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ArHi FF: Checkmate! (Epilogue updated)

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Part 47

Post by Abavi on 2013-02-25, 10:39

Part 47

Shyam Smiled

"I understand... But I did what was the best considering the situation I was in... But to understand that you should know the circumstances under which I married Anjali. Rana is a evil and cunning man. He didnt think twice before using his own sister to seduce your father, and he didnt think twice to throw out the same sister on the streets when she opposed him when she came to know his evil plans, and cruelly took custody of her young child, depriving her of her motherly rights to bring him up...this was definetely not because he loved his nephew.. it was only because Dhruv was entitled to the surname of Malik...Rana is merciless... and he knew once he eliminates you out of the will, even if the major

chunk of the wealth goes to his hands, through his nephew, the rest will go to Anjali... as she is the only other remaining sibling. He decided to control her life with getting one of his hooligans to woo your sister and marry her by trick or force... It was at that point I decided to step forward to take that task, because my foremost duty was to protect the royal family of Maliks and Anjali was a part of it. I thought it was better me than any rogue that Rana would decide for her and make her life hell... Rana was ok with me being that person because he thought it should be easy for me as I was one of the very few educated people in his goons circle and ofcourse he trusted me. He didnt know that I was an IPS officer... He knew however that I was a lawyer...

So I started meeting Anjali, wooed her and married her...Because if I backed out.. there will be some other rogue in my place... trying to impress her and get her into his circle... But still I knew my limits.. she was a princess and I was merely doing my duty... It took time for me to accept that she was my wife by law... You never wondered why I addressed her Rani sahiba.. did you?" Shyam asked...

"Such chivalry man!" Sid commented wiping imaginary tears from his eyes...but Shyam didnt mind him

"I used to stay away from her in the name of work... For me the marraige was a way to protect her and nothing else.. But she was a very sincere wife in all ways... By the time it sinked into me that she was my wife and She would have expectations too... by the time I started getting closer to her, I decided to confide in her the reason for my marraige with her and then start leading a happy life with her...I was sure she would understand.. but then, that was when I met Ashok, in a temple. Anjali introduced me and him and later told me about him, their once upon a time dreams and their stopped wedding...

Though she would never dream of cheating me... I sensed that longing in her voice when she told me of her past... I realised that Anjali was still in love with Ashok.. but didnt know it herself... I didnt blame her... I was not even spending time with her.. not half the time I spent wooing her... and I was gone for days... and how can she be the only one taking the marraige seriously?

I decided to get out of her life... and pave way for her dreams to come true...That was when I met Kushi at Lucknow. She was being chased and teased by some road side rowdies, I didnt even know her name was just my police instinct which kicked in and I saved her. Later through Rana, I came to know that one of your videos was being flashed in all the local channels with a girl in your arms.. and the gossips were thick in the air. I realised that it was the same girl that I had saved the previous day. By this time, Rana had developed strong trust in me and I was involved in most of his dealings and plans with you or Anjali.

I offered to keep a track of your relationship with Arnav while I was at delhi. I met her near her house and befriended her... oh no.. not with any bad intentions" Shyam told quickly answering Arnav's questioning look "I had to make sure the girl was not caught in any unwanted danger owing to gossips. Rana was very insecure with those gossips and I didnt want him to react in a way that would end up hurting Kushi. I knew for sure that you were not one to fall in love all of a sudden...

Soon an idea stuck me... I wanted Anjali to get married to Ashok, her true love.. and I cant take the initiative to get out of the relationship as it will blow off my identity and my hard work of earning Rana's trust... She had to do it herself... infidility was one way. I offered to get a job for Kushi. I sent her to AR. she lost my recommendation letter but still managed to secure a job there... there were frequent hiccups and quarrels between you both and then you brought Lavanya home... but that move of yours and a outburst by kushi after that Guest house incident made sure that there was nothing between you or Kushi but Lavanya came into the danger zone...but at that point, I had managed to convince Rana that Lavanya was only a girl friend of yours and you were not planning to marry her and at the most you might only go for a Live In..." Shyam paused looking at Sid who was making odd sounds by tapping his hands on the surface on which he was seated.

"thats ok Sid.. I can finish this part quickly... " Shyam told understandingly

"what.. oh.. was I that obvious? " Sid asked looking at Kushi who smiled a litte "no.. erm.. thats... thats fine.. go ahead Shyam.. Arent you feeling thristy.. should I fetch you

some water?"

"no Sid thats ok... " shyam said pulling out a water bottle from his racksack and taking a mouthful

"carry on then" Sid said dejectedly and muttered "good that Lav is not here"

So yes... by the time I tried to get Anjali get suspicious of me... I even put up a huge framed photo of me and Anjali together hoping that kushi would take notice of

that...During those times that she was hanging around at RM and tell her that I was a PG at her place...but that didnt happen...there was a big loop hole... even if Kushi finds it out, it wouldnt be infidility.. I made my next move, to make Kushi think that I was interested in her... and now if she sees the photo of me and Anjali together, she will surely take me for a scoundrel and rush to Anjali with proof... That too didnt happen... then one day, Shashi saw me with Anjali... He confronted me... I couldnt give up my game...with Rana in tow... I cannot blow away my pretense as a bad guy in front of Rana.. that would risk everything... I decided to play along and convinced Shashi that I was a very cunning guy. I think I over reacted a little bit..My grave mistake...Shashi was paralysed...I have felt very sorry ever since...

I so wanted Shashi to get well soon.. I tried talking nastily with him...shock treatments work in many cases.. My last hope was to make Shashi believe that I was ruining his daughter's life too... I planted the idea in Buaji's mind that Kushi needs to get engaged to me..."

At this point Arnav became very angry that his breath was getting ragged and Kushi was getting scared that he might attack Shyam again.
"thats Alright..." She whispered to him earning a stare in return...

"but I was happy when she came back with a bandage on her left ring finger.. This was not going to be a real engagement afterall... after that at many instances, I had hoped that Kushi or Anjali would get to know I was double timing them and then Anjali would leave me and go back to Ashok and in the meanwhile... I could also tell Rana that there was nothing between you and Kushi...

And that was the time.. you announced your marraige with Lavanya and Rana became very angry... that was also the time that I realised that Anjali knew that I was not a good man.. but still she was living in denial.. I had to rely upon Kushi to knock some sense into Anjali... Kushi finally came to know that I was Anjali's husband... I had expected her to run to the family and tell them everything... or atleast to you.. but she seemed hell bent on giving me a second chance.. I could only curse upon my ill fate...

I went to Kushi's family and told them the truth... No alas no reaction from them too... Payal and Akaash were getting engaged... and so were you and Lavanya...Rana planned to eliminate Lavanya from the equation... while I was busy trying to break Anjali's bubble of denial...letting her believe that I was a very evil and cruel person...something happened between you and Lavanya... and you broke up... Rana was delighted that it was my work... I didnt understand what happened but still I was happy the girl's life was safe... but alas.. Rana took it that the girl moving out on the eve of the engagemnet day equated to something amiss... He suspected that may be you were done with her and she was chucked out pregnant..."

"What?" Arnav revolted quickly looking at Kushi, but she remained calm.
"holy crap... Save me of this torture Shyam please.. cant I go and give company to Lav" Sid asked him pleedingly.
"You are needed here sid.." Shyam told with finality handing over the water bottle to his friend and patting on his back sympathically.

"I and La... I mean we never had any physical intimacy..." Arnav told looking directly at Sid

"I am not someone who would bother about my girl's previous relationships...When in love, the past hardly matters... But you know how it feels hearing about the details " Sid grunted as Arnav shared his first genuine smile with Sid.

"Thanks anyway for letting me know about it" he told Arnav as he returned his smile.

"so if thats settled can I continue?" Shyam asked looking at both of them, demanding attentive ears " So yeah, there was a attempt to finish Lavanya off and I was not in a position to save her, I requested Sid's help... We knew eachother through a common accomplise... and he consented to help me.. He snatched Lavanya from death's grip.. she was almost murdered but for Sid here.. who took her back to Mumbai and rightfully fell in love with her"

"So you are a cop too?" Arnav asked Sid who shook his head in denial

"I am what I introduced myself as... as much as a business man as you..." Sid told Arnav..

"may be you are wondering why I went to Sid for help rather than my department?" Shyam asked Arnav and then continued himself "I didnt want Rana to find out that I had connections in Police category.. there were many spies there for him and I asking someone there to save Lavanya would be suicidal...Sid doesnt belong to the department and a good friend... we had a common accomplise to whom we were indebted to for life...a common wellwisher because of whom I risked my life and spent so much of my time deceiving Rana. A common well wisher for whose sake Sid took the obligation of saving Lavanya or Kushi for that matter and kept them safe..."

Arnav was tempted to ask who this common wellwisher was.. who was so powerfull to push this men to take up so much and risk their lives, this person who was so influential that Shyam was almost in trance speaking about that person... but before he could ask, Shyam moved on and continued to talk further...

Arnav thought about the hug that he had witnessed in the terrace, murder attempts on him and on Anjali... not able to decide if this was all complete lies or if it was the truth...

To be continued...

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Part 48

Post by Abavi on 2013-02-25, 10:39

Part 48

As if Shyam knew what was running in Arnav's mind, He started speaking about those incidents...

"My last resort was to make Anjali see and believe that I was in a physical relationship with another girl... Any wife would be enraged to know about that.. and that should definetely make her end her marraige with me.. I planned to get Kushi to the terrace and I decided to trust her and let her in the secret... But she wouldnt let me speak.. She was not even ready to listen.. She was loathing me... and I had no idea that the equation between you and Kushi had changed so much and you were actually falling for her...

I had planned for Anjali to come to the terrace.. left her a message in our room... I guess she did not see it at all... When I heard the noice at the terrace door... I thought it was Anjali and grabbed Kushi into an embrace...which she herself didnt expect... She was in shock... and I started telling my well rehearsed phrase to make Anjali blast at me.. but that blast didnt come... Later when you confronted me I understood it was you who had witnessed it.. Then Anjali announced that she was pregnant... I couldnt decide what to do... or what happened...but all hope was not lost for me... I thought you would take matters into your hand and ease out things for me... How wrong I was... You went ahead and married Kushi...

Rana had called me to meet him at a particular place, I left the house to meet him.. it was at that time, you confronted me at the road telling me to back off from Kushi..Because Kushi is your wife...You told with such intensity that Rana who was also nearby understood you and Kushi shared more than a casual relationship...and that you were in love...He was enraged... I think he had even started suspecting me...He blamed me for not sensing that this was happening under my very nose.. He thought I had cheated and the gossips which had started nearly 8 months back was true... and I was fooled... I knew better.. I suspected this wedding was not entirely out of love... I could'nt do anything about it as rumours reached me saying that some spies other than me were planted... Whether electronic or labour men, I was not sure...I am not sure even now... But I had to be careful...

I was given orders to kill Kushi... I had to devise a plan quickly... I told Rana that I could seperate you both.. That should solve the issue...he came to know from the spies that you both already had some issues...and all was not he bought my plan... my many a adventures with Kushi was a result of that... I couldnt get Kushi alone to tell her who I really was... She would never listen to me.. and I didnt want to show Anjali who I really was.. Lest I damaged my own plans to get Anjali and Ashok together...

Then one day, when the family suspected that Kushi was pregnant... I was really in a fix... If she was pregnant she was carrying a heir to the thrown... If Rana got to know the news, she will be dead! I had to over react with you to make sure that Rana recieves the news that Kushi was not pregnant... whether she was really pregnant or not is another thing.. but right now.. Rana should believe she was not... I saw her going down... late in the night..I had to caution her... to be safe... she should no longer be kept in dark about the royal lineage she was carrying if she was pregnant...But things turned nasty... Kushi held up a knife to hurt herself- She was getting hyper- trying to save her dignity and all that from what she believed was my attempt to force myself on her, I plunged forward to take it out of her hand, she hit me, you came in... we fought... Anjali screamed... it was a total chaos... but luckily whatever I wanted to happen started to happen... Anjali started to realise it was over between me and her.. and I put in that divorce drama to convince Rana...Rana didnt really want me to divorce Anjali... But I told him it would only be a drama to seperate you and Kushi.

I found out that you both had got into a contract wedding, That came as bit of surprise for me... that was a brilliant peice of clause by the way... But I decided to use it to fool Rana... but still he did not believe in it... I asked him to give me time months' time to settle things... I cannot connect with you or Kushi at RM or at AR.. I wanted to get Kushi out...I tried hard to make her pack her bags which will successfully fool Rana..and finally we did it...I had initially planned only for a month's time for Kushi to stay somewhere safe...I asked sid to persuade her to leave Delhi... Kushi accepted finally... we moved her to Mumbai... I had only a month's time settle things, we had devised a plan..and was working towards it... Once the property comes to you, Rana can do nothing... and we were also running out of time... the contract wedding was coming to an end... then Kushi discovered she was pregnant...

All plans collapsed..because this news kick started another clause of the will... The safe pregnancy, the heir completing one year being sound and healthy... our foremost need then was to protect Kushi and her unborn baby...things couldnt get much complicated as such...If Rana gets to know that kushi is pregnant with the heir... it was very dangerous... your phone lines could be tapped.. we forbid her to tell anyone about her pregnancy...your wedding contract ended... and Arush was born when she was out of wedlock... We didnt know how that will be covered in the clause...I needed time to find that out and was working towards that... all the while keeping Rana and his gang off the track. and finally when everything got settled, we thought it was time for you both to get together again...Also... Now that you are out of your wedlock.. You would need to renew it.. before you turn 30 that would be in a couple of weeks' time...

This was one of the funny clauses in the will...The will defines an upperlimit on age until which time the monarch would wait for the eligible heir to declare out of celibacy or prove his potency-by which time, the mornach would no longer and would pass the title on to the next eligible son..." Shyam finshed and looked at Arnav to give him some kind of a response...

Arnav pressed his hands into his aching head.. this was so much to process... But he was forgetting some link...

"Is there an explanation for why you tried to kill my sister if you only wished well for her?" Arnav asked Shyam, his tone still clearly saying that he didnt yet decide if he should trust Shyam.

"do you really call those attempts as my honest attempts to murder someone? That would surel be an insult to my intelligence " Shyam smiled sheepishly "For god's sake.. ether... evaporates quickly, and if you remember, I set the scorpian on my own body.. and the car sabotage was only to scare her. I knew she would be safe, the fuel tank was cut on the lee side, ensuring, the fuel got empty very soon, making the car to loose acceleration... I also made sure the fuel was very less in the car..."

"what about the further attempts on me? or on Ashok?"

"If you are refering to your unfortunate accident.. it was really an accident.. I was not responsible for that... I only took the opportunity to let kushi believe that it was me who planned that she move out of RM... I suspected Rana to have a hand on it...But I dont have any means to find it out... atleast now... but With Ashok's incident, I am sure it was Rana's goons... When I had given divorce to Anjali, I tried to justify myself with the point that when I had to decide between You and Anjali, I had to let go of Anjali because Rana's main aim was the monarch title and the wealth therein...He seemed to buy it... But later, I think he started to realize that I might be double crossing him...He planned to scare away Ashok... and used the opportunity to scare Kushi through threats on her family...even the car that you drove with Kushi and NK was sabotaged by his men... You must have noticed the difference... I usually called but after those attacks the threats were through messages from Ashok's cell... "

Arnav looked at Shyam not able to decide if whatever he told was truth or not... there was still one last question nagging his mind.

"who is that person for whom you took this task? risking your life.. for whom you took up so much?"

Shyam smiled.

" I am not sure would be happy to hear his...Shrimathi Gayathri devi Rana" he said with reverence

"Gayathri? My Father's mistress?"

"Yes, the very woman whom your father fell in love with.. the woman who was tricked by her brother and fell head over heals in love with your father, not knowing your father's marital status, the woman who was cheated as much as your mom was and was forced to get seperated from her own son"

Arnav's face grew dark hearing this.

How can he trust that the very woman who was responsible for miseries of his young age, the very woman who was responsible to push his mother to end her life, the very woman because of whom his sister's wedding stopped the first time, the very woman who was the reason for his happy childhood to end and he was forced to grow up faster- How can she be responsible to drive these men, inspire them to protect him and his sister?

To be continued...

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Part 49

Post by Abavi on 2013-02-25, 10:40

Part 49

Arnav was shocked to hear who the driving force behind these men was.

"Arnav, we very well understand how you would feel hearing this piece of news.. But it is true that Gayathri was tricked, and she suffered perhaps more than anyone in that affair.. Still she felt guilty that she was unintentionally the reason for destroying the family of a man she fell in love with... Ever since that she has strived to seek compensation for the misery that you and Anjali have been through, devoting almost all her life in looking out for both of you ...I have sometimes even suspected that her love for both you and Anjali is perhaps a shade more than what she feels for Dhruv" Sid tried to make Arnav understand the lady who was a very noble woman by heart

"And if she is not honest enough... Your own Dadi wouldnt trust her..." Shyam told Arnav

"My Dadi?" Arnav asked astonished "you know where she is?"

"Ofcourse we know... She is the founder of MCF- Maliks Charitable Foundation, One of the best charitable organizations in India which runs numerous Orphanages, Old age homes, health care, destitute care, rural development programs and educational institutions in India helping out thousands and hundreds of poor souls who cannot afford a decent education or health care or a normal shelter, food or clothing- enabling the underprivileged to earn a sustainable livelihood!

I am an orphan who grew up in one the first orphanages established by her... and she had always been fond of me...your dadi... and I even had the privilege to be present when Gayathri came in search of Dadi to that orphanage, seeking forgiveness...

Dadi took her time to understand Gayathri's predicament and I understood, that Dadi finally realised that this girl was wronged as much as Mrs.Ratna Malik, ie your mother was wronged.

Since then, Gayathri has been very much a part of the MCF, even though Dadi founded it with the money that she was entitled to as a Malik, It was At Gayathri's guidance that MCF was established in various states all over India..

They both shifted their headquarters to Bangalore and have been there ever since.

After I graduated I moved out of the home which gave me food, shelter, education and life.
I went to meet Subadra Maa and Gayathri Maa after I completed my IPS and told them that I had got posting at Lucknow, they were very happy, but they seemed to have remembered something when I mentioned Lucknow and It seemed it was something which pained them... I persuaded both of them to let me know what troubled them so much... After a lot of coaxing from my side Gayathri Maa told me that Lucknow was very much connected to their past... Later Subadra Maa told me about her elder son, her bahu...and the way Rana had betrayed your father and how he had even cheated Gayathri who was actually his sister... about her son Dhruv... and all the incidents that led to that dreadful she had moved away from the family after the unfortunate incident of your mom and Dad's suicide...How broken you and your sister were.. how it stopped Anjali's wedding... and how she felt responsible for all Gayathri had strived to bring her out of her hole and had ever since been closing watching out for you and Anjali... and had even hired detectives to watch out for Rana's activities...

I wanted to be a part of whatever Gayathri Maa was doing and help her in her mission to protect Agrim Malik's rightful children as she used to address you and your sister... I wanted to repay them for what they did for me and Subadra Maa was adamant that I shouldnt risk myself or my job... and try to carry on with my life.. I was finally able to convince her that I feel it is my duty to untertake the mission...

I asked Gayathri Maa to agree to let me in on her mission and through her, I got to know all the finer details.

We had decided that I would not be able to do anything beyond my cader if I presented myself as an IPS officer. I was to present myself as a Lawyer, and that would help because, Rana was a politician, and was in dire need of a able criminal Lawyer to get him or his hooligans out of trouble... This was ideal for us because, being a lawyer, I will get to know his inside plans and activities, and get to know things that hired detectives will never be able to gather- well in advance

I decided to watch out for her own son too.. But ofcourse without her knowledge.. But as soon as I feigned my Identity and joined Rana's circle I could see how spoiled Dhruv was.. He has been poisoned against you Arnav... and ofcourse against your Dad...he has been brought up to loathe you all so much that he would not even have second thougths to kill you or Anjali if he gets as much as an opportunity. " Shyam paused to take a little break.

"Wrong company isnt it?" Sid asked "It ruined Agrim Malik. It is ruining Dhruv Malik too, too bad Dhruv didn't get a chance to grow up near his mother!"

"But how is Sid connected in all this.. ?" Arnav asked "I have a family right.. I mean Kushi was speaking to your sister.. your parents.."

"I owe my education to MCF... I am from a very poor family in the slums of Mumbai..It was my luck when I heard about the scholarship exams conducted annually by MCF and dared to attend it.. the ranking was on All India level and I cleared it.. I was admitted to one of the best schools in Mumbai and MCF sponsered for my entire education...even till I completed my degree and MBA...I had several opportunities to meet Subadra Maa and Gayathri Maa during the course of my education... and Subadra maa was also kind enough to give me the startup amount to set up my company...and I met Shyam during one of my frequent visits to the Ashram where they both stay.. we became instant friends..."

"And Gayathri Maa told me that I can trust Sid on my mission any time and he would lend a helping hand" Shyam informed Arnav putting a hand on Sid's shoulder.

Arnav nodded his head

"You said Gayathri was keeping close watch on me and Di. Did you mean we were watched by detectives...or was it one of the family members who knew about this? " Arnav asked Shyam, he couldnt imagine one of the family members was also involved in this.

"No" Shyam grinned " its the The Prakash brothers.. they were watching after you both for her, Passing on news to Subadra Maa and Gayathri Maa..."

"But prakash brothers? you mean HP, OP.. "

"it seems that their parents and grandparents were faithful and loyal servants of Maliks for generations... so the brothers knew Subadra Maa. It seems subadra Maa was the one who asked them to apply for house help job with you in the first place...and gave them frequent information when they were hired by you. They work for loyality and not for money... "

Arnav nodded taking time to digest this piece of information... Prakash brothers.. passing information.. No wonder Kushi came to know about what happened in the family and called up when she was away... He never suspected the Prakash brothers.. it all the same.. just like he didnt suspect Aman... then smething striked him

"BUt what about Aman? is he a informer too? "

"Oh Aman... poor fellow.. He is a fellow mate from my orphanage.. very sincere but timid.. Yes, initially when I asked him to apply for a job in AR it was purely for his better future.. We had decided, the lesser knew about this' the better... If I needed to gather any information, I could get it with only a casual chat with him...but later, when I wanted him to give some clues to you, he couldn't help but ask me what was happening.. I had to give me some information- that I had made arrangements to give you an opportunity to win the divorce case- it took time for me to convince him of my good intentions... and he finally agreed. I told him not to worry but act innocent because he was innocent all the time... But I suppose he panicked when he was enquired by the police...

But before I could get my hands on him, Rana bet me to it...Rana was angry that he lost the grip on Anjali's life because of blabbering Aman and the result of it was that Aman was thrown to the mercy of the street dogs in some trench... When I came to know about this, again it was Sid who jumped in to save him, after almost 16 hours of search we were able to rescue him...

He has been working at Sid's office after his recovery."

"So the money conspiracy was made up? "

"yes it was made up.. By the way your money is safe.. you were not able to find where I could have invested it, becasue it was not invested anywhere... It was given to Subadra Maa for safe keeping.. I am not after money Arnav.. I earn enough from my profession."

"You earn from your profession but still your story seems to tell me that all you were interested in was your personal mission.."

" Ofcourse.. I have my own duty to take care of ..and I do it.. I am blessed with an able team of men in my department to carry out my official orders and I never use them for my personal mission.. I have been lucky enough to have managed with both my profession and personal mission.."

"Shyam you told me that Rana found out about you" Sid reminded him

"I have reasons to suspect that he might have found out.. I have been having my doubts fr sometime now. But lately, I havestrong suspicions Sid" Shyam looked tired suddenly if not worn out. "I think I will get going.. Its past 2 now... You need your rest too"

"Not before you tell me what you wanted to tell me.. You came here for a reason"

" We will talk about this someother time Sid.. I can only say all of you to be a little more cautious..."

"But Shyam..."

" I shall call you Sid.. later...Now its late.. I need to get going before .."Shyam stopped abruptly, looking around. They all stiffened too hearing a noise outside as if someone was walking outside their shack.

Arnav instinctively clutched Kushi tight who looked tensed but determined to be brave... with the other hand he picked up his Iron Rod, while he noticed shyam's eyes had narrowed as he grabbed his pistol back watching the door for any intrusion. Sid had jumped to attention too and was watching out for more sound. Sid moved to the right side of the door, while the others watched him with caution.

To be continued...

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Part 50

Post by Abavi on 2013-02-25, 10:41

Part 50

Sid switched off the light quickly plunging the whole room into darkness.

He pushed open the door quietly so as to not make any noise and noticed the security guard moving towards the patch of tiles leading towards the shack. He closed the door again. Shyam switched on the pen torch again. Arnav noticed that Shyam had also moved to the other side of the door.

"Its the security guard, he is coming towards this shack" Sid told with hushed urgency.

"May be he suspected someone is here.. we need to tackle him" Shyam whispered a reply

"Let me take care of him" Arnav told a little louder than the both men surprising them as he went forward to switch on the light

The security guard had by that time approached the door and was trying to open the door, noticing that it was locked not from outside but from inside.

"This could be a little embarassing Kushi, But this is the easy way out.. take cue from me and act accordingly" Arnav told Kushi as he opened the door from inside.

The baffled Security guard looked at his boss and his wife emerging out of the shack

"Sir you?"

"Hmm what are you doing here?"

"er..I..No sir, I .. I noticed some first aid box and empty ice tray on the portico..and then I heard some noise this way and then saw lights were on through the cracks in the windows and door.. I just came to check.. I .. sorry sir.. I ..I didnt know it was you and Bhabhiji.. Were you searching for something sir? do you want me to help? "

"Heard noise?" Arnav asked immediately trying to divert the topic.

"yes Sir, may be the other side.. I will make a quick round sir"

The security guard withdrew from there going the other way, little embarrased himself.

As soon as Guard went the other way, the other two men emerged out.

"Shyam, you havent told us about the change of plans yet.." Sid started

"We shall talk later, Sid" Shyam told making a quick exit.

"Careful" called out.

Sid, Arnav and Kushi went inside the house before the security guard came back again.

"That should have been quite embarasing to find out the boss and his wife emerging out of an old Shack...What Kind of noise did he imagine? My sympathies for that poor fellow" Sid drawled in his humorous tone

Kushi's eyes widened and Arnav threw an unbelievable look at Sid

"Poor guy, he was so lost for words wasnt he... imagine being in his shoes... " Sid couldnt stop laughing, and Arnav was looking annoyed... "hey its good you came with that plan quickly... to embarass that unfortunate fellow..."

"Shutup Sid.. that was a brilliant plan" Kushi replied with a laugh, Arnav didnt comment anything, but was happy inside hearing Kushi calling his plan brilliant.

"That was the only way to make him suspect less.. he wouldnt dare to question or investigate further..." Arnav explained..

"Come on Arnav.. Dont take it so seriously.. I was just pulling you legs" Sid grinned more...

"I will be back after putting this first aid box and tray back at its place" She moved from there smiling to herself as Arnav looked at Sid's audacity to tease him.


The three reached Arnav's room to find Arush peacefully sleeping next to Lavanya who was also blissfully asleep.

"wow! what an ideal bodyguard for Arush" Sid exclaimed " I pity my future children who will be mothered by this sleeping beauty"

Kushi laughed out loud
"yeah.. may be you might have to do the night duty" Kushi told him.

"As I did for your baby..." Sid added as he went towards the bed.

"You dont have to wake her up.. let her sleep here" Kushi told Sid raising two pairs of eyebrows in the room

Arnav looked at Kushi unbelievingly, Sid who was quick witted, smirked as he bent towards La and picked her up...

"Are you then suggesting me and Arnav to sleep together? I am sorry I am straight and so is he" Sid commented as the newspaper that Kushi threw at him hit him on his head... he grinned as he carried a sleeping La to the next room which Anjali had asked them to use.

Arnav moved towards his wardrobe, emptying his pockets off his wallet, mobile and car key and placing them on the Shelf.

"Sid can really get silly sometimes... But trust him to crack jokes at every possible situation" Kushi commented as she locked their bedroom door.

"What do you mean to say now?"Arnav asked gritting his teeth..

"I didnt mean to make you angry.. I just commented that Sid.." Kushi told quickly

"I heard what you said.. you dont have to repeat it.." Arnav told irritated.

"but..."Kushi started to say something then exclaimed "oh.." realising what might have angered him added timidly "Look there is no need to get jealous of him.. he is only a good friend thats all"

This comment really pushed Arnav to edge
"Did I tell you that I was Jealous? How dare you?" He yelled grabbing her arms and pushing her against the shelves the the wardrobe. Kushi's eyes watered as pain shooted up her arms.

Arnav realised that he was hurting her and released her pushing her against the wardrobe, removed his watch and threw it amongst his other belongings. He grabbed a towel and walked towards the bathroom

"Then.. then why are you angry?" Kushi asked him, clearly noticing that he was angry "dont you still beleive what Shyam told? " Kushi asked following him before he shut the bathroom door on her face.

Yet she kept on talking
"Please Arnav.. what ever he told is true.. I met Dadiji and and Gayathri Ji too.. they also came to see Arush when he was born.. Shyam is not plotting against us..." Kushi told as she heard the door open again and Arnav came out throwing the towel on the recliner

"And I saw the documents too.. Even I was reluctant to trust him at first.. but it was your own Dadi who introduced his good side to me.. please Arnav whatever Shyam and Sid told is true"

Arnav kept glaring at her
"I dont remember sharing my opinion with you on whether I trust Shyam or not.. Keep your gyans to yourself"

"What is the need to be so rude with me?"

"I am going to sleep"

"I wont let you" She stopped him from reaching his bed as she had streched on both sides of her body, stopping him from crossing to the bed.

"If I had been in a better mood, I would have dared you.. now I just dont care"
"You have to tell me why you are so angry and upset? you are upset with me but if you believe in whatever Shyam told then why are you still angry with me?"

Arnav tried to push away her hands

"you cant go to bed with still being angry at me.. I want to know the reason.. "

"You want to know is it?" he gritted his teeth

He grabbed her arms again

"Whatever Shyam said was only to explain his actions and clear misunderstandings pertaining to those incidents... I didnt get any answers for your reactions, for your decision to completely cut yourself off from me"

"But isnt it the reason enough.. that I had to stay away to deceive Rana, and also that Arush can be safe.. you can be safe.. I cannot understand how my decisions and his decisions are different"

"cant understand?" Arnav asked her again pulling her closer and gripping her more harder "I too cannot understand, why you didnt even try to contact me in the whole of two years...I thought you loved me enough to not stay that way.."

"but I couldnt speak to you not when they suspected that your mobile lines and landline could be tapped..."

"Didnt it ever cross to you that you could have mailed me? or messaged me or sent letters? or didnt it even cross to you how much it would hurt me.. cut me when you would not even talk to me...every single time I tried to hear you speak? "

"I ..I couldnt... How will I explain you what I went through Arnav..."

"try me" Arnav spit back " I am not a dumbo not to understand what you went through"

"I couldnt... Not when I was pregnant with your child and I had to force myself to stay away from you... How do you expect me to live far away from you after hearing your voice? I was scared that my resolve will break... I couldnt have contained the news that I was pregnant...if I ever made any contact with you" She swallowed a sob that was raise on her throeat, trying earnestly to make him understand her position.

"yeah.. but still you had the resolve to stay away from me... driving me into a mad man...making me speak to the winds and your dupattas... hiding from me that you are pregnant... I dont think I know you at all didnt realise what I was going through...are you happy that you reduced me to this? "

"Arnav.. I didnt .." kushi started to speak but Arnav released his grip on her pushing her away

"How could you forget everything that we shared Kushi? How could let someone else decide for us? How could you let your fear for some monster to change our lives? How could you?"

"Arnav, Listen.. I didnt forget anything.. I wanted to make sure that.."

but Arnav didnt wait to hear her finish her speech, he dashed across her and got into the bed and pulled his blanket over him and turned off the lights .

She stood there for sometime in the dark wondering how to make him understand.. how can she make him understand that she loved him more than her life, All she wanted to do was to see him alive... to bear his child to safety... if her proximity to him would endanger his life, how could she not remove herself from being near him?


Down below, the Security guard who noticed the lights going off in a room which he knew was Arnav's, Slowly pulled out his mobile and started to dial a number...

"hello" a sleepy voice answered the call
"hello Rana Sahib?"

Kushi went near him and sat by his side on the edge of the bed.
"Arnav? please trust me for this one time.. how could you judge me like that?"

No answer. But she knew he was still not asleep.

She thought sitting there for sometime thinking what to do next. She knew that he knew her fears but still he was angry with her, it was so characteristically him...she thought of the past.. during those times when he would be so angry or frustrated or pissed off with something and how she managed to calm him down She had two options now, to let him be angry with her until he cooled down by himself or let him take out his anger on her... He would feel sorry about it later.. but still she thought...this way he would surface soon...she hesitated for a moment then she got up from the bed deciding what to do.

