont punish your hunger for my sake"
"I dont care a damn about you or.." He looked at her angrily, but stopped short of words.
"how is it? " she asked, breaking into a smile "you know what... You were right.. it fits" she told him sitting beside him in the recliner by the pool "Perfect fit" she mimiced him
He looked the other way, biting back a smile which was creeping in. She simply took his hands in hers.

"How was the day?" He didnt reply first."I told I am sorr..."
"very tiring! things didnt seem to click and I was in a foul mood throughout..."
"then it means that you had a normal day" she chuckled, while he stared at her."but you seem to be in one of your rare good moods now.. I mean atleast you were before I spoiled it."
"we won a deal by the end of the day"
"oh ok.."
"So how was yours? My sister made your day tough?"
"no actually I think it was the other way around..."
"I thought you told you were annoyed with my sis"
"I was... First I was telling her to leave Shyam but then she was not responding at all, I was going back to square one...then I told her Ashok ji would be a better life partner for her. She lost her temper"
"You told her what?"
"Look, thats the fact. She will be better off with Ashok Ji"
"Kushi, why do you always think everything should end like a fairy tale? I only told you to work on convincing her to agree for divorce... We should not force her into another relationship just because... I mean, its her choice"
"I am not forcing her... I was just suggesting... and now she is not talking with me... and Ashok ji called... It seems she blasted him for planting ideas like this into our minds...He innocently asked what happened"

Arnav placed both his elbows on his knees, and caught his head with both his hands, letting out a deep sigh...

"Kushi, This approach will not work.You cant decide for her on these grounds..."
"Why it will not work? I am not suggesting her a new person.. He was her first love... It will always be there Arnavji, somewhere hidden deep inside... Right now she burst out because I touched that deep feelings...and what are you exactly doing? working on her divorce.. is it not something that you are deciding where she ought to? "
"Thats different!"
"Its all the same, Both of us have the same thing in mind... Her welfare. Now you concentrate on that.. I will concentrate on this.. because in matters of heart, you are no expert.. I am...and I know my way..."
"you come up with stupid ideas"
"Yet they succeed... You forgot Jiji and Jijaji love plan?"
"whatever!" He agreed finally
"Did you speak to the Lawyer?"
"yeah.. He says, if it is Mutual she can get out of it in 6 months. but the problem is to make shyam sign the papers for a mutual divorce"
"If you ask me, making shyam sign should be easy...we have to worry about making your sister sign"

Arnav looked at kushi. Somehow making shyam sign the papers being easy was not giving him a good feeling.

"Ok I am off to bed" She told and walked off only to turn back to him near their bedroom entrance.
"And have you forgiven me?"
"For what?" he asked her puzzled, then remembered "oh for saying I am like my Dad? No!"
"I told you I didnt mean it"
"and Have you forgiven me? for not trusting you and putting you thru all this ordeal? You avoid talking about it all the time"
"you know what..."she said walking back to him "I dont understand why you have to be so angry when people talk about your father"
"not again" he was annoyed. She diverted the topic again and chose to speak about his father "great" he muttered
"see, did your mother speak ill about your father anytime? No right? For all you know he was a good man, and your mom knew it. perspective can be different you know... from her letter she comes across as a kind and a sensible lady..."
"You dont even know about my father kushi.. shut up"
"No, think... lets say if we both were to have children in future and they come to know about our wedding... they might think that you are a very cruel man... But My point of view would be very different and I Know you are good actually..but I cant tell the reason to the kids... the same could be for your parents as well...makes sense?"

Arnav looked at her confused... Trust her to come up with weird ideas and examples...

"The only thing that makes sense in your speech was us thinking about having children in future" he told her with a smirk
"what? it was just an example" she explained quickly
"Nothing wrong in turning it into reality" He aswered back.
"I am going to sleep" she muttered turning back to go into the bedroom again
"Kushi!" He called her "by the way, the saree looks beautiful on you! and you were right... hmm the blouse seems a little low cut too..." there was a mischeivious look in him
she blushed while he continued.
"but it fits perfectly... and I like it on you"
she had a feeling he had made it low cut purposefully.. But didnt ask him.
She saw him smiling at her amd smiled back then she left.

to be continued...

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part 14

Post by Abavi on 2013-02-22, 16:43

"Good Morning Di"
Anjali looked up to see Kushi standing near her room entrance, smiling at her.
"Good Morning.. come in Kushi" she smiled
"Are we friends again?"
"No not friends.. sisters actually.. wont you bear with your sister's anger?"
"anytime" Kushi laughed, then noticed some kind of an album in Anjali's hands

"What is this?"
"An Old Album... I felt like looking at it.. Its been ages since I saw these pictures"
"Wow! shall I also? Is this Arnavji?" Kushi got interested immediately
"Yeah thats chote... he was 6 then"
Kushi smiled looking at the pic when a small boy was holding a small Shovel in his muddy hands grinning at the picture.
"He liked gardening then too?"
"Yeah, My mom got him interested in it... He was tough to manage otherwise.. He was a naughty kid"
"I can understand!"
"Thats my Mom and Dad"
"You look like Maa ji... and I think Arnavji is more like papaji."
"yeah people have told us.."
The pictures proceeded to show Anjali and Arnav in their teenage.
"who is this?.." She asked Anjali "this boy is there in most of your friends pics"
"thats Ashok"
"what? You know Ashok ji then as well? he is your childhood friend?"
"Yeah we grew up in the same neighbourhood.."
"I think Papaji's features are more sharper than Arnavji's " Kushi told her, Anjali peeped in see a teenage Arnav learning golf from his father.
Kushi continued.. "Arnavji has Maa ji's features too...which gives him some softness"

"Hmm.. I think its Arnavji's Lips"

Arnav who was passing by, stopped in his tracks, shocked by what he had just heard from his sister's room... Did he just hear Kushi talking about his lips to his sister? He looked pertified into the partly closed room
"and his eyes too.. Hmm its more Kind and Loving.. dont you think?"
Arnav could no longer hold it, He barged in
"kushi! what the.."
But stopped short, seeing the situation was far from what he had imagined.
Anjali and Kushi lifted their heads to look at him
"er.. What are you doing?"
"Actually chotey, Your wife is analysing your features" Anjali giggled.
"why are you both looking at this?" Arnav's voice was bitter, after her recognised the Album
"I dont know, I felt like seeing it again.. after a long time..." Anjali replied.
"Why are you sounding so bitter Arnavji?" Kushi Asked him, she had gone back to seeing the pictures.
Arnav didnt reply..

"Its got a lot of bitter memories Kushi..."Anjali Answered for him
"Bitter sweet " Kushi corrected. "did you both go to the same school?"
"ofcourse we did." Arnav replied.
"No I didnt mean you and Di" Kushi clarified,"I meant Ashokji and Di" her posture was casual, lazily turning around the album pages.
Arnav tensed at her question "not again!" he muttered but he was suprised when Anjali replied with equal ease as Kushi.
"No he went to Carmel and we went to the City Convent"
"Really? I went to Carmel too till my third standard and then.."

Anjali and Arnav guessed what had happened after that
"Kushi!" Anjali held her hand tentatively, while Arnav looked at her with concern, kneeling down beside Anjali and Kushi but kushi continued with a matter of fact tone
"and then, I went to JiJi's school, DVM" She looked at them and smiled sadly "But Di, were you and Ashokji in the same class?"
Arnav looked amused. Kushi had the knack to change the mood in a heartbeat phase.
"hmm, no he is two years elder to me, his sister is my age though...she was my friend , see this is Ashok's sister Aarthi"
"Thats how you got to know eachother? through Aarthi ji?"
"yeah... thats how we knew eachother.. we were friends first" Anjali told her. paused for a moment and then continued "I was 16 when we started seeing eachother"
"what?" Arnav was the first to react, Kushi just smiled looking at her. seeing Arnav's reaction, it seemed, he didnt know this little secret about his sister.
"as early as 16?" Kushi sounded amused.
"Actually, Aarthi thought it was late...She used to say those days that her brother would pop out the question anytime... he took three years to ask me...He wanted to get into Medical college badly, finally when he was thru with admission, he came to give me the good news and thats when he finally asked me..." Anjali told them both, her eyes and her smile lost in those yester years.
Kushi and Arnav looked at eachother. Kushi had a smirk which told him "didnt I tell you? My plan worked!" Arnav smiled at her proudly.

"you know kushi!" Anjali told her suddenly "After Ashok got into the medical college,everyday, he used to come and see me during lunch breaks... we used to meet outside the school, his college was some 25 mins drive to my school. so he used to bring his lunch box too and we used to have our lunch together in the little park opposite my school"
"Oh thats why you stopped joining for lunch with me? you told me that I had grown up and I had to have lunch with my friends" Arnav asked her incredulously.
"yeah you were 12 then..." Anjali smiled.
"but that was not the reason, you wanted to have lunch with Ashok... You cut me off.. too bad" Arnav teased her with mock anger.
"Yeah" Anjali laughed " Actually my school was kind of strict in these things, meeting boy friends during school time, outside the school and once one of my teachers caught us both and I lied to her that he was my cousin and I forgot my lunch box at home and he brought me food.. the teacher asked where the box was... Ashok took out his box and gave it to me.. that day he had to forego his lunch because of my lie..from that day, he used to always tease me that I would deprive him of his food when we get married..."

Anjali was lost in memories, but quickly caught herself, startled that she had shared about her once upon a time dreams, dreams which came close to reality but stayed a dream nevertheless.
"I cant believe di!"Arnav told her "I have told you all my secrets, atleast until my teenage years and you didnt tell me this.. I thought you started going out with him only during your college days" Arnav told her trying to iron out the ackwardness
Anjali laughed
"No chotey, you were young, I didnt want to spoil your mind"
"As if,that would stop him from getting spoiled..." Kushi muttered
"What did you say?"Arnav demanded
Anjali was laughing at their banter when her mobile rang.

"Hello...what happened shyam ji, Where are you? I was trying to reach you for three days? you told you are leaving the town and didnt even try to call me for once... I was little worried...what? no what happened?... I dont know really? ... why would I be happy if you didnt call?...No seriously tell me... I dont have any idea... what? divorce? No... I didnt... I dont know, ... My brother?... No there is a serious misunderstanding...No please shyamji Listen to me... No ..."
she listened into the mobile for 2 mins longer and slowly dropped her hands down.
Kushi and Arnav stiffened when they realised the call was from Shyam. The tension grew listening to Anjali's conversation.
"Chotey" Anjali's voice was a bare whisper "Did you try to apply for a Divorce for me and Shyam?"
"Di!" Arnav's eyes gave him away and anjali broke down into sobs.
"He's saying everything is over between us...that I have made this seperation easier for him... He is saying he wanted to get out of this for a long time now.. he.. he doesnt love me anymore...nor does he care for me..." she told them inbetween sobs...
"di, please...dont cry... he is not worth it" Arnav tried to console her desperately, while Kushi held on to Anjali while she cried
But Anjali ran towards the bathroom and shut herself in.

