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ArHi FF: Checkmate! (Epilogue updated)

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Part 72

Post by Abavi on 2013-02-25, 11:17

Part 72

As the family strode down the stairs in tight tension and fear, promptly followed by Linga who was holding a bleeding Sid under the gun point and finally Arnav followed carrying Arush- who was again held at gun point by Dhruv.

Rana who had grown impatient already waiting downstairs took in this sight and sighed in content

"Wow wow wow.. what am I getting to see here… The Great Arnav Singh Raizada held at gun point by Dhruv Malik" Rana drawled in a silky voice.

Dadi looked down at Rana

She thought of all those times when this man used to frequent to her house as her son's friend. She thought of his plots which had eventually scattered her family-

"You are an evil wicked fellow Ashutosh- If you have a little of conscience left in you, repent for what you have done all these years… atleast god would have a chance to show mercy to you when you meet your destiny"

"Oh don't curse me subadra Maa.. I am so scared" Rana Mocked at the old lady

Linga tactfully cornered all the family at one side.

"Why are you still holding that bleeding fellow Linga? Don't you have a better job to do?" Rana asked his man

Linga let Sid go as he stumbled towards the couch.

Everyone gasped as Sid finally managed to reach and slumped against the couch. Lavanya tried to get to him when Linga stopped her with a loud growl.

"I am a doctor- Let me tend to him" Ashok requested "He is bleeding badly"

"Oh don't mind… Its not going to make any difference…We will finish him off at the end- just like we finished off Shyam – he tried hard to help you all- didn't he? He thought he can fool me.. but he was wrong…" Rana told silkily- Anjali was looking at the man with more confused looks- they all speak as if Shyam was some kind of martyr… what was she missing here?

"It is going to make all the difference in the world Ashu-if only you know" Gayathri's voice was heard behind Rana.

Rana's eyes grew wide before he turned to see his sister standing in the hallway. If Rana was shocked at Gayathri's presence, he covered it quite quickly with a loud gasp.

"Gayathri" he wheezed with false tears "Oh my sister- y- you are alive? Y- you are still alive… oh my Thank god thank god"

The family watched petrified as Rana went towards Gayathri, with fake affection… his act was well played out, Arnav noticied…He did think that Rana was doing a very good job of acting as if he didn't know that Gayathri was alive. Anyone who would have watched it without knowing his intentions would be fooled for sure.

He turned to look at Dhruv who looked aghast as if he had seen a ghost. He saw the young boy looking at Gayathri – dumbstruck as if he couldn't believe his eyes.

"Where were you all these days Gayathri? W..why didn't you contact us? "

"Enough of your games Ashu… No one is impressed by your acts anymore… If you still think Dhruv would be fooled by you…"


Gayathri paused talking as she turned to look at Dhruv as his hoarse whisper drifted across through all the commotion.

Arnav noticed Dhruv's hand dropping gradually down as he fully turned to see his mother… to get eye full of her- yearning to believe she was still alive.

Rana was quick to notice this too, But before Arnav could react by shifting Arush to his other hand and take away the pistol from Dhruv's hands, Rana took it from his hand and pointed it back at Arnav.

"Don't be week Dhruv … Don't give in to sentiments and emotions- didn't I teach you anything?"

"Maama. You told my mom died…"

"Oh did he now? He thought I was dead… he was the one who plotted to kill me.. Did he tell you that?" Gayathri asked her son

"What? I tried to kill you? what kind of story is this?" Rana asked her bewildered

"Oh this is not a story- this is the fact... you tried to kill me and cover it up just like your plans for Agrim's murder succeeded.."

A collective gasp issued from the spectators… Even Dadi was surprised…

"What? No.. Gayathri.. Agrim died in an accident…"

"Yeah that's what we all thought maaji… I was also in the hitlist of my brother- because I came to know that he had murdered Agrim… the death was staged… to look like an accident- or a suicide at the most… But it was Ashu who killed his so called friend-he is a murderer… " Gayathri shouted…

Dhruv who was looking from his mother to his uncle with a confused expression didn't know what to decide. Arnav and Anjali too were shaken to know the truth behind of their father's death from Gayathri. While Ashok stood by Anjali offering her, his support, Kushi was yearning to go and hold Arnav's hand. Sid sat there, as he had finally took off his shirt and wrapped himself as indicated by Ashok. He was thinking why Inspector Ghai was taking this long to make an entry.

"Maama.. what is happening? Why didn't you tell me? You tried to kill maa?"

Rana who was well trained to wriggle out of tight spots like this due to his experience in the politics… crunched his eyebrows…

"YES. YES I killed Agrim.. Because he cheated my sister… But I don't get it Gayathri... How can you think that attempted to Kill you?"

Gayathri simply smiled at him…

"Good joke Ashu… When did Agrim cheat me? What do you know what happened between us? Don't act as if you care so much about me... I am intelligent enough to know of your intentions"

"OH MY GOD… "Rana shouted… "Now I understand… I can't believe this Gayathri…"

"Now what new blame game are you planning to start Ashu?" Gayathri coolly asked him

"Blame game?" Rana shook his head "Your love for my friend was blind… You knew he was married- then too you gave yourself to him… when he told you that he cannot accept you, you still agreed to it- inconsiderate of your young baby… not caring that he would need his father's family name, you accepted Agrim's conditions to stay away- when I fought with Agrim, you opposed… and then when you came to know of his death- your love for him was greater than your love and support for your young child that you ran away and have been the door mat cum fence for Agrim's clan… Arent you Gayathri? I am ashamed to call you my sister…"

Dhruv looked at his mother with contempt… this looked the most bizarre but believable truth for him right now… His mother, for whose sake he had been preparing himself to avenge the family for… had herself forsaken him for the very same family that had put them in this position.

"Nice attempt Ashu" Gayathri said "quick thinking… and not at all bad… you have managed to close all the loops"

"Now that you agreed to that.. let me get other things done quickly… " Rana said as he looked at Kushi.

"You have been longing to get to your husband and Child aren't you?" he asked her

Kushi nodded her head worriedly.

"Well then get here" Rana called out..

"No Kushi stay there" Arnav called out. He was not sure of what was running on Rana's mind right now.

"No I am coming" Kushi told as she hurried towards Arnav who was glaring at her.

"Take your son" Rana instructed her. Kushi did as she was told. As soon as she took Arush in her hands, Rana pulled her aside, cunningly pointing the gun on her head. It all happened in a second's time that everyone was shocked. Arnav who had been expecting something like this could'nt do anything as the gun was pointed at Kushi and not him.

"You didn't expect this did you?" He asked Arnav as he grinned at him. Arnav glared at Rana.

"What are you doing now?" Gayathri shouted at him. She was also waiting for Inspector Ghai, why was he taking this long?"

"Oh just finishing the formalities… Don't worry- I won't hurt your sautani's children or grandchildren" Rana mocked at her.

"I have placed a legal document in that file" Rana told Arnav "it is a very straight forward one- appealing that you are not interested in the title or the property that comes with it…You don't want to claim it and you don't have any objection if it goes to the next eligible candidate"

" and?" Arnav asked him

"and what? Isn't it obvious? I want you to sign it.. Is all the stories that I have heard about your intelligence just made up?" Rana laughed at Arnav

"NO don't" Gayathri shouted

"Oh god.. Gayathri- your dedication to your sautani's children is mind blowing.. but too sweetish.. kindly spare us"

"I am serious Arnav-don't sign it" Gayathri told Arnav who was glaring at Rana.

"yeah then don't sign it… if you want to see your wife join your mother and father… and if you would still refuse.. your son would join them too"

"you bas***d" Arnav jumped forward

"Don't be stupid Arnav- the pistol is fully loaded" Rana called out menacingly.

Arnav readily stepped to the table. He was not ready to risk anything for Kushi or Arush.


A collective call issued from Sid and Dadi

"No Arnavji" Kushi whispered from her standpoint.

Arnav looked quickly at Kushi and smiled at her. He then almost apologetically looked at Dadi..

"Sorry dadi.."

"Mate" Sid called out "think of the sacrifices we have made"

"I know Sid" Arnav said almost impatiently, doesn't he understand Kushi and Arush are at stake? "but this is not that important as Kushi or Arush – for me" He told him

It was then he saw Sid showing his watch and gesturing towards the door. Then he understood. Sid was asking him to take some more time- he must have somehow managed to inform the inspector.

Hoping what he had interpreted from Sid's gestures were right, he nodded slightly.

He took out the document and pretended as if to read it…

Dadi who couldn't take this anymore, burst out

"NO… You don't have to sign it at all… It won't make any difference"

"What Subadra maa? What new story is this? It will make the most striking difference.. won't the property go to Dhruv then?" Rana asked the old lady in a mocking tone.

"No it won't go" Dadi shouted surprising all of them… "How will it? When it is already Dhruv's?"

A sea of shocked faces stared at her. Only two of them spoke out though

"What kind of joke is this?" Rana called out

"Maaji- No! Please no I beg you! " Gayathri called out at the same time.

This surprised them all even more…

"How long are you intending to hide this from everyone Gayathri?" Dadi shouted at her

Rana who was looking at the exchange between the ladies just like the baffled lot in the room finally burst out laughing….

"Oh my god.. if this was attempted to entertain me – It did! you people are all unbelievable… Now stop the drama… How can Dhruv have it already? What story are you planning to put forth this time Subadra Maa? That Dhruv was actually born to Ratna before Arnav? Or is it that Arnav has already signed it off for hi step brother…"

"Neither… " Dadi answered him determinedly ignoring the cries of Gayathri who was repeatedly begging Dadi not to say anything further

"It happens that Arnav is not the legitimate son of Agrim- It is Dhruv"



"OH my god"

"What crap is this?"

Everyone is the hall burst out at the same time… Arnav too up from where he had knelt by the table, shocked by his Dadi's words. There was silence for sometime.. No one spoke but looked at Dadi wanting her to talk more, still afraid of what she would say further. Gayathri was still sobbing from where she stood.

"Which means Agrim accepted Gayathri as his legitimate wife?" Rana asked intrigued by this new development "But still that doesn't mean he can disown Arnav- he is still his first son"

"NO… Ratna was never his legitimate wife" Dadi told finally "Gayathri is- Agrim married her before he married Ratna"

Everyone looked pertified hearing what Dadi had just revealed. Sid who had been thinking that the drama was for the sake of buying more time, turned inconvinced... Dadi looked too serious to be doing a drama... Even Rana and Dhruv stood there shocked. Anjali and Arnav looked at eachother stunned by the truth… How long did dadi know this? Did Mom know about this? Was this why she commited suicide? What else was still buried inside the mysteries of the past – that they didn't know?