Arnav realised that Kushi got up from the bed and moved away. He sighed. He couldnt digest that Kushi could stay away from him, stay without talking to him, seeing him, or sharing her deepest fears or utmost happiness with him.. All this time after she came back, he was hell bent on knowing the reason.. now that he knew, his anguish that Kushi could stay away from him came back to torment him- what ever be the reason, If he cannot live without her.. How can she be? How could she not tell him about Arush? Didnt she not think about him during those times? Did she not think how he would have taken care of her, during her pregnancy, her delivery.. Why didnt she give him his rights to be with her during those times? Why did she let someone else take care of her, while leaving him to lament for her?

He sensed some movement on the other side of the bed and then moments later he sensed soft hand encircling his waist.

He put his hand to stop it

"Did you think that I meant this when I meant how much I missed you Kushi? I am not that cheap!" he grunted angrily

"I didnt mean to offend you that way..." She told as she felt him pushing away her hands."Arnav I know you are angry.. why dont you ease it away?" She tried to turn him so that he could face her

"Leave me alone" came a curt reply, again her hand was brushed away.

She sat up. This time when the her hand was pushed away she sensed that the hand had gone a little cold and was slightly shivering against her warm hand. She knew how to make him ebbout his wrath. She quickly slipped out of her night dress and threw it down and slipped under his blanket as he groaned in annoyance.

"What the"

But she slowly inched her hands again dangerously near his manhood.

"What are you trying to do" He grunted angrily again getting annoyed with himself for wanting her to go on.

"helping you control your anger" she replied cheekily as he half turned. His hand accidentally came in contact with her body when he realised that she was out of her clothes and had completely laid herself bare for him

"Kushi? you are.." he whispered not believing his senses. She hadnt been this bold in the past.

"I am sorry Arnav.. Sorry for making you feel insecure, sorry for the anguish and agony that you had to go through because of me... Please forgive me..." she whispered back to him

"Ku..kushi.. I.. " he knew he was loosing his control and he couldnt trust himself to speak

"Shhh" Kushi told pressing her finger on his lips "Let it go Arnav ji..." she whispered.

Arnavji... like the times she addressed him before... even though he had tried so many times in the past to make her address him without that 'ji', the way she called him Arnavji... had its own made him feel special... He felt her hands slid across his shirt working on his buttons. His resolve finally slipped as he slammed his lips hard and crude on hers...

To be continued...

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Part 51

Post by Abavi on 2013-02-25, 10:42

Part 51

As Arnav's lips crashed upon hers, Kushi could sense the raw passion in that kiss may be a little more intensive than those times in the past when they have made up after a quarrel, but she could not help but sense an uncertainity from him that lingered in that kiss. She coud feel him loosen his tight grip upon her body before he pulled away from her, his head raised well above hers, But still didnt move away from top of her.

"Are you happy now? Arnav's question confused Kushi further.


"would you want me to go further to pleasure you?"

Something in his tone was sarcastic, implying as if he was only doing this as if its his duty to satisfy her, the tone didnt have any trace of his love or the lustre of huskiness which has never ceased to drive her crazy in the past, nor did his hands which were lightly placed on her shoulders have that shiver which told her about his controlled passion

"Arnav? I..I dont understand" she blurted out, struggling to get up from under him "I only wanted to..."

"wanted to do what? perhaps if you thought that I starved for ??? and your body during the course of your absense, I beg to set your thoughts right, I had a fair share of it from other women- you are not the only one who could give me this pleasure"

Arnav sensed her body go stiff against him, perhaps if the lights were on, he could have sensed her orb like eyes filled with tears, which he was able to feel so even in the dark.

"If you want me to go ahead inspite of the lateness of this hour, I can" he drawled in the same cold tone as he lowered his head again towards her neck when he felt her hands stopping him from going further. A Sly albeit sad smile lit up his face.

"Its right, its late... we should go to sleep" he heard her say in a broken voice as he rolled away from her to his side. He felt her sit up quickly and then get out of the bed immediately, shuffling next to the bed, probably searching for her discarded dress.

He knew his words would have cut her up - would hurt like anything, he heard something which sounded like a sob escape from her mouth, as much as he wanted to get to her and hug her and let her know that it was a lie, he knew he wouldnt be able to stop after that, and the whole reason for telling her something so cruel like that would hold no use. He was glad that the lights were switched off, or else she would have caught his lies in a wink of an eye.

As much as he found her seducing him irresistable, he wanted her to stop, and he knew how much ever he would have tried to stop, she would have tried even more harder to make him cave in, and when he realised that he was giving in to her charm, mesmerised by her beauty, drinking in her love as he had always been attracted to her just like a moth gets attracted to the fire, not that the fact that she had been away for almost two years was even needed to fuel his desires, He desperately tried to put a stop to it, and this was the only thing that sprang up to his shrewd mind to make her stop, because he cannot trust himself to stop.

He knew why she had laid herself barren to him, She had wanted to pacify him, She had even apologised, But it was not her submission to him or the apology that he wanted from her, he wanted answers, he wanted to know justifications from her side, for he knew whatever be the reason, she would have always wanted to be near him, what was that which forced her stay away? He knew her well and he was sure that his inheritance to the family fortunes or wealth was not reason enough for her to stay away from him, or not tell him about Arush, she might have tried to protect Arush, but why would she not even talk to him, when she had spoken to his family? He hoped that only her answers would satiate his ego and anguish.

He wanted to know from her, her reasons, he wanted her to open up about what was it that was stopping her.. If he had relented to her tonight, he would never be able to emphasize to her how badly he wanted things to settled don beteen them, before they ventured into the mysteries of passion. He wanted answers first. Their passions and desires can always wait, it was not bigger than love itself, cause they always saw that as a part of love- the mightiness of which was put to test- the very thing for which he seeked answers.

He heard her getting into the other side of the bed almost half an hour after he had moved away from her, He knew she would be crying herself to sleep. He chided himself for doing this to her and not being in a position to console her- but it needs to be done, he told himself- a small consolation. He knew he would have to make up for what he told her- later, after he got his answers- but now it was a good as it can hold. However amongst the regret that he had to lie to her, there was a tinge of apprehension that she had readily believed his lie.

It was long before sleep overcame him


In the another part of the world, Rana who had been sleeping well until a few minutes ago, was sitting upright in his bed, totally disturbed. His Man had just told him about Shyam- Not that he didnt know about it earlier, he had been suspecting for the better part of the last two years, but of late, the evidences against Shyam were blinking right in front of his eyes. But it was not that part that worried him- He had already made arrangements for dealing with Shyam- he was more concerned about Shyam's motive for this- Now he knew. Only now, he needs to fine tune his plans for Shyam for now he knows that he was not only a lawyer but a police officer too. But that was not going to hamper his plans- he was a politician afterall.
He never knew Subadra Malik was in this game all along. But he was not surprised. He knew well that he might have to face her one day or other- He had plans for her too- not very good ones but not bad ones either- His trump card for her would be Arnav and his wish- which he was sure he can manipulate to work on his side.

He was not worried about Arnav either. Arnav, he knew, will come to know about all of this one way or other, but his hatred for his father and Chacha was something that he had always relied upon for him to back off. He would never want something that would threaten to seperate him from his loved ones. Not when Arnav will be shown that he, Rana can get him through people who are close to him.

But all of this would be changed by one factor! which turned the table. The one trump card which can change the game for good- yes his sister, Gayathri- whom he thought was long dead..Did he not himself order his men to finish her off? how and where and what went wrong?- she would be in a position to not only turn Arnav's impression about his Dad, but she can also change Dhruv's perspective.

He would have to do something quick if he wanted to win this game, a game for which he had strived hard for almost all his life- after that humiliation that he faced all those days back.


Arnav got up blinking against the brightness that filled the room, he noticed it was already past 9 in the morning. For a moment, it all looked like a strange dream. Did Kushi really land on his door the last evening and later did he really discover that he had a son? The other side of the bed was empty. He sat up and looked around, there were no bags around that he remembered seeing the previous evening. He got out of the bed quickly looking around for something that would say it was not a dream and there he saw on the floor near the wardrobe, a bright blue baby bag which was neatly zipped and stacked on a suitcase which he knew was Kushi's. He let out a breath that he didnt realise he was holding and proceeded to freshen himself up.

When he went down in his usual attire, he noticed that the hall was getting decorated with flowers and then slowly remembered the occasion- The naming ceremony.

"The lion is out of the den" a mocking voice which he knew belonged to Sid drawled at him. He saw the dining hall was crowded with his family apart from Sid and Lavanya. Kushi was no where to be seen
"Chotey?" Anjali called "What are you doing here? I thought you will be in the airport now? Arent you travelling?"
but before he could answer, NK butted in
"Obviously di, He cancelled the trip"
"yeah.. On whose expense was this decision taken, may I know" Anjali teased her brother further "because I remember I, Akaash and Payal actually begged him to stay for the naming ceremony"
"Oh that doesnt have anything with Kushi returning and his need to spend time with his son" Akaash joined in the fun
"or that they had a peaceful night to play criket after long long time?" Mamiji suggested with a smirk
"No are all Misunderstanding my Jethji.. it is only because he wanted to attend our Daughter's Naming ceremony which he cant afford to miss" Payal too ragged him as all All of them burst into laughter.
Arnav was annoyed. He down down the stairs and intended to make his way to the dining he moved towards the dining hall, but Nani was overwhelmed seeing the fun
"Good that you cancelled the trip chotey" she told him

Arnav looked around for the trace of his wife, even though the memory of his cruel words to her came back to him in a rush, He had always behaved this way with her, if he wanted to safe guard his emotions, he would blast at her, and he was guilt ridden that after all these days, he has again managed to hurt her again.

"Its been long time since we laughed like this.. isnt it?" Ashok asked as Arnav took a seat which was empty. Just then Kushi made a presence felt as she came out of the kitchen with Arush squatting on her hips.
"Its becaue of Kushi bitiya, she is true to her name.. spreading hapiness everywhere..." Nani said

Arnav observed that Kushi was holding the butter cup in her hand and they looked at eachother but neither smiled. she placed the bowl in front of him and then pulled out a plate. But as she reached for the bread, she heard him say something to her.

"I can help myself thanks" Arnav muttered as he took two slices of bread for himself.

she gave him a sharp look as he took out a glass and poured his juice for himself

"How touching.. wifely duties... Learn from her Lav" Sid called out " hey stop nicking things from my plate" he said as Lavanya helped herself with some cookies from his plate.
"Sharing Sid..Learn to share first.. For us sharing applies for everthing from cookies to chores..." Lavanya replied back "and I am not still your wife Sid... even after we marry dont expect me to serve you like Kushi or Payal or di, If you are ready to serve me the breakfast, may be I will serve you the dinner..."
"Oh really.. now I am looking forward to our marriage.." Sid muttered sarcastically
"Am I reading between the lines when I heard about breakfast and Dinner?" Nk teased the couple and Lavanya was too shocked to even speak.
"NK? you too.. look dont be too friendly with Sid, he will spoil all the innocence in you" Lavanya finally told him when she found her voice while the others laughed, Sid showed a thumbs up to NK

"What made you think that I am innocent La?" NK asked her incredulously

"Oh the numerous stories Kushi told about you portrayed you as an innocent character" La shook her head at Kushi
"No one is as innocent as you think they are" Arnav commented pointedly, while he looked at Kushi and then looked away.
"yeah.. Arnav is right, but I will thank you for that compliment Lav..nice impressions you create for your fiance" Sid called out in Mock anger. But Lavanya was lost in thoughts, Sid raised his eyebrow as if to ask what happened

She gestured him to look at Kushi and Arnav, who had not even taken part in the discussions until then or the leg pulling which was happening, both looked tensed and didnt share even a coy greeting or smile from the time Arnav had sat down by the table.

Kushi was feeding khichdi to Arush who was making faces to eat it and Arnav was silently eating his breakfast.

Sid looked back at Lavanya who looked troubled
"looks like they havent patched up yet" she mumbled to him, as they saw Kushi putting a bowl of Kheer in front of Arnav who pushed it a little letting her know that he didnt want it.
"They need little more help dont they?" Sid asked back and then turned to Arnav.

"Hey Arnav.. tell me did you like the breakfast today?" Sid asked trying to engage him into a conversation

Arnav looked at sid with a confused expression and then nodded curtly

"May be you should try this... Jelebi makes nice sooji halwa" this time Sid was successful in irking Arnav. How dare he still calls her Jelebi? and who is sid to tell him what his wife cooks best?

"No Sid, he cannot have that" Anjali told quickly, "that has sugar in it"

"Hey Kushi, thats bad of you.. you should have used sugar free so that he can have it too"

Kushi looked at Arnav once and then at Sid.

"thanks for your concern Sid" Arnav said pointedly "But I prefer a light breakfast and MY WIFE knows MY preference" Arnav muttered back at sid

"Sid, Chotey is very choosy when it comes to food" Anjali explained, thinking that Arnav's answer was little rude, but Sid who knew better only smiled at her.

"oh pretty good then.. so he wont even have a little kheer also?" Sid asked with his tongue in cheek "Too sad Kushi didnt let us taste it also, she said that she prepared it exclusively for you.. now if you dont want it, we can have it right?"

but as sid put his hand to take out the bowl that Kushi had filled earlier, Arnav put his other hand to the bowl and took it in his hand,staring steadily at Sid.

"Sid bitwa, If you want we have more" Nani called out

but before the ladies could fetch him some, Sid declared that he was already full and when Kushi gave him a confused look, he simply shruged at her.

"Genius" Lavanya muttered at his ear
"Born with it" Sid chuckled back

"Sid and La, you both will be joining the celebrations right? your flight is only int he evening right?" Akaash asked them

"yeah you both should stay till afternoon, It will be so much fun na... I didnt even think we will have so much of happiness during the ceremony.. Kushi is back... Arush is there..Even Chotey is going to be attending the function" Anjali called out

"Di, I Should be going to office now" Arnav told as he got up

"But Bhai, we have a function at home" Akaash called out

"Yes Akaash but didnt I tell you that I wont be able to attend it... I was not able to take the trip but I need to attend the meeting through call.. I shall try to join later"

"Too sad, you cancel a trip but still you are not able to join the celebrations" Sid commented

Arnav was too annoyed to ignore Sid this time,
"May be you should stop being concerned about me, my eating habits or my work and have a little concern about you Sid"

"concerned about me.. you are too kind Arnav.. But what about me?"

"may be care to tell us all what happened on your face?" Arnav smirked at him

Kushi and La looked at eachother and then at their men

"Yeah.. even I wanted to ask you.. tellj us pleaj.. bhat happend to your facewa? bhy there is a red patchwa?" Mamiji asked Sid.

To be continued...

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part 52

Post by Abavi on 2013-02-25, 10:43

part 52

"May be care to tell us all what happened on your face?" Arnav smirked at him
Kushi and La looked at eachother and then at their men
"Yeah.. even I wanted to ask you.. tellj us pleaj.. bhat happend to your facewa? bhy there is a red patchwa?" Mamiji asked Sid.
"Hmm..." Sid started awkwardly
"Dont pull me in" Lavanya whispered next to him
"Its because of Lavanya.." Sid grinned splendidly
"You menace" Lavanya sweared under her breath as the family looked at her
"What did Lavanya do to you?" Mami asked confused
"Mami.. may be we should not ask further" Anjali suggested little embarassed herself
"You idiot" Lavanya called sid, pinching him on his thigh as Sid saw Kushi signalling an idea to him. She kept showing Mami.. Sid didnt get it, then finally Kushi started to act as if applying Makeup.. Sid didnt get still. Arnav looked up at Kushi and caught her doing something as she realised the family itself was looking at her She stopped signalling
"Mamiji... Lavanya bought a makeup kit day before yesterday" Kushi informed
"Did you?" Sid asked La
"So? what do you mean to say? that your friend has a habit of applying his girl friend's makeup on his face?" Arnav asked still mocking at Sid
"yes... He applied it" Kushi replied as Sid gave her a murderous look...
"I mean.. Sid is always very protective of La.. Whenever she gets anything, he tries it on him first and then lets her use it"
"Do I?" Sid muttered again as Lavanya smacked him to be quiet.
"May be he tried to do it on that makeup set also... So did you get an allergy because of that Sid?" Kushi asked nodding her head up and down urging him to also nod his head.
"Brilliant Kushi! Thank god you found out..." Sid Sighed as the family looked at Sid and La
"Wow.. really? thats very sweet of you Sid" Anjali got emotional
"But why did you try it out on your face dude? You should have tried it on your hand" Nk asked
"Yeah.. right.. Why did I try it on my face?" Sid asked looking at Kushi again
"because I apply it on my face na" La answered it for him this time.
"Kuch tho seekho" Payal nudged her husband and every one laughed.
"Thanks for saving my skin.. literally" Sid whispered to Kushi who smiled

Only two people were not very happy there.. One was seething with anger and another one was shocked.
"You say you got an allergy becasue of makeup kit? which brand is it?" Mami looked scared
By the time Mami was convinced that her make up kit was safe and this one was a cheap one that she had bought for fun sake, Payal and Kushi's parents and Buaji reached RM by that time, though they were informed earlier the day before that Kushi had come back, they were also seeing their grandson for the first time. Kushi was delighted to see that Bauji was able to walk with the support of a stick, and everyone were generally happy. After a teary and emotional reunion, the family sat back to talk about the older happy times.

Arnav tried to leave to office, but thanks to Sid's irksome techniques, he continued to stay there.

"So La was Nannav's girl friend once... now I can undersatnd, the other day, I was so confused when you were telling that you were jealous of Arnav .. that your love was once in love with Arnav... Now I know" NK told Sid, this attracted Arnav's attention- who was all this while getting irritated with boring topics of discussion, while Sid grew uneasy
"What? Sid Jealous? I want to hear about this" Lavanya declared
"Thats nothing important Lav" Sid tried to change the topic.
"Yeah.. Lavanya.. How did I forget it" Kushi exclaimed "yesterday, Sid said that he feels poss" but before she could finish a cushion pillow hit Kushi
"you promised me that you wont say anyone" Sid wailed " Ok.. alright I felt possesive about you happy now?"
Arnav realised this was the time when he lost his temper and screamed at Kushi.
"Very very happy" La told.."Given that all the times you irked me... now I am happy that you got it back"
"Ok.. I thought only Chotey and Kushi fight like this.. you both are also just like them... Perfect with eachother but still you fight.." Anjali told them
"Haan di..but there is a difference though..." payal told Anjali
"that we dont have a kid yet? lets try for one too.. lav" Sid told as lavanya smacked him, while others looked shocked at him
"No.. I menat you both should get married soon" Payal told him little embarrassed
"its all the same difference! " Sid replied
"I dont understand what you mean...How can having a kid and getting married be the same?" Anjali told
"I didnt mean to say that.. I meant, Kushi and Arnav are not married too"
"Sid" Kushi called out worried, she knew where this was getting to...and Arnav was already staring at him
"Kushi and I are married." Arnav gnarled at Sid
"not by Law" Sid reminded him
"yeah! I forgot.. you both had promised us for a wedding na.. you should both get married again" Anjali revived the old talk as Sid relaxed on his back rest happily.
Every one else in the family started telling Arnav and Kushi about how they didnt see them get married the first time, how Kushi always dreamed of a grand wedding, how it is the right way, and that they should get married again.
"as soon as possible" Sid would add when some one brings it up but both of them looked at eachother and remained quite.
"say something Kushi.." Payal prompted her finally
"I think may be we should try and get the contract renewed.. that should do" She said calmly
but before anyone could talk further, Arnav got up and said "we both will get married the proper way, with rituals and everything..." he said looking into kushi's eyes and then turned back to the cheering and smiling family and friends, "the wedding will happen in a month's time " he said as he felt the place signifying that it was end of talk
Sid and Lavanya who were smiling until they heard the timeline for wedding looked baffled as was kushi and the three of them looked at eachother as the family exchanged hugs and pleasantaries on the news


As the namingceremony started, the happy mood prevailed, except for the three.
"Kushi, a month's time would mean that the deadline for the criteria on the will will be over" Sid told her confused
"ASR knows about it right? then why did he say a month's time?" Lavanya asked confused.
"I dont have any idea.. why should there be a wedding Sid? we are married already" Kushi kept repeating.
"I need to talk to him" Sid told as he got up.
"I will come too" Lavanya got up with him.
Kushi who was in deep thoughts, decided to go to. She left Arush with her mother and followed the too. She was sure that Arnav told a month's time deliberately, and she suspected there could be trouble between her friend and her husband, if she was not present when they both spoke or rather argued about this as she ran up quickly.

To be continued...

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Part 53

Post by Abavi on 2013-02-25, 10:44

Part 53

As Kushi reached the stairs, she could hear Arnav and Sid arguing with eachother.

"I dont understand why you would ask for a month's time for your wedding.. Don't you know that you would have to get into a marital bond before you turn 30?"

"I don't want to get into a wedding just because of a will which says that I would be eligible then for wealth defined by it or the stupid title which comes along with it"

"For the heck of it, we all know that you are not marrying for that sake...You both are in love with eachother are'nt you? I bet if you hadnt known about the will you would have been ready to marry her again this afternoon! What is the issue now?"

"Kushi" La called out distrcting both the men as she noticed her standing at the entrance of the room.

"Oh.. Kushi.. Make him understand... I dont believe this.. after all those things we went through... after all the strugles, finally he decides to not marry you in time" Sid spoke urgently.

Kushi didnt reply but kept looking at Arnav who was also staring at her, as if daring her to come up and speak to him. Sid turned to Arnav again

"Tell us one valid reason for deciding to get married after a month"

"How about... this is my wedding and I decide when to marry?"

"Arnav.. this is not something to decide whose ego won... we all strived to reach up till here... So many of us almost lost our lives- La, Kushi, Aman, Myself, Shyam, Gayathri...and many others, who risked their lives to spy for us..."

"All for nothing" said Arnav shocking every one in the room

"your wife stayed away from you for almost two years... Shyam struggled for 10 years... Gayathri had been watching for your safety and planning stuff so that you will get the title for almost 15 years now. All for nothing?" Sid was angry

"Yes all for nothing" Arnav shouted back "Dont expect me to react emotionally or get hyperactive for something that I didnt even think about until last night or for that matter informed only 8 hours before!"

"Even if you come to know that your father was cheated, your family was betrayed, He planned everything- that Rana.. would you rather he takes all that and gets what was due to you? dont you want to do it for the family?"

"No" Arnav told shruging non-chalently. " I dont understand why there was a need to keep me away from this secret from me all these years if it was so important. I simply dont appreciate it -neither the secret-nor the monarch - nor the title- nor the property. I dont give a damn to any of this- I threw it all away 15 years back along with my surname."

"Dont you want to avenge for your parent's death?- He was responsible Arnav- it was his game."

"Sid-" Kushi called out, trying to stop him as she knew, Arnav's non-chalence would now fly away out the window now, that Sid has brought in his parents.

"I have always maintained that my father brought about my mother's death and he killed himself because of guilt-I still maintain the same stand- No one else is responsible! " Arnav shouted as he knocked off a vase which went flying to another corner of the room "and I would appreciate if you dont talk about them"

"Arnav I dont get this" Sid shook his head rejectedly "What do you want to prove by pushing away all this effort that we all put in?"

"Dont you Sid" Arnav asked menacingly calmly and paused before he came near Sid

"I believe that what ever you people did was meaningless... and pointless.." Arnav said cynically " What ever convinced her that this seperation would save my life was worthless..." he continued as he pointed his finger at Kushi "What ever Shyam went through or is going through is an empty game... If Rana wants it.. Let him take it.. I cant care less. I dont need it!"

He threw a stealy cold stare across all of them in the room, his gaze lingering for a while on his wife's face before he went strode out of the room.

Sid sat down at the recliner, with his hands supporting his head, La went and sat near him

"What do we do now?" She asked looking at Kushi

Kushi shook her head

"I didnt expect this Kushi.." Sid admitted truthfully "But if what he says is what he feels truthfully... then we are all playing something that is not even a game...I mean... you get the picture right? its like playing a game to lose it-"

"I know" Kushi told him "But I think.. He is not entirely truthful about what he told right now, He spoke out in anger, and when he does that, he usually regrets later."

"So you think, all is not lost?"

"I dont know.. But What he said last, tells me that he is still angry with me about the seperation and he is not convinced that Shyam's explanations have justified my actions. "

"I can speak to him if thinks so Kushi. I mean, if he thinks he was the only one who suffered because of this seperation..then-"

"No, I dont think he thinks that- But now I know he thinks the whole idea is hallow." Kushi told her friends, biting her lips thinking for a moment "And besides, this is something between us Sid, I think you both should stay away from this. I know I am sounding rude.. but I dont intend is better this way"

"But Kushi" La started before she was interupted by Kushi again

"No Lavanya, I am serious, I think it would be less messy if you both stay away this time, I will solve this by myself"

Sid stormed out of the angrily or rejectedly - Kushi couldnt say, But couldnt help it... and she let it be, she knew this was for the better, Lavanya came near her and gave a quick hug, giving her the warmth of a friendly understanding, for which Kushi was grateful for.

"Dont worry about Sid, he will cool down... you go and talk to Arnav first, we are running out of time..."

"Shyam Sab, this is highly confidential data, I will lose my job if this ever comes out" Mithun Goel from a private mobile and tele communications company told Shyam as he handed a thumbdrive to Shyam.

"Dont worry Goel Sab, If it ever comes out, Tell them, it was for an investigation, I will back you up"

"Yeah. but you know even for investigation, there should be proper forms filled and application entries done"

"I didnt want to do that... the evidences can tip off the person I am after"

Shyam bid goodbye to Mr.Goel as he secured the thubdrive into his pocket and entered into the driver's seat of his car


A little further away, a man dressed in a black pullover, called up someone on his mobile.

"Boss, the bomb is fixed in Shyam's vehicle."


"Yes boss once the person crosses 40 km/hr speed, it will get the timer on, it will blast in 15 minutes after the trigger goes off. With a traffic like this, it is impossible for him to reach anywhere if he wants to...only place he will reach at the end of this travel is mortuary"


"you are right Boss, nothing of his body would remain to take to the mortuary

"yes boss... will call you after the bomb goes off, I will still follow him at a safe distance."


It was peak hour and the traffic was slow. Shyam got stuck in traffic jam soon after, the roadblock looked messy enough. Not wanting to waste time, Shyam quickly opened up his laptop and plugged in the thumb drive and internet dongle into it.

A file opened up showing the communications and phonecalls to Rana's unlisted mobile number. Goel had told that only the numbers from which the call details had gone to that number can be given, the location from where the calls had originated cannot be given as that data is protected and to get it out could be a give away.
Shyam soon found it would be really difficult to get the number of the person who was giving Rana information about RM, just as he came across two consecutive calls which was curiously made to Rana at 12.33 and 10 past 2 in the midnight from two different numbers. Shyam noted it was about the same time he was there at RM. Curiously the first call had been on for almost 1 and a half hours and also the second call had been made just after he had left.

There was a good chance that this was the number used by the person who was passing on information to Rana -- or was it two people? or the same person using two numbers?, Shyam decided and also with little regret admitted to himself, that the duration of the first call could also mean that the person has been promptly doing a live relay of what they had been talking. He also remembered the security guard saying he came over to see as there was some noise. Was it this person who drew the security guard's attention? or was the security guard himself a culprit? was this person hiding right there when they all decided to disperse?

If thats so, then Rana would know that Shyam is a cop, there goes the surprise element.. he thought, He had planned to keep that under wrap until the point when he planned Rana's arrest. All of a sudden, he gave a jerk, realising that Rana would also know that Arnav has come to know about Rana's plans
"Oh Shit.. He knows that Arnav is in the game now.. and that is not a good sign..."

Shyam sweared loudly thinking about this fact when his mobile rang, He flapped his mobile to see Sid's name flashing across in the screen

"Hello Sid, "

"Hello Mate...where are you ? good time to talk?"

"Stuck up in a traffic jam.. looks like it will take sometime to get cleared... how are things there? "
"oh..things cant get any better,Arnav denies to get married within two weeks... its all getting so easy for us now" Sid informed Shyam sarcastically.

To be continued...

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Part 54

Post by Abavi on 2013-02-25, 10:44

Part 54

"What? Come again?" Shyam getting distracted from the task of browsing the file.
"you heard it right" Sid told him
"But why?"
"even Kushi's devimaiya wouldnt know what is running inside his mind" Sid's reply oozed with his frustration
"Did you talk to him? I dont understand why he would say that even after knowing about the Will "
"I think thats exactly why he is opposing the very idea now... You were right.. the man is made of 95% ego"
"When are you starting from there?"
"We are taking the evening flight"
"Ok, talk to him before that... try to find out why he is-"
Sid interjected Shyam
"you want me to talk to him? even after Kushi told me to stay away from this?"
"What? she asked you to stay away from this?"
"Ok.. Now I get it.. they have fought... and he is showing his anger in this..He will succumb soon.. leave that"
"Are you sure?"
"I know him.. I know them.." Shyam told and Sid could sense him smiling from miles away.
"ok then"
"Hey Sid, I got some clues about some potential informer of Rana..."
"Oh really? thats a great break" Sid told as he heard a lot of honks from the other end of the line
"Oh.. hey sid, I will talk later, the traffic is cleared, I have to get going" Shyam cut the call before Sid could answer.


The celebrations at RM was over by the time Arnav came back from one of his get away drives that he took to calm down his nerves. When he returned back, he found the family was relaxing after the celebrations, engrosed in the wedding plans that had made both the families happy. He noticed that Kushi was not there, though Arush was in his own way getting the attention of all those surrounding him.
"He is a charming kid" Buaji was flustered as she played with him.
"He is exactly chotey's look alike isnt he" Anjali said to no one in particular
"hmm... chotey's chote packetwa" Mami commented and everyone seemed to agree
"We should then ask Kushi if he troubles her at night then.. Chotey was a grumpy baby at night... he would cry for hours for no reason..." Nani informed them
"Nannav and troubling at night? hmm.. seems that he hasnt really grown out of the habit...Kushiji would agree" NK joked as the family laughed
"What the"
It was then they noticed Arnav and asked him to join them. He simply shrugged it off with a lame excuse of work.
He saw that neither Lavanya nor Sid was present too.
He went up and found Kushi was not there at their room too.
"Maybe enjoying with her friends..As if I care..." Arnav muttered "If she wants to act aloof, I shall too.. two shall play the game" he told himself as he switched on the TV.


Lavanya and Sid were in their room packing things when Lavanya took out a white bag.
"Reminde me Sid, I need to give this to Kushi before we leave" she commented
"What is it?"
"her stuff- her diary, letters, Arush snaps, Albums, baby videos..When I packed all her dresses, I couldnt accomodate this in her bag, I put it in mine"
"Hey what did Shyam say? you spoke to him right?"
"yeah.. he was in the middle of a traffic jam, we couldnt speak much.. he also thinks they will be fine by themselves."
"May be I should call him back.. He was saying about some clues" Sid said as he dialed his friend's number
"I am not able to reach him" He said a minute later, putting his mobile aside.


Arnav was watching a football match when he heard tinkling sound of Kushi's Payal in his garden. A few seconds later, he saw Kushi coming in from the garden.
"you are back?" Kushi asked him in an almost friendly tone. This was something that annoyed him beyong comprehension, she sometimes acted as if nothing was wrong between them.
"Where were you?" he barked at her, unexpected to himself even, "Having good time with your friends?"
"No, I was at the garden" she spoke calmly. He looked at her turning away from the TV, She was clutching a little spade and the garden scisscor in her hand.
"I didnt know you had employed a gardener?" She asked casually. Arnav was a little amused.. of all the things in the world...
"Why does it matter to you so much?"
"I thought you preferred to look after the plants yourself."
"Oh. I didnt know people still bother about my likes or preferences or opinions" The reply came cold and distant.

Arnav was expecting either a silent treatment from her or an outburst, but her response too him by surprise.
"Ofcourse we do... you know they have named the baby Keya... Its a nice name isnt it?"
Her tact to change the topic immediately only angered him further. Doesnt she realise yet that he is angry with her and for what? Why does she behave as if nothing happened? He was about to give her a much ruder reply when he noticed the gardener.
"Bhabhiji, I have treated the affected plants with pesticide. Is there anything else to do?"
"Thats it Balkeji, thanks" Kushi handed over the instruments to the gardener and the gardener gave Arnav a respectful half salute before he went down.
Arnav understood Kushi's incoherent topics of discussion. He went back to his match, let her decide to speak first, he decided.