Arnav and Kushi stared at the bathroom for sometime.
"How did he know?" Kushi broke the silence between them
"He is a lawyer Kushi...he has got contacts... I know he will come to know somehow or the other, before the documents are sent to him"
"that slime of a man... How cruel he is to call her and talk to her like that"
"Its good in a way... her mirage is finally broken... She will be alright"
Anjali came out of the batroom after full twenty minutes and found Arnav and Kushi waiting for her.
Her face indicated that she had cried herself out, But now, her eyes refelcted that her mind was clear, and her face was calm but determined.
"Chotey, I think its time..."
"For what di?"
"For the family to know about our secret"
Arnav nodded.
"But Di..." Kushi started to speak
"No Kushi, the family has to know... Gather them... and it think the Guptas have to be there too"
With that she strode off towards the hall with her new found resolute determination

to be continued...

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Part 15

Post by Abavi on 2013-02-22, 16:44

Anjali was sitting quietly in the hall, her posture composed, while she waited for Guptas to arrive.

Arnav and Kushi were the only one apart from Anjali who were not confused and suprised by the sudden call for family gathering. Naniji had guessed that whatever anjali was going to talk about is connected with Arnav and Kushi's decision to elope and get married and was giving them suspective glances.

Once everyone arrived and were seated, Kushi and Arnav were seated by either side of Anjali. Kushi was holding Anjali's hand all the while. Arnav was giving assured glances to Anjali whenever their eyes met, which only suggested his support for her, in whatever she decided.

Anjali announced that she was going for a divorce with shyam, this came as a shock for everyone, except for the two sitting by either side of her. while Arnav nodded in slient approval, Kushi sighed in relief.

Anjali went on with Shyam's deeds, and told them how Kushi had suffered silently, How the guptas were tricked and finally told them that Arnav's and Kushi's marraige was also linked to this. Kushi stiffened against Anjali, and nervosuly looked pleadingly at her, while Arnav, nodded at her to go ahead. Anjali smiled at both of them and told the family that the day Arnav came to know about Shyam, he decided to save her marriage and Kushi as well and decided to get married to her. Kushi sighed relieved that Anjali has saved Arnav's grace.

Anjali further told how the second chance that was given to shyam also failed, how he would never ever change, and she had made a wrong decision to marry him. She declared that her brother and his wife have suffered so long for her cause and she wouldnt let it continue any further.

Kushi's family was the first to react. Kushi's mother cried that Kushi had actually decided to keep mum and suffer silently , while they also misunderstood her actions.
While kushi went to console her family, Naniji and Mamiji broke, While Buaji asked kushi why she hadnt told them that this was the reason behind her marraige, there was an outurst from Mamiiji.

"Why didnt you tell us?" Mamiji's voice broke out in fury...
"Tell me Madhumathiji, you knew very well that Shyam was not a good man, He was spoiling your daughter's life as well as our daughter's life, then why didnt you tell us before? did you not think we ought to know the truth? not even when we had come to seek payal's hand for Aakash?"

"Mamiji, It was my fault, my decision not to disclose this..." Anjali spoke out "they decided to let us know, Kushi came to tell me, I stopped her from telling anyone"
"But Anjali bitiya, how can one simply decide to give their daughter even without checking the person's background?" Mamiji mused, she then went on to taunt the Guptas had decided to keep quiet for the sake of Payal and Aakash wedding, but they have kept this big a secret from them. She told even Payal had kept quiet about it

"chotey do something" Anjali whispered to her brother.
"No" Arnav denied to interfere. He himself every much wanted them to answer this question, how can they simply decide to give their daughter away, without even knowing about the person's history?
"Maa, didnt we do the same thing?" Aakash asked her, saving the situation.
"But Aakash...Anjali's was a love marraige"
"No, ma, the point is the same, Shyam is a clever man, he has deceived us and he has decieved them, lets not try to find fault against eachother, we need to see what needs to be done next"
"but How can ..."
"Mamiji" Kushi spoke "It was my fault, Neither my Family nor JiJI wanted me to keep quietabout Shyam's betrayal... I came to tell her but I was not able to tell Di, if anyone is at fault it is me... But please, lets leave it here, We need to see what can be done to help Di, she needs us, lets not argue over this please"

"No Kushi" Buaji spoke, "it was my fault, I have to admit it... I disnt do what was expected of me..I was blinded by his sweet speech, then when we should have told them, we kept quiet, We only thought to save anjali from torment, but we were giving her more indirectly."
"No buaji, It was not your fault, I was always the son of the family, You remember I always used to say that I will stay forever with you only...When Shyam came to stay with us saying he didnt have a family, he looked after Bauji well, you thought well for me...I was always your pet girl aint I?"
Buaji hugged Kushi,
"My decision, made you suffer so much titaliya!"
"No buaji your decision pushed me to take the best decision in my life" Kushi smiled at her!
"to elope with my brother?" Anjali asked her teasingly, lightening the mood

"And Buaji, I knew of this much before, so even if you had told me about it, it wouldnt have changed anything... I was hoping that Shyam would change, but today I realised that he wouldnt, thanks to Kushi and chotey, I think I am better off without him"

The family accepted the bitter truth, But the eldest in the family, Naniji silently sat there, maintaining her silience.

"Naniji?" Anjali asked tentatively.
Nani stood up and walked towards the place where Anjali and Arnav were standing.

"The lessons of life will always make what you are, if the decisions that you have made today has something to say about the strength that you possess mentally, Anjali Bitiya, I am proud of what life has turned you into!" Nani told her and then turned to

"we have not agreed on most of things chotey, you always had you way, however harsh you seem to be, it all goes to show how much you are commited to your family, your sister. However, I feel there is more to what I have been told today, I will wait for the entire truth because though I do not approve of your ways,I trust your decision"

"I dont understand what else you feel is held from you Nani" Arnav told her with increased caution.

" why did you decide to keep her in close proxity of Shyam all these days? didnt you realise the potential threat for Kushi? and also, its been almost 2 months since you knew of this truth... what happened suddenly to decide on revealing htis truth ot us and what was the reason that you all held this truth from us for so long?"

"I can tell you the answer for one of the questions Naniji..." Anjali told her "I faked my pregnancy, Kushi and Arnav found about it yesterday!"

After the initial shock passed away, Nani nodded sadly.

With that she turned and beckoned Kushi towards her.
Then she put Kushi's hand in Arnav's and for the first time after their wedding gave them her blessings with all her love.

"Though you didnt believe in marraige, you went for it for your sister's sake and I dont have doubts, that this girl will make you stay in it forever. I have that much trust in her"

It was a emotional family reunion, forgiveness asked and granted without any hestitation, The love, care and support that only family can render, flowing without inclination, grudge, for the two women who had directly suffered from Shyam's hands had all the while kept quiet, their decisions always centered around the single goal to ensure that their close ones were saved the torment, now the family decided to show much they cared for willingly.

And the man for whom these two women meant the world, realised, with full bearing, how close to destruction the actions of shyam has come to affect them both. He vowed to make everything right for them, From that time forth, he pledged himself, he wouldnt even let Shyam's shadow to ruin their happiness.

But his vow soon came to test, with a voice, ringing with fake sweetness, but suggested abhorrence.
"What a lovely scene to behold, the entire family is here!" Shyam called out to everyone gathered there.

to be continued...

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Part 16

Post by Abavi on 2013-02-22, 16:45

The immediate raise in tension was evident in the air. Anjali turned to face shyam, hearing his voice and the brothers, with instinct protectiveness moved towards her, The fierceful one, coming to stand inbetween Shyam and Anjali and the more calmer one moving towards and standing beside her, giving her the silent support come what be.
While the family looked at him wth atmost comtempt, he jeered shamelessly.
"So Rani sahiba! you finally gave the news to the famliy I suppose?"
"stop calling her that" Arnav growled
Shyam laughed "Arnav you should not get tensed for small things like this, I have more in store for you for this evening..."
Arnav glared back at him
"What do you want now?" Anjali's tone was calm.
"It is actually what your brother wants that matters Rani sa.. Anjali Jha" Shyam jeered with a stress at 'Jha'
"your brother doesnt want that Jha behind your name... Am I right Arnav?"
"What do you want Shyam.. come to the point" Anrav bit back angrily.. he didnt like these taunts which were directed towards his sister.
"Oh you always get me wrong Arnav, I have rather come here to give you an Offer!" Shyam told
"And that is?" Arnav mocked him
"Oh dont be so biased Arnav, You would'nt this good an offer from me any time again, what ever you wanted right here served in a silver plate" Shyam took out and showed him the divorce papers in which he had signed his part.
"How much are you asking for this?" Arnav was sure there were hidden costs in this offer
Shyam laughed like a maniac "howmuch? the question should be actually what is it?"
Shyam eyes flicked for a second towards Kushi and then back again to Arnav.
Arnav closed his fists in anger.
"You shameless fraud! How much we believed in you? for a pauper like you the family has given money, shares and what not and still you want something?" Mamiji shouted
"Mamiji, oh no, I dont want any money settlement.. As you told, I have always been ready for this day, I know one day, you will see my other face, I have economically prepared myself well, I dont deny, this is a golden goose that I am killing, But, I am not kiling it for no reason!"
"So you married me for money?"
"Anjali! Not bad, you are sharp for a change!"
"Dont you dare talk to her like that" Aranv bellowed
"Ignore him Chotey, he is not worth it. Let him go" Anjali sounded tired.
"Oh not so soon Anjali, I havent even mentioned my side of the bargain"
"You have the property that was got in you rname, YOu have an account in your name.. what else you need? if you had married me for money, then you have it now... what else?
"Oh god, didnt I say you just now that you are smarter Anjali? then you plunge into dumbness again?"
"Acting Dumb does'nt mean the reality Shyam! I knew about you long time ago"
"Oh really? So what kept you silent?" Shyam jeered "you felt it convenient that you could carry on with your secret affair with Ashok isnt it?"
"You bas***d!" Arnav was at Shyam's throat. Anjali was rooted to spot hearing this accusation
"Not everyone is without values like you Shyam!" Kushi spoke for the first time during the entire evening
"Get out of here before I call the police Shyam" Akaash shouted, He had moved towards Arnav, placing a hand on his shoulder, so that he can control Arnav if things got out of control.
"what do you want to do Arnav? Hit me?"
"you Know I will!"
"Arnav bitwa, dont hit him, it wouldnt look good for us if Anjali bitya wants to get out of this relationship and he goes to police station with a battered face" Mamaji Advised him
"Atleast one of you is in senses" Shyam jeered while Arnav let him go reluctantly
"We dont need you to sign these papers, it will be delayed, But I know how to get you out of my Di's Life.. get out!"
"Really Arnav, I wont be giving you this offer again! I am a Lawyer by profession, You wouldnt want to drag Ashok to the court and connect him with your dear Di now dont you?"
"How low can you stoop Shyam?" Anjali asked him with pure loathing for the first time in the evening "I am surprised how I fell in Love with you in the first place... All my fault"
"Me stooping low? How about your love affair with Ashok then Anjali? Didnt I keep quiet then?"
"You have no rights to speak about what kind of relationship I and Ashok share... You are not even fit to stand next to him!"
"haha...ok ok dear wife" Shyam laughed aloud" I wont say anything about your Love again happy?"