To be continued…

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Re: ArHi FF: Checkmate! (Epilogue updated)

Post by fire.whisky on 2013-02-25, 19:48

I have the same question :)
Radhika it is, call me anything you want, though.. and yayiee I have so much to ponder tonight. Thanks for updating long hug

Abavi wrote:
fire.whisky wrote:Exellent story line buddy, update soon, can't wait to see everything to turn in favor of Arnav & Khushi. I am hoping dearly, that it is not Aakash back stabbing the family, though [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
Hey Thanks buddy, How do I call you? I am updating the next list of chapters...


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Re: ArHi FF: Checkmate! (Epilogue updated)

Post by Abavi on 2013-02-26, 08:05

fire.whisky wrote:I have the same question :)
Radhika it is, call me anything you want, though.. and yayiee I have so much to ponder tonight. Thanks for updating [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Abavi wrote:
fire.whisky wrote:Exellent story line buddy, update soon, can't wait to see everything to turn in favor of Arnav & Khushi. I am hoping dearly, that it is not Aakash back stabbing the family, though [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
Hey Thanks buddy, How do I call you? I am updating the next list of chapters...
Thanks Radhika, I had been writing this story in another forum, and now I have moved what ever I have written already, hence forth the updates would be as and when I write... I might do a update later today :)

And I appreciate your feat of finishing 70 odd updates in two days.. thanks so much for that muahhh!

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Re: ArHi FF: Checkmate! (Epilogue updated)

Post by fire.whisky on 2013-02-26, 16:00

I'm dearly waiting sweets.
Oh, reading is my forte, I'm sad it'd be slower now :lol!:

Waiting for more..

muwahhhzzz to you to.. Heart


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Re: ArHi FF: Checkmate! (Epilogue updated)

Post by hkrajan on 2013-02-26, 16:42

Vi. ...i loved loved the story its brilliant please update as soon as you can m looking forward to read the next bit nd thank u for sharig the story :)

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Part 73

Post by Abavi on 2013-02-27, 14:19

Part 73

The family watched perplexed and shocked as they looked back and forth at Dadi and then at Gayathri, wishing that it was all a nightmare and soon they would wake up from it… Dadi looked angst-ridden and Gayathri was equally shaken, she had finally stopped her silent retort for once and was steadily looking at Dadi with confused expressions, they hoped one or the other would open their mouth and contradict what was told a few minutes before. But nothing like that happened. Rana who was also watching the two with indifferent expression, finally let out a willy laugh…

"So you got married to him before Ratna? When did this happen? At college? But how do I believe this?"

Gayathri didn't answer her brother, she was still steadily looking at Dadi and amongst those two there was an understanding that didn't need any words to understand. Gayathri finally understood why Dadi decided to tell this now, but sadly she knew more about her brother to believe that he will make predictable moves. Her predictions came true in a short while. She wished Dadi's attempts were fruitful.

"Gayathri, for the first time in life, I believe that you share the same genes as me" Rana kept boasting, as he moved, tapping the pistol on his head. "But if it is true that Dhruv is the actual heir, there are a lot of interesting angles that I need to look into"

Dhruv looked perplexed as much as anyone in the room.

"For instance…When I came to know that you were alive, I was wondering what stopped you from making any attempt to get your son into your custody all these days – I was flabbergasted – and I knew I was missing something… Now I know… You thought that when this truth comes out- Dhruv still stays out of danger- for I wouldn't harm the same boy whom I had raised" Rana drawled at his sister

Gayathri stared at her brother. She didn't choose to comment on whatever he told. Rana continued to ponder aloud.

"you might have been successful in fooling me all these days Gayathri, but you have made wrong calculations regarding my sentiments" Rana gave an empty laugh, which was more chilling than his speech, in a swift move, he went near Dhruv and pointed the gun on him.

"Mama" Dhruv gasped

"Shutup" Rana growled as he looked at Gayathri "If you have been trying to keep your son on safe zone- Let me tell you, I don't have any sentiments attached to him- He was raised very similar to a pig raised for slaughter"

Dhruv looked aghast at his uncle, whom he had believed all these years, whom he trusted without reason, whose goals in life he had willingly borrowed to make his own life meaningful.

Gayathri was still looking at her brother who was pointing a gun to her Son's head. Even though the others in the room had atleast gasped when this development happened, Gayathri didn't even flinch during the entire change of tides.

"But, there is something else that I didn't understand… I should have seen this coming…" Rana drawled again "Why were you so much worried about your Saut's children that you went out of your way to keep them safe?"

"That is something beyond your understanding of what a mother's love is" Gayathri spoke at last

"Mother's love?" Rana laughed at her "Are you claiming to be their mother now Gayathri? Are you going to tell us that you gave birth to them as well?" Rana looked at her with mock surprise.

"A Mother is always a mother- It doesn't matter if she gave birth to them or not"

Rana kept mocking at Gayathri's comment all the while…

"Is it why you forfeited Arnav for Dhruv?" Rana asked her as she looked at him confused. Dadi was confused as well… Everyone else wondered what Rana was hinting at

"What do you mean?" Gayathri asked at last

"Oh now I get it all…Why you never attempted to get hold of your son- but still always maintained that Arnav is the heir when he was actually not one" Rana told her

Gayathri looked at her brother, not understanding what was going on in those murky depths of his brain.

"You are no different than a shrewd and selfish woman who loves your son- and for wanting to protect him- exposed your saut's children to danger- that too you have managed to accomplish this very cleverly that even the eldest member of the family believes and trust you… Aren't you Gayathri? "

"you are in no position to judge what I decide or why I lived my life the way I wanted it to be, Ashu… Think whatever you want- But keep your thoughts to yourself- no one is interested…"

"Scared aren't you Gayathri? Scared that I will tell out your plans to everyone here?" Rana smirked at his sister

"Scared? Why should I be scared? My conscious is guilt free"

"Then why don't you tell why you acted as if you cared about your saut's children?"

"Because it is in my nature to care for them- because I felt guilty that it was because of my brother that they lost their father and mother- and I took it upon myself to protect them so that you won't be able to touch them again- that you won't be able to hurt them again"

"Oh how touching!" Rana mocked "why don't you try to tell them the truth for a change?"

"What truth are you talking about?"

"About why you decided to hide the truth that Dhruv is the actual heir?"

Gayathri drew in sharp breath and looked at Dadi quickly before she looked back at her brother.

"Why are you quiet Gayathri? Tell them all why you put Arnav at risk all his life when you could have easily told the truth and saved him in a single swipe" Rana prompted.

Gayathri still remained quiet, but she looked agitated.

"Shall I do the honours then?" Rana asked her finally

Gayathri and Dadi looked at him, wondering if Rana knew the truth all the while, Rana then smirked at them after which he continued.

"I never understood when I came to know recently that you have been trying to protect Arnav and Anjali… I did think that you took the beaten ancient route, playing the sacrificial lover girl who protects her lover's children- just for the sake of love, but now... I realize, you knew well about me… you knew that if I come to know that Dhruv is the actual heir, I might try to kill him too... and that's why to protect your son, you conveniently exposed your saut's children- you maintained that Arnav is the heir, so that the focus would stay on him and Dhruv will be spared.. Didn't you? "

A collective gasp was heard when Rana told her this… Gayathri looked tormented as she looked hurriedly at Arnav who was giving her an unbelievable look. Kushi and Sid looked shocked too.

"No" Gayathri hissed at him

"No?" Rana mocked at her

"What else made you hide the fact that your own blood is the heir Gayathri? Why did you keep quiet when you knew that all the while your son was the heir- but someone's else's life was at constant danger? Why did you keep quiet when Arnav was not even able to lead a peaceful married life- why did you keep quiet when we schemed to get Anjali married to a rogue? Why? I don't think there is a noble reason however"


"You wanted to play safe all the while… You knew Dhruv was safe… and you were scared that if at all Arnav or Anjali come to you later with legalities, there is a chance that the property would go to them- as they is the eldest… So you thought you can maintain him to be the legal heir- so when I easily finish him off- as well as Anjali- you can then produce whatever evidence that you collected against me- Get me arrested, claim your right on your son,- and then lead a happy life isn't it?"

"STOP IT…" Gayathri shouted at her brother "Just… just stop"

"Why does the truth hurt Gayathri?"

"It isn't truth in the first place"

"What is then?" Rana prodded her tactically, for knowing this secret was his only way to decide what to do further. He knew his sister was still hiding her last trump- and somewhere the things didn't tally.

"The truth is Arnav is the real heir" Gayathri shouted at him

"Gayathri!" Dadi warned her, but it was too late

Rana was getting more confused, he was waiting to hear a logical explanation, but this was getting to square one again.

"How can he be the real heir if you are the legal wife?" Rana asked Gayathri

"That is none of your business to know- You won't know how… But Arnav is the real heir"

Arnav and Anjali staggered at Gayathri at this revelation. Rana looked perplexed and undecided whether to believe this or not. Dadi took this opportunity to further confuse him

"No, Dhruv is the legal heir"

"No Maaji- Arnav is the real heir- Dhruv is not"

"NO Gayathri- Dhruv remains the legal heir"

"Maaji- you knew all the while- You yourself have confirmed that Arnav would be the legal heir –then why now?"

"Dhruv is the heir"

"No Arnav is"

"STOP IT" Rana shouted at both the ladies.

He was getting to vaguely getting to understand the trap that both the ladies were laying for him all the while, he kicked himself for almost falling for it, with opening hostilities with Dhruv, mush earlier than he had planned. But anyway nothing was lost, as he had anyway planned to do this, a little later after Arnav had signed the papers.

"You both are trying to fool me isn't it?" Rana asked them "l ensure that both of them signs the papers" Rana said as he pushed Dhruv towards the coffee table where Arnav was now standing…

"Mama, enough of this fun…" Dhruv whined helplessly as he fell like a heap in front of the table"

Dhruv was still not sure if this was the same Mama who had been telling him all the while that he had been doing everything for his sake… for avenging the family for what they did to his nephew… Should he believe that Mama or the shrewd politician who stood before him now, declaring to the very family that Dhruv was a pig raised for slaughter?

"Shutup you fool! Just shut up and sign this" He pulled out another sheath of papers from his inner pocket of his coat and threw it to Dhruv.

"Mama… Come- on you cant.." whatever Dhruv was about to say was drowned by a shattering of the glass top of the coffee table as a bullet from Rana's pistol hit it. Dhruv was pulled away at the last moment from being rained with pieces of glass by Arnav who had been standing nearby.

