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Karan & divyanka's likes and dislikes

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Karan & divyanka's likes and dislikes

Post by subi on 2014-10-13, 12:44

Divyanka Tripathi and Karan Patel have turned very amazing actors on TV by playing brilliantly the characters of Ishita and Raman in Yeh
Hai Mohabbatein. Here is conversation of Karan and Divyanka where they share about their likes and dislikes-

Meaning of Red for Divyanka is love but danger for Karan.
Meaning of White for Divyanka is Purity but peace for Karan.
Meaning of Black for Divyanka is Evil but Karan thinks that black color shoots coffee.
Divyanka Tripathi’s favorite holidays destination is hill station while Karan Patel prefers to London.
Romance should be going on forever for smiley girl Divyanka but Karan thinks it is overrated.
Divyanka thinks that love is for everyone but Karan believes that love means friendship.
Karan Patel’s inspiration is Bollywood star Shahrukh Khan but Divyanka says that her parents is her best inspiration.
Divyanka Tripathi annoys when someone did partiality, corruption, rudeness, disrespect towards others.
Karan Patel says that late-pack up in Saturday and call early on Sunday annoys him more.
Tanking about her dream man, Divyanka says that he should be support her, understands her and always stand up for her, walk with her in
hand in hand. Shard Malhotra whom she is dating has all qualities like of her dream man.

For Karan Patel, his dream gril should, smart, attractive who also understand him.


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