"Che... To think, I lied to my family that I am pregnant... just to win you back..."
"Oh really did you now? The pregnancy is a lie is it.. I should have known... not bad dear... I thought the baby was Ashok's"
"Shut up Shyam or I will smash tht mouth of yours..."Arnav threatened him
"Oh Alright Arnav...Now you know that your Di id in love with Ashok, you wouldnt bother if I move the case in that Angle isnt it Arnav?"
"What do you want?" Kushi asked Shyam
"Oh Kushi dear... This is why I love you.. Always to the point!"
"Kushi stay out of this" Arnav commanded her
"Oh she cant stay out of it at all Arnav... Afterall what I want involves her as well!"
"What do you mean" Kushi asked again
"Kushi Please stay out of this" Arnav's voice now pleaded.
"Are you sure Arnav?" Shyam mocked him
"Payal" Arnav called out "please take Kushi and Di inside"
"No, I am not going" Kushi shouted
"and neither am I" Anjali declared
"Tell us what you want" Kushi asked again
"I want you and Arnav to sign these divorce papers alongside me and Anjali" Shyam told her withdrawing another set of divorce application
"Go to hell" Arnav spoke with cool authority "Its not going to happen ever"
"then we will see in the court, I will make sure of that your sister will get divorce from me in another three years or so..and I will also make sure that before getting it, she will go through hell... I will see to it that Anjali's name is tarnished in papers before she gets divorce
"There is no need for us to sign those papers" Kushi told Shyam
"Kushi" Arnav's voice was pleading,while other's looked confused not becasue Kushi was denying to sign the papers but because the denial has a edge to it.

Kushi saw Arnav's eyes once, then looked at Anjali who was standing supported by Payal on one side and Nani on the other side. then she looked once again at Arnav, At that moment Arnav knew he lost the battle, Kushi had decided once again to sacrifice their Love for his Di's sake
"We are married for 6 months only" Kushi announced to everyone.

to be continued...

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part 17

Post by Abavi on 2013-02-22, 16:53

After a brief silence Shyam spoke
"You think mere words would do Kushi?I want signed papers!"
"She wont sign neither will my brother!"Anjali told him "I will not let them"
"No, I am serious" Kushi told shyam "Our Marriage is valid for six months only"
This time the real meaning hit everyone present there, which was evident by a collective gasp followed by audible "what" and then All hell broke loose, Everyone started asking them why they went for a contract marriage.

"You mean you both did a contract marriage?" Shyam asked with unbelievable tone but gleefully
Kushi nodded. Anjali slowly came near Arnav.
"I dont beleive this! why did you?" she whispered with shock, then as if it hit her, she moved back with a "No"
Arnav looked defeated unable to meet his sister's eyes
"Di! we will talk later about this" Kushi tried to pacify her
"Why did you agree to this Kushi" she whimpered. Her legs were giving away.
"Di" Arnav rushed to her so did Payal and Akaash, they made her sit on the couch

"I want to see the contract papers" Shyam declared unaffected by the commotion
Kushi turned to look at him with pure contempt
"How heartless can you be?"
"Heartless? I have a heart which beats for you!" he gave her a sugery answer
"Get out before I kill you" Arnav growled moving closer to him. Kushi caught him before he reached Shyam

"I want to see the contract papers" Shyam told again
"I dont see any reason for showing that to you!" Arnav told him
"Then Anjali will make to the news headlines tomorrow... Or do you prefer Kushi making headlines linked with my name? I am wondering how much the newpaper guys will pay me for these bits of news...Juicy spicy... Arnav singh Raizada's sister and Wife scandal"
This time Arnav did loose his cool, But with Akaash and Kushi holding him, He could only manage to kick the glass table towards Shyam, the glass shreds scattered all over the place.
"This will not help at all Arnav" Shyam laughed cooly

"Show it to him Arnav Ji, Lets get it over with all this" Kushi pleaded.
"wait! before that Answer me first" Kushi turned to look at Nani, while the latter came near Arnav

"Just few minutes back I was saying you have done a noble act and now you throw a bomb shell on me why? tell me why did you get married only for 6 months? whom are you cheating? us or yourselves?" Naniji asked him
when he didnt answer she turned to kushi
"I know you well, I know you know the value of this constitution of marriage then why did you agree to this? there should be some reason... why keep us in dark tell us!"
"Answer sasuma Kushi!" mamiji asked her "why did you both elope to get married only for 6 months?"
"Tell us Kushi" Garima spoke "I am sure there is a reason behind it?"
"We have seen much for this evening Kushi, give us that reason as well, let out everything! why this six month clause?"
But Kushi couldnt answer aswell..
"cant we talk about this later?" Payal meekly asked the gathered family members, she sensed that Kushi and Arnav reminded quiet for a reason and the reason was menacingly standing in front of them. Kushi shot a glance of gratitude towards her sister.
"Dont you understand Buaji?" Shyam jeered "yet it is all simple.. its called LUST! Listen Buaji, this guy wanted to live this your daughter for 6 months use her and throw her away on streets... and how much did he offer you Kushi? you could have told me I would have offered you more?"

But Shyam didnt know what hit him, Arnav flung and threw himself over him giving him blow over blow before he was finally stopped by Mamaji and Akaash.

While he kept on shouting
"I will kill you dammit, leave me", they pulled him away towards the other side of the couch, Anjali started with fresh tears, she had known he was cheating on her, but she was nevertheless shocked to the see the real face of her husband's evilness for the first time.

Shyam grinned at Arnav's loss of control wiped the blood off his lips.

"My Offer is still valid kushi! " Shyam told her "If you want to walk away with me right now...I am"
"Dont make me finish off what my Husband is threatning to do" Kushi seethed with anger picking up a large shred of glass peice broken from the glass table in her hand.
"Oh my my... this is what I love in you Kushi.. such a"
"You pig! dont you understand? leave this place now!" Payal screamed.
Akaash ensured that Arnav's anger burst had subsided before coming towards Kushi and removed the glass shred from her hand carefully.
"Leave shyam, Your empty threats wont work... we know how to handle this" Akaash told him.
"you mean I am giving empty threats? how about going like this to the police station? or how about going to the news channels?"

"go! do whatever you want... I will see to it that your will suffer for this- you will beg for mercy Shyam!" Arnav shouted
"well then be it... " Shyam turned to go
"No wait" Kushi called out finally

she turned to Arnav
"we are getting into more trouble by denying this Arnavji" she pleaded while he looked at her helplessly. then she called HP and asked Arnav to hand over the key to the locker to him and asked HP to fetch that file down.

while Shyam read the contract with greed, Arnav kept looking at Kushi and Anjali kept sobbing, the family members were exhausted with the events of the evening.

"Very Clever clause Arnav" Shyam told him finally "You will decide after 6 months whether you will continue or terminate this maariage, that is on both of your affirmation, there will be immediate termination or continuation of this marriage which also means you both need to affirm the termination for the divorce to get it confirmed.
You know what, I would still prefer you both to sign on these papers, your marriage will end by another 5 months and Mine and Anjali's if we sign today it will end by 6 months... so Anyways I will have an edge over you, If you go back, you know me, I will do what I say I will do..."
"I am not signing any paper Shyam and we are not going to terminate our wedding what so ever.. go to hell"
"Dont you care about your Wife's reputation? Oh you have already spoiled it...but what about your sister? "

Kushi could no longer hold it.
"You want us to sign isnt it? where do you want us to sign?"
"thats a clever step Kushi, I like this"
"wait bhabhi!" Akaash called out " We will do it after consulting with our Lawyer"
"Ok, then I will give you two days time, the third day morning I will go to the news channels...and This," he shoved his divorce papers in front of their eyes "I shall give it once I get those papers" with that he turned and left the place.

Payal immediately went to Kushi, as she started to break down for the first time that evening, with exhaustion and agony

"We havent got our answer yet" Naniji started again "Dont you both think we deserve to know?"
"Dont you understand yet Naniji?" anjali's voice broke out, sore from sobbing
"it is a well laid plan of my brother, to save me... exactly followed to point, accurately planned to make sign the divorce papers..." she told coming closer to him "But didnt you think for a second about ruining her life chotey? and your happiness? you didnt value your life at all and you sacrificed this girl's too? How could you?"
Arnav was silent, He couldnt answer her, Yes it was indeed his plan, but he never knew that his plan will back fire because he had read one factor in it wrongly, and he was paying for it now...
"And you?" Anjali turned to Kushi "Why did you agree to this? didnt you think for a second about your life? No, I can never forgive you both for such a big sacrifice.. even if it is for me, how can you both throw away your life like this? He is my brother but why did you agree Kushi?"

it was at that moment, Arnav realised the magnanimity of Kushi's sacrifice, she had trusted him implicitly with love, and he let her down. Kushi sensed he was almost in the verge of breaking down, she also saw the family who were all broken by the events of the evening and once again became the one who would cheer them all up, most of all she wanted to save Arnav from the silent torture he was going through.

"Oh Anjali ji" she broke out with a goofy smile "please dont get so worried, We had planned it alright, because thats is the only way to make him sign the divorce papers without any hitch..Now we have this, the day you are free of him, we both will get married again.. In front of the whole family... isnt it Arnavji? we had planned it all along"
This seemed to work, they all turned to Arnav for confirmation, and he himself was looking at Kushi unbelievably while she asked him to affirm that they will indeed again get married.

He nodded to them and then they all left peacefully, and while she climbed up the stairs, Kushi felt Arnav taking her hand in his and when she turned to look at him he asked
"Tell me it is true Kushi..tell me whatever you mentioned downstairs... tell me you meant it"
"My life is meaningless otherwise!" his voice broke with a lump in his throat.
she smiled sadly at him and nodded.
"but we will think about it later.. shall we? now we have other priorities" she told with finality and clasped his hands still more tightly before she started climbing up the stairs

to be continued.

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Part 18

Post by Abavi on 2013-02-22, 16:54

Part 18

"No Mr.Raizada I dont see any loop holes what so ever" Fernando assured him.
Mr.Roy, Arnav's family Lawyer was also present there as was Arnav and Akaash
"But make sure the plan is followed to the dot, we dont have much time to loose. And I will take care of the detective that is required, I know a few detective agencies" Fernando continued.
They shook hands and came out.
"Mr.Raizada, Mr.George Fernando is one of the best in Criminal Law in the city, Have confidence in him" Roy told him once inside the car.
"No, Mr.Roy its not like I dont trust his capabilities, Its only that he relies too much on time and chance and both can turn against us .."
"We dont have much choice Bhai" Akaash backed up "As Mr.Fernando told, we have to think of both of them- Di and Bhabhi- and I think this plan seals Shyam's moves"
"I know but I dont feel good about it...and we are still not considering that he is a lawyer too...a criminal one at that" Arnav told them but half heartedly.
It was evident that he was still not sure if the plan will work to the T.