"Arnav jee"




Everyone shouted at that instant as they realised it was a bullet shot.

After a brief gaze at eachother, a surprised Arnav released an astounded Dhruv from his clasp, both of them were still hit by small pieces of glass which had flew towards them as Arnav pulled Dhruv away. Arnav had guessed the attack coming, still wondering if the hit on the table was intended or fluke miss, His mind started reeling on how to divert Rana, whose mind was obviously not in its best. Then Arnav looked at his family and Kushi, assuring them that he was OK, effectively stopping Kushi was trying desperately to go near him- only with his eyes. She understood for she could not expose Arush to danger again.

Dhruv looked horror-struck at Rana, still comprehending that Rana had tried to shoot him. The others could sense that Rana was losing control, with a mad rage taking over him, he was being very irrational- and could attack anyone in that fit of anger.

"DON'T YOU TELL ME what I can and what I can't"

"Come on- pick it up and sign it" Rana reminded Dhruv "Now you know I am serious when I say I will kill you- don't you?"

Dhruv was indeed shaking from the recent attack, as he bent towards the thrown papers and retrived it from the floor amongst the glass shreds. To his surprise he found all the papers were all blank legal bonds…

"They are blank" he gasped as he looked around

"Yes, they are, I want you, Arnav and Anjali to sign on it… I am not taking any chances this time " Rana told him "I can fill it later to the effect that all of you are not interested in exerting rights on the title nor the property and that you have no objection to it getting passed to the next legal heir"

Arnav had in the meanwhile had witnessed sudden movement outside the door. As he watched a couple of uniformed officers silently sneaking in, his uncertain mind finally calmed down as he let out a sigh.

Dhruv at whom the gun was being pointed at, yielded as he bent went on to sign the papers. He stopped and looked at as his pen got snatched from him.

Rana looked enraged as he saw Arnav holding the pen at his hand.

"I can't let him sign empty bond sheets" Arnav told Rana

"You can't what?" Rana asked him threateningly

"I think you heard it right the first time- I am not used to repeating my views"

"How dare you… Give that pen back to him"

Arnav broke the pen effortlessly

"Sorry, we don't have a pen" Arnav told him coolly, as he threw it away.

Rana was enraged, He pointed the gun at him- Ok so you both won't sign… Then there is an easy way out- I will kill you both- that way it will automatically pass on to the next legal heir"

"Rana sab!" Sid called out diverting attention easily, for he too had had the police men sneeking in. Arnav caught Sid's eye just in time to see him wink at him "your plans are impressive, But I fail to understand who the next heir is"

"Me" Rana told him proudly

"How can you be the next legal heir?" Dadi asked him

"Oh you are going to sign another sheet for me, accepting me as your son- I am elder to Ajit too- which will make me the next eligible heir"

"Do we have to form a queue or something?" Sid asked.


"yeah, it seems that you are in a mood to get autograph from everyone here.. I thought I could help you organize the event"

Sid ducked as a bullet whizzed past his head.

The members standing there screamed and then finally sighed as they saw Sid was safe.

"Another word from you- you will be dead" Rana warned Sid

"Shut up your mouth for heaven's sake Sid" Lavanya shouted at him, after which Sid relaxed by the couch winking at her.

Then she realized the sudden chaos as the men in Kaki rushed in at the very moment, instigated to plunge in by the sound of the bullet. Even for an astute man like Rana, the suddenness of the police was a surprise; he gave up as they all stood effectively surrounding Rana, all their pistols pointed at him. Linga who had been holding the rest of the family at bay was also asked to drop the pistol immediately, the game was finally up.

"High time" Sid sighed loudly vocalizing everyone's thoughts there.

To be continued.

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Re: ArHi FF: Checkmate! (Epilogue updated)

Post by Abavi on 2013-02-27, 14:24

hkrajan wrote:Vi. ...i loved loved the story its brilliant please update as soon as you can m looking forward to read the next bit nd thank u for sharig the story :)
Hey thanks Harshu, The next part is updated! happy reading!

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Re: ArHi FF: Checkmate! (Epilogue updated)

Post by hkrajan on 2013-02-27, 16:42

Abavi wrote:
hkrajan wrote:Vi. ...i loved loved the story its brilliant please update as soon as you can m looking forward to read the next bit nd thank u for sharig the story :)
Hey thanks Harshu, The next part is updated! happy reading!
read it too Vi. ...i like your style nd i like rhe suspense...i kept on chwckinf to see when u would update:-)...enjoyed it

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Re: ArHi FF: Checkmate! (Epilogue updated)

Post by fire.whisky on 2013-02-28, 18:14

Tremendous one Abavi.. Loved it :heart:


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Re: ArHi FF: Checkmate! (Epilogue updated)

Post by Abavi on 2013-03-01, 09:34

fire.whisky wrote:Tremendous one Abavi.. Loved it :heart:
Thanks Radz... Glad that you love it:)

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Re: ArHi FF: Checkmate! (Epilogue updated)

Post by Abavi on 2013-03-01, 09:34

hkrajan wrote:
Abavi wrote:
hkrajan wrote:Vi. ...i loved loved the story its brilliant please update as soon as you can m looking forward to read the next bit nd thank u for sharig the story :)
Hey thanks Harshu, The next part is updated! happy reading!
read it too Vi. ...i like your style nd i like rhe suspense...i kept on chwckinf to see when u would update:-)...enjoyed it
Hoe sweet of you Harshu!

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Part 74

Post by Abavi on 2013-03-01, 14:27

Part 74

Its been almost half an hour after Rana was rounded up and arrested. Dhruv stood there rooted to spot as he took in the scene around him.

A very anxious Anjali and visibly pained Kushi was hovering over Arnav, while Anjali was already letting out tears of relief that everything was over at last, treating Arnav's glass cut wounds, Kushi was almost on the edge, divided between her duties as a mother- and a wife. What with soothing a cranky and irritated Arush, who was crying non stop- to calm down and sleep, and a pissed off Arnav who was again and again assuring his sister and wife that he was alright, Kushi kept touching and holding his hands to ensure that he was safe and all was over at last.
"Kushi I really think, you should go and put Arush to sleep"
"It's Alright, I am not going away from you, He will sleep here"
While this was happening on one end, the other end was displaying another level of madness…
"BE GENTLE WOMAN!" Sid screamed as La checked out one of his ankle.
"Sorry Sorry" La told him quickly as she slowly placed the ankle back on the cushion.
"Do you think it could be a Fracture Ashok?" La asked Ashok who was dressing Sid's bullet wound on his arm.
"No I think it is just a sprain… Wait let me get over with this… Thank god the bullet didn't peirce you Sid, it was just a surface abrasion"
"Yeah I am thanking god it didn't enter my heart" Sid told closing his eyes in pain and irritation
"it's almost done"
"I didn't know I would be operated without an anesthesia- its barbaric! Kitchen knife cutting my arms!"
"I didn't do any operation on you, just cleaning the wound, Didn't I tell you? The bullet didnt enter you – it just scraped on your arm" Ashok told him
"Easily said- its burning for me! Hey Arnav Mate- look what all I took on myself for your wedding celebrations!- don't ever forget this! You owe me one high time!"
"Anytime Sid" Arnav chuckled
"I didn't know you would be such a baby with wounds Sid" La chuckled
"Lav, could you just stand up and look on the other side of the hall? Learn how to worry when your man is hurt- He only got glass cut wounds and look at him being pampered with so much worry- here I am hit with a bullet and my Girlfriend complaints that I am being childish"
On the other end, Payal and NK had finally pacified a worried Nani and Mami, and had taken them to their respective rooms to make them take rest. Dadi had told them that she wanted to stay in the hall for a little while. Akaash had left with the Police officer to give a written account of whatever happened and finish the FIR formalities.
"I am giving you a pain killer Sid" Ashok told as he smiled hearing the ramblings of Sid.
"Give me whatever you want- I don't want this pain- Oh god this is killing me"
"you are pathetic Sid" Nk called out as he came and sat next to them.
"Oh stop it Sid- The only thing you haven't done is asking for your mamma" La told him again.
Sid glared at a grinning La.
"Do you reckon we should inform her then to come immediately and nurse her baby boy?" Ashok joined the fun.
Then the two started laughing- Sid stared at the two and then joined in the laughing mela.
Dhruv stood there taking in all that was happening around him, not even sure if he belonged there or not… He definely didn't belong there he thought, a loving and caring family was denied to him at a very young age. He had thought that he didn't have a family other than his Mama, he had trusted in him until this evening- he had believed that his mother was dead- dead because of this family- how wrong he had been? He turned back sensing some movement near him and was surprised to see his mother standing so close to him.