"Arnavji, I need to speak to you" Kushi's voice was very low, Arnav would have missed it if he had not been expecting her to speak.
He kept his gaze at the TV.
"Should I wait until the match gets over?" she asked him when she saw that he didnt respond. He now looked at her, and raised his eyebrows

"Is it about the wedding plans preponement" He didnt bother to hide the sarcasm in it
"No" came back a reply from Kushi
"So you dont want to prepone the wedding?"
"I dont want to talk about it now"
"Oh.. I forgot.. you didnt want to marry me in the first place isnt it?" Arnav asked her cynically "you only wanted to renew the wedding contract... for how long did you plan to renew it Kushi?"
"I dont know.. you are the expert in contracts and stuff" Kushi replied back with vindictive sarcasm, that Arnav looked at her dumbstruck. A familiar feeling of guilty regret filled him.
"so thats why you wanted to renew it.. to give back to me what I did to you?" he asked her, feeling more fearful than being angry
"Are you serious?" kushi asked him with disbelief "do you even know me Arnav?"
"you were the one who told everyone that we dont have to marry again.. you were the one who brought up contract now...What do you expect me to think?" Arnav told striving hard to control his temper

"I told I dont want to go through a wedding because I know you are not comfortable with those ceremonies.. besides, For me we are married and there is no significance in getting married again- Its all going to be the same. I still wear the mangalsutra and sindoor, the only two things which formed a part of our wedding two and half years before.. The situation which pushed us into it or the papers which defined its expiry date hold very little significance." Kushi told him a little fiercefully

"Kushi, I didnt mean to- "Arnav started with a little penitently but Kushi interjected

"No, dont give me excuses Arnav, I know why you told this.. you wanted to hurt me because you are angry and you are hurt.. and I thank god that you didnt choose to hurt me withs more cruel than this...Thank god you did have sense not to tell me that I wanted to renew the wedding contract becasue you think I am a gold have accused me of being one... in the past.. havent you?" Kushi got up from the bed from where she had been sitting next to him, Arnav got up too

"In was past Kushi- Past is already gone, Now dont try this Kushi... I have apologised to you for that and lot more that I did, we have discused this again and again in the past...what is the need to bring it all up?" Arnav told her with a calmness which surprised him even, He was feeling helpless with the feeling of uneasy onus for his actions

"because I am a human too and No, I dont hold any grudges against you... I understand your anger... I only wish you understood me too"
"What the...Dammit Kushi.. You know I am angry.. and still you decide to remain this insensitive and behave as if nothing happened? and now you instigate me and watch while I try to give in to my temper... Why do you do this Kushi?" He closed in their distance, grabbing her arms and pushing her up the nearest wall

"leave me,you are rough handling me" Kushi told him but he ignored it
"First you decide to leave and then you dont talk to me for two years and then end up at my door one fine morning and say we have a kid.. and then deny me any explanations.. How do you think any sane person would react to this? "
"I didnt deny you any explanations, I was only waiting for an opportunity to talk..."
"Ok this is an opportunity enough.. talk now!" He said releasing her and standing a step back.
" talk what? When Shyam and Sid told you the reason behind it, I thought it explained enough"
"It didnt.. and it was never enough" Arnav told her "Shyam told that Rana was not very particular about killing me- where was I in danger? I refuse to accept it"

Neither spoke for sometime, they were only looking into eachother's eyes for sometime, before Kushi lowered her gaze first.

"Yes, You are right. Your life was not in imminent danger" Kushi spoke out, and the way she started to speak agreeing to his view suprised him

"but it was only because you were not aware of the Will. Also at that stage they couldnt keep me out of the secretanymore becasue Rana had started targeting me and it was either or choice for me- decide to go back to you- Int hat case, they have to decide to break the secret early to you as well and tell you about everything- which in turn would bring you into the game- whether you liked it or not and put your life at risk- or keep myself away and put my life at risk. I chose the second one"

"I am sure you would have done the same too if you were in my situation- and ofcourse, I didnt know I was pregnant, Sid had told me it would only be for little over a month, I was first taken to meet your Dadi and GayathriMaa and thats where I met Shyam too, the moment I saw him, I was scared that everyone had fooled me, but then I learnt it was otherwise."

"It was only there I found out that I was pregnant, I didnt know what to do. I had chosen to put myself at risk, but inadvertantly, I had chosen you over my baby- I was struck between my duty as a wife and a mother. It was then, Dadi pointed out that I dont have to choose between my baby and my husband, I can stay out of circulation until Shyam could sort out some legalities. If I contacted you by any means- phone, mails- anything, Rana's party would know- because you would react, they would know that you were still game- it was all they could do at that time-not knowing who was giving information to Rana, was to keep you safe by not bringing you into the picture.

It was not the wealth or title that drived these people or your dadi- it was the urge to keep you safe that pushed them to ask me to stay hidden. For them, more than wealth, you were important and they wanted to stop Rana- the only way Rana would be stopped is when he would be checkmated against his plans- only when his plans backfired. Shyam was moving his pawns towards that and one way of doing it was stealth play-to trap Rana without even Rana realising that he was being defeated- they requested me to keep quiet about the baby- No hints were to be thrown"

"Even though I agreed to this plan for the safety of the baby, everytime I called someone in the family, I was easily spotted by Rana, no one managed to find how his men did it...and we were careful not to give you a clue too, as you were being watched- I was warned not to even give out a clue as then, I would not only put myself and the baby but you in danger too...Those were the worst times- when I had put not only me but the team also in immenent danger, but still they were very generous to accomodate my faults. When I called Di on her wedding day, I made it so obcious that I had to be moved out of bangalore and Sid took us to Mumbai. Later when I heard Nani was sick, I couldnt stop myself, I wanted to see her , I made a ruksas that the team planned something, Sid drove me to Pune so that we both can board a flight from there- , they decided not to take direct flight from mumbai to avoid unnecessary traces. It was also decided I can watch her from far and come back"

"Were you here that time.. you actually came here?"

"No... The plan got cancelled, immediately after the call, Rana's men caught up with us and we had to drop the plan but then I called her up and was satisfied that she would be ok- that time too, we were chased by Rana's men- Sid had a tough time to save my skin He literally threw himself to those men to save me and our unborn kid- After that I decided to lie low, I was feeling guilty . I felt as if I was paying poorly for the unconditional selflessness these men were showing to our family"

Arnav took sometime for what she told to sink in, and she grew silent too, as she rested her head against the wall, from where she hadnt moved, and was unconciously playing with her dupatta.

"Alright" Arnav broke the silence "but didnt you even have the desire to speak to me all those times you called Kushi?"

"You only think... with others, I atleast had the poise to talk to the point and hang up, I can never do that to you, I was scared that my resolve would break, with only a question from you, I was scared that I would loose control and my voice would decieve the pretense to whoever who was tapping on the lines that everything was over between us. If I had spoken to you, There was no point in me taking this decision to keep you safe- isnt it? Shyam had given an impresssion to Rana that I moved away from you becasue I was scared for my life- So this way, my touch with the family but you was justified."

"But still"

"But still, my raging pregnancy harmones would crave for you, I found out some stupid ways to listen to your voice, I dont want to admit what were those and make a fool of myself now"
"No I wouldnt think of you like that" He whispered softly, "I would love to know"
She looked into his eyes again, to see tenderness in them. She remembered it had been a long time since she saw that in his eyes. Oh how much she missed this.
"only if you promise not to make fun of me... I shall tell you..."

"I cant promise that.. I miss teasing you"

"I miss that too"

Arnav looked amused for a while

Raging pregnancy harmones..." he repeated with a pause after each word "Do you even realise how much you made me miss Kushi?" he couldn't help but keep his irateness out of his tone

"I do.. I felt so too... But I always convinced myself with- there is always a next time isnt it... if we manage to come out of this mess, I mean"
"A next time?" Arnav asked his wife, looking dazed
"I - I never meant to sound like that.. I was only- hmm.." Kushi spoke out hastely, a pink raising on her cheeks steadily, which made Arnav more amused. If it had not been a situation like this, he sighed to himself - Only Kushi can do this, he thought to himself- talk about something as serious as being in danger of losing her life and the next minute talk about her fantasies of having another child with him- so innocently and with her eyes full of love.

"For heaven's sake Kushi- Arush is my first child! There can never be another first child"
"I know.. I have never felt so guilty ever in life, with a situation like what I was in.. the well being of both my men was my first priority..."
Something about Kushi referring to Arnav as her man, sounded so good to Arnav, He realised that kushi hadnt been so vocal about how she felt for him before she left him two years back. He checked himself in time, from smiling at her
"and what stopped you from letting me know after the baby was born?"

Kushi sighed before she started to say something when Sid rushed into their bedroom, with Lavanya close on his heels. Arnav almost shouted at him for not showing the basic decency of knocking the door but Sid was not in a mood for a friendly chat, his face looked very serious and to an extent there was panic etched in his face and Lavanya was pale with fear.
Sid snatched the remote from Arnav's bed and hurriedly switched on one of the news channels

"The Bomb blast happened at around 12.30 near a secluded bus stop, Live report from our reporter from the spot coming in right now" A lady in her mid twenties was announcing on the screen

Arnav couldnt get the connection, even though the news was disturbing, it was not the way to barge into his private space and switch on the TV.

"What the" Arnav called out his usual phrase
"Shut up" Sid bit back
"How dare you-" but before Arnav could even complete the sentence, news flashing against the screen and the live report from the reporter made Arnav cut his sentence and stare at the screen.

To be continued...

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Part 55

Post by Abavi on 2013-02-25, 10:45

Part 55

"Atleast 6 people including an ACP of police were hurt after a bomb planted in a parked police car went off in a secluded bus stop in the capital city today, the officials have said. The wounded have been rushed to the nearby hospital- the injuries are minor and injured are out of danger,as per the reports from the hospital.

No reports of death have been reported however. The device went off during the afternoon and the usually crowded bus stop was scarce. The officials however are considering that this might be an early warning call for an attack on the capital city. No group has claimed responsibility for the bombing.

The official reports from the police department convey that a huge disaster has been thwarted by Assistant commisioner of police, S.M.Jha who was driving the vehicle in which the bomb was planted, Its said that he got an early suspicion and called the bomb squad who deduced that it was a time bomb according to the indications given by the ACP. As per the directions of the Bomb Squad, the vehicle was parked in a secluded area and the bomb went off soon after.

Though the ACP is unavailable for comments, one of the onlookers said that as soon as the vehicle screeched to stop in the middle of the road, The ACP jumped out of the vehicle and screamed at everyone to lie face down on the ground, Some of the people who didnt understand or follow the instructions are the ones who were injured.

The police have tightened the security of the city and are on high alert. The prime minister has condemned this act and has told that the people responsible for this would be punished severely. The home minister who visited the place and the hospital thereafter a short while ago assured the citizens that the situation is much under control and investigations are already on for the reasons for the attack. Archana Sagar with Camera Man Ryan Thomas for News Live"

As the news flashes and scenes of the incident were shown, Shock was itched on the faces of the four who stood in that room
Kushi clutched Arnav's arm tight for support as she came to terms with the news that was being telecasted on the TV.

"This is not about out Shyam isnt it? tellme it is not... " Kushi looked from Sid to La

"It is" replied Sid with a serious tone

"Why the hell are you standing here still?" Arnav asked with urgency "Didnt you try to call him?"

"I spoke to him a few minutes ago, he told me he is fine- He was only wounded by the intensity and proximity of the blast- otherwise he is OK.."

"But is this related to-" Arnav started to speak

"Rana? yes... It is everything to do with Rana. Atleast I think it is- Didnt he tell us yesterday that Rana knows about him? Shyam is atleast for now not sure- he thinks it might be a coincidence that his car was chosen to plant the bomb..."

"but isnt it too much of a coincidence Sid?" La asked tears still etched in her face

"But obviously Shyam doesnt want to rush it unless he is particularly sure- this is one of the rare times that his profession has taken precedence to his personal goals- he wants to be sure it is not a terrorist group"

"We have to go meet him Sid. I want to see if he is OK.. after all that he did for us-" Kushi told after a few minutes of silence

"I and La are leaving right now Kushi- He asked us not to bring you or Arnav- he asked us not to come either- But I am going to give it a try.. If they let me see him now- " Sid told her solemnly

"But why? - Why cant we meet him? " Kushi asked Sid again

"He says he is having some interogations happening regarding the bomb blast- they wont let us see him most probably- It seems he spoke to me in front of those officers only- As they let him inform his family and We are the only people close to him - a nearly family he has you see..."

"Oh Sid... " Kushi gasped "Are you sure he is Ok? Does - Does Dadi know this?"

"He asked me not to inform- But seeing that the news channels are broadcasting this news, I am not sure if they will stay ignorant of this..."

"Oh god.. Di.. If Di comes to know about this..." La gulped "how are we going to manage keeping her out of Shyam's secret after this?"

"Why? what if she comes to know?" Arnav asked puzzled

"Shyam will not like it... Remember, his whole drama to make her hate him and all that..." Sid cut it quickly and the sighed "Its time we started from here La" He said as he turned to go, throwing the remote control on the bed.

"We are coming with you" Arnav informed Sid and La

"you are not" Sid repeated again " we dont want any other mishap to happen. and again, I hope you realise the criticality of the situation - there will be reporters as well- If they get a wind that the Raizadas are there then"

"you are a familiar face too Sid.. you think people will not miss you?" Kushi replied back with diffidence

"Kushi, I dont even know if they will let us to meet him- besides if it was Rana's men responsible- they are most likely to be hanging around- and if by chance Shyam was wrong that Rana was suspecting him- his men will be around as well and do you really think it is a good idea for you both to go and meet him now- increasing his chances of getting murdered?"

"We will surely call you once we reach the hospital Kushi..." La offered considerately and Kushi finally gave up her desire to visit Shyam at the hospital.
Sid who was about to go out of the room, paused and turned back to look at Arnav

"Atleast now do you realise how nasty and malicious Rana can get Arnav? He will not stop at anything until he gets what he wants"

"I still maintain that if I had been involved into this earlier, I would have not let the situation get this dangerous for everyone involved- there was no need at all- We could have dealt it differently"

"And what kind of plan are you thinking will work with a merciless man like Rana? - just see what could have possibly happened to Shyam this afternoon"

"Not any plan- it is ridiculous that you people want to get me something that I dont even want- Why take the risk for something I dont want?"

"Dont you get it still Arnav? its not about what you want or dont want- If we are lucky, Rana would have got the news that you are planning to get married after the Will criteria expires and would have swallowed the bait- But I am sure that your genuine wish for a wedding after your 30th birthday itself would be looked upon by him as a bait- and he would react to it"

"you think he knows what I told today morning about getting married a month later? this is absurd"

"He would obviously know about it- and If I know him well- he would think that it is a plan to throw him off guard"

and thus the men got into an argument, It was as if a tennis match being played by Arnav and Sid as La and kushi kept looking from one man to other as they argued about their view points.

"Sid- ASR please stop this.." La finally shouted "Look we have more important things to do other than whose plan works best"

"Sid, I told that I and Kushi will get married in a month's time -only to put a stop to all this. If Rana comes to know about this through his so called secret informers- I believe that he will for sure stop all this hurting business- I dont want the estates- I cant care less- When he knows that I am not a contender for his aspirations to lay his hands on the estates- He will leave everyone of us alone" Arnav told him finally

"Look Arnav, I really wish that your intentions to put a stop to this works out.. But I am afraid you dont get the intensity of the situation we are all in- Rana is not someone to take so lightly- he is capable of much more evil things than this- One of the ways to stop him is to invalidate his attempts to get his hands on the estates- But if you really wish not to claim it- Its your choice- we wouldnt force you or as Kushi requested us- we wont get involved in this- because it is your and her life- but still we will find other ways to stop him- we will not stop- just because it is difficult or dangerous - because he wont stop - because he wont trust anyone" Sid told Arnav in a really serious tone that he had not used since the time he landed in RM- its not about what is easy- its about what is right!. " Sid told him putting up his hands and dropping it as if in surrender.

Arnav and Sid looked at eachother for a moment, then Sid turned back and took La's hands as he walked towards of the door

"Come Lav, we are getting late, We need to visit Shyam at the hospital and then we have a flight to catch"

At the door he paused and turned back to the other couple watching them still
"and sorry about barging into your room when you both seemed to have a private conversation- The situation was little serious" he said with a wink, his cheerful demeanor returning back as he turned once again and left the room, pulling Lavanya with him.

Arnav watched Kushi as she sat down at the edge of the bed with grief. He went and sat next to her and held her by her shoulder, providing her his silent support


Sid and La bid farewell to all the family. La came and held Arush close to her

"Oh Baby, I will miss you so much..." she whined

"I will miss you too" Sid told as he kissed the boy lightly on the forehead. La gave the baby back to the parents.

"Will miss you Kushi... " La told as she hugged her friend

"You will be back soon right? for the wedding?"

"ofcourse, I cant miss it" La promised "and hey this is yours" she said as she handed kushi her white plastic bag full of her stuff.

"See you soon Jelebi.. take care" Sid told her as he gave her a hug too. Sid then came to Arnav and extended his hand. Arnav who was quiet until then took his hand

"thanks for looking after my wife and son for these two years" He murmered to Sid and La

"Dont be silly ASR.. what are friends for?" La chided him playfully

"Are you serious La? this is a rare prize you know " Sid drawled with his tougue in cheek "a thank you from the great ASR for something that he thinks was pointless and worthless"

"Sid" Kushi and La called out together

"Yeah.. yeah I know, I am mannerless git to say that when a man was being nice to me for the first time ever after we met" he smirked as Arnav looked at him with raised eyebrows.

"Do call us and let us know" Arnav said at last, as Sid curtly nodded in affirmation and then they were gone


Later in the night, Arnav entered the room to see Kushi standing by the pool side. He noticed that Arush was already asleep.

"Are you still worried about Shyam?" Arnav asked "He said he was alright..."

Eventually early that evening Sid had called them when he and La reached the hospital and as Sid had predicted, it took them an hour to gt permissions to see Shyam. He was there only for 10 minutes and they had to start off immediately to catch their flight. Shyam had also spoken to them.

He had assured them that he was alright- but was little upset that he lost the data which he had acquired after a long struggle. He had also explained that he was lucky that his car speedometer had was a digital one and as the timebomb was coded to start after he crossed 40 Km/hr, a beep followed by fluctuations in the digital meter, araised suspictions and thats why he was still alive- Sid had also said that the injury was minimal and the doctor had assured that he can get discharged in a day's time.

"No" she whispered

"He will be OK... "

Kushi nodded

"How can people be so selfless?"

"you are one of them too Kushi" Arnav told her "May be you know the answer yourself.. But still I feel little weird thinking of Shyam"

Kushi looked at him "you dont trust him?"

"It is not about trusting him... his past associations with us has been a sham- I was thinking about the consequences and all that... Somehow I dont feel so confortable about it honestly"

"I can understand... I felt so too.. initially when I came to know about his true face"

Then they both kept staring at the stars for a few minutes.

"By the way Sid and La reached safely- they called me a few minutes ago" Arnav broke the silence, casually putting his arm around her waist. He had been intending to hold her by her shoulder to offer support- but didnt know why his hands reached her waist.

"they called me too" Kushi replied back as she removed his hand from her waist stepping back from him as she turned to face, shocking Arnav

"Ku- Kushi" Arnav started to say something

"time to sleep Arnav" she murmered and walked past him to the bed.

Arnav stood there for a little while, thinking about how she flinched the moment his hand had touched her waist- He guessed it had everything to do with his lie the previous night- tonight again, it will be long time before he will fall asleep, he sighed before he went inside.

To be continued

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Part 56

Post by Abavi on 2013-02-25, 10:49

Part 56

It was 3 days past Sid and La left to Mumbai- 3 days after the bomb blast. It was a Sunday evening and Kushi was finding places to put away Arush's stuff
"oh there is no enough space for your stuff here Arush beta" She muttered as she tried stuffing his things in whichever place she could manage to find in their wardrobe. Arush who was probing into the white bag that she had placed on top of his baby bag looked up at his mom hearing her calling out his name- He replied back gibberishly and went back to his busy world.

Arnav who was just sitting outside the room by the poolside with his laptop, sighed as he opened up a online shopping site to order for a kids wardrobe to be delivered home as soon as possible- Just as he had ordered a magnificent crib for his son that was now standing next to Kushi's side of the bed. She wouldnt ask for the necessities- always trying to manage with whatever is available when she can afford for more comforts - oh she will never change- he thought annoyed with her.

"Oh god.. you are not even one yet.. and you already have more number of shoes than my sandals" Kushi commented as she put all the shoes of Arush into a big bag and dumped it on top of boxes of dresses that she knew that he wont be wearing until he was 2 atleast. It was only 3 days since they reached and the gifts seemed to be pouring for him from the family members- mostly his dad seemed to order whatever was labelled as a kid's wear. She sighed- Some people wont change- and she was sure her husband would be topping that list.

Arnav watched Kushi as she sighed. They have been on talking terms- and have almost been back to normal- but for the physical intimacy- Arnav noticed much to his frustration. She would be perfectly ok with talking to him or doing things for him but would cringe away even at his tiny romantic gestures - he had been painfully aware of it from the time three nights ago when he had only casually draped his arm on her waist- just to offer her moral support as she was worried about the blast-

He knew why she did this- he vividly remembered the night of her return- and his lie- ofcourse he knew it was a big cruel thing for her to digest- but still it was only a lie. She did believe it didnt she? He would defend himself when he felt that he owed her an apology. He tried to make her talk about it but in vain, She remained distintively quiet about the night- She made it clear through her irresponsive calmness that she did not want to talk about that night.

Arnav was brought back from his broody tempo when he heard Arush squealing

"Laaauu" happily. Kushi was distracted too as she looked at her son. Arush had successfully pried open the bag and was now looking at one of the albums in the bag- probably a picture of Lavanya holding him- Arnav thought.

"Lavanya aunty Arush not Lav..." Kushi taught her son "on second thoughts you can call her mausi if you want "

"laau" Arush called again as Kushi laughed at her son.

"Sid did have a bad influence on you didnt he?" she went and then joined her son, chirpily telling him stories about when and where and why that picture was clicked. Arush looked at his mom as if he understood her, time to time giving her gibberish replies.

Arnav who was watching this from where he sat was intrigued too. As his initial anticipation that Kushi would come running to him and show him the album and tell him about those stories too- slowly died out, he went to their side, a little annoyed that his wife's little hero was taking all her attention nowadays, he was no longer her only priority- but then He was a part of the party too...

There were other albums peeking out of the cover. He bent to take quiet a big one amongst them, only to realise seconds later that it was really not an album but a baby scrap book, which he noticed that Kushi had taken effort to record each and every first time of Arush- The first time Arush turned over- the first time Arush started crawling- First time Arush had a jelebi- First time Arush tried to Sit- stand- walk. He noticed with a smile that Arush's first word had been Papa- He wondered whom he would have addressed that word to...

There were so many accounts of the little mischiefs and pranks of Arush and particulars on how much he resembled his father- in this, that or whatever Kushi had managed to think of- how they had the same eyes- how they looked at her with that puppy dog eyes sometimes to only make her agree to something they thought was right- how their hair felt like the same texture..How that Arrogant devilishly charming smirk of her husband had found its ways into her son's blood and so many things...She had even penned how the father and son screwed their face the same way when they had to eat spinaches- or the way they both gritted their teeth the same way when they were angry(only that She was surprised how Arush managed to do it exactly like his father even with his two little peeking teeth)- He chuckled a little audibly. This attracted Kushi's attention who looked at him smiled somewhat awkwardly "guilt ridden" Arnav thought as he returned back his assuring smile.

"Just looking through" he mumbled

"I have recorded some videos too.. you can watch them.. if you like" She told him in an apologetic tone as if making amends to make up for his loss of bonding time with his son for the past eleven months.

Arnav went back to peek into the cover to take out the CDs when he noticed a dairy amongst the videos, he was suprised how he missed it because it was quiet a big and thick leather bound one. He pulled it out, and tried to open it when it was rudely snatched from his hands.

"This-this is nothing..some office notes..." Kushi stammered as she shoved it inside the white bag again. She took out the CDs out of the bag and handed it to him instead.

Arnav looked at the white bag that Kushi was clutching tight in her hands, lest he tried to grab her diary again. He was hurt to know that Kushi was embarrased about showing that diary to him- her husband...He was not the one to go reading other's private stuff- but this was Kushi- He sure had the rights to know what she wrote in there...He was about to shout at her to hand it over to him that instant but he checked himself in time. He was sure it was something that made her uneasy, the instant Kushi pulled it out of his hand- He resolved to read it but hook or crook- What if she doesnt let him now? He will find it later.

He decided not to show much reaction to her action and pretended to let it go as he accepted the CDs and went back to his laptop. He saw Kushi release a sigh of relief as she got up to finish her work.


Arnav let out a frustrated sigh. He had been searching for the diary for atleast one hour now.. and he was not able to find it.

"Its not here.. she has put it somewhere else" he decided as he started to think of her possible hiding places. She is really good at hiding things- He smiled as he remembered the times she had hid channa, her jelebis, his bluetooth, his laptop, his mobile phone, his car keys and with a pang remembered how one day she had hid his stash of Con***s. It all seemed long ago now- a happy blissful blur of life which had only piteously remained only for a very short time.

He smiled as he went back tot he memory of that day when he didnt find his stash of Cs he shouted for her after searching for it for a long time, She had come coolly towards him and given him his razor

"What the Kushi.. I am asking for my stash of -"

"I know Arnavji, but I have been telling you for 2 days to shave your stubble..I dont mind a slight one- it makes you look so manly and handsome- but now its grown to the point that it annoys me a lot- look at you- and look at your hair.. that needs trimming too... I have been telling you for a month now... Leave your hair like that for another week, I am surely going to put a pony for you"

"Dont exaggerate Kushi.. its nothing.." Arnav said flattening his hair

"leave your hair for now.. thats ok.. shave your stubble"

" I was going to trim it in the morning- besides you were the one who told me that you like it when it pricks you"

"I don't remember saying anything like that"

"you dont remember a lot of things that you say or do at bed" He smirked at her

"dont change the topic Arnavji- you wont touch me until you shave this now-" kushi told as she touched his stubble covered cheek

"it does feel good against your hands Kushi?" Arnav asked as he moved his cheek against her palm " imagine it rubbing against your-" Arnav stopped speaking as Kushi covered his mouth with her hand which was seconds before on his cheek.

"I had hidden all your essentials and I will give you only if you listen to me now" She whispered to him as she smiled at him

"Oh really? you think you have successfully hidden all the essentials Kushi?" Arnav smirked as he saw her smile.

"yes" Kushi told little doubtfully and then bent down quickly and peeped once more into the draw of the side table near the bed where he usually kept all his supplies and then confidently stood up and said once again "Yes.. I am sure"
Her smile was wiped off when Arnav advanced and dashed against her- as they both fell on the bed together.
"All the essentials for a romantic night is here with me... and your essentials are with you" He smirked at her pointing his finger towards himself and then her as she looked wide eyed at him

"And you can have the Cs hidden if you want to get pregnant... because I wont stop now... also I have been telling you its high time we start a family" Kushi's jaws opened even wider if it was even possible.

"Haan.. you are only tricking me .. but this trick will back fire at you.. because if I ever get pregnant then you will not be able to touch me for 10 months..."

"Why is that?" Arnav asked her amused...

"Because I wont let you hurt our baby"

"Oh really? and who told you that doing it when you are pregnant will hurt the baby?" he asked her

"No one told... I know it" Kushi told a little doubtful

"And you are wrong... wait till I show you that you are terribly wrong Mrs. Kushi Kumari gupta singh Raizada... wait till I make you pregnant" Arnav said pinning her down under his grasp, as she tried to slither away from him. Kushi and Arnav then broke into a ripple of giggles and laughter as she flipped him over and they rolled over eachother falling off on the other side of their bed..

Arnav was lost in thoughts of the happy flashback, a sheepish smile etched on his face when he heard Kushi's voice and quickly covered any traces of his search and retraced his path and settled on the recliner with his mobile as he heard her coming.

"Arush beta will change his dress and then go to sleep like a good boy wont he?" Arnav heard kushi whispering as she entered the room with the little one in her hands.

She threw a half smile at him as she grabbed Arush's night dress and a wet wipe. He watched her as she removed Arush's dress and then he heard her shreik-
"Arush.. not again... How many times have I told you- you should do this only in your potty not on your diaper...I just changed your diaper half an hour ago.. now look what you have done..." she told as she found it soiled.

"Arnavji.. Please help me, can you fetch me a fresh diaper?- and the wet wipes pack too if you please" she yelled towards him hurriedly as she held his legs up trying to not let him smudge his legs more.

Initially Arnav couldnt find out where the diaper package was and with her instructions he finally found it after shifting aside a lot of other stuff piled on top of it. He opened the pack, intending to pull one out when he broke into a grin as noticed the leather bound diary hidden amongst the diapers inside the package.

He was initially relectant to take the diary out of the package- She had not wanted him to look into it- but then he has the haq over her, he defended himself as he heard Kushi' voice

"Arnav ji fast please.. This guy is not staying still"

He quietly handed over what ever she required and walked out to the pool side with the diary tucked in his other hand.

To be continued

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Part 57

Post by Abavi on 2013-02-25, 10:55

Part 57

Arnav knew it will take sometime for Kushi to find out that he had been browsing through her secret diary- She would be occupied with putting Arush to sleep- and wont bother him
for atleast sometime now.

Arnav was engrossed in the diary for almost half and hour when he heard Kushi come out in search of him and gasp looking at him reading her diary.

Arnav had enough time to skim through most of the pages- He noticed that the pages had Kushi's chronicles about her life in the past two years- all of which she had written like
letters addressed to his name.

He flipped across the pages and noticed some of the pages had newspaper articles about him or some details of his interviews stuck to it and her opinions about it, just like how she would have conversed with him if she had been with him at that time. She had a chance to follow his moves for the past two years- Only he was left to brood about where she
went, He resented.

He also came across pages where she had been really low and yearned to see him or talk to him- or sometimes when she had been so happy and wanted to share with him- there were entries about how she grew to trust Shyam- her meeting with Dadi and Gayathri- how she thought Gayathri was a very intellectual and a beautiful lady both outside as well as on the
inside- how she thought that Arnav would realy like Gayathri, if he ever met her.

Mar 25th
Dear Arnav ji
I have reached Bangalore- Sidarth Ji told that your Dadiji is here- and I am meeting her this afternoon. I am so sorry that I came without telling you. You would be so angry with me na? Are you breaking things at home? SidarthJi tells me a lot of things- facts that I dont even know about your past- I was confused if I should believe him or not- then Lavanyaji called- She told the same thing too..I dont know how she is involved in all this... they asked me to keep myself safe- so that we will have a chance to spend life together and grow old together as we always dreamt.. what should I do? Sorry- this is only for a month- until we find out what that Shyam is up to.
Take care of yourself Arnavji

Mar 27th
Dear Arnavji
Can you believe it? your Dadiji says that Shyam is actually a good person and had been protecting us and the family for this long- I heard the story from her and he was there too- I though he has done some blackmagic- but no- He is a cop Arnavji. Dadi is a very kind person, she blessed me- spoke to me about the family- She is very fond of you. Arnavji you would be surprised if I tell you that I met another person here. GayathriJi... Do you know her? Papaji's doosra aurat? I know I know- you will be wild reading this- But believe me Arnavji- She is not a chudail like I imagined- She is an Angel- just like Maaji I suppose- very beautiful- elegant- intellectual- I know if you ever met her - you will like her- You wont believe what all she has been doing to protect you and Anjali Di- wait till you hear about it.
Take care Arnavji, I am counting my days here.

She had written about how she had felt when she discovered she was pregnant- her morning sickness - her she had troubled Sid during those times when she was pregnant with her weird cravings and adamant demand to see her husband that instant- so much that one day a really pissed off Sid had made Lavanya promise him that she wouldnt
trouble him like Kushi when she would get pregnant- He had also declared vehemently that Kushi's pregnancy blues were enough to last for a life time worth of nuisance for him- A throughly amused Lavanya had also given her consent to her boyfriend's stupid demand-

Apr 14th
Arnavji, today is the happiest day in my life, My womanhood completed a full circle- there are lot of things DM has bestowed upon us- the most precious would be our love- and how will it be if there is a cherry on top of it? a crown jewel? a jem? Yes Arnavji, I am pregnant- I have a feeling its going to be a son- It feels like I have a little of you in my womb. I feel elated and beautiful- there is a life inside me Arnavji can you believe it? But still- I regret not being near you now- What would you have done Arnavji- If I told you about this? would you have hugged me? kissed me? raised me up in the air and go round and round like heroes in the movie? You would have reacted uniquly- you are always unique... I miss seeing your face- your eyes when I tell you this news
Take care Arnavji.. I am taking care of myself too because I have your Baby inside me.