"So what happened? What did he say?" Kushi asked Arnav and Akaash.
"He does'nt want you both to sign the papers...Not that it will make any difference" Akaash told her.
"Thank god he suggested that" Anjali sighed.
All the four of them were seated in Anjali's room.

"but that wont top him from going to the media"
"We know. Actually he wants us to file an FIR first, that Shyam threatned Anjali's life and attemted to murder her" Arnav informed that calmly
"We dont have enough proof fro that chotey" Anjali observed "I mean, I know hw attempted to murder me.. But I dont have proof that it was him"
"See, he wants us to file a FIR and give some pressure to move the case fast..So that the enquiry will start immediately and Shyam will not have time for a counter attack, nor will he have time to go tot he news papers like he threatned us. He wants us to go for a divorce on those grounds that he is threat for your life. Which will entitle you to get a quick divorce from him. we need not wait for 6 months"

"But wont he deny that?" Kushi asked them
"He will" Arnav told "Its just a diversion. We will not be able to prove anything immediately, But he will engage himself in saving his skin and if we get any evidence on that, we can add on"
"I dont understand" Kushi told them
"Mr.Fernando wants us to project that he was intersted in Di's money and he tried to kill her for that"
"and you think he is going to accept whatever false accusations we press on him?" Kushi asked
"He will not.. We need to set up things so that the case stands"
"I will tell you what? we will be better off telling the truth, No Arnav ji let me finish" Kushi told him before continuing "I know why you are not happy with this plan, You want both of us ot be out of it.. Probably you are planning for something on the lines of shyam trying to get the shares on Di's name and trying to finsih her off to get it in his name"
"How did you know?" Arnav asked her "Yes I want both of you out of this..."
"And you think he will sit quiet? You can convince setting up false evidences on that front .. but I will tell you what he will do..If he is going to deny, He is going to use one of the two things he is threatening us with"

"you mean he is either going to say that I had an illicit relationship with Ashok and he tried to kill me? or " Anjali asked
"or he is going to say I had an illicit relationship with him and when my husband found out about our relationship I backed off and so Di planned to falsely accuse him to get him out of the picture... where does it leave him? with public sympathy and the public is going to throw slime on two married ladies with character dheela"

"he will not be able to prove both of this.. first he is not going to admt his murder attempts and second if he brings you in, it makes no sense that we accuse him alone..." Arnav told them
"and he wont want to put him in bad light bhabhi...If he wants to pull you he will be throwing mud on him"
"ok... agreed but dont you think he will say that Di is accusing him falsely because there is someone else in her life" Kushi asked them
"if he does, then, Mr.Fernando intends to bring in lack of trust in relationship, his lure for money which prompted him to attempt to murder her- which will entitle her to move out of the relationship without the 6 month clause" Akaash finished

"No this is not going to help..." Kushi told them "we are going the wrong way...dont tell me you are happy with this" she asked Arnav
"No he is not convinced yet" Akaash smiled "I dont understand why you both are not happy... Bhai didnt want to involve both of you in this unless necessary and he have plans if he pulls one of you... then what?"
"No Akaash, This is what he will do...he is going to pull either of us or both of us into it... and he is going to do it convincingly.. and when the story comes from his side first, the public is going to take it as such on the face value of it, because its more spicy... " Anjali told him
"and he will do it convincingly well...we are not only giving him the option, but we are making it fairly easy for him to walk away with it"
"You know what akaash, I was also not happy for the same reason" Arnav told him "Mr.Fernando wants him to jump into a false trap, just because it is easy to prove it is not so. what if he has set more traps for us? Like Kushi said we are running away from truth and it will be difficult for us to come out of its well"
"So what do we do now" Akaash asked
"Let the truth out.It will be fairly easy to prove that he cheated our family, for god's sake he has lived there with us as a PG."
"No I think it is my and his problem Kushi, you or chotey dont need to come into limelight because of me..."
"what about Ashokji Di?" Kushi asked "Dont you think it will spoil your relationship with him?"
"Thats alright.. I .. No I dont ..."
"Dont run away from facts di.."
"I dont want to involve both of you" Arnav told them
Akaash sat there with his hands on hs head, not knowing what to do.

"tea?" They all saw payal standing at the door with a tea tray in her hands

"so what happened? " Payal asked them in general while they all had their tea
"What else? All the three want to sacrifice their reputation for the other's sake" Akaash finished
"Why dont you all go with what Shyam actually did.. it will be easier to prove" Payal suggested
"Exactly my point" Kushi side hugged payal... "now I win by votes"
"She supports you because she is your sister" Anjali accused
"I m not going by votes, And I wont involve both of you.. that final" Arnav told them

"ok.. do what you like... But if he brings it out... then it will be his version... dont forget he manipulates well...he manipulated your thoughts as well!" Kushi told him.

At that time, Kushi's mobile rang and she picked it up.
"Haan Amma, yeah we are fine... what? is he able to ? hmm ok.. no we will start right away.. no no .. yes Arnavji is here only...we will come now"

"My Bauji wants to speak to us" she told Arnav
"Bauji is able to speak now?" Payal exclimed
"She said he speaks but it is incoherent but he wants to speak- the speech threapy has paid off... "Did your mother say what?"

"NO she said he told her he wants to seeboth of us now... shall we start?"
"yeah..ok" Arnav told her going to fetch his keys

"So Mr.Raizada, I think it is inevitable.. we need to bring your wife into that we have another murder attempt up our sleeve. But dont worry about it, we will make sure we dont earn any wrong attention."
"We are fine with it" Kushi told him while Arnav merely nodded.
"And we were able to get a break through with one of his clients... That guy is a rogue and he was being threatned by one Mrs.Kamala for money...For all we know she wouldnt be a co-operating witness but I can break her resolve"
"But why cant we keep it simple and sign the papers for him? will it not be easy to get the divorce papers from him as well?"
"you cant trust him Kushi. our time for trial comes first." Arnav pointed out.
"and Strictly speaking, the court doesnt accept termination or continuation of marraige bonds only with signed papers. those papers make any difference unless the concerned party is present in front of the concerned officer and get it attested from him" Mr.Fernando told her

"But then why did he ask us to sign it then.. he must know the papers wont hold valid and it also means, he needs to wait for six months to end to terminate the marraige even if we signed the papers right ."
"Yes, he needs to wait till six months to terminate it even if you sign the papers for him. That doesnt make sense to me... but if he wanted that probably he just wanted to scare you."
"then why cant we do it.. we can buy time and we will be able to do something before the time ends"
"I would advise that you dont do it... He is a lawyer, inspite of knowing it will not be valid, he asked for it which means he can twist and get the right people to get it across to terminate your wedding without your presence. That will be a risk"
"moreover, our plan will benefit Anjali with time and effort. and with yours we need to wait..."
"right! Six months then" Arnan told her preparing to leave
"for what?" Kushi asked him" You are not planning to terminate ours... are you!" Kushi looked from Mr.Fernando to Arnav
"Oh yes I meant to terminate" Arnav smriked at her "the effects of the contract" with that he got up holding her hands.

"So thats finally decided then?" Akaash asked them.
"yes that seems to be the best way out for now" Arnav told him. He looked tired.
"where is Di?" Kushi asked Payal
"She has gone out"
"where?" Arnav panicked. "I mean we have filed two FIRs for attempted murder against him and it is not safe for her to be out on her own"
"No she didnt go alone, Ashokji had come and he took her out"
"What?" Arnav was surprised
"So my plan worked?" Kushi jumped cheerfully
"what do you mean?"
"From yesterday night.. when she knew why my bauji became paralysed, she was so upset, and today morning also she was upset, we spoke to her,but we were not able to cheer her up... so I called Ashokji and let him know that she was upset" Kushi told him
"Kushi? She is just out of a bad relationship... See I am glad you are doing this for her happiness but please dont push this down her throat.. "
"I didnt.. Did I ask her to go out with him? and tell me what would you do if I was in that situation. She needs him and is he is someone who would anything to keep her happy... then I am all for it"
Arnav shook his head and turned to go..
"Jiji I think we will have to prepare for an engagement soon"
"No kushi.. NOt when.." Arnav told her
"WHat? are you thinking of media?"
"NO.. You know well that I give a damn to what the media or the society thinks... But her feelings yes..."
"Thats great then... and I didnt mean marraige, an engagement is fine right? do you know what she has in mind?"
"Do you know? I have told you so many times.. DOnt assume that you understand others sentiments"
"Can you both stop fighting?" Payal requested them.
Kushi turned the other way in mock anger. while Arnav's mobile rang.. It was Anjali. He spoke to her and quickly cut the call.
"Di is at Ashok's place. She said she will be home in another half an hour or so" He started climbing up the stairs
"Ok" Kushi called out mockingly.. "So shall we have a bet Arnavji- we are in for a good news soon"
"I would love to lose this bet to you kushi" He smiled at her and left

To be continued...

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Part 19

Post by Abavi on 2013-02-22, 16:56

Part 19
"Why did you not tell me about this?" Fernando hissed
It was recess during the court proceedings and the jury's judgement awaited after recess.
"but Its not true. we are just friends.." Anjali whispered helplessly.
"Then how come they produce so many proofs against us? This peice of trump has cost me the case!you people have kept me in dark!" Fernando told her.
"Thats alright.. whatever has happened has happened.. now where do we stand?"
"I dont know, The last peice of evidences puts him on the upperhand clearly and you know how Indian law would react when one of them want to give a chance to the marraige... Now they will suggest councelling for Anjali and Shyam and try to postpone the divorce for another 6 months...If at all the verdict turns in our favour, I would spell that luck favoured us... I am sorry Mr.Raizada.. this news came as a surprise for me... You did not even give me a clue about this and they have so many evidences against us" Fernando told Arnav before he moved towards his cabin.
"Thats alright di" We will do something.. dont worry" Arnav assured her.
Kushi was standing silently beside him. Kushi felt like the ground would split and take her in.. It was all her mistake... She never thought when she stepped out of the house with Arnav and Anjali today morning the events would turn this ugly..

Contradictory to Arnav's first impression on Fernando, they found that he was an able fellow, his argument were crisp and intriguing..He started the case at the right point, moving forward providing evidences on how cunning and deceitful and dangerous Shyam is and finally when they established that its pointless for Anjali to live with shyam, Shyam turned the plates completely.. He had expected them to come up with this accusation.
He told them it was for a case that he had to stay and collect evidences. He never meant to cheat them and he did not even hide his name but couldnot tell them the reason because of the nature of the case he was working on... the Culprit was staying in the lacality and he had to do so to befriend him. More over he proved that he never ever stayed at GH at nights, He always returned back to his wife.