A lump seemed to be formed in his throat, he wanted to speak to her, but no voice came out. She looked at him hungrily, the pain of getting separated from her son, the agony of having forced herself to refrain from getting in contact with him- visible in her eyes.
"I am so sorry Dhruv" She whispered to him amidst her tears "for neglecting you all these years"
He didn't know what to tell her, was he angry with her? Or was he scared that she wouldn't accept him after what he had been all these years? Was he ashamed himself? Or was he blaming his mother for his state? He couldn't say- He stood there, closing his eyes as her soft fingers brushed aside his damp hair on his forehead.
Payal who was now standing near Kushi asking her to go and put Arush to sleep, nudged her, towards the direction where Dhruv and Gayathri were standing.
Kushi turned to look at them, stared at them sadly and then passing Arush to Payal, she took the first aid box and went to Gayathri. She extended it to her and gave her an encouraging nod.
Anjali stopped nursing Arnav's wounds and both of them saw this happening, On the other side, Sid and group also watched this with bated breath.
"I.. I am alright…I ..I don't ne… need" Dhruv stammered nervously, brushing away his mother's hands on his face, He stepped away from both the ladies, turned his back and started walking to the entrance.
He had been living away from this affection all his life… Why should he need it now? He had seen and felt the pain of loving one's family- one's mother… He had felt the vulnerability- If loving a family could be this painful- he is better off without it…
"Where are you going?" Dadi's voice stopped him
"I am going away.. I don't belong here… I don't want to… it is all so painful…" he muttered more to himself.
"What do you mean- you don't belong here?" Kushi asked him, this took him by surprise for he was never spoken to in a commanding voice like that- not by a girl… He looked at her with an unbelievable expression
"You very much belong here… If family love is only painful- why do you think people crave for it?"
"Don't talk to me like that" He screamed at her. It somuch reminded her of her own prince that an unknowing smile creeped into her lips.
"Don't mock at me" He screamed again.
"Don't scream at her" Kushi heard a growl from behind her, which made her roll her eyes…
"Is being Arrogant, Adamant and Angry all the time- a flaw which comes in the blood?" She asked as she turned to look at her husband
"Kushi- You.."
"Stop it both of you…" Kushi said before Arnav could finish his sentence. She went near Dhruv and took his hand and dragged him inside to his surprise. He gave in shocked at the girl's audacity.
She pushed him on a couch, and dragged a teary eyed Gayathri to him as well
"Tend to your son- I have my own son to look after" she winked at her
"You are not going anywhere… understood?" She told Dhruv who reticently nodded his head.
"Trust Kushi for breaking the ice!" Sid commented as NK and La smiled at him.
"Hmm, he sure needs a firm telling- But otherwise… he is manageable…" Kushi commented back as she took Arush from Payal
"Shall we go up Beta? Ready to sleep with Momma?"
Dadi smiled at Kushi, before she too got up to leave the place.
"But Kushiji…What about your Suhaagraat?" NK asked suddenly as Sid and La smirked.
"They just had an adventurous night NK!" Sid teased them, Arnav rolled his eyes again as Kushi stared at both of them. How could they even think of Suhaagraat after such an incident?
"I think, NK is right, you both should forget about all this and go on with life.. Afterall today is very special for you both... Don't let this incident hamper your happiness" Dadi advised them.
Just then they all saw Akaash walking in. After quick enquiry they all decided to finally call it a day.
Dadi started walking to her room
"Dadi" Anjali called. Ever since she heard from Dadi about her parent's wedding- it has been nagging her heart. She wanted to know the truth
Dadi turned to look at Anjali. Arnav became tensed too, for he too knew where this was getting to.
"Dadi, I want to know the truth" Anjali told her with tears brimming her eyes…
Gayathri stopped doing whatever she was doing and stared at Dadi, with fear in her eyes, Dhruv stiffened too. Arnav looked at Dadi with anticipation and anxiousness.
"Please Dadi .. Tell me if whatever you told to Rana is truth or not… I need to know- please"
Dadi gazed at Gayathri for a moment. Then she took a look at all her grandchildren.
"I told half-truth Anjali bitiya- That was all I could do to save both my grandsons" Dadi told with a sigh
"Which part of it is truth Dadi?" Anjali's voice was almost a whisper.
Anjali clutched her brother's hand tightly, She was shocked to find it cold and shivering as well. She looked into his eyes; It reflected the emotions that she was undergoing as well… A fear of what they were going to hear. Kushi was worried for her husband and her Sister in law. The Room had gone quiet all of a sudden. Everyone were looking anxiously at what Dadi was going to say.
Kushi walked up to Arnav and clutched his arm. She could sense his stiffened and tensed self. She wished she could make it easy for him to face whatever he was undergoing right now…
Dadi looked at Anjali and Arnav- She saw Dhruv looking at her too. Gayathri was shaking her head at Dadi. Dadi made up her mind to tell them the truth.
"That Gayathri is the real wife of Agrim" Dadi told in a hoarse voice.
Arnav shut his eyes in despair. He didn't mind him not being the heir for the title… But knowing that his mother is not the legitimate wife for his father- the fact that they were both born out of wedlock- pained him a lot, Next to him, Anjali broke into sobs. On his other side, he could sense Kushi crying for him too. He wanted to cry too… He wanted to cry for his Mother's fate- and yearn for the loneliness to do so.
Gayathri was crying silently too.
"I am sorry Gayathri- I had to break the promise that I gave to you- not to disclose this truth to anyone… I didn't have much choice" Dadi told Gayathri. Dhruv looked back and forth at Dadi and his mom. He didn't know if he had to feel relieved or not. His mother was crying on this news- and it definitely didn't look like happy tears.

"Tell me one thing" Arnav asked his Dadi in a strained voice "Did ma know about this? Was this truth in any way responsible for her death?"

Dadi swallowed. Gayathri gasped at the question too. She dreaded the answer.
"She came to know about it on that fateful day Arnav" Dadi told him in almost a whisper.

"The truth forced her to kill herself" Arnav concluded with contempt as he looked ahead at Dadi. Kushi looked at her husband worriedly.

An uneasy silence settled in, No one spoke for some time.

"But then it means- the other thing that you told is false- Dhruv is not the actual heir" Sid was the first one to break the silence
Dadi looked at Sid and sighed
"Yes" Dadi told "Arnav is the actual heir for the title"
This revelation confused everyone there…
"But how is it possible- I don't get this" Sid told aloud- reflecting every one's thought. Arnav was the only one for whom it didn't matter anymore.
"It is simple enough" Dadi told them with a smile "Arnav is elder to Dhruv"
"But… you just said that Nannav and Di are not legitimate"
"I only said Ratna was not Agrim's legitimate wife. "
"Which makes them – born out of wed lock?"
"But that doesn't matter- Arnav is the first son born in this blood line- Which makes him eligible for the title- it doesn't matter if he is born out of wed lock or not- this is a written down rule for generations" Dadi explained "We descend down the line of rulers- the rulers were entitled to have more than one wifes those days- and it didnt matter which wife gave him the first son- the son born out of a wedlock as per hindu customs are enough to hold him legitimate according to the laws of the throne- it is the same authority that defines who is the legitimate heir to get the title- according to that- Arnav is elder- and he is the heir to the throne and title"

"But does it hold good for Indian law?" Ashok raised his doubt
"It doesn't" Dadi said "and that's why Gayathri made sure that both Arnav and Anjali are lawfully Agrim's children too"
All but Arnav, turned to look at Gayathri.
"I don't understand" Anjali told Dadi.
"Gayathri and Agrim have adopted both of you as their legitimate children- years back"
Arnav looked up at his Dadi too, Surprised at what she told. He turned to look at Gayathri, crunching his eyebrows.
Gayathri was aware of all the eyes staring at her. She closed her eyes and stood silently.
"I didn't know at that time- what she was trying to do" Dadi continued "I mistook her to be the one entering my son's happy married life- months later- I came to know her true intentions- but then it was too late to rectify anything" Dadi told sadly.
A lot of emotions were going on in Arnav's mind- all those thoughts which were neither in his control nor passing away, clouding his mind, piercing his heart- It was too much to take, In a jiff, Arnav left the place and climbed the stairs.
But then Arnav was already gone. Kushi looked at Anjali, who started sobbing again. Ashok and Payal were consoling her. Kushi too took the stairs which would take her to her Arnavji.
"I know all this will pain you bitiya, that's why I didn't speak about this to you today- Leave this- we will talk about it later- Go and rest" Dadi told Anjali and then she walked to Gayathri.
"You too Gayathri- you have taken much more than necessary tonight- go and sleep" Dadi told her and nodded to Payal and Akaash who gave her a half smile.
"Come with me Gayathri maa-I will show you the room" Payal told Gayathri, who walked quietly behind her.
Payal suddenly stopped and called NK
"NK Bhai, Would you mind accommodating Dhruv in your room for the night?"
"Not at all Payal bhabhi" Nk chirped back "come on dude" NK told to Dhruv, taking charge of him, while Anjali was taken to her own room by Ashok and Akaash.
Dadi finally looked at Sid and La and sighed… All seemed to be Ok... atleast for now.
Lavanya and Sid slowly climbed the stairs and went to their room. Sleep had been a faraway though after this eventful a evening, and finally after seeing Dadi off to her room, they both had chatted for a little while and finally thought of retiring to their own room.
To their surprise, they found Arnav and Kushi's room barred open, with the candles dancing away
"So much for decorating their room" Sid muttered
"Shut up Sid…" Lavanya laughed
"Do you reckon we need to poke our head and hammer some sense into that Angry young man"
"No Sid, Leave them alone this time- Kushi is the best to handle a tormented ASR" La told him
Kushi sat beside Arnav, gently holding his hands. It had been two hours since she came up to find Arnav staring at the pool. Arush was restless as well because of all the hungama that happened. She had taken Arnav's hand and had led him to the recliner by the pool and made him sit there, and had been holding his hand ever since, giving him the silent support. She looked at her son on her lap and sighed. She hadn't got a chance to change her outfit, Arnav was brooding and Arush was in his cranky best- crying insistently, she had finally managed to put him on her lap, and slowly rocked him to sleep, sometimes talking soothingly, sometimes singing some lullaby… Finally he fell asleep only 20 minutes back. Her thighs were aching with constant rocking, but she didn't mind it. She tentatively put her head on Arnav's shoulder. He remained quiet still. She put her hand around him, hugging him with her free hand, letting him know that she was there with him- in this phase. This was one of those times when she herself was not sure if she had to try and make him talk… She knew how much his mom means for him and how painful it was for him to accept the truth about his mother's marital status.
So the two sat there by the moonlight, one with a sleeping infant on her lap, while the candles burnt away in their room decorated for the wedding night.
"Sid, I will just be back" La got up after an hour after they actually settled down to sleep.
Not feeling sleepy, they have been talking about all that happened, trying to connect the left out dots, nothing seemed plausible.
"Where are you upto now?"
"Arush's bedtime wears, milk bottle, diapers- everything is here-he was supposed to sleep with us na- they might need it... I will leave it in their room-Or if they are Ok, I will bring him here."
"Don't disturb them if their room is locked"
"I won't"
When La came to their room, it was still open, the candles were still burning and she saw them by the pool side, with Kushi's right arm around Arnav, both supporting eachother's head on the other's shoulder.
"Kushi, ASR?" Lavanya called out to them.
They slowly lifted their head and looked towards Lavanya.
"Arent you both going to sleep?" She asked coming near them "And how long are you holding Arush like this Kushi- your legs are going to be numb with ache"
"It is already throbbing" Kushi thought to herself and smiled at little.
Arnav hadn't realised that it would be numbing for Kushi to be sitting in that same position for hours, what with him and Arush on either side.
"Give him to me" Lavanya asked
"No La, I think we will only manage with him- you go and sleep"
"Arey, I will put him on the crib…" La said as she took a sleeping Arush and went in.
Kushi slowly descended her stiffened left leg that she had kept folded cradling Arush all this while. Arnav noticed her put on a smile to assure him that she was alright, while her eyes gave her away.
He sloped to the floor quickly, assisting her to put her leg down, kneading her legs, easing away the stiffness.
"Are you Ok now?" he asked her
Kushi who had been staring at him all the while when he was doing this to her swallowed at the question
"Are you OK Arnavji?"
They both stared at eachother, lost in eachother's concern, lost in those eyes which pooled the love that they felt for eachother- They didn't even hear Lavanya tell them that she has put Arush in the crib, and has left his night bag by the bed stand.
They didn't hear her leave; they didn't hear the door being closed behind her.
It started to drizzle then, jolting them out of their reverie as they both stood up, looking up, holding eachother's hand.
"It's time we went in" Arnav told finally "Its late- it's beginning to drizzle"
"Yeah its time" Kushi replied back "I need to get out of this dress- it's very heavy"
"Should I help you with it" Arnav asked earnestly, and Kushi looked at him and smiled
"No I didn't mean…" Arnav tried to explain
"You can mean all you want to mean" Kushi told him "You have the right you know"
"Hmm… do you think our bet holds good still?" Arnav asked her softly as a smirk peeped into his smile.
"I suppose so.. But I won't give you full 30 seconds- Only half of it" Kushi told him
The light smirk grew into a fully blown one.
"I can do with that" he said as he lifted her up "Whatever Mumbai did to you Kushi- It has definitely made you more audacious if that was possible"
"and I am in love with you!"
She smiled at him
"I love you too" she whispered making him smile
He walked into their room carrying his precious wife away from the drizzles which had started to turn into rain.