Apr 20th
Today I cried a lot Arnavji- Shyam, Sid and Gayathri Maa told that I cannot go back to you in a week's time- they say I should not risk your life and the baby's life too... What will I do Arnavji? they say if Rana finds about the baby, he will kill me- Did I put my baby in danger Arnavji? I wish I didnt get this ar from you... I know you would protect me
and the baby... I wish I was with you now come to me Arnavji- I need you...

Apr 30th
I am much better today- After a week of crying and fretting about my decision to leave you and come this far away- I have decided to fight for my husband's life and my baby's life too. I am not a superwoman Arnavji- But I will try my best. How are you? I heard that Di is getting married in a week's time. So good for her.. But I think Shyam is little upset,
You know he says that he married Di to save her from other rowdies cheating her, I suppose even though he says that he did it only as a duty and Di belongs to Ashok, I think he loved her a little, ever since that news came, he is kind of lost- What can I do? I think whatever Di decides is best for her life- she has to go by it- Are you missing me Arnavji? Its been more than a month since we saw eachother

May 18th
I am feeling pathetic Arnavji- Whatever I eat comes out- I am pretty sure now- this is a junior ASR- he has made up his mind to make my life hell for me- I puke if I see jelebis even- can you believe it? How is Di? I called Di to wish her- I know why you grit your teeth now.. I cut the call when I sensed you were around.. You know what? I would have cried if I had even listened to your voice- I would have cried asking you to come and hug me... and I had to cut the call... Hope you are not very much hurt... I will give you a hundred kisses once I meet you again- Thats usual the punishment you give me na.. if I do a mistake knowingly... But you know what? After the call- in only two hours- Rana's men chased us- it was only me and Sid in his car- Sid finally managed to throw them off our scent after struggling for four hours in bangalore roads. We came to Mumbai that same night. I am at La's Apartment now. La works for Sid now. We are all the times talking about the old times- mostly about you. How are you Arnavji?

Jun 2nd
Arnavji, I am so happy today.. you know what, I found that Sid is madly in love with La.. It looks so funny- this guy tries this and that to impress her- I was reminded of the times before our wedding- How you used to behave like a lion prowling near its prey- Sangeet night- when you came and let out my hair- those goosebumps- Mehendi ceremony - our
first kiss... my right cheek still tingles when I think about it... the day you got me bangles- the very first time I visualised ASR turning into Arnav- I keep remembering you Arnaviji- All the times... and apart from that, I have decided to help Sid also- poor guy- he frets so much for her...
Heard that you have started growing a beard... Why though?

Jun 17th
Arnavji, I called home today- Spoke to Amma Bauji - they told me how you came again and again asking for my whereabouts...How will they know Arnavji... I didnt tell them- they felt bad - for you- Buaji didnt even speak to me- She was asking Amma to ask me to come back to you. And you know what? I think the last time Rana's men chased us- I think it was fluke... This time no one chased us- Shyam reckons- only this is fluke- By the way I think Shyam is giving toomuch credit to that Rana's intelligence... I told him so too... But Sid says it can only be because only RM phone lines are tapped- and our lucknow house is not...

Hari prakaashji was telling you are blasting at everyone at home for small small things- He too told me to come back soon- to handle the great Arnav singh Raizada. I have been smiling all day since his call...

Jul 10th
Arnavji, I am growing big- I am putting on a lot of weight- I will look hideous if you saw me now... How are everyone at home? I heard you have stopped talking much... Why do you do this to yourself Arnavji? you must be very angry with me na? I keep thinking what you will do if I ever came in front of you now? Maybe you will push me near a wall and kiss me senseless- bruising my lips and much more- wont you? Am I growing Shameless Arnavji? I dont know- I started fantazing you - day dreaming about you touching me and doing things that-wait- doc says that the baby can hear mom's voice now... Do you think he will be able to read what I think also? because, I have started thinking such besharam thoughts..
What have you done to me Arnavji? or is it the pregnancy harmones? I met Sid's family 2 weeks back.. they are such sweet family- Now I keep visiting them very often- ofcourse with La- you know my secret mission right? take care Arnavji- Dont shut yourself to our room and work- others need you too

Jul 30th
I have made a mistake again Arnavji- Sorry- I didnt cut the call without any reason- You know? when I heard that Naniji was sick- I wanted to meet her one last time- I didnt care about anything- not even our baby- I started throwing tantrum- that Sid finally had to drive me to Pune... I was so upset that he let me call Naniji in a phone booth- I knew you were there.. I could sense you... I am a coward Arnavji- My heart can never say enough to listen to your voice and still stay away- but I have to na.. if I want you alive? - and like last time we were soon after we were chased- I dont know how they found... I had to forget the trip... Sid Almost lost his life - His first priority throughout was to protect me and our baby. Once of the jeeps hit our car bonnet, we flew out of control- I went hysteric- Sid was muttering - baby- baby- baby needs to be safe Kushi.. all the time... I couldnt run Arnavji...He made me hide under a shop near the market while he was chased in the pune streets- those people carry guns- I was so scared for him- I was sitting there shivering- I dont know for how long, he then came over very late in night after he diverted the men to another area to pick me up. I never felt so scared in life Arnavji- not after Amma Bauji's death... Until I saw him alive, I thought I would die in guilt- I was so scared that I might not live to see you one last time to apologise to you Arnavji and tell you about our Baby. I have decided to stay safe Arnavji- for you sake- for our sake- Am I being selfish Arnavji?

Aug 15th
Arnavji, I cried today-a lot.. Why do you do this? Hari prakashji told me he saw you talking to me in the night... with my dupatta and and he saw you cry... What have I turned you into Arnavji? He also told me you are not even eating properly... Why Arnavji? What will I not give to come to you and feed you? I will give everything- But not your life- I know... you wont forgive me na... I dont deserve you Arnavji- your love is so pure- I feel I am tainted to recieve it... I am so selfish... I just want to be by your side and put you to sleep... do you remember the nights when you felt low and slept on my lap while I spoke to you about sweet nothings that didnt interest you at all- but still you would smile at me and then go to sleep? Will we ever get a chance to do that again Arnavji?

Aug 29th
How are you Arnavji? Are you ok? Are you still crying in the night? I saw your interview Arnavji.. the fashion week at delhi- you look so tired.. are you taking care of yourself? Have you forgotten to take care of yourself? I know Di is not there much after her wedding- I am not there too... What is Jiji doing? I felt like calling her and blasting her- How can she not take proper care of my husband... but then what right have I got to blast at her? I abandoned you in the first place isnt it? I dont deserve to be your wife at all...

sep 7th
Arnavji- I am so excited today- for the first time I felt our son inside my tummy- he kicks me.. How I wish you are here to feel that- you could put your hand on my tummy and then he would kick...But actually not so soon- La says she is not able to sense it yet- But I can sense it- He keeps moving around all the time... and you know what- Everyone here complains that my pregnancy blues are difficult to handle... Sid reckons that I am turning into another ASR- La and Sid are having a tough time - the other day, I cried so badly that Sid and La tried to make jelebis for me... then the moment they brought it to me, I started screaming at them saying that they dont understand my feelings and all that- then after sometime, I ate those jelebis - it tasted horrible by the way and hugged them both thanking them for their sweet gesture- Sid has started calling me jelebi- Before you start to plan how to strangle him, listen fully- he calls me jelebi not because I am sweet - He says I am very difficult to understand just like the twirls of jelebi... It seems only you can understand me
I want to hug you badly Arnavji...

Then she has written about how Sid's family had taken care of her- how Sid's sister, Nidhi - lolipop would call Arnav on phone pretending to be a customer care agent or for an insurance ad or as a Radio
jockey and get him to speak, shout or murmer that he is busy while she put it on speaker to let Kushi hear his voice- just because Kushi wanted to hear his voice - and how one day Sid had found out about this and had got really wild that these two could have given out their location with their antics- and how finally they managed to make sid make arrangements for a fail proof plan and Lollipop managed to get Arnav's appointment through call for an hour's interview after he was listed as one of the top ten young business Entrepreneurs of India.

Arnav had let out a swear in shock when he read that part- for he vividly remembered that phone interview-and he was sure that it was some star struck teenager who had taken that interview- Because more than the anything related to business, the interview had revolved around his personal interests- his family- his love life - his wife- his children - all
of which was pricking him at that point reminding him painfully about the absence of his wife- He had given that interview literally cursing Rati for including this in his schedule.

He read further and got enlightened that Kushi had recorded that interview and how she felt that most of the times he had only snapped at the poor hapless lollipop but how heroically she had taken it on her stride. - He had no idea that it was for kushi- had he known that he would have been a little nicer he thought with a smile-

Sep 26th
Arnavji- you wont believe what I and Lollipop did today- my eyes was watering with all the fun- and I was so so so happy listening to you after a long long time... Haha... with her questions- I would actually visualise you muttering what the innumerable times... Sorry Arnavji- I couldnt help when she asked you if you want the insurance policy for your grandson... I burst out laughing that she cut the call quickly... we are visiting another telephone booth tomorrow to call you... Only if Sid comes to know what his sister is upto...

Sep 30th
we couldnt escape as planned earlier Arnavji- finally after all these days, we got a chance today- but you are such a kaddoos.. why did you answer her so rudely? She was cursing you all the time for spoiling
her mood- poor girl.. All she did was to lighten up my mood and I ended up lightening her mood.. It will be sometime before I can persuade her to do it again...

Oct 10th
Arnavji- today I am so happy- you know what- Sid and La are together- finally- My plan worked... I am so happy for them... you should actually set up a lovers lifeline for me... I am an expert in this- I have a knack to finalize the lovers deal with ease - dont you think? Jiji and Jijaji then Di and Ashok- now Sid and La- But my most important deal would be
- the moment I realised that I am in love with you... and the moment I realised that you love me too... Fairy tales do exist Arnavji.

Oct 17th
Arnavji, congrats on the award- you are listed in top ten business men in India- Sid got it too... But I felt I like won the award myself- I cant be a proud friend- and a much prouder wife.. hope you got my bouquet of roses...

oct 23rd
I am so big Arnavji... So so so big.. that if you want to hug me now, you can do it only from my back... you cant even try one of your tricks that you are fond off- pushing me up a wall and arrest me there and... Ok I have to stop I have to stay insane... I am growing so annoying I suppose... Sid was asking La the other day if she would behave like me if she ever gets pregnant- he was all for adoption- if he has to handle another pregnancy like this- Lol- La hit him on the head- nd refused to talk to him- bechara then finally agreed that he will not ask for such stupid promises- I think he is pissed off high time- and ofcourse my pregnancy is kind of training for him so that he can handle it better when La gets pregnant. Poor Sid reckons he has already endured a life time's punishment...

Nov 18th
Today I am sad, this is the first time Sid fought with me- Actually he has never fought with me- Today I realised how much he means to me as a friend.. All I did was to listen to your voice. I and Lollipop did it again- It was your birthday... Arnavji.. what can I do? I was thinking of you so much and then Lollipop and I sneeked out to another local booth- She was having so much fun interviewing, I was on cloud nine, then sid walked in.. he noticed both of us standing inside the booth and came to investigate- he was fuming- he is not talking to lollipop- poor girl she is crying... I had to apologise to him and he is saying me he will only accept if I promise not to try this again... so no more adventures like this- But he promises that he will plan a safe way...
But you are cute Arnavji- your answers gritting your teeth- I can see them as if you were sitting opposite me and answering her.

He then read her accounts on her pregnancy and her cravings for him- her thoughts that centered around him when she was about to deliver- Her first recording about their son... then it abruptly ended- Dec 31st- end of the year- he noted as he sighed with annoyance- But atleast he had got to know what she went through - she would nver tell him all this-. He read that she had screamed for him when in delivery pains- He realised he had sensed her calling out for him- that day... Dec 27th- he couldnt lie in the bed- he felt very disturbed that night- It felt as if he was sure she was going to walk in any moment or call him any moment- but she hadnt come- she had but then, called out for him...

Dec 15th
Arnavji- Dadiji and Gayathri Maa came to see me... Dadi says that I look like I might deliver by another week or two-But my due date is first week of Jan-No complaints here- I want to get the baby out already... I wish you were by my side when I deliver. The delivery classes that I go has all the pregant ladies coming there with their husbands- I can imagine how lovingly you would have taken me- if only I have let you... I do those breathing exercises Arnavji...
Your Son's kicks have grown stronger... if anyone places their hands on my tummy- they can feel it... He moves a lot - I look like Kahaani heroine- Vidya balan ji... I huff and puff when I walk... Sid's mother has told me that I have to stay at sid's parents place now... She is worried about me and the baby- so I am going to his house tomorrow...

Dec 27th
Dadiji was right Arnavji, I got pains today morning... its not so much now but I got admitted... It will take time to go to peeks.. I am sitting at the labour ward- writing letters to you- The nurse here was asking where my husband is- I took out my diary and started writing to you... somehow writing in this diary feels like talking to you... There was another lady who gave birth to a baby few minutes back- she was screaming- its scary... But I know.. It will not be long before I will start screaming your name... But only this time its not out of intimate pleasure- but for your baby- How I wish you were the one to cut the umbilical cord for me and our son... Ouchhh.. ok I think I am heading into it... Wish me luck Arnavji

Dec 28th
Dearmost Arnavji- We are proud parents of a cute little bundle of joy- He has your eyes- didnt I tell you- its a son...I have named him Arush- he is like the first rays from you...the sun-I had normal delivery- I kept screaming your name until my throat grew sore...and still I couldnt stop calling out to you.. My voice is gone now...Dont ask me about the delivery Arnavji- It was painful delievery- after the initial pains- this guy took 8 hours to peep out- He has lot of head weight just like you- haha- no I didnt mean it - you both are sweet!

I am feeling so tired Arnavji.. I and Arush came out of the labour ward only few hours back...I am so tired- even tired than the demanding nights by your side... Sid's mom is here at the hospital- Gayathri Maa and Dadi are here too... they are all so happy... Sid is already saying that he will be the god father- and no one else other than him deserves that chance- I feel so too- afterall that he did to protect the baby and put up with my irksome ways- He and La can be his god parents.. isnt it? and your son feels hungry all the time- I do nothing other than feeding him and sleep- the stitches at the perinium hurts like hell- I will never let you near me again - that is, if you think of making me pregnant again- forget it-I wont get pregnant again-never ever in life- Arush will remain our only son- ok?.
I feel like talking to you Arnavji- I felt as if you knew that I was screaming your name... Did you hear me calling you? Did you feel it?

Dec 31st-
We came home Arnavji- I and Arush.. Arush is very cute Arnavji- I feel blessed, I keep cuddling him all the time...If this is what it feels like to have babies I am ready for more- No dont smile- I am serious- forget what I told you earlier- I was only frustrated with the pain and stuff- Now I am alright- getting better and better and I dont know where my time goes- it runs very fast-this guy is so demanding- he wouldnt let me sleep- just like you- he keeps crying all the time that is when he is not asleep or when he is not drinking his milk- how did you manage to spurn a exact replica of yourself? Look he has started crying again...hmm got to go now... Happy new year Arnavji.. It is indeed a very good new year ahead for us...
I and Arush are waiting to meet you soon Arnavji...

He was pondering for a while, when he heard a gasp and then saw Kushi glaring at him and her dairy together as she stood at the slide door.

To be continued

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Part 58

Post by Abavi on 2013-02-25, 10:55

Part 58

Arnav swallowed the lump that he could feel in his throat. He couldnt get enough of what he had read, he could'nt accept that he had reached the end of the year entries- He kept going back again and again to see if he had missed any page- He longed to live those moments that she had described in her memoir,He turned to some random page that he had read already, and read it hungrily as if to catch something that he might have missed when he read it earlier, and he felt as if by reading those little wishes of hers, her longings for him, her desires, her delight, her estacy, her fears, her apprehensions, her perilous adventures- again and again- he would somehow miraculously go back to live those days again- near her- with her- fulfilling her wishes, being a part of her happiness and sadness, keeping her safe, and just being by her side when she needed him.

Arnav was so lost in thoughts that he did not realise the elapse of time nor was he aware of Kushi approaching the slide door. A sharp gasp from her brought him out of the trance, drawing his attention to her as she stood against the slide door. He had been so overwhelmed by what he had read just now that he didnt realise that she was actually throwing draggers at him with her eyes.

Infact he was looking at her so tenderly, expecting her to look into his eyes to empathize with his feelings that he was subject to at that moment, that he was taken aback when she ran towards him and took the diary away from his hands. His surprise was short lived however, as his astute mind sprang to his rescue, opining him to play it cool. He called out to her retreating back with a smirk playing on his lips

"Do you maintain a similar one like that for this year too? I would like to read it"

As expected, she lashed at him as she turned back

"How shameless can you get?"

"I dont see any reason to hold myself from expressing what I feel- to my wife" Arnav told with a devilish arrogance as he walked towards her "If I feel brazen, I show it"

He knew he was riling her up and he smirked further when she snarled at him while her face grew more flushed with anger

"I dont bother how you feel right now- you are perfectly free to feel prudish or arrogant or romantic or whatever you feel like- as far as you dont intrude my personal space"

The smirk was wiped off his face, hearing her final words..He had expected her to react angrily to his remark, but he didnt expect her to get back at him this intensely- and he didnt like it even a bit.

Kushi turned to get into the room once again, but was taken by surprise as she felt herself hurled across the walls adjoining the slide door. She glared back at a pair of brown eyes as it glared down at her.

"What did you say just now?" He snarled at her, gritting his teeth

"I am sure, you got what I meant to convey" She replied back coolly.

Her nonchalance to his obvious anger, pushed him further to the edge as he grabbed her arms and squeezed it mercilessly.

"Would you care to explain what you meant by personal space?" he snapped at her

"This diary is mine- You knew very well that I didnt want you to read it when I took it back from you in the evening"

"There is nothing in there that I ought not know" he yapped at her, tightening his hold on her further, making her flinch in pain.

He loosened his grip on her a little- albeit slowly, and closed in further on the distance between them. Though it was reflexive move, his shrewd eyes didnt fail to notice the change in her demeanor that this move effected upon her.

"But that doesnt change the fact that the diary is still mine and I didnt want you to read it.. Does it?" she told him as she shivered a little against the sudden coolness of the wall upon which she pushed herself further, intending to put up some distance between them.

Arnav who was well known in the business world for his traits in observing the opponent, for any signs of exhibit of weekness, was quick enough to notice Kushi's discomfort- He decided to cash in on her momentary display of upheaval.

"yes it doesnt., apart from the fact that those letters are addressed to me-" he replied back throatily as he further invaded the space between them. "and I dont remember any prevalance of personal space in our past that demanded the other to stay clear off it" He told her in a husky voice intermingled with a tinge of haughtiness in it. She was however smart enough to notice his change of approach- afterall she knew this man in and out.

She drew in sharp breath as she felt his stubble and lips on her neck

"Back off" she hissed at him as she put in her diary held hands on his chest and shoved him with all her might

"What the " Arnav muttered angrily.

He was taken aback by surprise as he realised that she had actually pushed him away

"Kushi why do you do this Dammit?" he barked at her

"Arent you smart enough to understand the reason yet?" she yelled back at him

"No I dont! I dont see any goddammed reason for you to back away every single time I try to get closer to you" He told her, ignoring the small voice at the back of his mind which told him that he indeed knew the reason.

"Oh alright then- you want a reason- do you? " she asked him, pushing back some of her locks which escaped the confines of the back of her ear. " Ok Listen- its very unfortunate that I dont happen to be one of those innumerous opportune craving models who would do anything for a chance to fluant your designs or those attention seeking, love sick girls who sport a crush on you, who would give a limb and an arm to stand here letting you do whatever you want even after you have crushed their self respect under the heels of your shoes"

That was it- Kushi bit her lips trying hard not to cry as Arnav stood there in stunned silence as her words sinked in. As Kushi dashed inside hurriedly not wanting him to see her eyes brimming with tears, Arnav grabbed a glass vase by the stand near the wall and flung it across the pool walls. He watched with helpless anger as he watched the broken glass peices caused ripples in the water in the pool.


Kushi's tone of agony made him instantly forget his anger and rush back inside to see if she was alright.


Kushi had come rushing in with tears streaming down her cheeks as she heard the shattering noise of the glass vase, that she hadnt remembered that the furniture in the room had been rearranged to accomodate Arush's crib. She got hurt as she dashed right into the wooden office table and let out an involuntary cry of pain.

"What happened? Are you alright?"

She turned back to look at Arnav, even though she had switched off most of the lights in the room after she put Arush to sleep, The soft lights were enough to highlight the concern on her husband's face- He had come running after her at her slight indication of pain- even after she had hurled those hurtful words at him. She felt fresh tears streaming down her face as she desperately tried to wipe them off, and limped to the wardrobe and tossed the diary carelessly into the wardrobe- She did not care about its secrecy anymore.

A surge of sympathy took over Arnav's anger looking at his wife's state.

"I need to tell her it was all a lie- she needs to know" he mumbled to himself as he walked towards her

"Kushi, look, I know why you are this angry- But there is no need to be this upset over what I ---" but before he could finish he was interupted by her.

"If you think I am angry at your stupid lie on the night of my return- then save your speech- Because unfortunately I know too much about you to catch your lie even in the dark" she told him not caring anymore about her streaming tears as she walked over to the bed.

To be continued.

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Part 59

Post by Abavi on 2013-02-25, 10:56

Part 59

"If you think I am angry at your stupid lie on the night of my return- then save your speech- Because unfortunately I know too much about you to catch your lie even in the dark" she told him not caring anymore about her streaming tears as she walked over to the bed.

If Kushi's revelation about her knowledge of his lie baffled him, Arnav didnt show it.

"So you think it is a lie"

"No, I know it is a lie"

"Impressive- but you are bluffing"

"No I am not- You are the one who is bluffing- - no man who had seeked other women to satisfy his needs in his wife's absence would clutch his wife's duppata to sleep- nor will he continuously hunt for her location- nor will he talk to the winds about how much he missed her"

Arnav was liking her argument so much that he decided to rile her up a little and get her to talk- Her silence and quiet disapprovals were much painful that her direct fight- and he knew her well- she wouldnt give him direct answer if he asked why she was angry with him if she knew he lied to her that night- It was much easier to get her to talk this way.

"Oh yeah I forgot that you have been keeping close tabs on me... and thats why you knew" Arnav told her, his tongue firmly on his cheek.

"What?" Kushi asked a little confused and then her eyes grew wide as she understood it her way "Oh you mean that I dont know you enough to catch that lie? Even if I had not been closely watching you, I would have still found it out- I know too much about you to fall for that kind of lie- you might be talented and all- but you can never get to cheat on me... I would not believe it- even if it is from your own mouth "

Arnav raised his eyebrow at Kushi's heated argument. A surge of possesive pride filled him. He again took a few steps getting near her. Though she looked a little apprehensive, she didnt move back.

"No-" Arnav shook his head a little amused.

"No? What do you mean no?" Kushi was getting more angry with his adamant refusal to believe her capability to trust him

"I still think you are bluffing and I didnt mean the lie.. I meant the part where you said that you caught my lie"

"I dont get it..." Kushi seemed really baffled

"You sobbed that night.. you wouldnt if you really knew that I was telling you a white lie- That night you believed my words- later maybe you realised it was all a fib"

His mean calmness was undoing her. She made one last effort to control her anger and show him that she was equally unperturbed by the way the talks were taking turn.

"So you knew I was sobbing that night- but still you didnt come to console me did you?- considering that you knew very well you were lying" Kushi asked him

"You are diverting from what we were discussing. You cried that night thinking that I had been sleeping with other women"

Kushi's control snapped

"No I didnt cry because of that-" Kushi screamed at him, momentarily forgetting that Arush was asleep in his crib "I was only upset that after all that it took me to - to comfort you that day- it was a very cruel thing to say even if it was a lie- very mean way to treat one's wife as if she was a -a -a " She stopped abruptly

she had been watching Arnav's face which had shown a hint that he had been waiting for this outlet. He had known right at the point that she knew all along when she let him know that she knew that he had lied. But all he was trying to do was to rile her up and then get her to speak

"Forget it" She told him and as she turned back to get into the bed
But she was spiraled back right into his arms

"Not that soon sweetheart" he said in a rasping tone as he secured her promptly inside his arms.

"Leave me Arnavji"

"Not before I know what I want to know"

She tried shoving him, ignoring his blazing eyes on her own pair which to her great discomfort travelled across her slightly quivering lips, down the depth of her neck and stopped right at the point where the neckline of her night shirt obscured his further peek into her curves.

"What is it" she whispered helplessly as she realised that he wont release her until he got what he wanted and his proximity was not helping her remain sane.

"Did you cry because you thought that I was not anymore attracted to you? did you feel that I made you feel cheap by ignoring your advances after that commendable audaity that you displayed that night? did you think that your proximity didnt affect me anymore because of the almost two year seperation? because you thought that I kissed you that day, without feeling the need to? That your naked glory didnt even turn me on anymore? Did I make you feel like you have lost me already? - literally?"

Kushi didnt answer him but her eyes deceived her hurt, and Arnav knew immediately that he had hit the spot. Kushi tried to release herself once again but in vain.

"Did I hurt your feminine ego sweetheart? Did I bruise your womanly pride? " he asked her huskily as her chest heaved up and down, as she made herculean effort to control her tears which had started to fill her doe like eyes.

She couldnt trust herself to talk, so she just shook her head in negative, radidly blinking back tears.

"no?" he asked her amused

She shook her head again

"I see" he said lightly shifting his hands that he had wound around her and she squirmed against him

"You know what kushi? we both are so weird-" He told her "We know the other would catch our lie without even battling an eyelid, but still we try lying just for the heck of it- isnt it?"

She chanced a look at his eyes, he was steadily looking into hers, with a smirk playing on his lips.

"You were beautiful that night...just like you always was- are and will be ever in future- for me. I felt mesmerised that night - the same way I felt the first time when you fell into my arms and had ever since been- your scent was creating havoc in my mind that night the same way the same way I feel right now - when you are standing this close to me- not having a clue of how torturous I feel, That daring feat that you did that night, turned me on like no other time- and it took me enormous amount of self
control to keep my hands off you"

The night had turned astoundingly beautiful all of sudden as they kept staring into the depths of eachother's eyes- filled with love. Kushi broke the spell as she realised Arnav's hand removing her hairband from her hair, letting down her hair.

"you have'nt apologised yet"

"Do I have to? yeah ok- I am sorry"

"that- that didnt work- I am still angry with you- madly angry with you"

"Oh I see" he said pulling her still more closer to him "may be this might work" he said as he lowered his lips to hers, capturing it in a tantalizing tender kiss.

"did this work now?" he asked her after they surfaced from the kiss.

"nope it didnt" she told him with a pout "But I was under the impression that my man is tough to tame types- soft and tender doesnt suit you- not atleast now - this is simply not your style- dont you think?"

Arnav raised his eyebrows in surprise

"Do women get bolder and shameless after childbirth?" he asked her smirking "Not that I complian though" he added further, raising his smirk on his lips by a notch.

"Shutup" she said smiling before she tangled her fingers inside his locks near the neck once more, pulling his closer to her.

They started kissing once again- wildly, and not caring about bruising eachother, relishing the feel of eachother like they have never done before. Then all of a sudden they were scratching, groping, kissing, biting and squeezing where ever they could lay their hands on - and very soon their wilderness ventured into ripping eachother's dress, in a hurry to undress eachother, impatiently making to the bed- coursing to get caught once more into the depths of the most mysterical pleasure known to mankind.

It was almost 8 in the morning when Arnav woke up sensing a ticklish feeling on his right foot, He raised up his head to find Arush sitting next to his right foot which was peeping out of his blanket. Arush giggled again as he again tickled Arnav.

Arnav felt disoriented for a little while and then he slumped back to his previous position

"Arush.." he mumbled "how did you get out of your crib little champ?"

He pulled his foot inside, and that was when he sensed his leg move on top of Kushi's bare legs. He noticed that almost half of his body was on top of hers and his head had been resting on the crook on her neck and even now, when he called out Arush, his lips were moving against her slender skin. He raised himself off her, taking note of the visible signs on her body bearing proof of a wild night.

He had been reckless last night and she had buoyed him up to go ahead, she herself had not been any less, the scratches, nail marks and bites on his body were enough proof of that... He knew he would have to pay later for all those marks that would not sty concealed by her dress- She would be mad when she finds out- he thought as he cleared her face off a estranged lock of hair.

If this is what they would get if they started off a love making section with the level of egositic anger that they both harboured last night, he owed to make sure that he would rile her up everytime they would make love in future. He was surprised, he never knew that his little wife as much a lioness at bed when riled up as she was when she would fight with him for everything else that she believed in and he did not-

This was not ofcourse the first of their wildest nights, they have had a fair share of it in the past, but Kushi would always behave like a perfectly blushing new bride at bed during all those times, there had been times when she initiated too, but when things got ignited, she would shy away and always leave it up to him to take it forward. Never had she been this open minded or this bold, he chuckled as he remembered last night
and the night of her return when she layed herself bare just to appease him.

"It should be Child birth which brought in this change in her, he decided - or was it the seperation that has to be credited for this welcome boldness in her? he mentally made a note to do a research on this later.

He shifted himself from his position half on top of her and rolled to his side, She felt cold air hit her as his warmth was no longer covering her, and she tried pulling her blanket to cover herself, grumbling in her sleep. He helped her cover herself properly, as he hoisted himself up on his elbow, still watching her sleep.

She opened her eyes slowly adjusting herself to the brilliant light filling the room. Arnav came into her view first, his blazing look making her uncomfortable, she cluctched her blanket closer to her, her cheeks flushing red.

"Maammaa" Arush let out a babble at that moment. He had managed to get down from the bed.

"Arush.." Kushi called as she realised he was already up. She raised her head up a little to see beyond Arnav's head inside the crib "Where are you beta?" she asked as she noticed the crib empty.

"He is sitting beside the bed over there on the carpet" Arnav told her

"You let him down from the crib?"

"Nope" Arnav told her as he slumped his head back into the pillow on that side of the bed "seems like he learned to get down from the crib by himself - in only 3 days- My son doesnt like barriers- just like me"

Kushi looked at him as he glanced the white sheet covering her as he mentioned about barrier and pulled the sheet further to her neck

"Haa.. now that he displays something clever- he becomes your son immediately- that was selfish"

"cant help being a little selfish" he said as he leaned forward on to her to reach for his pant which was lying on the floor on her other side.

"Arnav.." Kushi stammered "its late already.. and Arush is awake and"

She stopped as she realised that he was only reaching for his pant

"Oh I thought.. you were.." She told awkwardly blushing red again.

"Too generous of you to think this highly of your husband"

He smirked as he quickly put on his pants and got down, picked up his shirt and pulled it over his head.. He collected her clothes which were strewn around the room and passed it to her.

"My night shirt" she asked as she checked what he gave her.

"eh? oh your tops... " he asked as he looked around and then noticed that Arush was playing with it.

"Hey Little champ has got it" Arnav informed her as he moved towards the corner where Arush was sitting on his heels. He bent down to take Kushi's dress from his hand

"maammaa Kapppda" Arush told looking at his dad with large eyes.

"yes kiddo its hers, look at her - very irresposible na- she drops it at odd places and then make us pick it up for her isnt it? quiet a slave driver she is " he told him as he picked him up too and threw her shirt to her.

"What? what did you tell him just now?" She asked him, but he ignored her

"How long have you been you up Little Champ?" he asked his son " you have a lazy mom ..dont you? Is it always like this? are you the one to wake her up?" he asked as Kushi opened her mouth wide ...

"did you call me Lazy mom? " She asked but he shruged his shoulders nonchalently

"and Shameless too.. " he added with a smirk

Kushi decided to ignore his comments and get on with her day and as she took her shirt in her hand she let out a audible gasp

"What is this? this one is ruined" she screamed as she showed Arnav the shirt " you tore it! you tore it such a way that it cannot be mended again! "

Arnav looked at the shirt which was ripped along the front, the fabric royally spoiled.

"May be Arush-" Arnav started to say when Kushi cut him off

"Dont blame my son" Kushi warned him "I know it was you"

"Yeah.. I was meaning to say that May be Arush's parents got a little wild yesterday and its totally unfair to blame only his dad- Isnt it Kiddo?" he smirked at her as she threw the shirt towards him

He caught it with an unerring nonchalance and flung it on the recliner.

"Ok Kiddo, lets act gentlemanly now and give Momma her personal space" he told Arush playfully with a little stress on the word personal space as he caught her eyes for a moment and winked at her. With a sigh Kushi winded herself with the white sheet and got out of the bed.

Smirking amicably he moved forward to open the door to the pool side and moved out, closing the door behind him, giving Kushi the much needed time and privacy.

To be continued.