He even told that their accusation that he cheated the Gupta family was not sensible, He had to stay there to collect evidences and they wanted him to get engaged. He said he had never got engaged with any of the girls there... there were rumours in Mohali connecting him and one of the girls but he never took it seriously.. And Fernando was not able to prove Kushi's engagement with shyam, they didnt have any witness outside the family. That was their first blow. Shyam further told he had always wished well for the family which helped him by offering his to stay as PG and since the girls were good, he also supported them when the girls were to get married to his own Brother in laws.
when Fernando projected his various murder attempts to kill Shashi gupta and Anjali, and brought up nirmala as an evidence as she has been threatnening him for money- Shyam argued that it was totally a made up story...Nirmala had found out about his stayal to collect evidences and thats why he had to shut her up with money.

Fernando was confident enough to break these two arguments of Shyam but then when shyam brought in Ashok and Anjali's relationship with him- Fernando got caught in surprise.. Shyam told that after Anjali met her Childhood sweetheart after years, she lost interest in her marraige and started accusing or shouting at him unnecessarily... then the big blow came when she started the blame game on him connecting him with her own sister in law. "which girl would stay quiet and get married hiding this big a truth ?the girls stayed quiet all these days -which means my wife's accusation is not true!- both the girls and their family did not say anything during marraige or till three months after the marraige.. suddenly they blame me... why?" he asked the jury... Because it is a made up story... Anjali wants to get out of this marraige and the family is supporting her... But that does'nt mean that they can make me a murderer... I miss the girl I fell in love with...I am striving hard to provide her all the comfort because she is from a wealthy background... I have been insulted in that house because I stayed with my In laws but I took it on the stride becasue my wife wanted to stay with her family, I was willing to lose my self respect for her sake..." he told them.

Further, he had produced proofs of Anjali's childhood affair..and how she stayed in contact with Ashok until the very moment. "She had been going on dates with him lately" Shyam told the jury producing photographs with time stamps on it.
Just because they are wealthy doesnt mean that the truth should fade... I am on the truth's side.. I want my wife back... I love her.." he announced dramatically before the recess was announced.

"Kushi? What happened?" Arnav asked shaking her out of her flashback.
"I am sorry.. Its because of me" She told them.

She had been trying to put Anjali and Ashok together this last one and a half months- creating situations for them to spend time alone, recreating the old and forgotten love in them, but she never imagined this act of hers would cost them the case...she never dreamed that Shyam would churn up a story and more than that she never dreamed that shyam would be following Anjali's moves this closely... they had all expected and concentrated on putting up her relationship with him forward as she had insisted, how he cheated and tortured her and her family, but thinking back, it all seemed a predictable move on their side and he had defended it well.. Arnav had been correct all the while... He had wanted to take the case differently and in an unsuspected path all the way, in the zone where Shyam was relativey a novice and Arnav was king- he had been suggesting manhandling money and shares and property. She had been the one who had insisted on truth- which SHyam had managed to manipulate-she reaised Shyam had been clever enough to make sure not even an outsider was there when they had got engaged.

"NO Kushi Dont be, It was not your fault.. you meant well for me..we didnt know that Shyam would twist the tale like this" Anjali assured her.
"No I shouldnt have insisted on this ..and I tried to keep you and Ashokji together... "
"Kushi!its not lost entirely... we need to see what needs to be done next.. I will try set it right.. Dont worry" Arnav assured her.
She looked into his eyes, though he was putting up a confident facade to the world, his eyes told her that he was not so.

She held his palms and found it to be sweating, she looked into him "Arnavji?"
He pulled his hands away and held her shoulders "Its going to be alright Kushi!" He told her. It seemed that he was consoling himself
"I pray so" she told him looking at Anjali who was standing a little away quietly talking to Naniji

-to be continued.

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part 20

Post by Abavi on 2013-02-22, 16:56

part 20

"Be with Di, I will be back" Arnav told Kushi
"Where are you going now? The recess time is almost up"
"Just making a couple of calls Kushi, Should do something before its too late"
Its was almost 10 mins since Arnav left and since it was almost time for the case proceedings to start Anjali and Kushi started walking inside the court room where their case was being handled. That was when Kushi saw Shyam coming out the lawyers cabin and walking towards the courtroom as well.

"Where is chotey?" Kushi turned to look at Anjali.
"He said he will come di" she told her looking around if Arnav was visible
"ok" Anjali looked worried
"Di, You go in, I will come back" Anjali nodded
"EVerything is going ot be alright Di" Kushi told her before she sent her in. Kushi saw Anjali's retreating figure until she turned toward the bend of the corridor which nested the court room where their case was being held. Then Kushi turned determindedly and started walking towards Shyam.

"Hello Bhai, there is good news and bad news"
"go ahead"
"you were right bhai, the good news is that the financial records of AR are gadbad..."
"how much is missing?"
"2.5 crores"
"the finance manager says that Shyam and our auditor are involved. He would come to them for money but they didnt bring it to our notice since he was the son in law of the family"
"did you speak with the auditor?"
"yes bhai, he is here...He says that Shyam had given the picture that we know about this money and we didnt want to pay tax for the entire profit and so Shyam is acting on your behalf."
"ridiculous, Why didnt he come to me for confirmation? "
"He says that Shyam had'nt let him approach you- he always maintained that you had prefered to keep it that way, he says that he was tricked and threatened too- there is some hold here- I dont get the whole picture"
"Alright and what is the bad news?"
"They dont have any concrete proof that Shyam was involved for the larger part of the money- Only 50 lakhs will be traceable- the rest - absolutely no valid documents/cheques/transaction id - nil- He can easily say that he was acting on your behalf- you will be in trouble from the IT department!"
"hmm.. thats rubbish! No lets not assume things Akaash and we dont have enough time- how long will it take for you to come here?"
"I can make it in 15 mins if there is no traffic"
"bring the financial data CD, and bring them both as well. start right now... I will try to get some time if possible"

"Thats great Mr. Raizada- really great news! But how in the world did you people think of it"
"Something was not clicking right Mr. Fernando- the way Shyam told the other day that he had secured himself financially...I was handling all my personal and family's financial stuff... I thought probably he was playing around with the company's money as I was paying someone to look after it- it was easy for him to manipulated my staff- so will we be able to get a hold on this case now?"
"I will try my best Mr.Raizada- For all we know he would have backup for this and we dont know what it is going to be and it is quite risky too- seeing that if he has to get out of this mess he might have topull you in! But we can give it a try- I can atleast project a doubt that he was interested in money- Any idea where the money is diverted to?"
"I already have my men working on those lines, We will soon get some details on it"

Arnav and Fernando had reached the court room by the time and Fernando walked towards the jury for a small talk. Arnav spotted Anjali sitting alone and walked towards her with a confused expression.
"Di, where is Kushi?"
"Isnt she with you?
"No, I left her with you"
"I thought she came in search of you"
"oh!, ok, I will go and see where she is..." turned to go then turned and looked at her "we have got a break Di, it will all be sorted"
"What? how?"
"You will see" He smiled at her and left to find Kushi.

He was walking around looking for her and then spotted her in the adjoining crowded corridor along with Shyam.
A sudden anger captured Arnav when he started walkng towards them.

"Everything is a bargain in this world Kushiji! If you fail to do what you agreed for then you know what I am capable of" Shyam's evil smirk gave her goosebumps and chills down the spine. Kushi started sweating profusely.
"yes, I agree- first do what you agreed , I will do my part" Kushi stammered
that was when she heard a growl behind her
"Kushi !"
She turned to look into the raged eyes of her husband. If looks could burn, she would be ashes now.
"What are you doing here?
"Nothing Arnav, Having a chat - talking about old times you know" Shyam smirked
"I have told you so many times before- Stay away from my wife! If you ever try to harm her..."
"I ? She was the one who came to me" Shyam jeered "and I have better things to do than to go around harming people, I have better methods to get what I want"
Arnav stared at shyam while he left with his smirk still intact
He turned to glare at Kushi
"I just asked him to stop this game and free Di" Kushi explained him helplessly
"I dont go and beg someone to give up- I prefer to fight!, I thought my wife was like that too!"
"I didnt beg him- I only tried to get him see the right path"
"and he... he agreed not to create anymore mess in Di's life"
"and?" Arnav prompted, the more he heard her answer the more he got suspicious about Shyam's intentions
"and what?" Kushi asked shakely
"Dont act kushi, Out with it... I know him if he agreed to that then what did he demand from you for it?"
"nothing, I.."
"See kushi, you cant lie to me .. dont you dare to...I want to know what is your part of the bargain. what did you promise for?" Arnav asked her clutching her arms and raised his voice.
Kushi's eyes brimmed with tears "Please leave me Arnavji, everyone are watching"
"Let them watch Dammit, I demand an answer from you! what did you agree to give him?"
"Agree to give?" She asked helplessly "I wouldnt give him anything that would be rightfully yours in all sense! Never ever"
Arnav's hands loosened his grip seeing the hidden meaning this question suggested and the hurt his questions were causing her
"I didnt mean that Kushi- I trust you completely you know that!" He told her earnestly "I am worried that you put yourself into risk for nothing"
"For nothing? Anjali Di's life is ..."
"its going to be alright" Arnav interuppted her

"Going to be alright? how? when shyam is wrecking it in front of our eyes?"
"He cant, I wont let him, we found some evidence against him"
"What? really" she smiled through her tears
he nodded still worried for what she would have promised Shyam

"Lets go then"she smiled
They started going towards the court room. but Arnav was still suspicious that she was hiding something from him, and before they entered he held her hand for a short span and told her again
"Kushi, I dont want you to do anything stupid, we will win this battle with Shyam fair and straight! you got it?"
She nodded "You know me well Arnavji, I would want the same too" She assured him albeit smiled at him sadly.

to be continued

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part 21

Post by Abavi on 2013-02-22, 16:57

part 21

The case proceeded as Fernando guessed, As soon as Shyam deceit was brought the front, He projected that the deed was done on the advise of Arnav. Arnav had expected this and proceeded to provide proofs on how the staff did not get any direct instructions from him.

Then Shyam dramatically told that he doesnot understand why he is being blamed when he was asked to do the same by Arnav. He also gave a self suicidal statement saying that he agrees that Arnav has always been honest with paying taxes and for the 50,000 which they are projecting that he had looted, he himself has asked Shyam to donate the amount to 2 or 3 orphanages and old age homes across india. - This surprised the Jury. Shyam then dramatically produced the receipts -all in either AR name or Arnav's name. He then produced receipts from those orphanages the total amounting to exactly 50 lakhs. But he denied the admittance or knowledge of 2 crores which was also missing.

"I was asked By Arnav himself to donate the amount- and I have proofs for the same-But I have no idea whatsoever about the missing 2 crores"

Arnav thought Shyam's move was intelligent but something was fishy- Why did he try to pull Arnav into this if he was planning to save Arnav at the end? what was he trying to prove and to whom? was Shyam targetting Anjali's heart again?
By this time Akaash also arrived along with some more proofs and the two AR staff.
But Shyam moved the case entirely blaming Arnav's Auditor and Finance manager- which meant that good human image that Shyam had created had worked with the jury, Arnav thought even if it had'nt on Anjali.