To be concluded in the next part!

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Re: ArHi FF: Checkmate! (Epilogue updated)

Post by fire.whisky on 2013-03-02, 15:47

The Bada Bing vi.. *Applaud* long hug


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Re: ArHi FF: Checkmate! (Epilogue updated)

Post by Abavi on 2013-03-03, 17:51

fire.whisky wrote:The Bada Bing vi.. *Applaud* [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
Thanks Radz :)

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Part 75 (conclusion)

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Part 75

As the next morning dawned, Kushi woke up to find Arnav already up and lost in thoughts. Kushi knew well enough about him to know that though Arnav had tried to put on that brave face the previous night, she knew how much hurt he was, She tried to console him too, but she knew that this was something that could linger in their hearts for a life time.

As she caressed his forehead easing out the tensed lines there, he looked at her and smiled.

"Hi" he said as he caressed her hair lovingly

"Are you alright Arnavji? "

"I am alright" he told her.

"You look disturbed"

"I am fine Kushi" he said as he sat up abruptly "I need to go and see Di"
Kushi got out of the bed along with him
"I will come too"


As Kushi guessed, Anjali and Ashok looked restless too. Anjali should have been up the whole night. She thought to herself. She found solace in her brother's arm as soon as she saw him. Kushi and Ashok, let the siblings have some time to themselves and came out.

"She was up the whole night, I tried hard to console her, But I suppose at times like this, she needs her brother the most" Ashok told Kushi, who nodded to him.

An Hour later, When Kushi went back to check if they would want to join the others for breakfast, they refused to do so. She too sat beside them trying to console Anjali as much as she could. Ashok joined her too. But Anjali couldn't let it go so easily, nor could Arnav, for that matter.

It was then they heard a knock at the door. They all turned to see Gayathri standing by the door.

"I know that I am not welcome here, But I couldn't help but force myself in" She told calmly

"Not at all Gayathri Maa, come in" Kushi told hastily. While Ashok gave her a friendly smile, the other two went back to their brooding self.

"Kushi, can you go down and fetch something for them to eat?" Gayathri asked her, to which she complied quickly.

"I don't need anything- I am not hungry" Arnav told Kushi quickly

"I am not hungry either" Anjali told immediately

Kushi stood there staring at the sibling pair sadly, as Ashok shook his head at her in empathy.

Gayathri smiled a little to herself

"I know you both have taken whatever was disclosed to you very extremely, I know it is something that is hard to digest, but it might not be as bad as you think"

All the four in the room stared at her, it was the way that she told, which had a tone of sadness in it which attracted them.

"Is there more than what we heard last night?" Anjali asked her at last.

"Yes, You both deserve to know the entire circumstances - I had asked your Dadi not to disclose this to you because I know how you both will be hurt, But it might not be that bad to digest this- if you know the entire truth and the circumstances which pushed all the three of us into this- it will make it easy for you to accept the truth."

Arnav looked at Gayathri for a while, he was not sure if he wanted to hear about that story from her, But Anjali looked at Gayathri hopefully, May be.. May be .. she would find some solace in the story'

"Your mother was properly married to your father- their wedding happened admist their parents and relatives in a grandeur ' unlike mine'" Gayathri started off "and ofcourse, Agrim did love Ratna, I am sure Agrim was a proper husband to her, and you both were born out of love"

Arnav looked on sardonically at Gayathri.

"But Dadi told that you were his legal wife?" Anjali asked her in a confused tone

"Yeah, I and Agrim were classmates at university, We were attracted to eachother right from the beginning, Initially I didn't know that he was a prince, But when I came to know, I was scared if this relationship of ours will end in a marriage. Agrim was persistent, and finally I accepted his proposal. But soon I started to realize that it was not that easy to convince his parents to make them accept a middle class girl as his wife- their bahu.

Agrim wanted to play it safe and asked me to marry him one fine day, Though I was little reluctant, he was persistent that it was the only way to convince his parents. I agreed- One of my biggest mistake in life. We both had a quiet registered wedding one day after college hours- and still continued with our daily routine. Agrim and my brother shared a good rapport- but still we didn't disclose our marital status to anybody.

Agrim took me home one day, as his love interest- but that meeting didn't go well- his Parents were not happy with me, they had just finalized Ratna for Agrim. Things went from worse to worser, I decided to call it quits. I told him that I wanted to move on- I didn't want to be the reason for the wedge between him and his parents. Agrim agreed to lay quiet for a short while, but I knew that he wouldn't let me go, I left the city silently one day- never to return back.

I think Agrim tried to locate me for a few days and then finally consented to marry Ratna. I used to hear from Ashu that they led a peaceful and happy life, I never returned to the city for almost 12 years. I had to come back when I mother suffered a paralytic attack, and I met him again after 14 years. He was then a father of 2 kids-you both were aged 13 and 9.

Though we felt awkward at first, I could sense that he was angry with me. I didn't mind much, I thought I had already left behind those dreams in life. I had to stay back for a few months for my mother's sake, and I didn't realize Ashu was playing with mine and Agrim's life for his benefits, He started creating situations for us to end up spending time together, due to which we both started to act civil to eachother. Agrim only wanted me to get married and move on in life. For some reason I couldn't, and he made me realize that I still hadn't left his thoughts behind. I hadn't moved on- But I was sure that my Agrim- the one that I married was still living with me in my dreams- the one who was now asking me to move on- was Solely Ratna's ' He was only asking me to move on due to guilt that he was the one who had forced love into my nave heart- he was the one who had been persistent to get married at that young age.

Ashu knew nothing of this secret, but he sensed that there was something going on between us. He started to spin wheels to use us for his benefit, I took up a job at Agrim's office after Ashu accidentally mentioned Agrim that I was searching for one and Agrim forced me to take it up. I couldn't refuse him.

Even then, I was very careful that our relationship was only at surface level- we were only Employer- employee and nothing more. But then everything went out of hand one day, My mother passed away.

I decided to go back to Mumbai. But I suppose we both got used to the companionship of the few days, which took us back to those days back at college. Agrim asked me to promise to move on- I refused. I told him it was my personal wish- he didn't push me much. I had put down my papers and was serving my notice period.

It was during one of those annual audits at office, I had to stay back until late at night along with two other staff- Agrim was there too, I asked Ashu to pick me up, but Ashu conveniently requested Agrim to drop me back. Our car broke down at the middle of the road, it was raining heavily, we didn't have much choice, and we went walking back to the office in the rain.

That day, I committed my second mistake and deadliest sin in life- something for which I could never forgive myself even today. Both of us were overcome by desire, I gave myself to him when he approached me. I should have stopped him- If I had pushed him away, if only I had slapped him that day- our lives would have been much better- I didn't do any of it, I only accepted his advances.

But after that night, I decided to go away from him ' and not to return back. I went away to Mumbai and then back to USA. I found out that I was pregnant with his baby. I decided not to disclose this to him and raise the child as a single parent. No one knew about the child for two years. Ashu came to know about Dhruv when he visited me at US.

But fate didn't leave me on my own decisions, I had to come to India when Dhruv was 5 years old. But I never had hopes of meeting Agrim, for I was only going to be there in Mumbai for two days. I still didn't know how much Ashu had been playing in Agrim's life. He had in the meanwhile, successfully created a drift inbetween Agrim and Ajit. He didn't tell Agrim where I was, for his own benefits, to have Agrim in his control. I didn't have any idea about this. When I landed in Mumbai, I let Ashu know that I was at India and told him not to tell anyone- specifically to Agrim.

But Ashu supposedly slipped this news to Agrim, who, I suppose was torn by guilt, he rushed to see me. He was shocked to find out that he had another son. Dhruv met his father for the first and last time that day. He wanted to take me back, he told me that Ratna knew about my affair with him at college and also our more recent encounter and she understands him well.

I told him that he was lucky to get a wife like that ' and to go back to her. He felt sorry for me- he was torn between his duties to Ratna and his guilt for me. I was ready to let him go- He was never mine, and I didn't want to possess him as well. I was quite an independent woman, and I intended to continue to be so.

Ashu had expected something else to happen out of our meeting, but didn't expect Agrim to return back for a normal life at Delhi. He confronted me. He started to plant ideas into me, asking me to threaten him for justice, he was surprised that I didn't want to do anything of that sort, it was then I started to notice that my brother was not what I had thought him to be.

When I came to know of his plans, I decided that it was highly possible for him to blackmail Agrim, I went to Delhi to meet him- legalize his marriage with Ratna- which was possible only if we applied for divorce. I reached Delhi, I didn't know it was your wedding day Anjali, or I wouldn't have chosen that day.

Agrim invited me in and I demanded a divorce from him. It was our bad luck that Ratna overheard our talks that day and mistook it as if I was asking for his divorce with her. It was then that I had to encounter dadi too, and she accused me that I was coming in between the husband and wife. Agrim told her that he was the one at fault and he had another son too. He also told Dadi and Ratna that I was his first wife- we got married at college. I was angry with Agrim for telling them this, I left the place, swearing never to see him again. But later, I came to know that Ratna had taken the extreme step-

Gayathri finished her story and remained calm, She was by the window, looking far away. Then she turned back to look at the siblings and their spouses staring at her in mute

I have never regretted anything like I regretted that day, I felt as if I could have done something and I was only late in doing what I could have done much earlier- in essence I could have saved an innocent life- Which I failed to do so" She told them in a constricted voice which displayed the pain and guilt that she had harbored all the while.