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Part 60

Post by Abavi on 2013-02-25, 10:57

Part 60

"Arnav" Kushi screamed as she dashed out of the bathroom, minutes after Arnav and Arush had left the room to the poolside.
Arnav who had been doing a countdown smirked knowingly at Arush.

"You Momma has started" Arnav told to Arush as he turned to go in again. He saw her charging at him as he just peeked in from the poolside with Arush still in his hand

"Wow Kushi- I have just found last night that a very angry you -covered in only that thin and clumsy white sheet is a perfect hot combo for a brilliantly perfect love making session- Dont tempt me now"

"What?" She stopped abruptly then, changed her direction and started throwing pillows at him.

Arnav let Arush down as he ducked the pillows and moved towards her and held her hands - laughing all the time.

"what is it now"

"Look what have you down to my face! How do you expect me to face your family this way? And here on my neck too- "

"Hmm.. may be you can try the makeup kit trick again... it might work! "

"clever- very clever- stop smirking this is not funny! How many times have I told you to be careful about leaving marks where others could see?

"Its been long time Kushi- I forgot" he said with his tongue in cheek

"You what? Why am I even wasting time talking to you?"

Arush who had been playing with the TV remote in the meanwhile, managed to switch on the TV - the TV came live showing some Salman Khan scene from his famous movie.

"Amaan" Arush called out pointing his chubby finger to the TV

This distracted his parents a little as Kushi exclaimed...
"Haaan... Salman Khan ji Arush... here here- show Momma his style Arush Beta? show me salman ji style"

As Arush did something similar to the popular star's trademark style, Arnav had an unbelievable look as Kushi cheered for her son- Arush happily grinned at his mother, as his performance earned him a bear hug and a restounding kiss from his mother.

Arnav watched both of them with a horrified expression on his face as they started to sway to a Salman Ji dance number which followed the scene

"What the" Arnav said as he moved towards Arush and took the remote control from him changing it to some sports channel - eliciting a protest from his wife's mouth

"Why did you change it?"

"No.. this is the craziest thing that I ever have to endure... I am not letting him watch all this"

"try and stop us... We were watching the song- Give me the remote control!"

"No, He is ASR's son- I wont let him do some stupid style and dance for a bollywood number - that too that pathetic step- How dare you teach him that"

"How dare you call it a stupid style? He is not only ASR's son- He is KKGSR's son too- I will teach him Salman ji's style and we will both watch Salman ji's movies daily- if it bothers you so much stay away from the room"

Arnav ignored Kushi's debate as he bent towards Arush who was looking at his parents with a curious expression and made him sit facing the TV.

"Watch Football Little Champ- its a lovely game- I will tell you how they play it- you can play it too- with me one day when you grow up"

"No Arush Beta- you love watching Salman Khan na- Tell your Dadda"

"Dont listen to your Momma's choice Kiddo - it sucks"

Then there was a snatching match between the both as they kept snatching the remote control from eachother and finally Kushi successfully pushed Arnav on the bed and the remote control landed near Arush again.

"How dare you tell him that my taste sucks?"

"Sorry for breaking this to you, but he needs to know the truth"

"Oh really? I chose you too... "

"You didnt- I forced you to- you didnt have much choice- so that doesnt count much"

then there was a change in the channel as Arush pressed the button on the Remote control again, and this time young girls cladden in fashion wear struted the ramp- with DJ mix blarring their ears.
Kushi looked wide eyed at the screen and then back at her son. She turned to look at her husband who sat up on the bed.

"He sure has taste- thank your devimaiya that he inherited my sense of fashion"

"Are you actually proud that he watches this stuff?" she asked with a unbelievable look

"Ofcourse! he is the future MD of AR chains of industries- and I am actually relieved that he didnt take a liking to your colorful rainbow ways of dressing"

Kushi's jaws opened wide hearing that remark as Arush giggled looking at his mother.

"Change it right now Arush beta" Kushi told him trying to ease the remote from him but Arush denied giving her the remote and turned the other way. Arnav laughed seeing this

"Dont be so happy- He doesnt even know what is running on that TV- He just keeps changing channels thats all" Kushi told Arnav staring at him

"Yeah I know" Arnav told as he kept grinning.

Arush talked in his gibberish language

"yeah thats right" Arnav told him

"What is right? Dont tell me you understood what he told - He only blabers" Kushi told surprised

"No, He says that the model in front of us is looking more hotter than the ones in TV- those models are better covered compared to you"

Kushi tried to act nonchalent- but the raise in color on her cheek was evident-

"you are shameless bunch of father -son duo. I am going to take bath" she muttered as she turned to move away from there

"Jadoo hai Nashaa hai madhoshiyaan..." the song started to play as Arush had changed the button again

Kushi stood still for a moment and it only took a second for Arnav to make use of that opportunity. He pulled her back to him.

"This guy is smart- very smart" he whispered as he half rolled on her.

Kushi laughed.
"what are you doing?" she asked

"Do you remember the Diwali two years back Kushi?"

"yeah, I do" she whispered back.

"I dont know why but everytime I hear this song- it reminds me on that night"

"I can understand" she smiled " that night was magical too- but its already late Arnav- the family will be wondering what happened to the three of us"

"You are again at it- arent you Kushi? 100 ways to spoil romantic moments"

She laughed.

"my revenge - for insulting me in front of our son"

"When did I insult you- You did wear those hideous dresses two years back- I wonder what made you change your flashy colors to decent ones now"

"Not What- Who" Kushi corrected "When we went to Mumbai, Sid asked me to wear something that would let me blend with the common crowd as my dresses were colorful and catchy- If Rana's men were looking for me- I would not be easily spotted that way"

Arnav rolled his eyes as he heard Kushi tell about Sid.

"You never changed your style for me- You change it for another man" he complained

"you never asked me to change my dressing style in the first place"

"Thats because, I want you to be yourself- You dont have to change for my sake"

"Do you suppose that I should start wearing those dresses again then?

"Your wish Kushi- If you are comfortable- you can"

"what is your wish? do you like those flashy colorful velvet dresses or the ones that I wear these days?- not that colorful- simple and elegant?"

" I prefer what you are wearing right now" he said with a smirk as she hit him playfully

"If you keep pulling my legs every chance you get..."

"or you ok with me pulling your hands then?" Arnav asked quickly, but she ignored him and kept talking

"and keep passing comments on me- then-then" she said warningly

"then what? he asked still smirking

"Then I wont marry you Mr.Raizada" she said waggling her eyebrows

"Oh I see" he said as he buried his head on her hair by the crook of her neck "Then I would again drag you back to the temple and force you to marry me"

They laughed
"Hey Arnav stop it, it tickles"

He pulled his head a little up
"Kushi, good that you brought up that marraige thing- How about getting married tomorrow?"


"how many rituals are there? you know- er- before actual wedding ceremony? "

"There are quite a few - But tell me - are you serious? you want to get married tomorrow?"

"Yeah- if we can do all those rituals at a stretch- by tomorrowevening we can exchange vows- do the pheres and be declared Husband and Wife"

"But we are already Husband and Wife Arnav"

"I know- I want it to be in paper too- legal and documented"

"so lets go to the court or registrar's office- do a simple register marraige and finish it off- All they say is you have to be married before your 30 th birthday"

" I want to get married for our sake and not for the Will's sake- " he gritted his teeth " I want to give you what you were denied the first time! - you deserve it"

She put her hands on his cheek, smiling at him-

"its we..."


"We deserve it- Ok then lets do it the proper way! Those things cant be done in a single day Arnav ji-
Roka- engagement- Mehendi- Haldi - Sangeet-then varamala- then the wedding - Sindoor- mangal sutra, pheres- we would need atleast three days na- even if we club the rituals as much as possible-"

"Then be it- We are getting married in three days- " he said dropping a kiss on her forehead "Get ready and come with me today- We will get your wedding lehenga designed today and choose a ring for you"

They had not realised that the song was long over, and Arush had actually changed a couple of channels already until, Arush's next channel flick was a news Channel

" - is still under investigation. However, the hospital resources say that the IPS officer, who took the major blast on himself is under critical condition, but the an CID team which had been interogating him for the past three days have got trails of clues on the probable group responsible for the blast. The others injured during the blast, four days back are recovering quiet well. Now we go on the the sports section - with Cricket fever catching up with everyone- one would expect---"

Arush changed the channel again- But the snippet of news that Arnav and Kushi had heard was enough to catch their attention. Kushi stared at the screen and then turned to Arnav

"Does it mean- Shyam- he he was supposed to get discharged two days back" she whispered with an ashen face.

"Get ready Kushi, We are going to the hospital now" Arnav told her as he got up from the bed, all reasons for romance lost.


As Arnav walked the hospital lounge reaching to the receptionist in quick paces, Kushi who had been trotting behind him spotted Sid

"Sid!" she exclaimed as Arnav turned back and saw him too.

Sid was suprised to see them there but walked towards them.

"When did you reach here? you saw him? Is he alri-" Kushi started to ask as soon as he came near them and then gasped realising something else.

"You never left!" it was a statement "you knew all along that he was badly hurt- you lied to us"

Sid looked tired

"He asked me to" he said in a weary tone "Come"

He started walking back to the lounge as the two followed him

"Arent we going to meet him- I guess the rooms are on the other side" Arnav asked Sid

"No, the visitor time starts at 10 in the morning, we can go meet him in another 15 minutes" Sid informed them.

"Dadiji" Kushi exclaimed with surprise as she spotted Arnav's dadi sitting in the VIP lounge area where they were heading too"

Dadi who looked worn out and tired too looked up as she heard Kushi's voice as Kushi ran across the distance to her.
Arnav stood there stunned as he saw his Dadi after all these years.

As Kushi bent to get Dadi's blessings, Dadi held her affectionately-

"how is your little son doing? "

"He is fine Dadiji... Arnavji has come too" she informed directing Dadi's attention to Arnav who stood stupified beside a smiling Sid

"Arnav" Dadi let out a gasp as she raised her arms asking him to come closer to her.

Sid who was watching this reunion amusedly, shoved Arnav a little forward, sensing that it might take much more time for him to take the step on his own.

As Arnav walked towards his Dadi who was almost in tears, He felt a weird twinge in his chest, as the past came rushing to him.

He went forward and took her blessings when she pulled him into a hug and cried "15 years- Oh my god- I cant believe this... " She kept looking at him again and again, touching him on his face, making sure they were meeting for real.

"Dadi " Arnav crocked awkwardly.

"Oh my god.. Look at me - I am crying... I got a little -"

"Feel free Dadimaa... The VIP lounge is almost deserted. " Sid told as he too joined them

Dadi was smiling and crying at the same time, as she remarked how much tall Arnav has grown...

"Did you expect him to stay a 15 year old after 15 years Dadimaa? He will obviously grow up- Oh come on he is a father now! " Sid asked cocking his eyebrow.

"Keep quiet, you pagalpan" she said laughing as she gestured as if to hit Sid.

Arnav looked at this exchange weirdly, he had never known his strict reserved and sober Dadi would ever take tongue in cheek humor.

"Arnav" another person gasped a little away from them.

Arnav turned to look at a tall, and slim lady, she should be 50 at the most- But she looked beautiful still with age lines creasing her eyes and forehead, the greys in her hair adding to her dignified look, he tried hard to remember when he had met in the past... He felt lost as he could'nt recollect her at all and he strutted out an awkward hello.

"Thats Gayathri Maa" Kushi informed him helpfully as his body went stiff. All courtesy lost, he glared at her as she walked towards him along with Lavanya.

To be continued

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part 61

Post by Abavi on 2013-02-25, 11:04

part 61:

The air was filled with tension as Gayathri approached Arnav. While the elder pair of eyes was overwhelmed with warmth and
kindness, the younger ones were glaring at the other pair, overcome with hurt of yester years of suffering.

Kushi slid her hand on top of Arnav's clenched ones, but she realised that he didnt relax it like he normally did to her touch. She
murmered softly to him to relax as Sid placed himself in a position to act if necessary, as he watched Arnav with a curious expression on his face.

Gayathri maa stopped a few feet away from Arnav, her kind eyes smiling at Arnav and then at Kushi.

"Hi Kushi, hi ASR" La greeted them as she also sensed the tension in the air.

But Arnav and Gayathri had eyes on eachother.

"I never thought I would get to meet you in a situation like this Arnav- but I am happy we are meeting at last" Gayathri took the initiative to strike up a conversation. But Arnav didnt respond back to her. He looked at her steadily and may be he half nodded at her as he awkwardly looked away.

Gayathri didnt feel hurt by his irresponsive attitude

" you resemble your father so much! " She said softly smiling at him as she looked all over his face lovingly.

But Arnav didnt smile back at her as he looked back at her.There was too much hurt in there to let everything go easily and on top of that, an instant rage shot up as he heard her comment about his features. She, his father's mistress, had the audacity to remark about his resemblence to his father- her lover. As the thoughts left a very taste on his mouth, he looked away from her feeling disgusted.

Kushi tried to ease the tension as she attempted to smile at Gayathri

"Gayathri Maa, I didnt think I would meet you and Dadi here... "

"Kushi! " Gayathri called out with affection as she held out both her hands for her

As Kushi attempted to reciprocate the affection back to gayathri and put forward her foot, Arnav immediately put his hand on hers stopping her from crossing him towards gayathri, his eyes steadily glaring at Gayathri.
All reasons for the visit lost, Kushi and Dadi looked uneasy as Sid and La exchanges glances.

There was an uneasy silence where the small group looked at eachother, not knowing what to say. Kushi tried again to make it seem less awkward... She started another conversation as she forced a smile at Gayathri, who looked a little hurt by Arnav's actions.

"When did you both reach here? you should have come home" Kushi told them both. Gayathri who had gone quiet because of the cold attitude of Arnav made an effort to smile.

"We reached today morning only Kushi, Sid didnt tell us too... we came to know yesterday night only" Gayathri spoke out grateful that the topic atleast changed.

"I sensed something should be wrong because, Shyam didnt call and talk to me- He knew I will find out if ever tried to talk to me-
So after intense grilling from Gayathri's side, Sid finally spilled the beans yesterday night" Dadi told her

"hmm.. enough of defaming me- I was only trying to be a good friend" Sid told them.

"Yeah- only you would rate this as being good" Kushi teased him.

" Little Arush is always in our minds.. How is he doing?" Gayathri asked as Arnav gritted his teeth. Surely she had met his son.. how could Kushi behave so friendly with this lady?

"He is getting naughtier by the day" Kushi told her "wait till you meet him- You both will be coming home after this wont you? "

Kushi's question went unanswered for a while as Gayathri sharply looked at Dadi and then at Arnav before she turned and smiled at Kushi..

"Maaji would come for sure...- I have a little other work to be taken care of here... I am not sure Kushi... but I will try " She said politely

Arnav impatiently shifted his legs as he looked around, He wanted to get this over with as soon as possible. It was as if he was living the nightmares of the past again- How much ever, his logical mind tried to give the lady before him the benefit of doubt, he was not able to overcome the thought that this lady had wronged his mother- she was the reason for his and his sister's horrid childhood. How dare she addressed his Dadi as Maaji? How can Dadi let her address her the same way his mom did?

As the uneasy silence settled in again, Kushi looked at Sid and La asking them silently to help her out with another conversation as she for the first time in years didnt know how to start another conversation. Sid and La who had decently stayed out of most of family conversation nodded at her.

"Whats on your face Kushi? something bit you?" Sid asked abruptly as Kushi stared at him, kicking herself for asking him to start a topic in the first place. He grinned at her enjoying her discomfort.

"Haan yes.. What happened to your face Kushi?" Dadi asked kushi as she touched Kushi's marks on her face as Sid's question conveniently dragged all of their attention to her hickies on her face and neck.

Already being embarrassed in front of the family in the morning, (though none of them asked her what it was, they had only exchanged smirkes as they looked at her for the first time in the morning) Kushi grew cherry red again.

"Hmm.. May be Makeup kit allergy" La told them in a teasing tone.

"Hmm.. yeah- Arnav's new line of cosmetics products isn't ?- seems that it needs a little bit of fine tuning- gives allergy to all the testers" Sid commented suggestively

"Allergy? make up kit? " Dadi asked as she looked bewildered not getting the teasing tones of La and Sid, La continued...

"Yeah, the last time Sid tried it- he got an allergy too"

"You tried the same makeup kit?" dadi asked Sid getting more confused

"Anything for a friend Dadi" Sid said smiling coyly at Arnav " I tried a hand moisturizer... and this time I think Kushi tried out a Lip care product- isnt it kushi?"

Kushi reddened more as if it was even possible- Not able to meet anyone's eyes, she squeezed Arnav's hand silently begging him to put a stop to this merciless teasing. Arnav who was in no mood to be teased in the first place at a situation like this, was only happy to cut him short.

"Its 15 mins past 10 already, We should get going and meet Shyam" , Arnav told them all curtly

"oh yeah, He is in the ICU ward over there" Sid told as he moved towards the other side of the corridor, leading the way.


There was an increased aura of antiseptic severity as they approached the ICU corridor and they could see the buzz of activity as nurses dressed in Blue skirts and white stockings walked around from one place to another with increased tempo.

Sid crossed a few of the ICU wards and stopped at one door, pausing to turn back to his companions he directly looked at Arnav- his previous teasing manner totally replaced by a serious outlook.

"Kushi might need little assitance when she sees Shyam. Stay close to her" he murmered to him as he gestured La to stay close to Dadi. La nodded at him as he turned back, opened the door and stood aside to let them all in first.

To be continued ...

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Part 62

Post by Abavi on 2013-02-25, 11:06

Part 62
There was an increased aura of antiseptic severity as they approached the ICU corridor and they could see the buzz of activity as

nurses dressed in Blue skirts and white stockings walked around from one place to another with increased tempo.

Sid crossed a few of the ICU wards and stopped at one door, pausing to turn back to his companions he directly looked at Arnav.

"Kushi might need little assitance when she sees Shyam. Stay close to her" he murmered to him as he gestured La to stay close to Dadi. La nodded at him as he turned back, opened the door and stood aside to let them all in first.

A gush of medical aroma filled their lungs as they went in. As Kushi gasped looking at Shyam, with his body covered in black burns and pink flesh where it was not covered in bandages drenched in yellowish stuff. Arnav moved closer to her as he heard another gasp very near him. He heard Sid's muttered assurances to Gayathri.

Arnav could see the placement of intravenous lines through which resuscitating fluid was being administered to shyam, special lines were also placed into the circulation to monitor the resuscitation. A catheter was passed into the bladder to monitor urine output, another index of fluid resuscitation.
"Shyam" Gayathri called out in hushed tones as she went forward to the bed "Shyam- I shouldnt have let you - I shouldnt have let you - " she cried in hushed whisper.
"He is usually on sedatives at this time..he would open his eyes a little later" Lavanya told as she moved towards the other end and pulled out two chairs for Gayathri and Dadi to sit.
"You people didnt tell me he is hurt this bad" Dadi whispered in anguish as she stood rooted to her place.
"He was better than this during the first two days..." Sid told them "then he was treated with hemolysis of blood, which his kidneys didnt take well... He had to then be only on fluid resuscitation - that has slowed his improvements- He will be better-" Sid told as he held Dadi by her elbow and took her near Shyam.

"come closer Kushi" Sid told her "If you are staying a little away because of the smell..."

"No no its not that,, I.. " Kushi held Arnav's hand tight as she swallowed the lump on her throat.

Sid laughed a little
"You dont have to be polite... I know the smell gets you a little, sulfa- the wounds are dressed to prevent infections and spread of bacteria and toxins..I was teasing him yesterday too- that no girl would dare approach him if he smelled like this" Sid said trying to cheer up the lady folks at the room.

Shyam shifted a little and his eyes was still closed.

"Shyam, look who have come to see you" Lavanya called out softly near his ears, as Shyam slowly opened his eyes.

"Dadi Maa" Shyam called out with Strain, his happiness evident in his strained voice.
"What have you done to yourself shyam? Why didnt you tell me.. "

"we shouldnt have let him try this at all maaji... Its our mistake" Gayathri told

"this is nothing- you didnt see him two days back" Sid told them. Shyam smiled.

"I am fine...Dont worry too much...havent he always suspected this kind of adventures when we started this? " he said at last

"but... this is too much to take Shyam.. you should have stayed away - I shouldnt have consented to this at all"

"Gayathri Maa- dadi Maa- I am fine really- dont worry, Infact I have been talking to the authorities all day yesterday and I have given as much help as I could to trap Rana"

"you dont have to strain yourself Shyam- take rest- I will be here by your side until you recover" Gayathri told him

"No I have to ... now that I have seen you all... " he paused again... "I dont know If I will get a chance to tell you all what I wanted to tell"

"Shutup Shyam" Sid told quickly "you will be alright"

Shyam smiled a little and continued.

"I heard that Arnav didnt want to get married by this 18th... " Shyam said still unaware that Arnav and Kushi were there in the room "then we have to go by Plan B- hopefully that should"

"We are getting married in two days" Arnav's voice caught Shyam by surprise as he turned to look at Sid and then he caught Arnav and Kushi standing behind him

"Arnav" he exclaimed as he gestured him to come closer to his bed. Arnav went near him

"I need a promise" he said with strain " Anjali should never come to know" Shyam paused with a stress of emotion

"that you are good? that you have always strived to help us candidly? " Arnav asked him

"her impression on me is not her mistake... She would feel guilty if she knows about me"

"I cant promise that- with your news all over the news channels.. But May be I can promise to make sure that she is free of guilt " Arnav told him as he nodded his head a little.

"So you have decided to marry in two days?" Sid asked as he looked at Arnav and Kushi and then at Shyam "Your state has surely inspired him to change his decision- Kudos man"

"My decision has nothing to do with Shyam's state" Arnav gritted his teeth

"Sid, is this the time to rile him up" Shyam asked as Sid grinned at him

"Its very tempting" he said as Shyam tried to laugh too...

"Kushi" Shyam called out as she came near him with tears in her eyes

"I owe you an apology- which I have never given nor have you sought till this minute"

"You dont have to- you have made up for much more than a need for apology"

"But that doesnt change the fact that I did carry out a role play which suggested my obsessive lust for you"

"It was only a pretense- and you couldnt help it- you had to-"

"that doesnt alter the fact that it made you feel digusted- I am sorry"

"Shyam- dont worry about all this- get well soon- we will argue about this later"

"Happy married life" Shyam told at last as he looked from Arnav to Kushi

"why this advanced wish- you wish us after we come to visit you after the ceremony" Kushi smiled at him.

"The patient's wounds needs to be changed... can you all please wait outside?" A nurse who stepped in called out to all of them.

As they all ventured to move out, Shyam feebly called out to Sid.

"Yeah Shyam" Sid said as he leaned towards his friend.

"You will carry out my mission until the end- wont you?" Shyam asked him as Sid looked puzzled

"Mate- but why do you ask me this- you will be there to see the victory of your mission" he said but Shyam strained again to speak

"I dont think so Sid... I am sorry to dissappoint you" Shyam's voice grew more feeble as Sid's eyes grew wide

"No.. No - Shyam- mate hold on- look you are going to survive this" Sid spoke out urgently as he got up and screamed at the nurse to call the doctor...

The others rushed to the bedside as the various instruments around Shyam started to give beeps, indicating that he was sinking.

"you have been a great friend Sid, more like a brother" Shyam told in his feeble voice as sid urged him to hold on his life...

"Thanks mate...and Good bye" Shyam spoke out his last words before his eyes turned souless and he lost his battle of life... Sid stared at Shyam Aghast as he felt his breath hitch - watching his friend slipping into his one final everlasting sleep...

To be continued...

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Part 63

Post by Abavi on 2013-02-25, 11:07

Part 63

It was already two days since Shyam's death- two painful, dreadful wretched days passed by with heavy hearts filled with awkwardness and agony not only because of the loss of a life but also because of the inevitable downpours from the past drenching their lives once again- rendering them incapable of running away from it this time.

Everything else seemed to come to a stand still as soon after Shyam's body was cremated following his death and subsequent closure of formalities from the hospital and police officials, and as they all returned back to the hotel where Sid and La had been put up, and broke down, not able to take in the suddeness of the loss- the fact that one amongst them was no more -refusing to sink into their minds.

Arnav was more composed than any of them - reason being that it was only few days since he knew about Shyam's intentions- infact he didnt get much chance to get associated with the real Shyam. He started taking charge, urging them out of their mourning mood and to decide on further course of actions.

If there was one thing that Shyam's death propelled them towards a positive turn of tables- it was the general feeling to stop defending in the game and start avenging for his death.

Even though the determination was visible in Gayathri and Sid- the most virtuous change of the lot was Arnav's willing capitulation for their objective.

While Dadi agreed to go home with Arnav and Kushi- Gayathri opted to stay back at the hotel- Even though Kushi tried to take her home and Arnav remained politely quiet, Gayathri was obviously reluctant to join them. Sid and La decided to stay back with Gayathri, assuring Kushi that everything would settle down soon. Kushi didn't try to push anything further, as Shyam's sudden loss was hanging on top of their heads still.

Thus they split up with further action items decided amongst them. While Arnav and Kushi decided to get ahead with the wedding plans- promising to pay no heed to whatever threats that they would receive nor to let Shyam's death put a hamper on the magnanimity of the wedding celebrations, Gayathri and Sid planned on putting a check to put a stop to any further hurdles from Rana.

With Arnav in the game, very soon a workable plan was unanimously agreed upon. While a straight forward attack on Rana would demand energy and resource that was not currently at their disposal, they decided to use the resources readily available at their expense. What with the nation's two shrewd and young business minds and a person with close knowledge about the activities of his past, it was only a matter of minutes before they came up with a simple but an effective plan to put Rana in such a fix that he would have to relinquish any plans on them and concentrate on saving his own skin.

So it happened that when the Delhi police who were already being tirelessly bashed from all sides- the public, the ruling party as well as the opposing party and higher officials from police department itself for not making any visible progress on the bomb blast case were given an anonymous tip about the possible involvement of the renowned ruling party political figure- Ashutosh Rana in the bomb blast activities, they could'nt help but take it a little seriously. Further anonymous inputs to a very influential ruling party leader that a dominant person from his own party might have had a motivation for a facade of terrorist activity in the city capital when the elections were very close - built up significant pressure for the Delhi police force to dig up the fact on those lines. The Opposition party with hawk eyes, were just waiting for such an opportunity and jumped in on such a promising prospect.

A motivation of that frequency worked wonders on the team which were investigating on the case than it would have had if the personal motivation was brought to light. The end result was Rana didn't realise what hit him the next morning after Shyam's death that nearly made him stumble on the hard built steps of his political career.

Any efforts made by Rana to get the ruling party leaders to shield him went in vain as all of a sudden a tirade of complaints from all the victims of his past activities sprang up from all directions- forcing the ruling party to act mean and let him get out of the mess on his own. Before he had a chance to figure out the source of stimulus for such actions from all ends, a definitive arrest order was issued for him.

All of Rana's men were busy figuring out the master mind for all this ' as Shyam was a closed chapter, Gayathri and Subadra were nowhere in picture and were last seen mourning for Shyam and Arnav seemed to be well absorbed in marriage related activities. All this ensured that a precautionary bail was not in hand when the arrest warrant was issued for Rana- forcing him to abscond to avoid arrest.


Meanwhile at RM ' as planned in advance, the family was taken into partial confidence and was told about the criteria of the Will but nothing else about either Gayathri or Shyam was revealed or even mentioned- Though what was revealed was received with enormous surprises from all of them, the family accepted it nevertheless, and soon the preparations for the wedding kick started with full swing.

With a traditional Roka and a private engagement ceremony getting done in a flash, the ladies settled down for a mehendi ceremony that evening while the men basically being denied entry into the hall where the ceremony was being held, got to spend the evening in eachother's company up in the terrace at shantivan.

Arnav was almost pushed to the breaking point with NK and Sid pulling his leg to an irksome point while a serene Akaash watched over the entire leg pulling session with a smile on his face. Mama jovially joined the fun gang annoying Arnav further when Ashok walked into the terrace with a serious expression on his face.

"Arnav, read this" Ashok pushed a paper into the direct view of Arnav's eyes as they all looked up.

"This is serious- I happened to glance at yesterday's paper in the hospital lounge and see what I found- The person who died in the recent bomb blast- the police cop- he- he looks very much like Shyam- see notice his initials- Police Commissioner SM Jha- too much of a coincidence isn't it? "

Arnav looked at Sid who had gone very quiet suddenly. He pondered a little and then let out a sigh. The past two days had been very busy for the family that no one had bothered to browse through the papers or to switch on the TV to grab the news. Some vague points on the dirty game of politics being in display for the last two days was a more juicy topic than to discuss the unfortunate and unknown face of a deceased cop- who was almost forgotten. Those who knew about Shyam felt that it was all for good as they wouldnt have to deal with Shyam's truth revealation to the fmily at this juncture. But now Ashok has brought it to front - Arnav decided that he wouldn't be breaking his promise to Shyam if he told Ashok and other men present there about Shyam.

"This is the same person- Ashok" Arnav spelled out slowly "Shyam was a lawyer and a police commissioner too"

"What?" Shock itched on Ashok as well as the others faces were justifiable.

As Arnav shifted himself, getting prepared to give more explanation to the stunned faces around him, Anjali marched up the stairs carrying her naughty nephew. Arush had squeezed out the entire mehendi out of a cone which was left unattended a little while earlier spoiling his dress and smudging his hands and face with generous amount of the paste.

"look at your hands and face... " she grinned at him looking at the reddish tinge left by the mehendi before he was given a complete wash again and changed into another suit.. "your dadda really spent a good amount on your suit for their mehendi ceremony. He deserves it from his son... they left you out of their Men's party na? " she told him as she pulled his chubby cheeks.
"Hmm But now I think we should have denied entry for you as well you naughty little fellow.. enjoy with your father and chachas for a while - until we finish this mehendi ceremony - or your mother will really blow her top soon...Poor will she be able to keep her mehendi intact if you keep trying to smudge it all the while.. what were you thinking when you tried to taste her mehendi? you dont like palak anyway- what did you think it was?" She smiled at him as he looked at her curiously as she took the stairs to the terrace oblivious to what was being discussed there at the moment...

To be continued

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Part 64

Post by Abavi on 2013-02-25, 11:08

Part 64

Surprise itched in eveyone's face, Silence prevailed in the terrace as Arnav and Sid finished telling them all about Shyam.

"Doctor, Anjali Ji should not know about this" Sid told Askok breaking the stunned silence.

"Why shouldn't she know about this- She deserves to know about this" Ashok replied back slowly

"Do you then want to tell her about this and hurt her?"

"Don't you suppose your friend's memory needs redemption from her?"

"No Doctor, that was not his intention- he- He didn't want her know- that was his last wish" Sid urged Ashok, as he looked at Arnav silently asking him to support him

"She won't be hurt- but she needs to know this- Do you know how much she had been worrying that her wrong choice in life had affected her brother's life to this extent? She would be relieved of a long lingering heaviness if she comes to know about this"

"Ashok, how about telling her about this after my wedding?" Arnav suggested Ashok "We need not bring in this chapter to her now- it can be told in a way that she would'nt be hurt about the news"

"Yeah, Please Doctor, keep this away from your wife- We can-" Sid stopped mid sentence hearing a voice in some part of the terrace.


Terrified, they all looked towards the main entrance to the terrace, it was still closed. The voice was coming from the other entrance to the terrace- from the pool side.


"Arush?" Arnav called out instantly as they all looked at the direction of the voice - Anjali and Arush slowly came into their view from the darkness surrounding that area.

Anjali's face was so serious that Arnav flinched

"Holy Shit" Sid muttered in panic "Did she hear everything?"


"Kushi keep your hands stiff or you are going to make a mess of the design" Payal told her

"Jiji why cant I just have it only till my wrist- what is the need to have it till my elbow?" Kushi grimaced

"because it is your wedding Kushi' seriously only you would show this much pain in holding your hands straight for a few hours"

"few hours? You told I should'nt put my hands in water for nearly 12 hours-I have to take care of Arush also Jiji' How will I manage'"

"hmm.. We are there na.. we will take care of him- and your pati too"

"what initial should I write here?" the lady applying mehendi on Kushi's hands asked her

"Arnav or only A?" Payal teased Kushi expecting her to blush
"No, LG" Kushi winked at her sister

"What? Seriously you want to have LG inscribed on your mehendi?" payal asked her incredulously

"yes" Kushi smirked again "and Rakshas in the other hand" she informed as the lady who was applying the mehendi looked at her wide eyed before she inscribed the letter LG into the right hand


Arnav went near Anjali as Arush put out his both the hands asking Arnav to take him

"Di, are you alright?"

Anjali who had been looking at Sid and then Ashok all this while, turned to her brother and nodded her head. Arnav took Arush from her as she turned back to Sid again and limped towards him with her serious expression

" What should be kept away from me Sid?" she asked at last as Sid let out his breathe he didn't know he was holding

"eh.. eh' hmm- that is a secret' "

"What secret?"