When the Jury asked if Anjali and Shyam want to give their relationship another try, Anjali denied rightaway and Shyam put up a fake reluctance but finally agreed for seperation-If thats what Anjali wants from him.

The final verdict though was that Shyam and Anjali should live seperately for 6 months and after which they will be out of marital bond for ever. But if in case they have a change of mind in the mean time, they can file a petition to cancel their divorce proceedings. As far the money scandal at AR, the jury had asked for immediate investigation for the two employees and the money to be traced.
After the verdict was read, Anjali was immediately ushered towards the car by both of her brothers while kushi tagged behind, her phone started ringing and she picked it up.

"Kushiji, As promised, I have done my part of the deal- No more intrusion into Anjali's or Arnav's life- but if you fail to do your part of the deal then..."
She immediately turned around to look for the source of this malicious voice.
"You didnt do anything ShyamJi, You didnt do us any favor. it got sorted on its own "
She spotted him then and not suprisingly she found him jeering at her from a distance. As immediately as she spotted him, she found a well known arm sliding around her shoulders and the phone being taken off from her hand.
"Kushi ji, what if I had'nt produced the receipt for the donations? or what if I had'nt agreed for mutual divorce? you think thats not the part of the deal? Now remember your part well or I cant assure you the life of.."
"Whatever crap deal it is ...Neither will she care to do her part of the deal nor will I let will her do it Shyam" Arnav growled and cut the call.
"Come" he barked an order pulling her towards the car.

As soon as they got into the car, Arnav started taking care of certain cautionary measures.
"Di, give me your mobile"
Anjali handed it to him with a confused expression. He immediately switched it off as he did Kushi's and took off the Sim card from both the mobiles.
"Akaash, get them both new sim cards and both of you are not supposed to contact Shyam at any circumstance- this is for your own safety" he told both Kushi and Anjali- the last part of the order was more of a request...They nodded.
"And Akaash, that detective agency that we had hired, let them keep working on where the 2 crores could be deposited. and I have a strong notch that the 50lakhs didnot go into donation either. Those bills were mst probably false bills"
"Yes Bhai, I too felt the same- So do we try to get the Auditor and Finance manager out of this mess"
"We need to" Arnav told him "They werent honest with us, But they are loyal- Shyam manipulated them- we need to take them out- they might prove helpful later- probably give us clues which will lead us to the money- that will give us a strong proof that Shyam was involved. I think we are not yet out of the mess either- until Shyam is arrested for his theft"
It took almost a month's time for the Raizadas and Guptas to recover from the storm that hit them-

Arnav and Akaash took immense steps that both Kushi as well as Anjali were not contacted by Shyam. And Kushi took care to invite Ashok ji for every occasion that was held at RM. This was frequent as Naniji along with Mamiji and Payal tried to bring back the mood of the family back to normal with all the poojas and festivals celebrations.

It was one of those days when everyone in the family were busy with some pooja being held. The House Land line rang and Kushi picked it up
"Kushiji, Its so nice to hear your voice after a long time"
Kushi's hands went cold
"Oh my god! ou do remember my voice? So flattering Kushiji!
So do you remember our deal still?"
"There was no deal in the first place-as I told you, we.."
"Kushiji- you dont understand... if lady luck decides to take my side, I cant deny her help can I?" Shyam laughed "Ok, Now you are forcing me to do the either or part of the deal"
" me some time please.. I cant explain to him immediately.. please wait till the contract gets over..."
"You have another 3 months for that Kushiji,I am not willing to wait- All you have is a months time after that I will start attempting for his life"
then the line went dead.
Kushi whispered a "No" long after that still holding on to the phone not even realising that the line had gone out long back.

"What happened Kushi Betiya?" Naniji asked.
"Nothing Naniji" Kushi replied- her fake smile intact
"Chotey did you fight with her again?" Anjali asked him when he returned back from office.
"No why ?"
"she had been upset for a while now... She smiles and assures nothing is troubling her.. But there is something... I can see ..."
"Nothing Di, I amalright" Kushi assured again before leaving for their room to put the pressed clothes in the wardrobe.

"What is it Kushi? What happened?" Arnav asked her once they were inside the confines of their room
"Nothing Arnav ji" Kushi told him again "What would bother me now? I am fine" She told before leaving the room
But Arnav knew she was lying as it was obvious that she was avoiding his eyes...
HP who was cleaning the pool, came in
"Arnav bhaiya, I think I know why Kushi bhabhi is like this"
"You know?"
"Shyam bhaiya called this evening, I think he told somehting- Bhabhi is worried about it and she is not telling anyone."
"What? Shyam called? and you gave the phone to kushi?"
"No bhaiya, I picked up the extension near the kitchen and Kushi bhabhi picked it up from the hall, I heard Shyam bhaiya's voice, then I dropped my extension"
"thanks HP, That info helps, I will take care" He told HP and started thinking.

To be continued

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part 22

Post by Abavi on 2013-02-22, 16:58

part 22

"What happened?" Kushi asked him for the fourth time that evening. She sensed something was wrong- something was eating him..Otherwise why would he be this silent around her? He was acting as if he was ignoring her- But he wasnt really.. he had been busy with phone calls for the major part of the evening and all the while She had caught him giving her those over protective looks when he thought she was not looking or noticing and - this was not helping her already Anxious mind..
She had earlier decided to not tell him about Shyam's phone call but now she sensed that he was also hiding something from her and to top it all up he was not his usual self with her..
Earlier she thought it was because he was busy but his aloofness even after they had retired to their room made her crazy!
and now she was sure that he was not talking to her because he was angry with her for something that she has done! very angry that he is not even confronting her the usual way..
"what did I do?" she asked him switching of the televisionthat he was watching in the pretext of ignoring her. Arnav looked at her raising his eyebrows
"I know.. something is wrong.. you are angry with me..You are ignoring me"
"What makes you think so?" he asked her "hmm perhaps you know you have done something wrong?" trying to snatch back the remote from her...
"No I wont give it to you " She tried to dodge the remote away from him
"give it back to me!" he shouted roughly pulling it out of her hands and going back to the news channel that he was watching.
"please tell me What have I done to make you this angry? I have no idea wha..."
"you dont learn from your mistakes.. do you kushi?"
"do you have anything to tell me? anything at all that you think that I should know?"
"Arnavji.. I? No.. I dont understand"
"Kushi!" he raised his finger "dont you trust me enough?"
"In what havent I not trusted u? tell me please?" She asked him
"dont you know that already?" his sharp reply told her where he was taking this..the deal and suddenly regretted for falling for his silent treatment.

"I am feeling sleepy Arnavji... I am going to sleep" she told lamely before his patience snapped and grabbed her arms in one leap pinning her against the wall opposite their bed.
"Like hell you will!" He gorwled as she looked from the remote control that had been shattered into peices with batteries rolling out at different directions to his eyes- with his rage back in place. She sighed thankfully. Oddly his anger gave her a peace of mind that he was back to normal and a confidence that she can sort it out! She must have let out a smile- because he shook her, his grip at her arms getting more tighter.
"What was this smile for? you are mocking me .. arent you?
"You are hurting me"
"not more than the hurt I feel when I realise dont you trust me enough to tell me about... " He stopped abruptly.
"Arnavji, I dont have any trust issues with you"
"Oh yeah!" he glared at her "Thats why you didnt tell me about Shyam's phone call" he told sarcastically.
"How did you.."
"obviously there are others who unlike you, trust me"
Her eyes teared up and looking at her tears he released her arms and turned his back to her "Dammit!"
She placed her hand on his shoulder.
"I didnt mean to hurt you by hiding this from you. I didnt want to worry you"
"really Kushi? dont you remember the last time that you did this, we ended up paying a heavy price on our relationship and here u go doing the same thing again "
" was different that time.. It is different now.."
"forget it Kushi.. I want to know why he always seems to succeed in creating the wedge between us.. Is it again about that deal you made with him?"
"Yes, My stupidity" She told tears streaming down her cheeks
"Kushi, Stop crying and tell me what it is"
"I..I cant.." she told him in between sobs
"Dont you trust me enough Kushi? Dont you think I have the right to know why he is controlling happiness in our life like this?"
"I am sorry! It is all my fault, My foolishness, In my desperateness to help di, I went and fell into his trap.. I.."
"Before you decide that yourself, tell me what the deal was"
"He told that he wont press on living with Di, release her of all the hold that he has on her and in turn.." She hestitated to continue
"and In turn?"
"I should persuade you to do the same with our marital bond.. " she told him timidly
"I see!" his tone scared her.
"I Dont know wht to do now" she told him "He was true to his words and he did help us... and I cant fulfill my part of the deal..I dont want to...And he says... " she caught herself she didnt know if it was wise to discuss the either or part of the deal with him at this point. Kushi timidly looked at his face, , but was surprised to see he was deep in thought
"I should have guessed this!" Arnav broke into a smile..
"Actually Kushi, now it all fits! dont you see?"
"You are not angry?" Kushi was surprised
"No! you know what I was puzzled by the way he was pushing Di's divorce case,Bringing me in and volunteerly pulling me out... Now I understand"
"Wht do you understand? I mean I am worried about the deal and you are..."
"Wait.. I will be back.." he told her, picking up his phone again and calling some calls.

She waited for him, puzzled by what part of the deal has clicked off the thought process for her husband to trigger this entirely unexpected behaviour of his. She waited for him to finish off his call and explain her about it.

to be continued...