"You tried your best 'There was nothing you could have done better" Everyone turned to see Dadi standing at the door

"Maaji?" Gayathri started

"If there was anyone who should be blamed, I think it would be me and my mentality those days, I was brought up in a circumstance and culture which taught me that it was status which defined one's worthiness- I didn't even try to give my Son's love a chance- It was you who volunteered to move out of his life then, and later too when you discovered that you were going to have a baby, and for the third time when you asked him for a divorce. "

"But whatever I did was not enough to save Ratna- or Agrim- I was responsible in a way for orphaning these two"

"Haven't you paid enough for what you thought was your wrong?"

"I did what any of you would have done..."

"You really think so? I havent yet met anyone who would have willingly done what you did Gayathri... it was you who intiated their legalization through Agrim after Ratna's death"

"Yes, But it wouldn't have been required at all ' If I had acted well in time."

"and not only let go of your own son to protect them..."

"No Maaji, I didnt forsake any of my children... When I realised that Ashu was the reason behind all the major problems, I warned Agrim- He had only planned to stale mate him... but when I came to know that Ashu had been the mastermind behind Agrim's death, I wanted to play the game myself- to Checkmate him... But I didnt lose any of my children... I knew Dhruv would be safe until Ashu got what he was planning for all the while- For he Dhruv was his entry ticket to his goals... I had to only protect Anjali and Arnav until the time came when Dhruv was also in danger" Gayathri told Dadi and turned to Anjali and Arnav.

"In all respects, it was your mother who was your father's wife, Even though I was married to him well before her, I was never a rightful wife to him- not even for a wholesome day- It was Ratna and it will always remain so" She told them softly "It was for this precise reason, I had maintained right from the starting that you both were more legitimate that Dhruv- and Ratna was more a dutiful and rightful wife to Agrim ' than me. Agrim didn't cheat your mother, he never intended to' nor did he want to cheat me' and I didn't cheat your mother either- If you both still feel that I'" Gayathri stopped unable to continue

It was Kushi who reacted first out of the four. She ran to Gayathri and embraced her in a hug

"No Gayathri Maa, You are one of the most selfless souls I have ever met' To give away a life and right which was rightfully yours just for the man you loved ' Papaji was not only lucky to have Maaji as his wife' he was lucky to have you too in his life"

The two ladies stood there hugging eachother, as Gayathri finally started to cry, having let out everything that she harbored for all her life.

After a few minutes, Gayathri distangled herself from Kushi and came towards Anjali and Arnav.

"If you still think I was wrong, or was the reason for your mother's death, try and forgive me" She told earnestly. Arnav looked at her stone faced while Anjali who had been in a vulnerable state for a while, stood up and held Gayathri's hand.

"There is no need for an apology, You didn't owe us anything but still you went out of your way to see to that we were treated fairly- What else could one ask? I have heard motherhood is selfless- God has given me not one- but two to show me what selflessness means"

Kushi, Dadi and Ashok stood smiling as Anjali and Gayathri embraced eachother, showing their acceptance of eachother.

The other family members came in too, showing their approval and acceptance for Gayathri. Dadi had narrated the entire truth to the others already in the morning, when Gayathri had come to have a talk with the siblings.

As the mood slowly came back to normal in the RM household, celebrations of victory finally seemed appropriate. As everyone else moved out, Gayathri seemed reluctant to follow them. She looked at Arnav who still sat there in brooding silence. Kushi smiled back at her assuring her to go ahead and talk to him.

"Arnav, I know you were more attached to your mother than anyone else" Gayathri started "I haven't told you this story, in hope that you would forgive or accept me- It was only to help you understand that your mother was more of a wife to Agrim than me' I can never take her place- I would never try to' It was only because of fate and haste rush, I ended up as his first wife- and there was no significance to it ' what so ever"

Arnav who was staring at the floor all the while looked up at Gayathri for a moment before he stood up and walked away. Gayathri gazed at his retreating figure sadly.

"He will come over soon- Don't worry" Kushi consoled Gayathri to which she nodded sadly

"I wish I could call you Maaji" Kushi told Gayathri. This cheered her up a little

"What stops you now?" She smiled at the young girl

"Nothing, But I shall call you that, as soon as Arnavji addresses you as Maa"

"I don't want him to Kushi" Gayathri told her "I was not expecting them to call me that. I would be happy if they both could atleast understand that I was not at fault- nor was Agrim- I would be more at peace if they didn't have any bitterness for their father in their heart"

"KUSHI" Arnav' voice bellowed from somewhere outside.

"Don't worry Gayathri Maa, Di has already accepted you, it will not be long before Arnavji came over too" Kushi told Gayathri as they both heard Arnav yelling for her again.

Kushi shook her head in exasperation before excusing herself


The legalities to be followed to authorize officially that Arnav was the sole and rightful heir for the throne title were carried on promptly and Sid and La left to Mumbai after a couple of days.

Things slowly went back to normal at RM. But it took days and weeks for Arnav to turn civil towards Gayathri and Dhruv. Even Dhruv's admittance into his family was smoother than Arnav's acceptance for the new members. For Dhruv, all the members of the family helped him adapt to the affection that was showered on him, whereas, no one except Kushi or sometimes Anjali could even open the topic to Arnav- The family knew how sensitive he was to his mother, and Gayathri had requested everyone to not force him.

In the meanwhile, Anjali had been inquisitive about Shyam's story and finally came to know about it through Gayathri. Though it was something that Arnav dreaded to let her know, Gayathri's presence and her approach did help Anjali to react well to the news and take the whole thing in a positive way and not feel guilty about it.

Kushi didn't lose her hopes in making Arnav accept Gayathri. One night, in the privacy of their room, She tried to make him talk

"I never told you she is bad" Arnav told her, surprising her further.

"Then why do you still hold that grudge against her?" Kushi asked him "Why won't you accept her?"


"But she didn't want you to accept her as you mother" Kushi replied back calmly, but Arnav had already left the place.

She came in to find him lying on the bed, feigning sleep. She knew he was hurt by the past, but was not ready to let go of it. She knew she could make him forget it, but it was not going to heal him, with every other incident which would remind him of the past, his wounds would open up- She realized that she had to make him accept the past as it is to enable him to let it go, that was the only way to heal him.

"Arnav ji" She called out slowly

He still kept his eyes closed as she put out her hand caressing his hair out of his forehead

"I know you are not sleeping yet- You cannot sleep without me"

He opened his eyes to glare at her. She smiled at him

"I know you are at pain, May be it is a good idea to talk about it and let it go"

"There is nothing to talk about"

"There is, what is it that you are angry about? Are you still angry with Gayathri Maa and your father?" Kushi asked him "Do you think, at some point, Maaji was used? Not treated right?"

Kushi saw Arnav's face growing grim, She knew she was treading on his open wounds, she was hurting him immensely, But she knew this was the only way to make him let go of his past and admit to himself that nothing can be done to change the past and the only way was to accept it as it is. Minutes passed and Arnav maintained his silence. Kushi's hope began to falter, She couldn't bear to see his eyes in pain.

She stood up, checked Arush was tucked in well and then slipped into the bed beside

"Forget about it, let's sleep" she said as she hugged him more tighter than usual.

"Kushi, Do you think my father loved my mom lesser than he would have loved Gayathri?" Kushi looked up from where she had laid her head on his chest. Her heart constricted to see him like that, staring up at the ceiling.

"Let's not talk about it" she whispered

"You were the one who insisted that we should speak"

"I was wrong- I am sorry to have started all this "

"Its ok, I want to speak- Thinking back, I knew- I guessed ' My father tried to but he could never love my mom like he would have loved Gayathri." Arnav told her, lost in thoughts. "And it seems to me now that my Mom knew it all the while that she was always his second love. Though she didn't know she was his second wife too"

"Arnavji" Kushi called out in concern.

"But I think that's how it is" Arnav told her as he sat up.

Kushi sat up too.

"Arnavji, Do you know Krishna loved Radha, but Radha never got to live even a day as his wife- Only Rukmani got the right to be his wife' And even now- we only consider Rukmani as his wife'" Kushi told him, He only smiled at her sarcastically. She knew it hadn't worked out. He didn't have faith in this.

"You know what Kushi, You left me two years ago, but if you hadn't come back, I would have never opted to get remarried, because I knew I could never love another woman- I know I am incapable of falling in love with someone else other than you' But my father opted to marry again- in effect straining two lives"

"May be he was not in a position to decide like you were" Kushi told him "Ok, remember when you were engaged to La? What if circumstances forced you to marry her?"

"What are you trying to say Kushi" Arnav asked her annoyed

"I only want to tell you that you would have still tried to love her- give her what a wife deserves of you, even though your first love would have always remained me. " Kushi told him as he looked at her surprised.

"How do you know I was in love with you back then?"

"That's not the point, I only wanted to point out that Papaji was not at fault, he was a victim of circumstantial fate much like Gayathri Ma or Maaji were" Kushi told as her cheeks flushed red at his question.

"you are right" he told her at last amused by her flustered face. He slumped back to the pillow and pulled her towards him

"Let's sleep"

"But we aren't done talking, I was telling tha"

But he effectively shut her up with the best method known to him.


Kushi wasn't sure that the talk that night had any effect on Arnav's perspective of his father or Gayathri, but soon realised that he was behaving more civilized towards Gayathri. Arnav had warmed up to Dhruv more easily than he did towards Gayathri and when Dhruv expressed interest to pursue his studies which he had neglected for the major part of his life, the family happily supported him.

Soon after Dhruv left for his university at Lucknow, Gayathri announced that she wanted to go back to the ashram. Dadi was surprised. Everyone tried to make her stay back, but she was really serious about it.

"I can't stay here forever Kushi, I need to get back to Ashram" Gayathri told to Kushi as she pleaded her not to go.

"Why?" Everyone turned to look at Arnav as he descended the stairs.

"Arnavji!" Kushi started to say

"Ask your Maaji to stay put until her grandson's birthday" He told Kushi as he stared steadily at Gayathri. It took only seconds for Kushi to realize that he had addressed Gayathri as her Maaji.

"May be after that if she doesn't want to stay here at my house, she can shift back to my family home- Sheesh Mahal"

"Arnav" Gayathri whispered his name

"I have converted a part of Sheesh mahal as a hotel, but the other half is still for use by the family" Arnav explained, without missing a beat "Renovations have started already and Dadi has consented to stay here after it is done, and it would be nice if you could stay there too"

"But you'" Kushi kept stammering at him while he addressed Gayathri all the while

"Kushi.. when did you start stammering?" he asked her

"Did you call her my Maaji?" She asked him to which he only smiled at Kushi and then at Gayathri

"Stay back" he told her and it was all it took for her to embrace him and kiss him on his forehead.