"Men do have a lot of secrets that they keep from women.. it is one of those" Sid invented wildly

"Oh I see' I know what you are talking about"

"you do?"

"Bachelor's party- isn't it?"

"Wow! Seriously Wow! You are amazing ' How did you find out?" Sid's mock excitement made Anjali proud as others bite back smiles. Arnav shook his head ritually

"what else you men folks would be talking about with a wedding so close?"

"Yeah Anjali Ji, you know what? NK told us you people might not agree for bachelor's party- he told us the only way was to have a secret party- far from the maddening crowd of women of the house!"

NK who was kind of dreaming from the time he heard about Shyam jumped out in shock

"me?" he asked as Anjali glared at him for a moment

"yeah - so we decided to have a secret bachelor's party' I am not telling my girlfriend- Akaash is not telling his wife- Arnav is not telling his girlfriend- no wife- no wife to be- oh crap-ok he is telling his 'whatever Kushi is to him'- Even Mamaji is not telling his hello hi bye bye"

Anjali let out a giggle- and Sid continued

"but Doctor here- he refused to keep anything away from you"

"really?" Anjali said looking at her husband "how sweet of you Ashok"

"erm.. Anju-" Ashok blabbered as Anjali moved towards him with tears of pride in her eyes.

"I know you all want to have this party- And I simply cant believe everyone of you have been conspiring against the women of this house' and Mamaji, you too? These fellows have spoiled you as well completely- wait till mamiji hears about this'"

"Oh no bitiya.. I was only in the talks' I was not going to take part in the party' I was about to go down before you came' you carry the interrogation.. I am going down" Mama ji escaped as Akaash called out "Dad- not fair" in a grimaced tone

As voices broke out in unison, Anjali grinned

"Ok baba' just for this sweet gesture by Ashok, I am letting you all have a bachelor's party - I don't know about the secret part though!"

"What?" Ashok jerked out of her grip in disbelief

"Are you serious Di?" Akaash asked her

"You mean you are actually letting us have a bachelor party?" NK wanted to understand it right

Anjali nodded smiling at them

"This is not fair" Akaash told her "you didn't let us have it for my wedding but now"

"Yeah she didn't let us for her own wedding even.. and now for her chotey- she says yes- Partiality" NK shouted excitedly

"you guys want to have it or not?" Anjali asked mocking sterness

"yes, yes " they all nodded

"so you shall have it' right here in the terrace' "

"What here? " Sid told her incredulously "forget it! it is as good as not having it"

Arnav couldn't help but grin at all this' he had been standing a little apart when all this nokjok was happening'

"Di, are you here?" Lavanya's voice reached them before she made an appearance

"hi guys" she called out waving generally as they waved back at her

"what happened? You told you will leave Arush with his father and come back ' and then its almost half an hour' we are all almost done" she said showing her mehendi clad hands

"where is my name?" Sid asked peeking into her hands

"This is not our wedding Sid- I didn't put your name- don't search for it" Lavanya laughed as Sid glared at her.

"Coming Lavanyaji' these fellows were all planning for a bachelor's party and I caught them red handed"

"Are you throwing a Bachelor's party ASR?"

Before Arnav could answer her Lavanya spoke out

"I am in" Lavanya told as Anjali's jaw dropped wide open

"what?" Sid called out "you want to come?"

"yeah.. it should be fun na.. I always wanted to attend one- hey please let me in"

"Why are all the women hell bent in surprising us this evening?" NK asked still dazed

"Lav, a bachelor's party is a BACHELOR's party- only for men folks"

"So I take it that you are NOT getting any female dancers out there to entertain you? Lavanya asked in a teasing tone

"What dancers? " Anjali asked innocently

"that depends- you should ask Arnav about it" Sid told La smiling devislishly

"very clever" Arnav muttered sarcastically at Sid as Anjali trained her stern eyes on him

"Chotey? Tell me what this party is all about? What am I hearing? Tell me everything or I am going to Kushi right away"

"Leave it Di.. if they are having a bachelor's party- let them have- we will ask Kushi to throw a bachelorette party" Lavanya told Anjali "and we will invite some MEN to entertain us too" the last part of the line was thrown at Sid. He raised his eyebrows

"Ok Ok.. folks listen" Arnav laughed " there will be no bachelor's party or bachelorette party- I will throw a common party- but not here- at the farm house"

"But chotey"

"Di, Dadi and Nani will not be comfortable with the party-its better if we have it in the farm house'" Arnav told shifting Arush to his other hand

"So conveniently eh? - at farm house- what are you planning to do ?" Anjali asked him

"Come on di- What mischief do you expect us to do when our ladies are around- we will just hang around for sometime - have fun and come back safe- that's all" Arnav told her as she smiled at him

"OK..this is much better plan'" Anjali told finally

"And NK you are allowed to bring in guests" Arnav told turning to him

"Oh wow- thanks Nannav"

"Am I allowed to bring in my new girl friend too" Sid asked faking innocence

"What?" La asked him back

"yeah, I am dumping my old one as she refused to have my name on her mehendi" Sid told still mocking innocence.

"I am gonna kick you idiot" La said charging on him as he turned back and ran laughing wildly and she went chasing him.

"Crazy two" Anjali commented as smiling looking at both of them

"So that's settled then- party tomorrow- wow" NK exclaimed happily

Ashok still looked a little disturbed as Arnav nodded at him letting him know everything will be alright.

A muffled "my mehendi- you spoiled it"- " hey you smudged it on me- it tastes yuck" reached them from somewhere far.

" Haa.. next one to taste mehendi today" Anjali exclaimed as she told them about Arush's adventures that evening

"really?" Arnav smiled as he examined his son's face and hand in the light "Oh boy.." he had a red patch on his face too- "what did you do to yourself little man?"

As Sid and La reached them, they saw to their amusement that Sid was rubbing his face very vigorously

"she put mehendi on my face" he complained

"Did I? you smudged it first" La shouted back- "look di- what he did"

"Di- are we allowed to come down now?" NK asked

"No men are allowed for the ceremony" Anjali asked

"But we did let you people join Arnav's bachelor's party- so you people should accommodate us" Sid told her

"In fact- poor Nannav was all sad this evening- then we found out that he wanted to peek in and we were giving him ideas" NK told him

"you both assumed I wanted to go down" Arnav corrected him but no one minded

"yeah, NK is right- bechara chotey was pinning for his Kushi- let him na..poor fellow" Sid told again.

Arnav crunched his brows- NK and Sid was at it again- teasing him mindlessly

"Ok then ' come down" Anjali smiled and lead the way.

Arnav glared at both the guys.

"hey cool man- look if we take your name- you sister will agree instantly" Sid told

"Now why do you want to go down?" Arnav asked him

"I told you right, I am looking for a new girlfriend" Sid told earning a smack on the head from Lavanya standing next to him

"hey you spoiled my hair too with your mehendi" he muttered as she smirked at him.
"yeah good idea Sid - now that Arnav told I can bring someone- I have to go and see if I can pick some good looking one out there in the ceremony"

Arnav shook his head disbelievingly at both of them and then followed his sister and the rest of them


"kushi please stay still- are you are going to spoil your skirt" Garima called out now

"Amma, this is seriously a pain- why till knees?"

"Seriously Kushi, you are the most clumsiest person I ever knew... but cant you manage for one day?" Payal called out from another corner where she was getting her mehendi done

"Sankadevi- she is going to spoil her lehenga today- I cant believe she is a mother- no different from her son" Buaji called out

"Why don't you remove your lehenga bitiya? Only we ladies are here na " Nani asked her " you are wearing your tights inside right?"

"Yeah Naniji, I am wearing tights.. but but"

"But what Kushi- naniji is right - remove your lehenga and sit- or you will surely spoil the lehenga" Payal edged her

" but what if some one comes?"

"no one will come- all the men are upstairs- and by the time you finish- you can go to the room and sit" Payal told her

Kushi sat there biting her lips lost in thought

"All the way up to my room with only my choli and tights?" she asked them still reluctant. Her dupatta was lying on the arm of the sofa- as they had removed it from her after repeatedly asking her not to smudge it with the mehendi in her hand.

"Ok, you stay with your mother in the guest room then" Dadi told her " it is right here only- anyway you cant see Arnav after the Haldi tomorrow morning until the wedding- so you better stay in this room only today also"

"yeah - dadi is right- you sleep with me today" Garima also told her "You have already posed for the pics and video' the lady guests have also left-what are you waiting for Kushi- get out of the lehenga"

With all of them edging her, Kushi finally stood up to remove her lehenga and dupatta as he mother finally succeeded to take it out of her without spoiling it

"haaw! Its much better now" she sighed happily as the mehendi lady started applying on her legs'


The group from the terrace came down laughing and chattering loudly- mostly pulling an irked Arnav's leg- that he gritted his teeth as he walked a little ahead and came to the area from where the ladies ceremony can be watched.

The view that hit him first made him speechless. He put Arush whom he was carrying until then down as he looked at Kushi wide eyed. He noticed that she was surrounded by the elder ladies of his house and hers- in a attire and posture he wouldnt have dreamed of...

Kushi was sitting in a chair wearing only her choli and her knee length tights, her hands little up in the air- covered in dark intricate designs, one of her leg was left down as it was applied with mehendi, her other leg bare and bent up and she was resting her chin on her knee and she looked bored as she was humming "aaj mausam hai suhana" to herself as the other ladies were looking at her amused.

"What the" Arnav murmured as he gwaped at her.

"wathaae" Arush mimicked his father- of late Arush was very fascinated by some words that his father used that to everyone's amusement and Kushi's annoyance he tried to repeat them.

Arnav looked down at his son and smiled. And then his expressions changed as to his horror he realized the others have almost reached there too.

He instantly turned to the approaching men and faced them with his hands wide as if to block their path

"No - stop. You all- I mean we can't go there"

Anjali, La and the men looked at him with wide confused eyes

"why?" they all asked a very uncomfortable looking Arnav.

To be continued'

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part 65

Post by Abavi on 2013-02-25, 11:09

part 65

After admonishing himself for his sloppishness, Arnav assumed his look serious demeanor .

"Men are not allowed for mehendi ceremony" He quipped not knowing what else to say

"But Nannav- didn't you know this some time ago when you were growling in 'this is my house- Let me see who will stop me if I go down to see my wife" mode?"

"Now I realize that the traditions are followed for a particular reason- and I want to comply to it- for Kushi's sake- So you are all not allowed downstairs"

"dada" Arush called from where he was still watching his mom "Momma samess"

"What?" Anjali asked not understanding what Arush told- But Arnav understood it perfectly- and that's why stood there stunned. If his son had told this any other time- he would have appreciated it- but now when he was in such a fix- Arush proudly pronounces the word that he had taught him three mornings ago.

"Momma samess" Arush told again looking at his father with big wide eyes, disappointed of not getting his usual approving smile- for god's sake he had tried and uttered a particularly very difficult word- and he was not getting any appreciation.

"What samess?" Lavanya asked "Oh shameless? Why is she shameless?"

Arnav was getting restless by the minute

"Oh ok- I got it- Everyone were asking her to not smear her dress with her mehendi- so I helped her remove her---" Lavanya explained as a matter of fact

"So it was you who did it? You let her sit like that?" Arnav gritted his teeth

"Relax ASR- it is only the dupatta"

"Only Dupatta- what about the ' the" he checked himself just in time but Lavanya looked all the more confused. She bent a little and surpassed his stretched hands and went near the railing where Arush was still looking at his Mom. The moment she saw Kushi's pose, she started laughing madly. Anjali and the men looked curious too- Anjali tried to cross Arnav

"No Di"

"I am also a lady baba" she told him in an amused way as she forced his hands down.

"Guys- there is quite a remarkable situation right here- and it is advised that all of you get back to the terrace- ASR is right- you cannot be allowed" Lavanya called out as Anjali joined her and smiled at Kushi's pose.

"Hmm yeah- fairly reserved for private prospects only" Anjali added solemnly as she smirked at her brother

"I am not going back to the terrace- it is cold out there" Sid remarked with forged seriousness

"Then stay in your room" Arnav growled

"So let me- it is on the other side of this corridor"

"You are not crossing this corridor" Arnav growled at him "if you want, you can stay at my room for the time being"

"and use your bed?" Sid stringed along

Arnav nodded soberly

"and your TV?" Sid added amused "your recliner? your music system- your bathroom everything?"

"Yes- now get back to my room" Arnav snarled at Sid

"oh my god" Sid imitated like a hyper active fan girl "I never thought Arnav Singh Raizada would bark at me to get to his room.. Oh so hawt yaara! I thought it was reserved only for Kushi- Don't tell her Lav- she will be heart broken"

La and Anjali broke into non stoppable giggles as Arnav looked daggers at Sid. Akaash jumped in as he controlled his grin and took Sid into Arnav's bedroom.

"But Di- I am feeling hungry" NK started then

"Ok- I will ask Hari Prakash to get you all your dinner" Anjali told him

"What do you mean? Is Hari Prakash down there?" Arnav asked her incredulously. He couldn't imagine what happened to his wife to remove every decent clothing on her and sit there Half naked while men roamed about in the house.

"No- I don't think he would be around.. I and La will bring the food upstairs- is that fine?" Anjali told her brother immediately rectifying her sentence lest her brother broke into one of his volcano moods

"crazy girl" Lavanya remarked as took one last look at her friend from there and ventured to go down.

"Arush beta- you also come down with Bua- I will give you something to eat" Anjali commented as she picked up Arush "your son can go down right?" she added teasing her brother

"Di- stop it" Arnav shouted annoyed with all the leg pulling.

He then stormed downstairs before his Di and Arush to give Kushi an earful.


Lavanya who strolled down before any of them, directly went to Kushi and wrapped the dupatta around her friend.

"That was quite a view from upstairs" Lavanya smirked at her as Kushi looked at her puzzled.


"ASR made a big hungama out there- not letting anyone enter the corridor- because he saw you in this attire" Lavanya whispered into Kushi's ears

"What? Everyone came down?" Kushi jerked a little

"No- they wanted to- but ASR wouldn't let anyone to even cross the corridor- they are there in your room" Lavanya informed her.

Before Kushi could respond to Lavanya, Arnav's roaring voice reached her


"Oh my god- I am goner today" Kushi mumbled helplessly

"How dare you sit almost half naked in front of everyone- in the common hall like this" Arnav hissed at her as he came near her.

"I will be back" Lavanya moved away smiling to herself

"Lavanya-" Kushi pathetically called her friend back, but Lavanya had already left.

"Answer me Dammit"

The lady who was applying mehendi looked at him with terrified expression. She surely felt pity for the bride who sat there flinching as the man screamed at her.

"I felt it would be easier for me to manage with this- I didn't want to spoil the dress" Kushi spoke out softly as Arnav kept glaring at her.

"Did you realize there are other men out here? How can you be so careless?"

"Arnavji- there is no man at this function- even Hari Prakash ji was asked to leave early"

"And what about the men upstairs Kushi? You are seriously unbelievable" he yelled at her not buying her justification

"Chotey- I only asked her to remove it and sit- it would be comfortable for also isn't it? Why do you shout at her now?"

"Oh my god Chotey.. Poor girl- now I understand why she was all reluctant to let her lehenga and dupatta down when we suggested it- spare that girl of your anger" Dadi told him

"If looks could kill- your momma would be dead by now" Anjali commented to Arush as she stood nearby.

Arnav got even more irritated with all the lady folks joining in to support Kushi- he glanced at her angrily for one final time- before she turned back and went up.

"Now what did I do- why is he angry with me? Laad governor" Kushi muttered " leave it Vimala Ji- I think it is enough"

"Arrey what enough- only one leg is done- finish it completely- we will take care of your chota packet 'you can go and pacify the bada packet later'" Mami told her.


Arnav was sitting in his room against the bed rest fiddling with his mobile phone. Akaash who was sitting on the chair by the pool was deeply buried into some book whereas Sid and NK were playing some game on Arnav's TV. Ashok had already left to his house down the lane along with Anjali. Mama had long retired to his room. Timely shouts and swears from NK and Sid were getting on the nerves of already pissed off Arnav Singh Raizada- as he kept glaring at the clock and brooding to himself.

"Done with dinner guys? " Lavanya called out as she came into the room.




All of them muttered.

"Ok then, I will take all these plates downstairs" she declared.

"Hey Lav, do you want me to help you with those plates?" Sid asked her

"No you are not going down" Arnav barked at him

"Excuse me?" Sid turned back to look at Arnav "Why shouldn't I?"

"Because I said so" Arnav snapped at him

"Then would you care to help her? She is already tired bringing in all those plates for us" Sid retorted.

"Sid that's fine" Lavanya intervened with a sigh- but Arnav had been pushed to his limit and so was Sid.

"No it is not fine Lav- he behaves as if his girlfriend is the only girl in this world" Sid told her angrily.

The tension built up quickly as Akaash abandoned his book and came to the aid of NK and Lavanya to stop the two men in the room who were ready to get a go at eachother

"Don't ever talk to me like that"

"I didn't talk to you- I was talking to my Girlfriend- is that a problem?"

"Guys Guys- hold on! Sid- you can help me if you want to' and ASR- Kushi is already done with her mehendi- she is not sitting in the hallway anymore"

"Where is she?" Arnav asked immediately

"She is in one of the guest rooms- I thought she was sleeping there for the night- Arush has already slept"

"What crap? Why is she sleeping there?"

"I don't know- I thought you already know about it?"

"Kushi is a goner now" Sid muttered as he went and picked up the plates

"Sid, you are so adorable"

"Considering that we have been doing all these odd jobs for their wedding-I will sue them if they don't do the same for ours" Sid commented lazily as NK too joined him and picked up the plates for Lavanya.

But Arnav was not there to gape at the comment or join the fun- He had already dashed down to the guest room.


"Oh god this guy has slept off- How will I feed him now?" Kushi muttered looking at her sleeping son.

"Let him sleep kushi- he is full- other wise he wouldn't have slept- now what is your issue?" Garima asked her.

Kushi bit her lips- How can she make it across to her mother or her Buaji about her un-comfortableness? She already felt she was brimming with milk and as much as Garima was very much her mother- and her buaji- a motherly figure- both the ladies hadn't given birth to any of their own ' meaning they wouldn't know the discomforts faced by a feeding mother. She could ask her Jiji to help- but how will she? She also had mehendi on her hands. She was not comfortable with asking such a personal help from Dadi or Nani.

Also the fact that she hadn't had a chance to tell Arnav about her sleeping arrangements with her folks also troubled her- Arnav ji could help her with her current predicament- but with his anger- oof she sighed to herself.

"Amma- I haven't told him yet that I am sleeping here' I will be back" Kushi told as she moved around the room still in her weird attire while her mother was spreading another sheet for her side of the bed. Arush was already asleep by the bed where Buaji was sitting.

"How will you go like this up there? I have already told Lavanya to tell him that you will be sleeping with buaji today" Garima told her "Comenow- I have made your bed- get into this bed- I have put a darker spread for you incase you stain the sheets with mehendi - lie straight ' and don't sleep in your usual poses for today"

"Good that Dadi suggested you to sleep here today- Arnav bitwa already refused to send you back to Gupta house- for these three days- with all the ceremonies only at RM- I was thinking that you both are already in the same room- how do we do the baraat- bidaai?- now atleast we can get it sorted" Buaji commented

"Buaji- Amma ' You don't understand- He is already angry- he won't be happy if he gets to know about this from someone else other than me" Kushi kept whining all the while.

Right at the moment, the door burst open and Arnav Singh Raizada sttod there in his familiar angry avatar

"Alright- here he is- Now tell him by yourself" Garima smiled at her Son in law(to be) as she walked out to her room adjacent to the one they were standing.

"You are sleeping here?" He asked in a tone that spelled danger for Kushi

"yes Arnavji, as per the ceremonies- we have to be in separate rooms before the wedding right? Also everyone told me- that a little separation for two days before the wedding would recreate the magic and all that so'" she trailed off into silence noticing the rage in his eyes as he clutched his fingers tight and his jaw muscles tensed.

"Arnav bitwa- we only asked her to sleep with us for two days- Even during the first wedding it all happened so suddenly that we didn't feel like we had done justice to her sendoff- only two days na? you can manage right?" Buaji intervened to her utter relief as Arnav made a tremendous effort to calm himself down

"Yeah- no issues Buaji- let her sleep here" he said as he moved towards the bed.

"Why are you taking him bitwa? Let him sleep here only na" Buaji asked as Arnav tried to carry sleeping Arush

"No buaji- How will she manage- with her mehendi hands- also he needs a diaper change once in the middle of the night- he will then get up for a feed as well- you will be disturbed at this age- I will take care of him- No issues"

"Arnavji- What will you do if he asks for milk?" Kushi stammered

"I will bottle feed him- you don't have to worry about that- enjoy your sleep here" he snapped at her as he ventured to move out.

"Arnavji- your medicines" Kushi started again

Arnav didn't reply ' but gave her a sharp glare before he went out of the room

"I know he didn't take his medicine yet" Kushi muttered

"Now you have reminded him na- he would take ' now get into the bed"

"No buaji- he wont.." she said "Wait_ I will give him his medicines and come back" She said as she went out

"Hey parameshwari- how will you give him medicines with your hands? I don't think you will come back either" Buaji shouted after her as she climbed the partially dark steps thanking her stars that almost everyone have gone to sleep- No one would notice her half naked run up the stairs'

To be continued

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Part 66

Post by Abavi on 2013-02-25, 11:12

Part 66

"What are you thinking?" La asked Sid as she entered their room and found him lost in thoughts

"No nothing" he shrugged his shoulders and smiled at her

"Its about Gayathri Maa isn't it.. I know you were speaking to her in the evening'" She asked him


"What did she say?"

"She sounded worried La"

"About coming to the wedding?"

"No- about no one being able to trace Rana- It's been three days since he absconded Lav, there is no news about Dhruv either. You know she feels that there might be an attack tomorrow or day after"

"That's kind of predictable isn't it?"

"Yes-but I think she is worried that Rana has his trump still with him"

"I don't understand"

"Dhruv" Sid told her quietly "I think she is worried about Dhruv too. I think she knows her brother will use Dhruv to get Arnav."

"But ASR and Dhruv- they don't even know eachother that well- and we know atleast Dhruv hates ASR"

"I don't know what she fears- She was not very clear"

"What did she say about coming for the wedding"

"I don't think she would come' She hinted that she won't come- Dadimaa also spoke to her- but she didn't comply"

"She would listen to ASR- If he invites then she might come"

"That's what Kushi also thinks- She told she will talk to him about this"

"I don't think it's going to be easy- he is going to be pissed off"

"big deal- he gets pissed off at the drop of a hat"

Lavanya laughed.

"He is not that difficult- atleast not now- he has changed a lot- He is not the one I used to know three years back"

Sid rolled his eyes

"Hello- I am serious- He has changed a lot' Only if you stop pulling his legs so much- he would act civil to you"

"you mean I am riling him up? He is the one who drives everyone up the wall"

"What did he do?"

"You know what he did today- not letting any of us down- acting so severe"

"Seriously Sid don't be insensitive- that was expected.. I mean you didn't know what Kushi did"

"what?- taking off a dupatta is not a sin Lav"

"Not only was her dupatta off Sid- She had taken the liberty in her dress taking advantage of only women folks around and she would have been embarrassed her if you or anyone else had gone down. That guy is really sweet- he didn't even tell the reason out ' but stood there blocking you all"

"Oh he is sweet.. What are we then? Suckers? ' I felt bad for you as you had been running up and down for almost five times and looked tired- and I am being stamped as an insensitive git" Sid said seriously

"Hey you are reading between my lines- Look I told you just then that you are adorable for thinking so" Lavanya told him slipping her hand on his waist

Sid pushed her hands.

"good night" he said abruptly and went to bed.

Lavanya sighed. She had been longing in the past for a hint of possessiveness in Sid-But he was always the easy going kind. He would make her feel jealous ' and always make fun of her- but when she would try and create a situation where he might feel jealous, he would take it easy- making her even more pissed off' But this past one week, she was seeing a new avatar in him- He knew that she loved him, but still on mention of any events of the past when Lavanya was involved with ASR- he would become all possessive- and it was up to her to console him.

She smirked at his direction as she started walking towards him.


Arnav was tucking Arush to sleep inside his crib when he heard the banging at his door.

His irritated self not improved yet, he went and opened the door to see a weird scene just outside the room. Kushi was facing the other side and looking here and there and not realizing that the door had already been opened pushed her butt backwards to bang on the door again. Her butt not meeting the door, she lost her control and rammed against a startled Arnav.

Arnav held her so as to stop her from falling and she steadied herself as she stepped away

"What are you doing here?"

"I ' I came to see if ' if Arush is asleep"

"He was already asleep when I took him from there" Arnav reminded her as he moved in.

Kushi followed him into the room'

"Oh yeah.. I ' I came to see if he woke up by chance- when you carried him- may be" Kushi told him. She wished Arush was awake so that she could feed him

"Just because you are clumsy or careless- doesn't mean everyone else is" Arnav snapped at her.

"I know you are angry with me for deciding to sleep with Buaji today ' but Arnavji you should-"

"Look I don't care a damn if you want to go and sleep with your family- If you had come to give me any sort of explanation for that- then get lost" He snarled at her

"Why are you being so difficult? What is wrong if my family wants me to spend some time with them? I know you won't normally let me ' this is the only chance- also I didn't have a proper bidaai last time- they thought atleast this time I can do it properly- so they asked me'"

"I said I don't care- didn't you hear me?" He shouted again cutting her sentence mid-way.

"And the lehenga that you purchased for me was so expensive- they were worried that I will spoil it with my mehendi- So I had to rem"

"Shut up ' Just Shut up and get lost Kushi"

"Why are you shouting like this Arnavji? You are angry with me for no fault of mine' What is really your problem Arnavji- you are being irrationally angry for a small thing- I don't understand at all!"

He grabbed her by her arms- and she was not able to stop him or shove him owing to the mehendi in her hands.

"You dont understand is it? Because you have changed Kushi- you longer understand me' you want to spend time away from me- you ask for private space- you sit out there almost half naked whereas you would cringe away when I approach you- You decide to sleep somewhere else but don't bother to even inform me for curtesy sake'- you still tell me you don't understand my anger?"

Kushi sighed. This issue has been lingering for a while, she realized. He has started feeling insecure again- the fear that his loved one would leave him and go for ever' He couldn't tolerate such things at all. He was getting angry with the insecurity. She decided to clear it one by one

" I didn't mean it when I said I wanted my private space" she said slowly

"Now did you?" Arnav asked sarcastically "forget it and get lost- go sleep with whoever you want to- I don't care"

Kushi sighed again- this was not going to be an easy fight when his fuse was so short and he was displaying impatience traits. On top of it her breasts had already started throbbing with pain. She knew she might start dripping very soon.

"you have to listen to me' I only said that because I was angry that you went against my wish to read that diary" she said controlling herself from wincing with pain

"My Kushi wouldn't have stopped me from reading that diary"

"But she would have desired you to wait for the differences to be sorted out so that you could read the diary with her" Kushi told him softly.

Arnav who opened his mouth to give back an angry retort, stopped suddenly realizing what she told. He realized that she wanted him to read it with her by his side.

"and I am sorry about today evening.. I shouldn't have taken off my lehenga knowing that there was chance for one of you to come down- Thanks for saving me from the embarrassment" Kushi told looking at the floor.

He didn't budge. He wanted to let it go, but he was angry still and turned his back on her.

"I am sorry about not informing you about the sleeping arrangements too"

"Go and sleep- you must be tired"

"I- will go after you take your medicines" she said as she lightly pressed her throbbing breast with her right upper arm

"So you have come here only for checking if I had my medicines isn't it?" He asked her in a fierce tone again. He had been expecting her to say she would sleep with him. But now as she confirmed that she would go and sleep down after he took his medicine infuriated him further

"y..yes" she winced out of pain- But he took it to be out of his cold tone.

He went and pulled out a draw, taking out his tablet and swallowing it quickly, he turned and faced her

"I have taken- now get lost" he said as he went to the door and opened it wide, indicating her to go out of the room.

Kushi who was thinking about asking him to help her, bit her lips. She looked at her sleeping son once again. Then she turned and walked towards the door. She had apologized to him two times- for no mistake of hers- If he wants to be difficult- she can be difficult too'

"wait" he shouted as she reached the door and went in and grabbed a white shirt from his wardrobe

He held it out to her as if to help her wear it as she stood facing him

"Wear this and go- I don't approve of you going all the way down in this pathetic excuse of a dress"

"Your shirt is white- I ' my mehendi will spoil it"

"I don't care about the damn mehendi- wear it and go down" he yelled at her impatiently

Kushi lifted her hand a little and that was when he noticed it.

"What happened?" he asked "you are wet over t..there.." he said pointing to one of her breasts

That was when Kushi realized she has already started leaking.

"oh milk.. its started leaking" she stammered helplessly

"but why.. Didn't you feed him?" Arnav asked her confused.

"I didn't get a chance to feed him from afternoon' I am quiet full- he had already slept by the time I finished with mehendi'" she sighed ' "That's ok.. I think I'"

"Then why don't you change your dress?" he asked abruptly- "you can't sleep with wet clothes on"

"No Arnavji.. I think it is ok" she started to tell, but he was already pulling her in as he bolted the door.

As he brought his hand near her, his hand accidentally brushed against her right breast and she winced, stepping back

"Don't be stupid Kushi- I will help you change it and then you can '" he stopped mid sentence. He had thought she was backing away from him touch but then realized she had winced in pain. Her eyes clearly indicated him that she was in pain.

He didn't know anything about this side of motherhood- Kushi was not with him for the entire year of her motherhood. He didn't even realize that she would be in pain if her son missed his feed.

"Are you hurt Kushi" he said coming near her again. But that was her doing. The tears that she had been controlling ever since, started flowing freely- as she tried controlling them in vain.

"I- I am ok" she sobbed.

He grabbed and pulled her towards him as his hand reached her dori and untied it, he reached down and unbuttoned her as she protested. Freeing her instantly of her clothes, he found that while one side had already dripping, the other one was engorged and swollen and when he touched it, he felt it was hard like rock. She cried out of pain as he touched it.

"why is it like this?" he asked her getting more confused and scared.

"I think I have a clogged duct' It happens when he misses my feed once in a while" she explained gritting her teeth in pain.

"clogged duct? w'what do we do if you have one? Should I ask Nani or Dadi? Should I call the doctor?" he panicked reaching out for his mobile

"No.. I have never let it become this worse' It usually goes off if I feed him once'painful- but I would get relieved.. but this time, they had bottle fed him already and I think he was feeling full... and slept off"

Arnav tried to see if Arush was about to wake up.. but he was in deep slumber.

"He sometimes even starts drinking when he is asleep- just put a finger on his lips... he would open his mouth if he wants to have some milk" Kushi told Arnav

Arnav did as he was told - and then shook his head at her as Arush pushed his hand away in sleep
"Arush..Little champ" He called out slowly trying to wake him up.
Kushi came near the crib and let her milk drip near his mouth.. But Arush turned his head the other way when a drop landed near his mouth and went back to sleep
"He doesnt seem to want it" Arnav told her the obvious...
"I think I would be alright if we try to -take it out with hands... " she trailed off feeling uncomfortable to finish her sentence
"Do you want me to try and manully express the milk?" he asked her suddenly

She didn't say anything but stood there not knowing what to do. Arnav looked at her not sure if it was a good idea.. She was wincing with pain even with his touch... He sighed. Something was always better than nothing. If that was not going to work out- he can always take her to the hospital.

"come then.." he said simply taking her hand and dragging her inside the bathroom. .

He tried to squeeze it out, but she screamed in pain, but nothing came out'

"What should I do Kushi? How can I help you ease the pain?" he asked her helplessly

She stood there wincing in pain, as tears rolled on her cheeks. He wiped her tears hastily, brought some hot water and tried soothing her, but that again didn't help, and it became all the more heavy'

He watched her for a while, not knowing what to do'then her previous words flashed across his mind'

"it usually goes off if I feed him once' "

If only Arush was awake he thought, then it hit him'

He went to her and bent towards the affected one. For the first time in life, Arnav took her breast not to please her or to get pleased but to ease her out of pain. He could sense her blenching in pain as he sucked her slowly but firmly, soon the clog released and the milk started flowing down, as she moaned in relief.

He didnt stop, but kept sucking her milk, until he was sure that she was completely out of pain. When he tried squeezing out the other breast also- in case it also got plugged, she suggested his earlier method was effective..
"Would you have enough milk if Arush wakes up? " he asked her hesitantly
"Milk would come by the time he gets up" she said softly as she looked up at him"But if you dont want to- then" she trailed off...
He smiled at her reassuringly as he bent down towards her again.
It was sometime before they both stepped out of the bathroom.