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part 23

Post by Abavi on 2013-02-22, 17:10

part 23

"what happened... tell me na please. I am getting tensed looking at your face..." Kushi asked Arnav. IF she was biwildered at his reaction when she told him about her deal with shyam, Now she was even more puzzled sober attitude after he came back after making those calls.
"Kushi, I think we are having a break through in Shyam's case.. fingers crossed!"
"you mean you figured out where that 2 crores went?"
"yeah kind of.. and not 2 crores- most probably more than that"
"but how? I dont understand..."
"see Kushi, I was not having a good feeling about the entire second half of the case.. you remember how he pulled me in and then produced receipts that not only cleared him but also me?"
"yeah! he saved you as well"
"so it seems"
"Arnavji! I dont understand the head or tail of what you are telling me"
"Dont you see Kushi.. it was all planned! Shyam wanted to trap you somehow... His first plan was to pull me in and when the situation seems so worse for us.. thats is when Di is also not off hook and I am also in a grim spot.. what would you have done? you would have gone to him and he would have placed the deal in front of you.. and then to take me out he would have produced the receipts... "
"but that didnt happen..I mean I went to him before we actually accused him of theft.. I didnt even know that you were planning to trap him that way"
"yeah thats what gave his plan away! actually.. you being you, panicked the moment you realised that he might not give divorce to di and asked him to get out of her he didnt have any choice but to prematurely carry out his plan..."
"ok, what is the difference?"
"How did he know that we will be accusing him of theft? why did he have those receipts ready as if he was tipped off? how sure was he when he told he will not interfere in Di's life?"
"yeah, he seemed so sure of himself.. But if this is all his plan, then what if we did not suspect him at all?"
"He has got his accomplises admist us Kushi. He has someone whom he had asked to tip us off to make us think on those lines"
"What? oh!" she realised slowly "you realised who it is? "
"yeah, I think I figured out right.." Arnav told her deep in thought "I have told the officials about my suspictions, they will call on confirmation"
"who? is it the auditor or Finance manager?"
Arnav laughed "No it is Aman"
"What? Aman ji?"
"I cant believe it myself Kushi..but yeah.. When I suspected that shyam was over confident about his economic needs, it was Aman who tipped me off on those lines"
"but it could be a innocent, logical, practical suggestion right?"
"It could be, only that normally I dont encourage my office staff giving me suggestions on my personal life. I never discuss it with any of them... I was desperate to find out a way and he one fine day hinted me on finance department scandal and I fell into the trap"
"but I am not so sure of this Arnavji.. I feel you are jumping the gun of poor AmanJi"
"Lets see Kushi, I am hoping that I am wrong"
"but what did I say that gave you the clue?"
"you spoke about the deal right? YOu told that you spoke only about Di's life.. BUt why should he include me? he was not supposed to know about the scandal coming into light then? nor could he highlight it as he was not sure if you knew about it.. So he silently added me as well so that he can demand for the deal with you"
"Yeah he did.. I didnt even think of it till now"
"ofcourse you didnt .. Think if he has only di's divorce in grip- that is if he says that he wont let her go.. will it not contradict his own needs? he wants out of this marraige as much as di. he wont get a grip on the deal.. he had to get me in to spell the terms with you.. right?"
"so he lured me into a deal and his part was entirely made up"
"but why would he want this deal anyway? He doesnt have any moral in the first place to wait for the lady to be single again"
Arnav chuckled "you sound as if..."
"No what I mean is... his intentions doesnt make any sense"
"Its called a man's ego Kushi.. He wanted to own you and I married you out of the blue taking him by surprise.. He probably wanted to have the feel that he beat me what so ever in the game"
"you men? how ridiculous this is.. you think I am kind of a trophy or something?"
"I didnt, I only said he thought so like that.."
"dont tell me.. Didnt you think the same when you forced me to marry you?"
"Kushi, havent we discussed about this a number of times? I Apologised.. Why bring this up again"
"Yes a simple Apology for treating me like a trophy"
"Kushi please, I am sorry! You know I didnt mean to... can we talk about something else" Arnav tried hard to steer the conversation away from where it was heading to.. but kushi got offended taking his intentions for coldness about the matter.
"Why? it pricks you isnt it? all you men are the same- egoistic, mean and selfish" she dished out with sudden anger and stormed out to the poolside.
Arnav sighed..after a long time, this has come up and she was still unforgiving by the looks of it.. but whenever the topic came up, she normally avoided talking about it, but today, she vented out, which he thought was a good sign... atleast, she can vent out everything and get it out of her system!
Much later, Arnav realised that Kushi's Anger hadnt subsided as he watched her making the bed for the night with a scorn aptly in place on her beautiful face. She had her friend Lakshmi with her... all the time talking to lakshmi how she should not believe or trust men who only treated women as a possession!

His mobile rang and he picked it up.
"yeah hello officer"
"oh really, thats great! .. what? he confessed?"
"great news Officer.. yeah thanks.. Hopefully we get a full confession out of him"
"yeah I know, we wouldnt know whom to trust.."
"That would be really helpful.. yeah thanks.. goodnight"

Kushi who was hearing the one sided conversation looked at him for any discussion on the matter. But he only smirked and went back to his laptop.
"what happened?" she asked finally
"why would you want to know what happened in a egoistic, mean and selfish man's life?"
"dont think I am bothered about you.. I only wanted to find out if I had to carry out my deal or not..." she said sending lakshmi out of their room.
"what deal? Didnt I already tell you and shyam that I wont let you carry out your part of the stupid deal that you made?"
"Let me bother and decide about that? why should you bother?" she went into the pool side to put off the lights there
"Why?" he followed her " I am your husband"
"of six months!"
"Kushi! stop this nonsense... you know well that six months clause is not significant any more in our marraige"
She tried to pass him, but he stopped her
"wait Kushi! please let me understand what went wrong!"
"havent you realised it yet?" she spun around, shoving him aside and pulling her hand out of his grip.
"Kushi Careful" Arnav shouted, but it happened in a moments time. she slipped and fell into the pool.
"Kushi are you alright? give me your hand"
But she was too smug to take his help and tried to get out herself, again slipping into the pool further drenching herself. Arnav who watched all this with amusement, finally thought only way was left out to bring her out of the pool as well as her angry mode.
He slipped into the pool himself.

"I told you, I will get out of this myself"
"yeah you will"
"Why do you keep coming near me?"
she kept walking backwards.. the pool was slippery and that was not helping her.. She slipped again, but he held her by her waist.
"leave me"
"Arnavji Please" she tried to get out of his clasp. but his hold was stronger. he started walking cornering her towards one of the edges of the pool. Her wet clothes were clinging on to her as was his wet shirt to him. There was an eminent heat raditaing from him which sent shivers down her spine.
"I want to get out" this time her voice shivered with nervousness
"are you feeling cold Kushi?"
"n..noo..I mean y.. yesss"
"yes or no?" he smirked while he picked her up by her waist and made her sit on the pool edge, his hands still lingering around her waist.
She swallowed while his hands travelled slowly down her thighs. She closed her eyes tight with sudden feeling of butterflies in the pit of her stomach.
But then it abruptly stopped. She opened her eyes to see him smirking at her.
"go Change!"
"I will come"
As she walked away to change, his eyes followed her seductive figure to which the sorry excuse of wet clothes clung too.

Kushi changed into warm cloths and was standing in front of the mirror drying her hair when she saw him behind her. he had changed into dry clothes, but his hair was still dripping wet.
"your hair is still wet"
"Yeah I know, I am not able to find my towel"
"I had put it for laundry, take a fresh one"
"no need" he said pulling out her duppatta to dry himself.
"what are you doing ?" her jaws dropped
"drying myself"
"my dupatta"
"what do you need one in the night kushi?"
"you are such a.. a"
"a what exactly?"
"laad governor!"
she pulled her duppatta away from him and used her towel to dry his hair
He looked at her struck by her beauty. His right hand slowly slid to her face, tucking the wayward hair behind her ears. She paused for moment, locking eyes with his, and continued drying his hair, his height making her stand on toes to reach his hair.
"I am sorry Kushi. really sorry. I know it is tough to forgive me, but I regret for not trusting you in the first place. I shou..."
"Its ok"
"no, its not ok! you havent still forgiven me"
she stopped drying his hair, the towel slid towards the floor.
"what gave you an idea that I..."
"you always avoid that topic and the way you behaved today..."
"I can never take Arnav singh Raizada kneeling down and surrender with painful regret and apology.. even to myself!..." she told softly "he doesnt have to apologise to me.. I understand him better than he understands himself"
"kushi!" he called out tenderly. His eyes blinking back tears that swelled up his eyes.
"But that doesnt mean I would'nt fight with him when I am pissed off, and that will always be one point where I can technically score against him" she smiled. He smiled back.
"oh really? that was to score against me is it?"
"I did score.. I managed to annoy you for sometime... you gotta give it to me!"
"yeah you did.. Now we shall play another game, we will see how you intend to score against me this time" he closed in the distance pushing her towards the wall beside the dressing table.
"what? nno..Arnavji let me go.. "
"that I wont!" with that pulled her into a kiss which was defined with passion and slowly ventured into wildness that had started to build up the moment he saw her drenched in the pool side water.
they broke the kiss for the want of air and she panted "Arnavji!.. I"
"shhh" he continued moving towards her jaw and then towards her ears and then neck...she gasped.
He withdrew and looked at her. Her chest was heaving up and down.
"kushi!" she was nervous and couldnt meet his eyes
"kushi look at me" he pulled her chin up.
she could see desire in his eyes. A deep blush reddened her face.
"do you love me?" the question was abrupt
she smiled "more than my life"
"and thats good enough for me" he broke into a grin and picked her up and walked towards the bed..

to be continued...

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Part 24

Post by Abavi on 2013-02-22, 17:11

Part 24

Shantivan was getting geared up for a festive occasion. The Bright and busy morning soon rolled over to Afternoon and Nani could see a restless Kushi trying to call someone on her mobile and frequently running towards the door and back again to the hall or towards her room, to finish off some pending task.
"What is it Kushi? why are you so tensed?" Nani asked her finally
"Nothing Dadiji, Kushi is tensed that Arnav ji is not picking her calls"
"He should be back home now.. Oh why did I let him go? Akaash ji took an off today .. oh god why he alone like this?"
Nani raised her eyebrows at this
"No Naniji, see how much needs to be done here and all he bothers about is Work.. He is not even picking my calls" she said biting her lower lip in worry.
Nani and Payal shared a knowing look. Kushi caught them both teasingly smiling at her and left the place annoyed.

Ever after thier earthly union after that momentous drench in the pool on that historic night, Arnav had become very bold and shameless in showing his affection for her -Not even the presence of his family members would bother him -So much that the family never let go an opportunity to tease her ...

Kushi was ok with all the passionate nights that they shared everyday in the confines of their room - not ok, in fact she was overwhelmed by his love, care and passion and tried in every way to reciprocate the feelings that she felt for him. But this act of his in front of the family was what that drove her nuts... be it goodbye peck on her cheek before he left for office, or a simple hug when he came back, and those calls to her during his office hours letting her know that she was being missed, and sometimes he even surprised the family coming back home early, citing the need to spend Quality time with family- Anjali and Mami infact snorted hearing the "Quality time with family" phrase!

If she ever asked him to stop it, he would retort back saying he would do what he felt like doing with his wife and doesnt feel a damn bad if the accidental audience felt embarassed!

"they dont feel embarassed, they make me feel embarassed!" she would say then

"why do you feel embarassed? we are married and in love and you do enjoy them as well... dont you?" he would reply back with a smirk!

she will huff and puff and sigh seeing him smirk shamelessly

"leave it kushi, once they get habituated to seeing these things daily, they wont bother you" he would laugh it away leaving her fuming after him!

yes the family didnt have any other option other than to get habituated to Arnav and Kushi's daily routine of affectionate displays but what drew her up the wall was when someone in the family walked in when her erotic husband was kissing her senseless in the kitchen or in the garden or by the pool or in the terrace and one day in the dining table!

and those days when he would insist on carrying her up the stairs even after her attempts to escape or protest and she would never forget that eventful early morning when the dumbfounded family after searching for an hour noting their absense caught them both emering out from Arnav's SUV - hair ruffled, clothes askew after spending the night inside it- but he, her shameless pati parameshwar simply walked off as if nothing happened throwing a casual 'morning di!' and picking up the newpaper and climbed the stairs towards their room! whereas she wished the earth would split and swallow her while she passed them and followed him towards their room, clearly hearing them all bursting into laughter behind her.