Arush's birthday was celebrated at the privacy of the renovated Sheesh Mahal family home with all the grandeur that the little prince was worthy of.

When the busy day finally ended, Arush who had grown much attached to his Gayathri Dadi wanted to sleep with her. His Parents let him stay with his Dadi as both his Dadi and Badi Dadi will be staying back at Sheesh Mahal along with his Dhruv Chacha.

Kushi looked weary and Arnav volunteered to carry her up the stairs. But Kushi shrugged off the offer and dragged him away to the other side of the Sheesh Mahal.

"Kushi, where are you dragging me?"

"I want to see a place"

"Why do you want to tire yourself? You are already tired, I will give you a tour later tomorrow when you are fresh"

"No" Kushi told him "I want to see the place alone with you, just the two of us' "

Arnav realized that they had reached the hotel side of Sheesh Mahal.

"Kushi, this side has been converted into a hotel'"

"I know" she told as she pulled him towards the reception and dragged him beyond.

Arnav waved off the receptionist and the manager who offered to show them around. As they came to a juncture, Arnav amusedly watched Kushi as she looked here and there, and finally dragged him towards a direction.

"I think this is it" She said as she opened the door to the room.

Arnav realized it was the same room where he had met Kushi for the first time all those years back.

"This is the place we met for the first time'How much far have we come in life from that day to this' Do you remember that day Arnav ji?"

"Vaguely" Arnav said as she glared at him"Didn't you do a cat walk with a green lehenga and fall on me that day?"

"Hmm' Only that I never even imagined that I would end up marrying that man one day, and bear him his child' If I had known that he would only vaguely remember our first meeting, I would have probably not married him at all" Kushi told him

"Who said I didn't remember out first meeting?" Arnav asked her "I remember two things vividly out of it- the fear in your eyes- which I cannot bear to see another time' and"


"And your lips, which I knew, never ceased to fascinate me ever since- which invoked in me a kind of passion that I had never ever felt before that moment..." he whispered to her as he leaned towards her lips, Kushi smiled before she leaned towards him too'As one pair captured the other, determined to show the other what the passion and fascination was all about, and the other was equally determined to show that the passion and fascination was two sided.

The End

Oops, now that I have ended this, I am already starting to feel miserable, Expect an epilogue soon

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Re: ArHi FF: Checkmate! (Epilogue updated)

Post by saba-rami on 2013-03-09, 13:54

Awesome !
i have read all the part's...

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Re: ArHi FF: Checkmate! (Epilogue updated)

Post by shruti46 on 2013-03-10, 10:59

hey...dis is first article that i read on this forum as i am new here,and i hve to say dis it was fantastic..nvr thought ipkknd story can be moulded in this way....


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Re: ArHi FF: Checkmate! (Epilogue updated)

Post by Abavi on 2013-03-11, 10:49

saba-rami wrote:Awesome !
i have read all the part's...
Thanks Saba :)

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Re: ArHi FF: Checkmate! (Epilogue updated)

Post by Abavi on 2013-03-11, 10:50

shruti46 wrote:hey...dis is first article that i read on this forum as i am new here,and i hve to say dis it was fantastic..nvr thought ipkknd story can be moulded in this way....
Thanks Shruti :) It all started in frustration at where the tracks went after their first wedding... it is ended here Wink

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Re: ArHi FF: Checkmate! (Epilogue updated)

Post by shruti46 on 2013-03-11, 11:09

oh i agree...ipkkknd was terrible for sometime after first marriage..!!


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Post by Abavi on 2013-03-13, 10:26

From the author's desk: So here I am with the epilogue for this story... It is quite long, I am sure that I won't hear any complaints what so ever. I have one request to make though...

I would like every one of you who have followed this story so far, to leave at least a simple comment in this thread, letting me know that you read and enjoyed this story. I want even the silent readers who havent commented at all so far, to leave an imprint here; It will make me so happy

Happy Reading!



Five years down the line, a new morning dawned. The Raizada hall was as busy that morning as any day. But the day was special too. One of the little angels of that house was turning one that day and a grand party was in tow later that evening. Even as the hall was being decorated for the occasion, Payal singh Raizada was found to be convincing 5 year old Keya that she has to attend school even if her little cousin was celebrating her happy birthday in the evening.

"Payal, where did you place my files that I was looking at yesterday evening?" Akaash shouted from the top floor.
"Look into your wardrobe's left cabinet Akaash" Payal replied back "your father can't even find it even if the file dances in front of his eyes" Payal muttered to herself as she made Keya's hair into a pony. This remark greatly amused the 5 year old who giggled.

"Yeah got it got it" Akaash said as he rushed down and placed the two files on the table, and sat down for breakfast

Mami and Nani were already at the breakfast table.
"Akaash bituwa, are you going to office today?" Mami asked him
"Yeah mom, We have a client visiting us today, I and Bhai need to go, we will come back early" He told her
"Come back early, or Di would be very upset that Shethra's Mamas were not there when she cut her cake..." NK told as he too joined them on the table.
"Yeah we will be back... Don't worry, Bhai is more worried about Kushi's waterworks these days, he wouldn't prolong the meeting- We will be here by 3 at the latest" Akaash told as he started to have his breakfast.

"When is Anjali bitiya coming here?" Nani asked Payal who was now filling Keya's plate on the table.
"She said Ashok ji will drop her and Shethra on the way to his hospital- around 9 " she replied to Nani.
"Hmm... If only we were able to go to Sheesh Mahal for this birthday- these men would have taken an off" Mami told them
"How can we travel to Lucknow when Kushi is like this Manorama.. You know how much Chotey and Kushi wanted to have little shethra's party at Sheesh Mahal as was the custom..."
"Yeah.. I know... But where are they? why havent they come down yet?" Mami asked.
"There comes Nannav" NK said as they all turned to see Arnav still in his casuals hurriedly carrying a uniform clad Arush on one hand and his school bag on the other hand.
"Morning guys" Arnav muttered as he made Arush sit on the table and grabbed a plate.

"Leave it Arnavji, I will serve him food" Payal said as she got the plate from him

"What happened? You woke up late? Where is Kushi?" Mami asked Arnav
"She is sleeping..." Arnav replied her "She couldnt sleep yesterday night, she fell asleep only in the wee hours of the morning"
"Then Chotey, did you make him ready?" Nani asked her pota in surprise
"Yeah Nani, he is ok isnt he... Have I missed anything?" he asked as Nani smiled...
"Nannav- you have turned into a pakka dad" NK exclaimed as other joined in the chuckle
"Bhai, did you sleep yesterday night? you look dead tired"
"Yeah, I slept" Arnav told as the last night flashed across his mind


He had been dozing as he rested his head on Kushi's petite shoulders as they both sat by the pool as late as 2 in the night.
"Arnavji, look that one is looking like a teady bear..." Kushi said as she pointed to a group of stars up the sky... "and near that those group of stars make a horse...see that next to our parents"
Kushi suddenly looked down at him and caught him sleeping
"yeah Kushi.. it looks like a house... " he muttered as he positioned his head into the crook of her neck
"I said horse"
"oh yeah horse"he mumbled.

"If you don't want to stay here, you don't have to- go and sleep" Kushi told him harshly
"I didn't say so" Arnav told as he sat up
"You have changed Arnavji..."she told him "you are not like before... those days you would willingly sit by me and star gaze... nowadays you do it for the sake of it-You don't love me anymore"
"What the..Kushi, Do you think I have been sitting here listening to your musings about stars for the last four hours because I am so interested in those stupid shapes that they make? I am here for your sake Dammit.. and you say I don't love you because I fell asleep at 2 in the night"
"Yes, You don't love me anymore... You don't find me attractive enough.. I remember those days when you used to stare at me for hours... now my speech itself is enough to make you fall asleep"
"Now..Now Kushi.. stop crying... I love you, You are the most beautiful woman I ever knew on this earth...Beautiful at heart, and a gorgeous woman outside too"
"Really?" Kushi asked him excitedly as she pulled his shirt collar to wipe her tears. He looked at her baffled as he realised that her mood has changed again in a wink of an eye
"Yeah" he said as he dropped a kiss on the top of her head as she came closer to wipe her tears "I am crazily in love with -all of you- you are damn sexy even with your big baby bump"
She smacked him as he grinned at her
"What is my little angel doing inside?"
"The baby is awake too... I could sense movements inside me... the baby does respond to your voice Arnavji.. see here here" she said as she pulled his hand and placed his palm on her stomach. His face glowed as he sensed the movement... He slid down and kneeled beside her as he rested his head by her stomach for a few minutes. He placed a kiss by her stomach.
"I want to hold you baby, can't wait for you to come out" he whispered against her stomach
"not long... Another 15 days to go..." Kushi told Arnav as she held his head lovingly...
"Kushi, its really getting very cold outside, we should get in, I don't want you to catch cold..."
"I don't feel sleepy Arnavji"
"Its ok Kushi, you can continue speaking to me until you feel sleepy, let's get you to the warmth of the bed." he said sternly as he stood up and pulled her to the bed.

He did'nt know when they both fell asleep, as he could only remember all the things in the world that Kushi kept blabbering and his non-committal ummm' following it, as he hugged her to sleep.


"Hello" Everyone turned to look at Anjali and Ashok coming in carrying their little daughter.
"Shethra baby" the kids shouted as they both got down and ran towards their Bua.

"Happy birthday little angel'"

"Let me hold her Bua"

"I also want to hold her Bua"

As the mutual greetings were finally done, Anjali saw her brother's tired state
"What happened to you chotey? Are you keeping well?"
"I am fine Di" Arnav said immediately as his sister's soft hands brushed his forehead.
"Seems like Nannav spent a sleepless night again with Kushiji" NK told her
"Oh" Anjali said sympathetically. Everyone at RM were aware of Kushi's famous mood swings and sleepless nights.
"Nothing like that Di, I will be alright if I took bath and freshened up a little" Arnav shrugged as he climbed up "Akaash, you carry on if you want to, I will be at office in another 1 hour"
"Bhai, stay at home, if you want to, you can join the conference call at afternoon- I will manage there" Akaash told him
"Yes Chotey, stay at home, you look very tired..." Anjali advised him.
"I am perfectly alright" Arnav rolled his eyes.. What is with this family, He can understand when they were concerned about Kushi, they treat him the same like her... It was his wife who was 9 months pregnant.. and not him..