As he helped her put on his white shirt, once outside the bathroom, she quietly slipped into it

"I could have put on one of my night shirts" she whispered

"That's alright. Mine is quite big for you and it will easily slip in- with your mehendi'd hands I mean"

"then you should have given me one of the black ones"

"I like you in my white shirts" he said simply "and I don't mind mehendi stains Kushi- either on my shirt or on the expensive lehangas that I get for you"

She smiled at him

"Are you ok now? Is it still aching?"

"No I am much much relieved" she assured him

"I will carry you down'" he said as he finished buttoning her

"No that's not needed"

"I insist"

"I also insist- I am not going down" she said as she went and stood near the bed and looked at him

He smiled at her

"Kushi, if you feel like spending the night with Buaji- I am completely ok with it"

"I don't want to spend the night anywhere else other than here" she said firmly

He smirked at her.

"Ok.. so what are you waiting for?"

"for you to spread that old brown spread on my side... this is my favorite bed spread- I don't want to spoil it"

He smiled as he took out the old spread out and spread it out on her side and helped her get into the bed.

"why is your hand sticky?" he asked her

"I have applied lemon and sugar syrup on it"


"so that I will get a darker color- it is told that the depth of the color indicates the groom's love for the bride"

"My love cannot be measured by the depth of stain left by some ground leaves" he told her

"I know.. its just.. myth..Ok lets say, I will be excited if I get a good color " she told as he tucked her warmly

"So why haven't you applied lemon and sugar on your leg"

"Oh it is still a little wet"

" go to sleep- when he gets up, I will bring him to you- If you feel uncomfortable again- wake me up ok?" he said as he kissed her forehead.

She smiled at him as he her smile.


It was almost an hour or two after Kushi fell asleep that she sensed a chilling sensation on her legs. She got up with a jerk to find Arnav sitting by her legs with a bowl in his hands

"What are you doing?" she asked him

"lemon and sugar on your legs" he replied calmly "Did I wake you up?"

"I thought you didn't believe in the color measuring your love for me" she said still little dazed from sleep

"Yeah I don't' but that doesn't mean that I shouldn't do this to make my wife a little excited"

"Have you been staying awake to see when my mehendi will go dry?" she asked tenderly feeling a little overwhelmed at his gesture.

"No I got up to change his diaper" he explained

"oh' " she said as she watched him get up and leave the bowl on the coffee table'

"If it is true that the mehendi color defines the man's love for his girl, then I think I would get the darkest color of all girls" Kushi told him

"So again I would be blamed for making your mehendi dark and ugly?"

"No I would proudly flaunt it to everyone I would come across"

Arush stirred then letting out a whine "Mommaaa"

"Haa.. time for his feed I suppose" Arnav commented as he brought the fully awake Arush to her and then helped him latch to her.

"you both carry on, I will catch some sleep in the meanwhile" he said to Kushi as he then climbed into the bed.

Arnav watched his son and Wife for sometime before he reached his son who was busy getting fed and kissed him on the back of his head.

"I love you little champ"

"and me?" Kushi asked.

He smiled at her as he reached forward

"I love you too sweetheart" he murmured against her ears as he dropped her a kiss there

Kushi's eyes welled up. She couldn't even remember when he had last called her sweetheart - it was two years ago.. it all seemed long ago when Anjali and Payal had overheard him calling her with special names and had teased her mercilessly.. But it all left so good -so perfect- as if nothing can go wrong ever again in their lifes'

"hum bhi" she replied back as he fondled her hair.

"I know" he smiled at her
He draped his arm over his son extending to his wife's waist and fell into a sweet slumber, hearing the suckling rhythm of their baby son...

To be continued'

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Part 67

Post by Abavi on 2013-02-25, 11:13

Part 67

When Kushi rushed upstairs from the kitchen in the morning intending to wake up the two inmates whom she still thought were still happily asleep after she had gone down in the morning, she was pleasently surprised to hear them making a din- their laughter reaching her even before she reached the room.

She entered the room to find Arnav resting his back on the decked up pillows with his legs stretched out while Arush was sitting on top of his father and facing him. Both of them were indulged in a punching game - Arnav would sit straigt and make actions as if to punch Arush and Arush would do the same...and it was always Arnav who would fake being hurt from Arush's punch and fall back on the pillows feigning painful moan. Arush giggled uncontrollably watching this and would go for another punch on his father's chest.

Kushi was transported back instantly to the days in the past when Arnav's punches have deformed the men who challenged him- or posed a threat to his family's welfare. She vividly remembered the fate of the man who had tried to push her and had hurt her during the nainital trip 3 years ago... they were not even involved romantically back then.

This one was surely top of all surprises- she never thought that Arnav would be a playful- cheesy - macho father...who would have thought this man that so many feared to be reckless, arrogant- rough and tough had a pleasant and charming personality that only a few knew? and thanks to their son- she was now getting a view of his playful and jovial persona...She stood there smiling at the pair of people who mattered the world for her and just then Arnav noticed her standing there

"Haa.. Momma is watching us fight"

"Boys will always be boys! What kind of game is this? fighting game- why dont you teach him nice ones"

"Like what? I dont know what are nice games in your dictionary" he told her in a teasing tone "may be you should go and play with Momma Arush- she will teach you to play choo chiku chiku train "

she came forward and hit Arnav with a pillow...

"oh yeah- she also knows pillow games- hit everyone with pillows" Arnav commented to Arush- and for some reason Arush found this highly entertaining that he was continously giggling...

"Like father - Like son- So both of you have grouped against me isnt it?"

"Ofcourse not! We love to tease you- but wouldnt group against you"

"Ok... enough of teasing me... Get out of bed both of you- get ready- haldi ceremony starts in another one hour. " Kushi instructed them both as she moved towards the wardrobe and pulled out sherwani for both of them.



Both them shouted together, causing Kushi to jerk in shock...

"What no?"

"No sherwani.. Momma Please" Arnav told her as Arush giggled again and shook his head from one side to other


Kushi stood facing them with her hands in her hips

"Ok.. little champ- I think this is momma's limit... we will stop the game here and not rile her up further if we have to escape her famous wrath" Arnav told his son as he put him down the bed and stood up.

"Thats better" Kushi told turning back to the wardrobe "Now go and finish your bath- after that I have to give Arush a bath"

"Why Momma, wont you give me also a bath?" Arnav asked going near her with a puppy face.

"N.. No" she stammered a little, taken aback by the sudden change in Arnav's demeanor from teasing to turning romantic.

"Why may I ask" he asked her huskily as he stood very near her, slipping his hand on her waist from back.

"Behave yourself Arnav- Your son is watching" Kushi hushed back

"oh he is busy with the TV remote again" he replied back throatily

"Arnav.. Please..let me go..." Kushi pleaded helplessly as he pushed her against the wardrobe- his hands exploring her.

"Daddaa" Arush called out at that moment causing Arnav to turn back and look at his son.. Kushi took that opportunity to step aside...

They noticed that Arush had somehow managed to get under the table and was peeping in from under it - proudly showing them something which he had discovered

"What is that Little champ?" Arnav asked moving forward and tried to take it out of a reluctant Arush's hand as he protested.

"Wait.. wait- Dad will give it back to you- after seeing what it is" he said as he took it and examined it.

It looked like a small black capsule with very short loop which had a small magnet attached to it. Arnav soon realised that it was a battery operated wireless microphone which was kept attached to the iron frame of his office table all this while- Arush had been little curious and had pulled it out.
Arush was trying to take his treasure find back- But was confused that his father has changed his mind.

"What is it?" Kushi asked curiously

Arnav put his finger to his lips, silencing her and then got up

"Nothing... Its getting late... I will go take bath..." he announced, confusing her further as he found out a small knob which will turn it off

"Its a bug to spy on us"

"what is a bug?"

"A microphone- which will transmit whatever we talk to someother point where someone else is listening... "

"Oh my god.. it Rana?"

"May be- You go and give bath to Arush- I will see if I can find out anything more about this type of a device" he told her switching on the laptop.


Sid stood inspecting the microphone as Kushi worriedly looked over. Arnav signalled to him to come over from where he sat with his laptop.

"Found something?" Sid asked aloud

"Yeah- this model needs a trasmitter and amplifier which should be placed within 100 meters of where this device is"

"Which means- someone else has the trasmitter point for this mic"

"right- who would probably be Rana's man"

"and he can probably lead us to Rana himself- Interesting this is how they have been keeping tabs on us... Which means there could be other tiny devices placed all over the house"

"So you mean to say someone who has access to this house should be working for Rana?" Kushi asked the men wide eyed.

"possible!" Arnav told lost in thoughts

"and it kind of fits- Shyam was sure Rana wouldnt believe anyone after he started doubting Shyam himself"

"Chotey, Kushi" Anjali's voice reached them before she limped inside Arnav's room

She stood there surprised to find that they havent gotten ready yet.
"What are you both doing? The pandit is already here... People have started arriving... its your haldi now.. and Chotey- you havent even taken bath... oof.. what happened to you both? have you changed your plans to postpone the wedding again?" she started non stop, chasing both into getting ready.
She left the room with Arush- as they both promised her that they would come down soon.

"Leave this to me... You get ready- and carry on with Haldi- I will take care of this" Sid told them as he took the mic with him.


As the Haldi ceremony was about to start- Sid excused himself saying he has some work outside and would be back for the sangeet in the evening.

"Careful" Kushi muttered to Sid as he exchanged looks with her and Arnav

"Have fun guys" Sid called out before he nodded his farewell to La and then left.

Soon the function kick started with lot of chase and fun as everyone tried to color the other with haldi.

The only exception to this was Arnav- who would would only escape with a glare at the person who would approach him with haldi. The only people who wouldnt cringe at his glare were his sister, his wife and now the newly added to that cader- Sid- the last one was rather not close to the heart kind- but the 'I dont care about your glare' kind... but unfortunately- Sid was not there, and Kushi was bit busy with haldi being applied on herself- and Anjali to everyone's protest had partially taken pity on her brother and left him alone...

All it took for the game to be taken to the next level was initiated by the mighty but little fellow- Arush when he crawled to the plate filled with mehendi and smeared himself with generous amount of the paste. Everyone were quite busy with playing that they didnt notice Arush- and Arnav being the only one who caught him doing this- went to him to stop but instead got smeared with haldi by little hands... Kushi who was watching this- got into the play as she applied a tinge of mehendi on Arnav's face - getting applause from everyone around...

"Kushi stop it- I hate this paste" Arnav growled at her as she laughed at him clapping hands with Arush who was all in for this kind of a game.

"Hifi Arush and Kushiji " NK called out

"welldone- you cant always escape ASR" La commented

"Now the function has completed a full circle" Buaji told them all happily...

Ignoring the general happiness and tease hovering over the place, Arnav stood there glaring at Kushi as she smiled and winked at him teasingly...

"I will teach you a lesson Kushi" Arnav told as he took a large bowl full of haldi and started chasing Kushi- while the family cheered for them.

Kushi took the stairs and then realised she shouldnt have- once she reached the top, there will be no where to escape into- he will corner her easily.. She decided to give her best, she knew that Laad governor wont run and she ran up the stairs and laughed wildly.

As planned she reached her room soon and locked herself. Breathing heavily, she stood near the door listening for his footsteps. 10 mins should have passed as she stood there listening intently - with no sound.

"Is Laad governor also waiting outside without making noise?" she spoke to herself as she opened the door an inch and peeped outside. The corridor was clear.

She was confused when she heard a throat clearing nearby, turning in shock she found herself close against her laad governor- whom she realised had entered from the pool side...

she tried to quickly open the door and escape but he was too fast for her and he banged it close before she could even try and open it, and then she gasped as he menacingly came near her

"Oh the careless me... I should have closed the pool side also"

"You should have- too late realisation" he smirked as her breathing quickened...

"Look I did it only after Arush started"

"He did it only on my clothes- you were the one who stained by face"

"Ok.. look.. no hard feelings- I did it on your face- you smear it on my face- game over alright?"

"No way"


"My face was clear when you smeared it on me"


"I need a clean inch of your body to smear it too"

Every exposed inch of Kushi's body was already smeared with haldi- the elder ladies had covered her face, hands and body- and Payal and Anjali had made sure that her neck and back were covered too... Lavanya even spalshed yellow across her hip which was exposed by her saree...

Kushi did a quick look around herself to find a place -- clean enough for her laad governor.

"There is no where clean enough" she muttered failing to find it- and then gasped as she realised slowly what his demand had implied.

"No" she whispered "you didnt mean..."

"Haa..I see now your brain picked up my signal finally!" he sighed "Step out of your dress Kushi..."

"People are waiting down... what will they think?"

"let them think whatever they want to... " he replied her as leaned closer to her, increasing her heartbeat further...

"see... its not good to see eachother after haldi" she stammered a warning
"which means it is ok to SEE eachother during haldi right? Our Haldi is not done yet- Not until I call it over"


"If you remove it, you will find it good enough to wear it again before we go down- if you dont- I would and I swear I would rip it off- and there will be no chance for people down there to think anything- they will know for sure what happened" he hushed near her ears...

Kushi held her hands to her heart as he smirked observing her actions

"Wicked evil Laad governor" she huffed at him

"you should have thought about this before you decided to play haldi haldi with me" he smirked at her as she unpinned her pallu letting her saree pool down under their legs...


The family after waiting for a few minutes and then realized that it would be sometime before the bride and the groom found their way out of their room While youngsters exchanged smirks and the elders smiled understandingly with their experience... and proceeded to engage the guests with other talks and snacks and soon the talks turned towards the ever interesting topic of theme for sangeet in the evening...


"So it is the mic which was doing the spying for him" Gayathri wondered aloud

"Seems so.. and I dont know how many such things are around the house..." Sid told her as he played with the mini mic in his hands

"Wouldnt he know now that one of his device is not giving him any signals?"

"I guess, in all probablity he would..."

"he would know we found it out"

"What is the use Gayathri Maa.. he knows we would find it one day or other... "

"I am scared Sid- the wedding should happen tomorrow...I feel so at loss to find ourselves in a position where we dont know what my brother is planning... "

"May be we should think from his point of view Maa.."

"What could be his point of view other than to stop the wedding? how is it possible to think from his view point- there are so many possibilities"

"Gayathri Maa- I am quoting the words that you used to tell us when you used to visit our school when we were kids... nothing is impossible if we have the will to make it work- " Sid smiled at her. Gayathri smiled too

"do you have any plan in mind?" she asked him

"yup- an unbaked one that is...Arnav is throwing a party tonight- at the farm house-"

Gayathri stared at him for sometime before she smiled...

"Sid- I dont get it... "

"there is high probability that Rana knows about this party already and had planned to attack at this time" Sid told confidently

"yes that seems probable."

"Ok- look at it this way- Rana also is out of time- he is running away from the police too... now- if he is given the advantage of his targets in seperate places- what will he do?"

"I dont understand"

"Arnav has announced a party for the youngsters.. Only the young couple are going to be there... which also means- Arnav and Kushi would most probably leave Arush with the elders at home for the party- right?"

"yes- I got it- Rana would target to hit the weak link in the chain- he would go to RM today to attack Arush"

"exactly! that way he would cover two things- With Arush serious- would Arnav or Kushi engage in a wedding?"

"Oh my god.. NO... that should be his plan Sid- I am positive now... oh my god"

"Dont worry Maa.. we will completely give Rana a boogle this time" Sid smiled at Gayathri

To be continued...

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Part 68

Post by Abavi on 2013-02-25, 11:14

Part 68

"What do we do now Sid- I am pretty sure- this is his plan"

"Simple! We should use this threat into an opportunity Gayathri Maa- Business management lesson!"

"If we are only sure that Rana will himself come- we could ask the police to surround the grounds- But if he is going to use one of his thugs to finish the task- then atleast we will get hold of one man who will have details about his hiding place"

"The latter looks feasible- My brother would never risk himself for such tasks- but it is worth trying it' what about the informants- the microphones?"

"Yeah- That is something that we need to take care of as well Gayathri Maa"

"In only a day?" Gayathri asked shaking her head.

"Difficult but not impossible"

"Sid, it is only possible- if we let more people in the plan' "

"I will manage with that Gayathri Maa'"

"Hey, wait- I have been going through Shyam's files. I found some information which will be of use to you" Gayathri told as she got up and pulled out a file from the cupboard drawer.

"There is this person called Mr.Goel whom Shyam had tried to get in touch for some information which he thought would be useful. Do you have any idea what it could be?"

"No I don't know- anyway I will call that person and speak to him- His contact number is there?"

"yes- here'"

"What are those?"

"The last legal documents that Shyam drafted'" Gayathri told him sadly "Arnav's claim for title- I suppose that he had made it ready ' foreseeing that it would be needed soon- I simply can't believe that he is no more"

"Don't worry Ma.. I think he is having a gala time where ever he is now' May be feeling a little sad at our state still " Sid chuckled at Gayathri in an attempt to lighten up her mood. Gayathri smiled sadly

"That's right Sid' There is no use feeling for what will not change' We should concentrate on what is yet to be done'Hope everything goes right Sid'"

"Yeah it will" Sid told her "I will start now, I need to meet Inspector Ghai and then I will proceed with my tasks- Is that fine?"


The family was much into sangeet rehearsals, costumes and leg pulling all afternoon. It only increased more as Ashok who had been busy with his hospital appointments the entire week walked in at last declaring to the relief of his much pissed off wife that he had taken off from his duties for the next two days.

The wedding mood had already set in and much bantering, teasing and tongue in cheek humor were flying high in the air.

As Ashok joined in, the target of attack for leg pulling sessions changed from Kushi to Arnav.

They were all actually in the midst of a truth or dare game when a package was delivered by courier- and Arnav came down to take it. As he climbed up the stairs with the package, he called out Kushi to come to their room

The family would have usually ignored this, but with the mood of celebrations set in ' they all oooh-ed following the call.

As Kushi got up to follow him, La pulled her into the couch again

"No ASR- No meeting the bride after Haldi" She called out

"yeah.. yes" the family agreed

"What the?" Arnav called out as he climbed down the steps again and went to Kushi

"try and stop me" he said as he took her hand and dragged her with him

"No- Nannav" NK pulled in front of Arnav stopping him

"Don't you dare NK" Arnav told raising his eyebrows

"Oh look at that attitude' We are not letting anyone on one now that haldi is over" Anjali also joined NK


"Then tell us why you want her upstairs now- we will let her go?"

"Di- you don't know- there would be some file missing- let them go" Payal joined the gang teasing and they laughed'

"guys.. leave the poor fellow alone' he seems to be carrying something that he desperately wants to give Kushi" Ashok told them- very smartly turning the focus to what Arnav was carrying in his hand

"Ashok.. very clever" Arnav muttered as Ashok sat back relaxed and smiled at his brother in law.

"Oh yeah'" Anjali edged on "what is it that you are carrying chotey? What do you want to gift her- one day before marriage?" she said as she pulled it out of her brother's hand

"Any guesses?" Anjali called out

"Di- give it back" Arnav told her helplessly

"Teddy bear?" NK guessed

"teddy bear and Arnav Singh Raizada? Naa" Anjali shook her head

"Oh should be some lingerie Di" La told winking at Kushi and Anjali turning Kushi crimson while Arnav seemed to roll his eyes..

"wait till Sid hears about your guess Lavanyaji" Anjali smirked at her as Lavanya shook her head holding her hands together

"No di! I will be dead today"

Anjali stepped up to her brother who was still holding Kushi with his right hand and took his other hand and gave the package to him

"Don't worry chotey- we won't open it- We were just making fun of you both- as for things that have to stay only between you both- it will always be so- we won't cross the border- Do know that I am so happy for you and Kushi' You both are the best that can happen to eachother, and I am so proud of you both!" Anjali told as she held her brother's cheek

Arnav, being a man of action as always rather than expressing anything through words, gave her a hug.

"Thanks di" he managed to mutter as she hugged him back, eventually Kushi was also included in that hug.

"Oh my god' what a touching touching scene" Ashok called out as NK whistled, Anjali let go of Arnav and Kushi as she chucked a cushion at her husband who was acting as if wiping imaginary tears from his eyes'

As laughter ensued, the husband and wife to be climbed up the stairs.


Inspector Dhiraj Ghai, who was investigating his superior ACP. Shyam Jha's death and Sidarth Mokashi stood before Mr.Goel who looked reluctant to talk to them, then with a sigh he finally gave in

"Yes, He came to meet me that evening- But I didn't do anything related to that bomb blast- Infact, I learnt of it only in the news the next day- I promise" he said helplessly

"Why did he come and meet you? " Sid asked him

"H..He wanted some details- about the incoming call details of a number" Goel told them "I shouldn't have given it to him- but he was an ACP and I couldn't deny him"

"Can you give me the same details he asked for?" Mr.Ghai asked him

"I would be in trouble if '"

"Look we are trying to find out something about his murder- your details may give us a clue" Sid insisted.

"Alright, Stay here'" Goel told them "I will be back with the details"


"What is this?" Kushi asked as she looked at the curious looking things which were lying in front of her- She had just opened the gift pack on Arnav's insistence and found things which left her clueless 'the only thing she thought she could recognize was a big size feeding bottle without the cap or rubber nipple.

"This is called an electrical breast pump device that extracts milk from the breasts of a lactating woman' " he said as he fixed the device together to show her and went ahead to explain her how to use it.

"but Arnavji" Kushi spoke out "but why did you get this for me?"

"You can use it in case of engorgements in future- you don't have to suffer in pain. This has got a massager which will ensure that you wont feel pain when it pumps out the excess milk" he explained her "Look Kushi, You can feed Arush how ever long you want to ' But in case he misses his feed anytime- you can use this- you don't have to be in pain because of that.. OK?"

Kushi stood there muted by the entire thing. Arnav looked up at her

"Why are you so quiet?" He asked her puzzled by her silence.

Kushi went and hugged him moved by his gesture. While everyone had been contemplating about what kind of romantic gift he could possibly get her before the wedding ' here he was always concerned about her ' always caring for her.


"So Shyam had been trying to find out who at RM was giving him news- there are 7 unlisted numbers which were frequented to this number- even at odd times" Inspector Ghai told Sid as they sat in the former's Jeep . "How do we find who is the black sheep?"

"May be there is some clue' these last three days- there has been absolutely no calls to this number" Sid observed as he went through the file again on his laptop.

"Yes- that can mean he has switched off the number- we are not able to reach him isn't it" Inspector Ghai told him

"wait a minute- look at these two numbers- these two numbers were in touch with Rana on 8th of this month- one for almost 1 hour- and another very briefly at around 2 in the night"

"Yes- but we have had other late callers as well- what difference does it make?"

"We met at 8th at RM- Me, Shyam, Arnav and Kushi- I am sure- atleast one of these calls could be from RM-which means Rana was informed of Shyam's visit on that day"

"possible' " Inspector Ghai asked the driver to start the jeep and direct it towards RM. As soon as they reached the locality, Inspector Ghai parked the vehicle a little hidden, but in the view of RM and picked up his mobile and dialed an extension.

"Ravi, I will be calling a couple of numbers from my mobile number, can you please map the location?.. yes yeah- record it if possible for witness purposes'.. thanks"

Then smiling at Sid, he dialed the first number. After a brief moment he said to Sid that the mobile number was switched off too. They tried the next number. This time they were lucky.

"Hello" Inspector Ghai called out

"Hello.. " a reluctant voice answered him

"I am calling on behalf of Rana Sahib' He wants an important message from you. "

"I..I don't know anything that you are talking.. Who are you?"

"Rana sahib gave me your number- He cannot talk to anyone about his whereabouts- but he wants you both to watch for any unusual movements at RM and give us the information- you can call me on the same number"

But the line went dead on the other end.

"He cut the call" Ghai told Sid as he tried to call the number again "Switched off- I think he found out that we are faking the call- there must be some code- Shit"

Soon they saw the security guard walking out of the RM gates towards the other direction

"Not so shitty- Look there- someone looks agitated and maybe trying to run away" Sid told Inspector Ghai pointing to a man walking away fastly and nervously away from the RM gates.

"Looks like the security guy- He sure looks agitated alright- I and Madhav will follow him now, he said pointing to the other constable in the jeep as he put on his jerkin, hiding his police shirt, and took his handcuff's and stepped out of the jeep. "You stay in the jeep- they know your face- If they need a chase- you know what to do'" he instructed as he walked away.

Sid stood waiting in the jeep along with the driver for almost some 15 minutes until he spotted the gardener going out of RM and taking the left where Inspector and the constable had taken the turn following the security guard.

After some almost 30 minutes later Inspector Ghai called the extn on the jeep and asked the driver to come to a particular location. On reaching there, Sid found that the security guard and the gardener handcuffed together.

"The gardener too?"

"Oh yeah- A simple call from the Security Guard's mobile.. ' We are taking them to the station Sid. We will keep you informed" Ghai told as the two men were pushed inside the jeep.


As Sid took his walk and reached RM, He spotted HP overlooking the decorations in front of the main door. He silently gestured him to follow him and walked towards the servant quarters

"What is it Sidarth bhai?"

"Where is the security guard's room HP?"

"The security guards don't stay overnight Sidarth Bhai- they use a common change room- two security guards come- one in the morning ' one in the night"

"oh..then where is the gardeners room ?"

"The one over there ' but Why do you ask?"

"Come with me- may be we are about to find some thing useful"

HP gasped when he broke open the gardener's room. There was a PC which was installed there- working as a receiver cum recorder.

It took Sid a few minutes to understand the working of the system as he received a call from Inspector Ghai.

"Hello Inspector"

"Hello Mr.Kamoshi- We got a confession from these two guys - but they seem to be mere informants- they weren't rebellious ' they just panicked the moment they knew they were surrounded and pointed guns-may be they were greedy for some quick and big money- that's all. But I will try and see with a round of lathi charge- may be they will admit to have knowledge about Rana's hiding place" Inspector Ghai told him.

"So did they admit to anything else? microphones?"

"Yes, they agreed that they planted them ' alright.. The gardener had done it actually"

"Yeah I found the system which records the stuff in his room- There is this program which automatically truncates the silences and gathers together volumes alone and zips it according to date- there are 8 microphones- The system doesn't receive signal from one location- which has to be Arnav's bedroom- the others are all intact"

"We will seize it then- we will get a search done as well- I am coming right away"

"NO Inspector, hold on- not today if you want to get hold of Rana tonight"

"I don't get it- Have you found a clue where Rana is?"

"No But - tonight we will know"

To be continued

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Part 69

Post by Abavi on 2013-02-25, 11:14

Part 69

Much later when Sid walked into RM- Lavanya was livid with anger.

"Where did you go Sid- No phones- your mobile was either busy or switched off?"

"Oh nothing Lav- I was busy with some office work" Sid told her as he climbed up the stairs- gesturing her to follow him.

It was sometime before he could get Arnav and Kushi alone in their room. As soon as he found an opportunity he immediately told him of all the events of the afternoon.

Arnav was shocked to know that there were 2 of his recruits who were giving information to Rana. Sid further told them all that there were still 7 microphones around the house- and Rana was still getting information through them.

"The software is capable of mailing the zipped files to Rana" he told them. He further went ahead and told them that he might be right in guessing that Rana might hit tonight at RM- taking for granted that Arush might be alone- And if he is successful in harming Arush in any way- Arnav and Kushi would be distracted to go for a wedding tomorrow.

"How in the world could anyone think that I would be stupid enough to leave Arush alone here and party at the farmhouse?" Arnav asked cynically

"You would or you wouldn't that's not the matter here- But the general idea is that the party is for the youngsters.- Rana would think so- or we should make him think so" Sid told him "I have asked Inspector Ghai to surround this area- in case Rana decides to come here"

"I refuse to accept for this plan- This is utter bullshit"

Sid looked impatient

"Do you really think that I would be using your son as bait Arnav? For heaven's sake you have to trust me a little- If I suspect that Arush might be under risk- I would throw myself in front of him to save him"

"I know you would do that' It's not about trust Sid- I do trust you with my life and beyond that too" Arnav told little awkwardly "But I am talking about the plan- I meant to say there would be no point'" he trailed off and the room was enveloped with silence.

The two ladies in the room sat there silent as the awkwardness exended a little- Though Sid and Arnav were always in a nemesis mood most of the time- there was always an undercurrent suspicion of slow and steady friendship budding between the two and this was the first time that one of them voiced it. And the fact that it was vocalized by the reserved one rather than the talkative one, surprised Kushi as her eyes welled up emotionally- Lavanya who was sitting by her side held her hands in relief and gave her a watery smile.

"Sid, I don't think he would come- He has a lot of men to do his bidding" Arnav spoke at last, breaking the silence'Sid who hadn't expected Arnav to be frank about trusting him was a little shaky.

"No-hmm..yeah.. Yes-" he stammered at last "I mean, he was not in touch with the either of his informants who were arrested today- which means he wouldn't be in contact with most of them- but with a very few- he would be- and I agree he would use them ' instead of coming here- "

"If only we find out a way to bring him in person here" La wished

"He would come when he has a purpose" Kushi thought aloud "and that could be something involving property itself- right"

"Right- exactly" Arnav shouted "that's a wonderful idea"

"What idea? I didn't give any idea"

"You did!- you just told he would come for the property right? Why don't we make the property a bait?"

"How do we manage that? We won't until tomorrow- after the wedding" Sid reminded him

"No Sid- tomorrow it won't be bait anymore- If Rana's plans fail today- he would have planned something for tomorrow. But what if we give him a shock treatment today? That way, he wouldn't be able to execute it with any of his men- but jump in directly to do the damage control- any of us in his position would do the same"

"And what is that shock treatment?" Sid asked

Arnav smirked as he got up from his recliner and went to Kushi

"Kushi, would you mind if our wedding plans got changed?"

"What ?" she asked puzzled "we are getting married tomorrow morning Arnav- you want to change it now?"

Arnav was still smiling when he kneeled down beside Kushi

"No Kushi- we were supposed to get married tomorrow- but let's prepone it ' how about getting married to me tonight? "

Both the girls were dumbstruck at the pace in which the plans were changing

"Wicked" Sid told as he returned Arnav's smirk "that's absolutely a brilliant idea- but why farmhouse?"

"Because that way-we will escape the microphones here- the man will be stunned to know that his property slipped through his fingers." Arnav explained

"But how are we going to manage to move everyone from here to the farmhouse without letting them know about the change of plans?" Kushi asked them

"haaa..that can be easily managed Jelebi- just tell them that sangeet and the party is combined and we will have it in the farmhouse- simple!"

"Wont Rana suspect anything? About the change of plans?"

"He will- and he will try to find out why the plans changed suddenly. He will ' to my best belief- will send someone to spy on us" Arnav told them

"Yeah that is ' if he doesn't have anyone already on that task- I am sure he would have known by now that his informants are under arrest"

"yeah anyway-he wouldn't have suspected the wedding to come- which will bring him out in open" Arnav told.

"Ok Lav, get started, we have things to do at the farm house before the wedding party arrives" Sid told as he pulled Lavanya along "see you guys soon at the Farmhouse"


"Sid, why do you want me there?" Gayathri asked him while Lavanya stood watching Sid trying to get the unsuspecting Gayathri Maa into his plan.

"What do you mean GayathriMaa, We have a wedding in another 2 hours- and I and Lav have to get the farmhouse decked up for the occasion- we can't get help from anyone in the family- No one knows- and I don't know about these stuff- and Lav doesnt either- You have to come and help us"

"Sid, I don't mind coming there- But you shouldn't ask me to stay back- I don't want anyone there to feel uneasy due to my presence- I will be gone before they come back- If you agree to this then I am in"

"I want only two hours of your time'Just help us with what is all required for a wedding to happen' They are coming there in around 3 hours- I will drop you back here before they all come in- ok?"

"OK- give me a few minutes, I will be ready real quick"

"yup- we will be in the lobby" Sid called out as he took Lavanya's hand and went out

As they close the door behind them, Lavanya shook her haed at him

"I know what you are planning- I sincerely hope it will not back fire"

"It won't- She won't agree if we tell her to come- and Arnav won't ask her voluntarily to come for his wedding' There are certain things that need to be given some extra push to make it happen- and this is one of those"

Lavanya silenced him seeing Gayathri approaching the lobby.

"Here- Hold this Sid- have it with you- the legal documents to be signed by Arnav- after he gets married. It better to get it over with as soon as possible" Gayathri told as she gave a file to him and soon all the three were off to the farmhouse to make it look convivial for the wedding party


Gayathri was speaking to the pandit ji when the entire Raizada and Gupta crowd entered the farmhouse.

She stood there in shock realizing that Sid had actually tricked her into this. While the members themselves were shocked and wondering what was happening there- as they saw a haven ready to be lit and there was a pandit ji speaking to a lady- but all they expected was a stage set for sangeet.