If this was not embarassing enough, everytime Arnav came back home early and happened to call her to their room asking for some missing file which was non existant in the first place, Anjali or Payal would comment "Quality time" and giggle while she climbed the stairs muttering "Laad governor"

She loved these acts of his like he said but the family didnt bother him but they did pull her leg somuch that sometimes when she was really concerned about him like today, their ragging really annoyed her and made her lash out at her Rakshas...

She again tried his number and heard a lady voice informing her that the number was not reachable. She threw the mobile on the bed and rummaged her wardrobe to decide which dress to wear for the occasion in the evening.

She smiled to herself thinking of the evening, It was a unbelievable surprise for the family when Anjali and Ashok finally announced one fine evening that they were engaged! This was two months after her divorce case went to trial- the family had raised gracefully to the occasion and Arnav was so happy that he had announced that he would be hosting a party for Anjali and Ashok to celebrate the good news.

Not that the family had not been expecting the good news... Infact they had been expecting ever since they saw that Anjali was getting back to normal very soon all due to the company of Ashok...and the cherry on top was the arrest of Shyam...

Things moved quickly after Arnav had finally cracked that Aman was the one who had helped Shyam. After the arrest and pressurized investigation, Aman had confessed that in fact he had applied for Arnav's secretarial job on Shyam's insistence after La resigned and had been giving him frequent inputs ever since. Aman was Shyam's man out and out! The police had succeeded in getting a full confession on how he had helped Shyam - All the evidences were traced to Shyam's misdeeds and his evil plans. This had helped them lock Shyam behind the bars- Only then has Kushi been breathing freely- that Shyam cannot threaten her anymore or mess with Arnav's life.

"Kushi!" She was aroused out of her thoughts when Anjali's voice boomed from outside her room

"Yes di?"

Anjali came in holding a bag in one hand and her gorgeous gagra choli in her other hand
"will you help me choose the jewellery? tell me which one suits my dress better" she asked pulling out three sets of jewellery from the bag...

"why not?" Kushi smiled at her. Anjali might be the pampered daughter of the family, but the way she had regained her lost life had amazed Kushi, and now she was moving on and that too in a grand and pious style- which never ceased to bring a smile to her lips! While they both sat there deciding on the best accessories for Anjali's party they heard payal's voice calling out for kushi

"Kushi! are you in here" They heard Payal say before she entered into her room carrying a big bouquet of brilliant red roses.

"Wow Jiji! its beautiful" Kushi jumped

"yeah isnt it?" Payal teased..."it just got delivered"

"for whom?" Kushi asked immediately looking at Anjali and winking at her "Ashok Ji is already making a move is it? He is so romantic!" she teased finally relieved she was getting a chance to tease others after being teased numerous times for Arnav's deeds

"No actually my Jethji is Romantic!" Payal corrected while Anjali tried desperately to control her laughter. Kushi's mouth opened to depict a perfect O

"This has your name in it Honey" Payal stuffed the big bouquet in kushi's hands stressing more on honey- and this time Anjali broke into unstopable giggles and Payal joined her. Kushi rolled her eyes "so these two have heard him yesterday when he addressed her honey and now they will not rest until they grow tired of teasing her with the word" she sighed to herself

"and a note came with it" Payal told showing her a small pink card

"So shall we read what my dear brother has written?" Anjali told with serious mock tone taking it from Payal's hand

"No di" Kushi squawked

"of course we will! " payal joined Anjali while she was pretending to open the note with dramatic expression

"Please di, give that to me" Kushi requested trying to snatch it from Anjali's hand

but Anjali and Payal started playing with her passing it to eachother everytime she tried to seize it from their hands.

"Ok fine read it.." she told them finally exasperated "and tease me endlessly"

But they both smiled at her. Payal gave the note to Kushi and Anjali told her that they would not even think of reading those sweet nothings that was exclusively between her and Chotey.
Kushi immediately opened the note but to her surpirse found that it was not Arnav's Handwriting- nor was it signed!

"this is not written by him" she wondered a little loudly

"because it was delivered by a bouquet shop! he would have probably ordered it online" Anjali explained.

Just then they heard Mamiji shriek from downstairs which was followed by a loud gasp of Naniji's "Chotey!"

All the three looked at eachother, while running out the room, they heard Akaash shouting "Bhai what happened to you?"

Kushi could hear Anjali getting panicked while she tried to catch up with the others whispering "chotey!"

Kushi ran down and was shocked to see a limping Arnav being made to sit on the couch in the hall, she could see his head bandaged and his right hand heavily bandaged and placed in a sling. There were blood patches visible on his hand and head- Scratches all over his body.

To be continued...

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Part 25

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Part 25

Kushi stood there rooted to spot, Looking at the family surrounding Arnav, The female crowd panicking seeing his state while he repeatedly kept on telling them he was ok and the male crowd asking him what had happened for which he replied that he had met with a small accident and so had gone to the hospital immediately before coming back home.
"when did this happen?" Kushi had moved to stand next to him, glaring angrily at him
He sighed before he answered.
"Two hours back" Looking at her staring at him he immediately added "There is nothing to worry, I went to a nearby hospital, got myself treated"
"And it never crossed your mind that you have to inform your family!" she asked him gritting her teeth
"I didnt want to worry you lot" He told her "You and Di worry way too much about me" he added chuckling.
"oh really? who panics when one of us gets as much as a sneeze?" she retorted back sarcastically
"you could have atleast informed me Bhai" Akaash told him quietly
"its alright Akaash, I am OK and also, I didnt want to make people panic unnecessarily"
"I knew something like this was up, I tried to reach you for the last two hours and I wasnt even able to reach you"
"Kushi! My mobile broke due to the fall!"
"fall?" Anjali started panicking again "what fall?"
"nothing di, it fell down due to the is not working ever since"
"oh my god! to think we were all enjoying here when anything sould have happened to you!"
"Di! relax!"
"But Bhai, how dd this happen? YOu are a very careful driver! I can even imagine .."
"shall we talk about this later Akaash?"Arnav told him pointedly which didnt go unnoticed by Kushi, but she kept quiet for the time being.
The discussions soon followed with Anjali insisting on cancelling the evening party and Arnav asking them to go ahead with it. Finally Nani decided that the party can be held a week after. Payal and Akaash volunteered to notify the family friends and business associates of the postponement of the party.
Ashok reached Rm soon after and did quick check up on Arnav who had been moved to his room.
When he entered Arnav's room he saw Anjali pampering a visibly annoyed Arnav and a grumpy Kushi grunting moving around keeping things in comfort order for Arnav.
"You should have atleast called me Arnav" Ashok told him sternly
"I cudnt open my mobile, Ashok, it shattered on the force of fall"
"JiJaji!" Kushi corrected Arnav
Arnav looked at her sharply while Ashok chuckled quietly
"Old habits die hard Kushi" Ashok told her"We have been play mates when we were younger!"
"even then, I wuldnt want to call you that" Arnav told Ashok
"bad memories?" Ashok smiled taking a quick look at Anjali who was looking at Arnav and then at Ashok
"aoooh! that hurts!" Arnav shouted when Ashok tried moving his fractured hand.
"IS he alright?" Anjali was on her heels hearing him shout.
"He is alright! take time off Arnav! 10 days of complete rest will bounce you back to perfect active being, stressing the muscles would only prolong your resting period!"
"10 days? you are joking"
"No he is not" Anjali told him "You are not moving out of the bed for 10 days" Anjali told him
"I will make a move then Arnav, I have a surgery appointment at 3, Take care of him Kushi"
"you made a suregery appointment at three today? Luckily your party appointment got cancelled! all thanks to my pati parameshwar here" Kushi told Ashok
"You are angry with him for cancelling the party" Ashok laughed!
"For not informing about the accident" Kushi corrected him
"you people get hysterical hearing about those things" Arnav bit back
"Poor us Arnav, we dont even get pity from our ladies these days" Ashok chuckled.
"yeah! all they are worried about is party and phone calls" Arnav joined him
This earned strong stares from both the ladies in the room
"take care of him Kushi!" Ashok told Kushi and left the room pulling Anjali out with him
"hey come on Anju, give that guy some space to breath will ya"
"he is my brother.. how do you expect me not to take care of him"
"for heaven's sake he is married"

Arnav and Kushi could hear the elder couple's easy banter while they moved out.
They looked at eachother and smiled but soon Kushi's smile turn into a scowl..

"oh how did I forget!" she exclaimed
"what?" he asked puzzled
"that I have to be angry with you"
"oh Come-on!"
"next time when I go missing for few mins, if you ever react to it like a madman grabbing me and shouting "what if I lost you" - I am going to slap you right on your face" Kushi told him angrily
"oh really? why this Angry bird avatar when All I expected was being showered with love?"
"When you mock our concern for you, then this is what you will get" Kushi told him and then hit him with a pillow when she saw him smirk
"oouch, Kushi! stop it" he started laughing when she hit him more!
thats was when he saw the bouquet of roses by the bed side table
"Oh I see some get well soon roses already here"
"who would give you red roses for get well soon?" Kushi asked him and then suddenly realised something
"you sent those right?"
"me? No!"
"Dont kid!those got delievered just before you came home"
"NO Kushi! I seriously didnt! Why would I send you roses when I myself was heading home, I wuld give it to you directly" He told he shifting his body slightly adjecting his comfort. Kushi started to think this was weird
"then who sent me those?"
"you mean it got delivered for you?" Arnav asked, the sudden meaning sinking in
"yes, I had my name on it.. I thought it was you"
" maybe its NK!"Arnav gritted his teeth "oh How I wish my arms were ok, HE is gonna get it from me when he comes back.. or is he already here?" Arnav spat.
"No Arnavji, I dont think.. BUt if it was Nanheji, I would be relieved!" Kushi told him absent mindedly
"relieved? Oh yeah how did I forget your little fan club?" Arnav tld her angrily then went on to mimicking NK's "Kushiji Kushiji"
but Kushi started searching the room for something
"who are you searching for now? you think NK is hiding here somewhere?" He asked her annoyed
"Oh stop your kiddish Jealousy games! I am searching for the card which came with this bouquet"
then finally she pulled it out from under the bedsheets and read it again. The very first time, she had not given much thought when she read and she was under the impression that it was from Arnav. BUt now that she knew it was not, she read it again slowly this time, taking in the meaning of what was written. then she sat slowly down on the bed, by his side.
"what is it?" he asked her and pulled the note out of her hand to read it

pretty red roses just for you!
Red! reminds me of you,
of how beautiful you look in it
of your luscious blush
of your fierceful anger
do they remind you of
promises long forgotten?
if not, wait a little longer
something sinisterly red will remind you
of how much I yearn for you!
of how much I still crave for you!
of how far I will go for you!

He read it loud and then looked at her when he finished it
"Shyam is still behind the bars right?" She asked in a low fearful voice while he looked on at her.
"do you think this.. this accident... I mean? is this a accident at all?" She asked him again fear gripping her when he looked at the note again, then at her before he finally looked away.

to be continued...

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Re: ArHi FF: Checkmate! (Epilogue updated)

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