Dadi who noticed Gayathri gasped in happiness- thinking that Gayathri had finally consented to come for Arnav's sangeet.

"Chotey" Anjali turned to him "You said sangeet right?"

"Yeah di- there is a small change of plans- I and Kushi decided to get married now itself"

Admist the confused expressions and surprises ' Arnav walked in the front and came to a stand still looking at Gayathri standing there.

"Hey guys- this is all we could do to make the farm house presentable in two hours" Sid said as he came out from middle of some decorations that was happening "Very less time- I had to make do with a wedding contractors who would be easily available- rather than the best ones"

"That's alright Sid- it looks amazing" Kushi told smiling at him as she nodded her towards Gayathri Maa.

Sid winked at her.

"You lied to me Sid" Gayathri hissed as he came near her

"All for a good cause- it is in the character of the mothers to forgive Kid's lies"

"I am leaving right now" she hissed again as she turned back to lift her clutch from the nearby couch and started to walk.

"Gayathri Maa, I am so happy you are here today- wont you stay back? Arnav ji tell her to stay back na?" Kushi prodded at that time.

"Yeah stay back Gayathri Ji" Anjali told her not knowing who she really was "Are you a acquaintance of Sid's? a relative?"

"Oh-yeah Anjali ji- We are related through the sponsorship program that she introduced and I took ' back at school- But basically she is more related to you all- I mean she heads the MCF that DadiMaa founded" Sid gave a quick introduction

"Oh I see, So glad to meet you" Anjali said with pleasant smile as she turned back and quickly checked with her dadi. "You should stay back for me brother's wedding"

As Gayathri stood there still looking uneasy, Kushi exerted pressure on Arnav's hands which were clutching her tightly to make him tell something

"please" she whispered to him as he stood there glaring down.

"Stay back" he managed to say at last to a still reluctant looking Gayathri.

Anjali guessed there was some tension between her brother and this lady and though she didn't know what, she decided to brush it off for now.

"Stay back Gayathri Ji" Nani also told her "Oddly I have a feeling that I have seen you somewhere.. Do you belong to Lucknow too?"

"I used to stay at Lucknow " Gayathri told a little awkwardly as Kushi realized that Arnav was exerting so much pressure on her hands that it started aching for her. She strained hard not to wince- knowing well he was trying hard not to react with the anger that he felt ' and this was a unknowing vent out.

"Haa.. Now you have to stay back Gayathri Maa- everyone are saying to you stay for the wedding" Lavanya told her

"No.. Lavanya" Gayathri stammered her apology and turned to look at Arnav, Kushi and Anjali

"Thanks for the invite- But I really have to go' You all carry on"

"You are staying back Gayathri" Dadi's commanding voice rang across from where she stood

"Maaji- Please don't force me"

Anjali looked surprised as she realized that Gayathri was addressing Dadi as Maaji- She noticed that Nani had scrunched her eyebrows too.

"If you really consider me your Maaji- stay back for my pota's wedding" Dadi told her

Then the realization happened for Nani as she exclaimed in shock

"You are Gayathri Rana- Arent you?" She asked with a strained voice

Gayathri nodded meekly.

"Yes I- I am"

Realization struck Anjali too as she stepped back from the lady as she turned hastily towards her brother

"Chotey.. Chotey " she whispered as the agony of the past came hitting her.

"I.. I can't believe this.. What is happening here Subadra? How could you ask her to.. to.."

"Devyani- you need to let this go- If you trust me- you need to trust her too- She is innocent"

"Innocent? She took away my daughter from me- These kids grew up without their parents because of her-How could you ask me to trust her? "

" Yeah- I am asking you trust her- for I know the truth- I know far more than any of you here know ' she was not responsible for anything that happened that night"

"But that cannot change the fact that she is the other woman" Mamiji told in her usual style

"No she is not the other woman- Infact she..."

"Maaji-" Gayathri called out to stop Dadi from continuing more " I think it is prudent to stop here'"

Curiosity raised in the eyes of everyone gathered there but Gayathri effectively put a stop to it.

"My presence would only hamper the happiness ' associated with the event- I have to leave Maaji- Forgive me."

"Gayathri Maa" Sid called out hastily

"It's Ok Sid.. " She said as she smiled at him and started to leave the place.

As she passed a silenced Dadi who was looking at her with a sorry face-a grimaced looking Nani, crossed Anjali, Arnav and Kushi ' Kushi put out her free hand to stop Gayathri- Much to Arnav's Annoyance.

"you are about to start your life Kushi- wont you want everyone around to have a happy face- Carry on" Gayathri said as she released herself from Kushi's hands and moved ahead.

As she crossed Arush who was being carried by NK, he let out a casual cheer, for which Gayathri patted his cheek and moved to step out.

"I will drop you back" Sid called out as he jumped down from the dais

"No Sid, I will manage" Gayathri called back

Dadi stood there staring at Sid- who had genuinely tried for a positive outcome of the situation- but it had badly backfired as La feared.

"It backfired badly Sid" La muttered to Sid

"Yeah Flop show!" Sid muttered back "I owe Gayathri Maa an apology"

Arnav let out a loud sigh.


With everyone looking at him with shocked and curious faces, he left Kushi's hand and went to Gayathri

"I think you deserve to be here after all that you did for me and my sister- after the efforts you took to save my wife's and Son's life- Wont you stay back for my wedding. I trust my Dadi's judgment- I ..I believe you are innocent as my mother- in the entire ordeal"

Kushi, Sid, La and Dadi broke into smiles. Gayathri looked at Arnav with a half relieved, half reluctant expression.

Kushi ran to Gayathri and took her hand

"Come in" she said as she pulled her inside.

Though the family had its reservations about the lady, they still accepted her presence for they all believed and respected Arnav's decision immensely. If the lady was good enough for him- she will be good enough for the rest too.

Gayathri finally nodded and smiled at Kushi as she followed her inside.

"Alright then..get ready fast- both of you.. we have kept the wedding joda and the sherwani in the rooms to the left and right" La told as she went near Kushi, rushing her to the room on the left.

Gayathri caught Dadi's eyes briefly and she saw relief in her eyes- Gayathri knew better. She knew Arnav hadn't accepted her fully- He had done it out of respect for his dadi- or for Kushi's happiness. She sighed as she thought it would be long before Anjali or Arnav would accept her ' if not whole heartedly- atleast on casual talking terms. She knew she would be able to prove her innocence in a matter of seconds- But she had long decided to carry that secret with her to the grave. The only person who knew it was Maaji- and she would'nt tell anyone- for she had already guarded it with a promise before she told her about it.


As the wedding celebrations started, A hooded figure in a parked auto dialed a number from his mobile

"Ji, Linga here.. You told me to follow them to know about the change of plans'"


"They have reached the farmhouse.. But it seems like a wedding ceremony- not a sangeet"


"ji..saab.. I am sure' it looks like a wedding ceremony.. I saw it with my own eyes"


"Yes Saab' Arnav and Kushi only' everyone else in the family are here' Gayathri jee is also here'"


"Yes Saab.. I saw her... "


"What do you want me to do?"

"Alright Saab, I will plan something... As for the others I will wait until you come"


To be continued...

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Part 70

Post by Abavi on 2013-02-25, 11:15

Part 70
"You may now kiss the bride" Sid called out as the couple finally finished the last of the seven rounds around the fire.

While the youngsters in the family cheered for the suggestion, Sid had to duck when Dadi aimed a whack at him. The ceremony had proceeded with usual cheer; the little episode which dampened the start of the ceremony was pushed back as if it didn't happen at all. Everyone willingly forgot the episode, to pave way to happiness that the two of them who were exchanging vows, deserved. As they finally were done with the ceremony- everyone sighed with relief.

"As if Nannav needs to be told" NK joined in with Sid'

"ooh" a cheer rose amongst them when Arnav smiled at Kushi as she turned towards them, blushing bright with what was being suggested. As Arnav finally pulled her close and hugged her, the cheer rose higher.

"Get a room man" Ashok joked as Arnav dropped a kiss on Kushi's forehead finally.

NK whistled while Anjali and other clapped.

"I had expected a European style wedding kiss though" La told, make her blush profusely.

"I don't mind actually" Arnav said as he bent closer but he was shoved away by his wife'

"Keep that in mind sid'" Anjali called sid "Note La's preference"

"Noted the point my lord' did you mean the French one Lav?"

"Shutup Sid"

As the couple walked away to get the blessings of the elders, amidst cheer and lots of leg pulling


"Did you speak to boss?" Rocky asked the approaching figure of Linga

"yeah' Look- that lady Gayathri- Boss doesn't want her here when he arrives"

"You mean should we finish her off- or just that she should not be here?"

"he said to do whatever we could manage- But she shouldn't be there when he comes here"

"How could we manage that with a crowd like this?"

"No idea'"

"Didn't he say anything about the wedding- I saw it just got over.. "

"He said he will see to that' he only asked us to take of that lady- plan something quick"


"Thank god- nandakishore- everything went smoothly" Buaji told relieved

"Yeah' you can also thank Sid Buaji' his tricks finally worked"

"It had all chances of a washout plan" La told him

"Haaa.. I wouldn't have let it become one"

"I agree with Lavanya.. it was indeed a very close call"

"Dadimaa' What did you think? That I would let my entire hardwork to go waste- Come- on if they both showed some reluctance I and La would have taken their place" Sid told her as she smacked him on his elbow.

La nudged sid suddenly and gestured him at a distance. It was the couple's turn to get blessings from Gayathri. Arnav had stopped a few steps before reaching her. The tension grew again. But Gayathri handled it quite well this time as she embraced an apologetic looking Kushi and wished her all the best.

"Ooof" Sid blew out air

"All is well" La remarked


It was decided a little later that while the others would to get back to shantivan the same night, the wedded couple would spend their night at the farmhouse. Arnav and Kushi were reluctant to part ways with Arush for the night- and finally Sid and La decided to stay back too and have Arush in their room- giving the wedded couple a free night to spend.

"We will take care of him- He has been with us- And we know his routine" La and Sid finally talked into them the plan and made them agree'

Arnav was meanwhile thinking if it was prudent to make them all stay together only- With Rana's attack expected any moment- he can get anyone in the family- not only Arush.

While the elders argued on Comfort zone point of view, the youngsters teased him if he would be bothered about their presence tonight'

"Its better if you all stay here tonight" Arnav repeated again

"But bhai, we don't have enough bedding here' You both stay- La and Sid are staying back too' Don't worry- its not too late- We will be able to get back safe" Akaash told him


A little away from the farmhouse, Rana and Dhruv got out of the car and approached a waiting Linga.

"The wedding is just over- The couple is staying back at the farmhouse- I heard them say it- Lavanya and Sidarth are staying back too'" Linga informed Rana.

Rana turned to look at Dhruv.

"Fetch the pistols from the car dashboard Dhruv"

As Dhruv left to fetch them, Rana turned to Linga

"What about Gayathri?

"She just left- with that Sid guy- Rocky has gone following them- If he can manage, he will finish her off"

"good" Rana whispered as Dhruv approached them again.

"It is loaded and ready" Dhruv told as he gave it to Linga

"What about the other one with silencer?" Rana asked him

"I am carrying that" Dhruv told his mama as they proceeded to walk

"All we need to do is wait for the family to leave and then hit the unsuspecting couple. What a way to spoil their wedding night? Infact we are doing them a favor- isn't it lucky for them to make them meet death when they make love to eachother?" Rana told them both

"Isnt it better to get the baby?" Dhruv asked- much easier to make them bend to the will"

"Are you scared to kill them off Dhruv sab?" Linga asked mockingly

"Scared? I was the one to suggest from the starting to kill that girl off- No one listened then- If at all you had listened- we wouldn't be in this position now- and you are mocking me now?" Dhruv asked shoving the pistol on Linga's face

"Stop your bickering Dhruv- I get what you are saying- it is easy to get them sign the papers with the baby as hostage" Rana told him "And Linga behave yourself- we are going by plan one or two according to the situation- for now if there are more people- it will be plan 2- otherwise- a silent plan 1- and the property automatically goes to you- got it?"

They both nodded reverently. But as they approached the farmhouse, it was unusually quiet.

"why is it this quiet and dark?" Linga asked "it was full of noise 5 mins back"

Rana comtemplated for a few minutes and then asked them to enter the gate. No one seemed to be there- not even the security guy. Linga also observed that the three cars which were parked there earlier were not there anymore. As they approached the large hall, they found a few movements- which they later noticed to be the care taker of the farmhouse and the security guard.

"I swear, I saw a wedding happening" Linga told them

Soon they were approached by the unwary security guard who asked them why they were there. They feigned that they had actually come for the wedding- and got news that the wedding got over and the party left to shantivan.

"But Arnav and his bride were supposed to be here right- we wanted to meet them" Rana let out a bait to know if the couple were still there.

"Nahi saab.. they also left a little while a ago only" the security guard informed him and went about doing his cleaning job


"you idiot- you made us come all the way here- for nothing"

"Saab- I am sure I heard them saying about the plan- They must have changed it at the last minute."

"Switch to plan B" Dhruv told as he got into the driver seat- and sped the car towards Shantivan as soon as his companions got in.


Owing to comfort zones from the ignorant members' point of view and security reasons from the group who were aware of the danger lurking around, everyone had agreed to get back to RM itself.

Back at RM, after the grihapravesh ceremony got over ' the elders settled down by their room letting the younger crowd to plan for the Suhaag raat for the newly wed.

The younger male crowd was gathered around the poolside, with Arnav in their midst, and still not content with the leg pulling that had been enforced on the newly wed, NK turned his attention to the much in love couple'

"So when Sid told Kushiji that day that he was Jealous of Arnav because his love had been in love with him in the past.. I was so so shocked' I was thinking what had happened to Kushiji- finally everything got cleared that he was actually speaking about you" NK was telling a highly amused Lavanya as she exclaimed in surprise

"Really? You said that"

"I said nothing like that" Sid shifted his legs uncomfortably as Arnav smirked at him. The younger crowd had been all the more teasing this evening- and finally enjoyed this welcome change of tide'

"Yeah- I heard him saying that" he smirked further as Sid glared at him

"You sure did' I said that to just rile you up" Sid replied gaining his composure back'

"So you both actually fought for me'that does boosts up my confidence" La said playfully as Sid glared back at her.

"Any time La" Arnav told her- deciding to give Sid a taste of his own medicine.

But before this could go any further- NK oohed looking at the approaching figure of Kushi.

She was for sure decked up with a lovely lehenga- and she did look more beautiful than the time she had looked during the wedding.

"You do look like a divine goddess- I knew I was so clumsy at this kind of traditional dressups- Di and Payal are the best" Lavanya exclaimed.

"Yeah.. Jelebi looks yummy for someone here" Sid called out expecting to earn a stare from Arnav, but Arnav was totally lost and his eyes ' ears and everything else were tuned to his bride.

"Someone seems lost- so lost that they forgot to scowl at me hearing me call her jelebi" Sid shook him head.

Others smiled.

"I heard it- it doesn't matter anymore" Arnav told him still looking at his bride.

"Oh he knows why you call me jelebi" Kushi told to a disappointed Sid

"That's not fair- why did you tell him?"

"I didn't, he read my diary" she explained

"So is Arush baby with us today as planned earlier?" La asked as Arush who was sitting with his calm and tall chachu looked up.

"Yeah, I suppose so'if it doesn't bother you both" Arnav told them

"hey don't be silly- It wouldn't bother us- we are actually gonna miss him after we go back" La told them as she picked Arush from his Akaash chachu


By the time Anjali and Payal were done with getting the room ready for the wedding night, and Kushi had already put Arush to sleep after being fed at the adjoining room where La and Sid were supposed to stay for the night, the crowd had extracted as much as possible from Arnav's wallet.

Before they coul let the couple to themselves for the night they all started off with the mehendi hunt game.

"Ok now tell us where your name is in her mehendi.. Lets see how fast you find it out" Anjali called out as they all again surrounded the couple
Arnav found it in a blink of an eye.

"You actually decided to write LG?" he asked Kushi looking shocked

She simply put forward her other hand

"rakshas" he worded silently and blinked back at her "unbelievable"
"Dont be so dissappointed laad gavarnar ji-" Sid told Arnav as Arnav only rolled his eyes'

Soon the men were asked to move out as the bride was made to sit on the decorated bed. They all called out wishes as they moved out
"Have fun Nannav- Kushiji"

"Good night Bhai"

"Good night both of you- see you all in the morning" Ashok called out as he also left

"Yeah.. don't break the bed- don't make much noise- and don't worry about Arush- if at all he wakes up- I will come and knock at your door" Sid called out winking at Arnav.

"Enough guys- give us a break- move out all of you" Arnav said as he pushed them all out.

"Di- What is the need for all this?" Arnav asked

"Patience boss- we will move out too" Anjali said as she was getting Kushi's lehenga to stretch out in perfect circle around her.

Payal and La smirked at eachother as they too made their way out whispering something into Kushi's ears that made her blush

"This is really too much- you all behave as if this is our first time" Arnav told his sister

"ASR" La whispered to him as she passed him out following Payal


"Kushi has got your name somewhere on her- its hidden"

"on her mehendi? But I .."

"Shhh.. I said on her' look out for it ok?" She winked at him implying the fact as she moved out

"thanks for the tip La" Arnav smirked looking at his bride


"Now its done' Good night Kushi- Good night Chotey- have fun' " Anjali said as she too left the room.

"Finally alone" Arnav muttered as he bolted the door shut.

"you know what? I am actually relieved that nothing bad happened tody as I feared' I was so tensed.." Kushi told him as he rolled his eyes

"Is that all you can manage to say- when we are finally alone after all this hectic evening?"

"what else do you think I can say?"

"How about my name on you?"

"LG or Rakshas? I just did it for fun"

"No I meant Arnav Singh Raizada? or is it A?"
"Hey cheater.. Lavanya told you about it didn't she? Wait till I catch her in the morning"
"You can catch her in the morning' but for now- chuck out everybody else out of your mind" Arnav said as he pulled her out of the bed towards him capturing her in a seering kiss on the fly.

"I have been waiting to do that from the time I saw you walking towards me in this dress" he said in between breaths after they surfaced.

"So what else you had been waiting to do?"

"You have become shameless- you know that?"

Kushi smiled at him-

"Are you complaining now?"

"Not at all' Just that it all takes it up the notch when you realize that your wife has suddenly turned into an active wild seductress at bed"

"Haa.. start teasing me now" she said biting her lips' "I wasn't that wild"

"you weren't? Should I show you my marks?"

"Haa.. now you know how it feels when you have to hide it all"

"I wouldn't hide it for my sake- I thought you would be embarrassed if I didn't '"

"Shut up"

"Hey speaking of hiding things'so tell me where is my name on you?"

"It is for you to find it out-isnt it? Lets see how fast you find it" she said as she stepped back lifting her hands "I am all yours"

"I will be able to find it in a less than a minute" he growled at her- getting impatient all the more with her gestures.

"Hmm.. then lets see.." she spoke out teasingly' "that should include the time that you would take to take of my jewellery' and the wedding joda' without tampering or ripping it" Kushi added as an after thought

"I cant promise the state of your jewellery or Joda'. what would you do if I win this bet?" he asked her huskily

"Anything you ask for" she replied back with equal ease

"Light on for the whole night?"

Though she opened her mouth wide enough hearing his demand, she didn't want to give up her stand now

"Ok- th..thats fine' yeah.." She blushed agreeing to his bet'

He never thought she could turn him on simplest of her gestures.

"When does my time start?" he almost growled at her with animalistic instinct

"Now" she whimpered as she felt his hands already on her neck.. and she realized him pulling off her ghoonghat from her head. She didn't even realize when her nath was taken off along with her earrings, she didn't realize when he necklace came off- when her hip band flew across the floor.

The only thing that she was aware of what his lips and hands on her- creating havoc to her senses' Suddenly everything stopped and she opened her eyes to look at him smirking at her'

"40 seconds more" he whispered to her as she realized that her bangles were off too now'

"Do you want to cancel the bet now ' you can' I am merciful- you know" he whispered to her as a shock of anticipation went through her body

"carry on" she jabbed at him encouraging him further- and that was all that he needed to take it further'

As he pulled her closer, sliding his hand up her back towards her choli, a piercing scream was heard from outside.

"Arush" La screamed from the next room, making Kushi and Arnav to jump apart. They quickly opened the door and went running to the adjoining room- even as the rest of the members came up running towards the room.

To be continued

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Part 71

Post by Abavi on 2013-02-25, 11:16

Part 71

Sid stood at Gayathri's room staring at her with a deep red gash across her neck as she sat there in perfect calmness.

"You are coming with me" he told her with finality.

When he had come out of Arnav's room, he had got a call from Inspector Ghai and had rushed to Gayathri's hotel.

It had happened that after he had dropped her off at the hotel, she had walked in unwarily into her room when someone had attacked her. Some man who had tried to strangle her from back, as she had tried to escape, trying in vain to hit that person, after two or three missed objects, Luck had favored her as she hit the man with her metal torch. As his grip had slackened she had shoved him with all her might when the man hit his head on the wall and had slipped into unconsciousness.

Upon switching on the light, she had found an young man sprawled across on the floor and had immediately contacted Inspector Ghai.

"Sid I am perfectly alright' Look it's only a bruise- nothing else- get back to RM"

"Are you kidding? Someone tried to kill you tonight and you say you are alright?"

"See- this is why I told Inspector Ghai not to inform you'"

"Good that he did- I am not letting you stay here alone anymore- come with me' Or I will call La and say that I am staying with you tonight"

"It is not advisable to stay alone here Gayathri Ji- lets not take the risk- you have to go with Sid"

"Ok baba.. I will come with you" Gayathri told him finally.


As the family settled down in their own rooms for the night, La who was still waiting for Sid after he went out for some urgent work- decided to call him. She didn't want to disturb the sleeping baby and stepped out of the room after she put out the lights and tucked the boy with warm quilt.

"Hey where did you run away now?"

"I am on the way Lav, I am bringing Gayathri Maa along with me.. You won't believe if I tell you what happened few minutes back"

"Why what happened?"

"someone attempted to murder her"

"Oh my god'Is she alright?"

"Yeah.. thank god she is safe' Will tell you everything in person'"

"yeah Sid'"Lavanya spoke on her phone "hey hold on a minute" she said as she approached the room again, as soon as she stepped in, she sensed someone else's presence in the room and switched on the light instantly.

To her astonishment, she found a very bulky rogue standing next to Arush in the room. The Man looked surprised too- as he hadn't expected anyone to walk in when his target was all alone and this close.

"Who are you? What are you doing here?" She shouted at the man.

The man pulled out the sleeping kid by his legs.

"Shut up or I will finish him" he growled at her as he pointed a gun to upside down body of Arush- who had now jolted awake.

"Arush''''." La screamed again as Arush started to cry. In an instant, lights were switched on at every room at RM 'As she tried to step out of the room the phone slipped from her hands and hit the floor.. It was then she saw Arnav and Kushi rushing out of their room'

"ASR- Arush- this man- Arush- Help him" Lavanya hysterically shouted at Arnav.


"Ho..hold him properly- can't you see he is crying" Kushi shouted at the guy

"Did I come here to baby sit your kid- I came to kill him" the man laughed at her

"Don't you dare- don't you dare to even think of that- drop your gun" Arnav told him

"what will you do if I dare? Where should I hit hit him? Here?" he asked pointing Arush's head "or here?" he lowered to the baby's chest- all the while as the boy was bawling his head off- not able to grasp what was happening

"Arnav.. Get him to me" Kushi started to panic too "Arush.. Don't cry beta' Momma is here.. Dadda is here" she said lamely- trying to calm the boy down.

Arush started to wiggle uncontrollably that the man had to hold him properly to get better control- and the man roughly turned him and clutched him on his stomach

"Treat him properly" Arnav growled "Or I kill you dammit"

"Are you mad? I told you, My intention is to do that to your son'" The man laughed'

"Cool down Nannav' " NK advised Arnav "We should think rationally"

Arnav realized that there was no point in shouting irrationally to this guy. As the family crowded towards the room door, Arnav looked around'

"Look put the kid down ' or we will call the police" Akaash threatned the man

"The moment you connect to the police line- your boy will be no more' don't try anything stupid .. the man replied back"

Arnav signaled Akaash to put the phone down. He casually inserted his hand inside the pocket and started dialing to Inspector Ghai.


Sid had screeched his car to halt when he had heard Lavanya scream Arush's name on the phone. He guessed something was wrong- He had tried calling Lavanya again but it was switched off. He tried Kushi's mobile. She was not picking it up- Arnav's mobile was busy.

"What happened?" Gayathri asked.

"Nothing Maa, everything is fine" he said hoping desperately that it was true'

He didn't know if it was wise to call anyone else'

"Gayathri Maa, ask Inspector Ghai to come to RM" he told her as he tossed his phone to her. Then he sped towards RM.


"DON'T call the police- or your baby will be gone forever" they all heard another voice from behind.

They all turned to see a young man standing outside in the lobby- pointing another gun at the family.

"Dhruv Saab" the man holding Arush called out "you are inside already?"

"Dhruv?" Immediate whispers and gasps were heard from the family.

"You idiot Linga'" Dhruv shouted "Don't you even know everyone would carry a mobile?"

"Put it down- don't even dare to press a number on your mobile" Dhruv told Arnav

"All your mobiles down on the floor this instant" Dhruv called out in a menacingly cold tone

As everyone who carried a mobile with them threw it on the floor, Arnav looked steadily at the boyish face holding a gun at his family.

"I know you carry a mobile too'and you were trying to connect to someone a little while ago" Dhruv called out menacingly at Arnav and after a pause added "big brother" he said "put it down"

"Nice to meet you Dhruv" Arnav called out coolly as he put his hand in his pocket and put his mobile down with other mobiles on the floor.

"yeah- we meet atlast' you don't love the circumstances Arnav?" Dhruv leered back at Arnav


"Gayathri Maa- you go in.. I will see if I can enter the house some other way'" Sid told her as he parked the car outside the gate.

Sid ran along the compound wall to the side of the building- climbed the wall and jumped in...He was looking for another entry into the house' if he was lucky, he would be able to help them.. he didn't even know what was happening inside'

He was trying out the windows when he came across a rope to the balcony of the first floor. Someone had climbed in using that. He realized it was the balcony which opened to the garden and the poolside. He started climbing it hoping he would land in a position which will not worsen the situation further'


"You are Dhruv... Agrim's son" Dadi gasped

"Don't mention that man in front of me.. I hate him" Dhruv informed her

"You were taught to hate were fed with untruthful facts to make you hate him"

Dhruv didnt bother to answer her

"Do you realise that you are pointing a gun at your own family Dhruv... Put that Gun down- instruct that man to give the kid back to us"

"You must be joking... What did you think I came here for? for a reunion with the family that I hate I am related to?"

"No Dhruv.. beleive me... you need to understand the truth.. You dont even know what you are doing..."

"Yeah I know- I am extracting revenge ' avenging you all on my mother's behalf"

"avenging on Gayathri's behalf?"

"Don't even mention her name with your filthy mouth... Who are you? Oh yeah- Dadi isn't it?" Dhruv laughed " The very same dadi she pleaded to all those years back... to accept her and her son... the very same dadi who without a second thought chucked her out mercilessly.. now when things turn ugly for your family- you expect mercy.. funny!"

"Chucked your mother?" Dadi asked back realizing something was not right here'

"yeah.. chucked her out with her young son- that she had to commit suicide?"

"You are wrongly informed' she is very much alive' Gayathri is"

"Don't lie" Dhruv screamed at her' "I told you not to mention her name' you filthy high class scoundrels- opportunists'"

"Oh my god how will I make you believe the truth... If only gayathri was here.. " Dadi muttered to herself.

But Arnav sighed in relief. All was not lost. There was still hope. Rana had misplayed a very huge thing- and it is going to cost him his game.

Gayathri saw Sid running towards the side of the building before she ventured into the house, not having any clue about what she is going to witness there. She had a mingled feeling of anticipation, of loss and of fear- that she had been waiting for this day for so long'

"Long time sister" a cold voice rang as she reached towards the portico.

She stood still in shocked silence

"Ashu" She whispered in disgust

"Yes- its me.. So you have escaped again did you?"

"Yes.. I escaped' it was you' I knew it alright' aren't you ashamed Ashu? Don't you feel ashamed Ashu- for what you have done for years?"

"It is you who should feel ashamed to have gone against your own brother and son to support these people who stole your life from you" Rana called out as came out from the darkness from where he had been lurking behind

"But then' My conscience has always been clear' I have nothing to fear- but it's not the same with you Ashu- now the game is coming to an end- its time for you to repent and get punished'"

"Oh it is going to end' But it will end like I always wanted to Gayathri' and if it has to go the way I want it to' You shouldn't be here" he said as he came near her. Before she could realize or expect anything, something hit her on her head and she lost conscious. Rana threw the wooden log aside. He pulled her and made her lie aside along with an unconscious Hari Prakash. He knew her presence would be messy- He made a mental note that Luck was on his side that he noticed her walking in just before he had decided to go in- it was also lucky that Dhruv had gone in sometime back- Lucky indeed for him- as Dhruv hasn't seen Gayathri. Then he walked inside the house.


Arnav was facing the pool side when he saw Sid jump in and pass through.

He knew what to do immediately. He has to keep Dhruv's attention intact- he had to keep talking'

"So you were told that your mother commited suicide because of us?"

"I wasnt told - I know she killed herself because of your father"

"Our father you mean?"

"I don't want to call that scoundrel my father"

"you dislike for him is greater than my dislike for him"
"thats because - for you- he only cheated your mother.. For me- He raped my mother- He denied to accept me or my mother- and pushed her to kill herself""That is the biggest lie that anyone can believe in" Dadi screamed at him
"Are you angry to hear the truth about your son? Or is it that you deny to accept any fact about him?"

"You have been fed with lies Dhruv- Truth is far from that" Dadi told him

It happened at that moment- Sid had taken the cue from Arnav and jumped on Linga, momentarily pushing aside, Linga who hadn't been expecting this, stumbled along with Arush' As Arnav dashed forward that instant trying to rescue Arush, Sid toppled Linga's gun, and it went slipping further away'

A shot rang across this chaos, wounding Sid.




"Oh my god"

Several screams later, Dhruv was pointing his gun again at Sid who was bleeding on his arms'

"you idiot ' fetch you gun fast" Dhruv shouted to Linga who was scrambling up from the attack.

He turned back to the family.

"I told you all- I play to kill- Give the boy back to me

"No Arnav- do not give Arush to him'" Sid told him

"Give me back the boy- or you will see your friend dead' You remember what happened to Shyam right? You don't want the same thing to happen to another one who tried to help you' do you?"

"Shyam?" Anjali asked confused "What Shyam has to do in all this? You don't mean Shyam Manohar Jha do you?"

Uneasiness set in for the family as Dhruv sneered at her

"yeah..the very same man- your ex-husband- who lusted after your brother's wife' You should have been happy to hear about his death' weren't you?"

"What Shyam died?" Anjali asked surprised and shcoked, not knowing how to react...
"He didn't- he didn't lust after me" Kushi spoke out, confusing Anjali further
"oh yeah- all that faking' you mean... thats all fine... but you didn't hear what he used to tell about you... serves him right- a painful death for double crossing us" Dhruv grinned at Kushi

"It was all a lie- sham" Kushi shouted back, Dhruv jeered at her, Arnav held her hand instantly stopping her. Arush was still sobbing holding on tight to his father's hand.

Linga had finally fetched back his gun.

"Give back the boy to me" Dhruv said again "I will let you all attend to this guy- or another bullet and he is dead"

Arnav looked at Sid who was bleeding profusely. He needed help immediately.

"No Arnav- don't even think of handing him over" Sid gasped

"Dhruv" A voice was heard from the hallway below.

"Fast" Dhruv urged Arnav. Linga went forward to take the kid.

"You can point the gun on me instead' Let my wife hold my son." Arnav told Dhruv

Dhruv contemplated for a while

"Dhruv' how can you do this to your own brother? You are my son's chachu' this is your blood" Kushi tried talking sense into him desperately

"Is he now?" Dhruv leered at her "It's all bullshit- sentiments' none of this crap affect me' I hate the fact that I share the blood with him'my dear bhabhi" Dhruv drawled again stressing mockingly when he said bhabhi

"Give me the baby" Linga told Arnav

"Dhruv what are you doing up there? come down" the voice from the hallway called again'

"Alright then- Linga put the gun on my dear brother's head" Dhruv instructed the other man.

"No take me instead- leave my husband and son" Kushi came forward.

"Shutup Kushi- take Arush" Arnav instructed- proceeding to give Arush to Kushi

"No" Dhruv shouted "The gun remains pointed to you and your son. Rest of you move down quickly"

To be continued'

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Re: ArHi FF: Checkmate! (Epilogue updated)

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