"I am so sorry, I overslept" Kushi's voice came from behind him. Everyone turned to look at her as she bounced slowly down the stairs in her pregnancy wear, in her final stages of her pregnancy.
"Oh my god, Arush is ready?" Kushi exclaimed as she saw her son standing there with his school bag, ready to go to school "Payal Mausi made you ready?"
"I did" Arnav told her as she looked surprised at him and then back at her son. The family looked at them lovingly.

What followed next was quite predictable if you knew how Kushi's mood swings were...

The family indulged in assuring Kushi that it was alright for her to over sleep once in a while during her pregnancy, and she was still a good mother.. and it was Ok to sleep while her husband made their son ready.

Finally Kushi got her happy mood back, as she wished the little Shethra for her birthday.

"Akaash,you need to drop the kids at school" Payal told him "Mohan is not there, he has gone to pick up Amma, bauji and Buaji from the railway station"
"Oh ok"

Kushi knelt down to kiss her son goodbye as Arush kissed her back and dutifully listened to her daily gyan about behaving good at school. He rolled his eyes at this as father smirked at him and waved him a bye.

As the kids and Akaash finally went out, The family got back to the mood of receiving their guests.

"When are Gayathri, Subadra and Dhruv expected?" Nani asked them
"Dhruv said they will be here by early afternoon nani. He is driving them both here" Kushi told her.

Out of all things that surprised the family- one of them was Dhruv Kushi bonding. Dhruv was very reserved with the family as such- may be due to the things that transpired in the yester years or by nature itself, But with Kushi alone, the young boy would joke around and banter. For Kushi, her other devars were introduced as Jeejaji and friend before they became her devars- and Dhruv was the only one who got introduced as devar itself and the two bonded quite well.

"Sid and La will reach here by that time too" Arnav told them all
"Haa.. I can't wait to see them all...Little Sana will come too... I saw her when she was only two years old" Kushi got back to her gleeful mood.

Ashok left for the hospital too, promising Anjali that he will surely be back by afternoon.
Kushi's eyes followed Arnav up the stairs as he went up to get ready for office.

"What happened Kushi... Aren't you getting sleep in the night?" Anjali asked her
"leave me Di... I had the same issues when I was expecting Arush too... Poor Arnavji...I made him sit with me the entire night Di... He must be tired too...Now he wants to go to office"
"We told him to stay back at home- when does he listen to these things?"
"I will speak to him" Kushi said as she climbed up the stairs.
Anjali smiled at her sister in law- She knew the outcome, her chotey would be staying back at home today


"Arnavji, why don't you stay back- you didn't sleep well yesterday night"
"No Kushi, there is an important deal that we need to seal today- I must be there..." Arnav said as he pulled out a suitable tie for his shirt.
"Aren't you tired?"
"No, I am used to this Kushi..." he said absent mindedly, then he jerked up and saw her as she kept rubbing her back
"What happened? Are you feeling any pain?" he looked tensed
"No No I am alright" she said slowly as she came near him. "Don't worry about me... you are tensed right... about this nearing delivery and all that"
"No... It's not that... Did it pain a lot- the first time?" He asked her.
She smiled at him. He would have asked her the same question numerous times, the fact that he was not around the first time when Arush was born, added to that he was going to make her go through the same pain again, kept on lingering on the back of his mind, and a small sign of discomfort from her was enough to push him into panic mode, and his instincts to protect her only increased with attending child birth classes together.

"It did pain..." She told him patiently for the hundredth time "but this time, I am sure it is not going to pain that much... you would be with me" she smiled at him as he leaned in to kiss her, they were hindered by the baby bump.

She giggled realizing what stopped him as he looked down at the bump. He rolled his eyes at her as he adjusted their positions for a proper kiss.

"Kushi, Did you want me to stay back because you felt uncomfortable or something?"
"NO Arnavji, I was only thinking about you... you didn't sleep well too right?"
"Let me know if you feel any discomfort Kushi- on second thoughts, I think I need to stay back- with everyone arriving this afternoon, I am sure you would exhaust yourself if I am not there to control you"
She rolled her eyes at him
"This is too much" she told him as he smiled at her "People are going to say how much I have you binded to my little finger" She teased him
"Let them say, you know better" he told her "now give me a proper morning kiss, then you can go ahead and proudly tell the family that you made you patidev stay at home" he smirked at her leaning in, closing the distance.


Later that evening, Arnav had just finished attending that important call that he had to take, and as about to go down to attend to his guests- Sid, La and their lovely 3 year old - Sana.

He had been there to receive Buaji and Kushi's parents. He was there when Dhruv, Gayathri and Dadi arrived too... By the time Sid and La arrived, he was already running late for the call.

They had arrived earlier in the evening but Arnav had to take this call and had rushed up.

The call had prolonged for more than 2 hours, Kushi and Anjali had already come up and gestured him to finish the call in time.

The guests will start arriving soon, and Akaash was still struck up at office, He should start from there only after this call got over.

As he winded up, he saw an angry Kushi rushing into the room, huffing and puffing and pulling a miffed Arush behind her.

"Arnav! Arnav" she started bellowing his name even before she entered the room

"I am done Kushi. I am just coming down" Arnav started to tell but then he noticed she had brought Arush with her...

"Arnavji... You know what this little tyke did just now?"

"What did you do little champ to make your momma so angry?" Arnav asked taking Arush by his other hand and pulling him closer to him as he kneeled down beside his 6 year old son.

Arush looked into his father's face in hope that may be he would understand
"Nothing Dad" he said exasperated

"Nothing? Don't Lie Arush..." Kushi shouted at her son then turning back to Arnav she said "he kissed Sana"

Arnav rolled his eyes
"For heaven's sake Kushi... he is just a child... He kisses you, he kisses me... and he kissed Sana... what is the big deal? It is a gesture of affection... may be he likes the little angel"

"Yeah I like her a lot" Arush affirmed his Dad's statement

"No Arnav... you don't understand... He kissed her on her lips"

Arnav was surprised hearing this. He opened his mouth to say something and then shut it...He looked side ways to look at his son again

"Dad...I asked her if she would be my girlfriend and she said yes" Arush explained as a matter of fact

"OH! Should I congratulate you? "Arnav muttered bewildered as he didn't know what else to say. This was totally unexpected!

"And it is alright to kiss one's girlfriend on her lips" Arush explained further ignoring his father's comment

Arnav started nodding his head awkwardly

"What? Girl friend? what is he talking about?" Kushi screamed "and what are you nodding you head at?"

"No I was figuring out what to tell him" Arnav told her honestly

"Look how he has ended up... More besharam than you... Oh god" Kushi sat down exhausted by the end of the bed.

"Look Kushi... He doesn't really know what a girlfriend means... it's just another friend who is a girl... isnt it Arush?" Arnav tried to understand the situation

"Oh really? Then how did he know about kissing his girlfriend?" Kushi questioned back

"Relax Kushi... you are tiring yourself"

"How can I relax Arnav ji? I wonder how many girlfriends like this he has... he is worser than you...or were you also like this? Oh god ... I don't know if the list will be long even before he enters his teen... DM! Please let this one inside my tummy be a girl... I can't manage with another Raizada man... two is already exhausting" Kushi prayed to her devimaiyya touching her baby bump.

Arnav looked at Arush... He was looking back coolly at his mother.

"Haven't Dad kissed you at all when you both were girlfriend Boyfriend?" Arush asked innocently

Kushi and Arnav were transported back to those days years back, when he wooed her in Style...Kushi blushed thinking of their first kiss to each other- though it started as a shart...

"Girlfriend boyfriend? we were never a girlfriend boyfriend" Kushi told her son hotly, forgetting for an instant that he was only a 6 year old, and she was talking about her relationship with Arnav to her son

"Really? Are you worried that we skipped that phase in life Kushi?" Arnav asked her earnestly as she realized what she was doing

"No... I am not... I am happy that we skipped it... now will you please discipline your son?" Kushi replied back.

"Look Kiddo..." Arnav started to say something to Arush when the room door opened wide with force.

Arnav looked up to see Sid rushing in carrying his daughter

"Raizada! Is it in your blood to behave arrogantly towards girls?" Sid shouted at Arnav, Lavanya who had come running behind Sid caught up with her breath

"Sid... "She started but Sid silenced her with his hand.

"Excuse me?" Arnav got up with his famous attitude. Kushi got worried with Arnav's tone as she too got up.


"Don't even dare to stop me Kushi..." Arnav gritted his teeth. Kushi sat back on the bed with a sigh.

"Yeah Mokashi...What did you say right now?" Arnav asked Sid again

"Your son just made my daughter cry" Sid told him angrily as he put Sana down.

"Last time I checked, kissing someone was a gesture of affection and not arrogance"

"Yes, but kissing on lips is categorized as Arrogance if the girl doesn't permit"

"Sid, ASR... please... they are only kids..." Lavanya tried to induce some sense into these fierce fathers, but they both did not even try to pay heed to her words. She looked helplessly at Kushi as the men continued with their fight.

Kushi sighed loudly shook her head at Lavanya as if to say "no use" and gestured her to come and sit next to her.

"Calm down La... I have strong intuition, that one of these two only would have demonstrated it to my innocent son. More probably my patidev... Sid only landed today morning..." Kushi commented

"What the? You blame ONLY me now Kushi? Who would I be kissing if I demonstrated him? Clay models at my office? Weren't you also a part of it?"

"Don't divert the topic... Your son flirted with my daughter and crossed limits... He made her cry" Sid screamed again

"And Arush in spite of being a Raizada, flirts... Which I think is not a mannerism which is inherited...Raizadas don't flirt..."

"Excuse me? so do you mean to say we are lying" Sid asked pointing to the ladies and himself

"I didn't mention anything like that... I only think he learnt it from you Mokashi!"

"He learnt what from me?"

"To flirt... He spent his first year with you"

And as this was going on...

Arush had been looking at Sana who was put down by her father some 5 minutes ago.

Sana looked back at him with tears glistening on her pretty face. He noticed that she had stopped crying long back.

He slowly went and stood next to her.

"Are you upset?" he asked her

She didn't answer but wiped her face off tears. Kushi noticed this and she nudged Lavanya to take notice too...

Kushi kept tugging at Arnav's hand and finally he looked at her. He turned to see what Lavanya and Kushi were looking at and this caught Sid's attention too.

"May be you can try making jelebis... My mom always does that if she is upset"

"Jelebis? Yummy!"

"Yeah... I can help you if you want"

"You are so sweet" Sane reached Arush and pecked him on his cheeks

"And you are cute too" Arush replied with a big smile "Do you want to see my play room? I have got a lot of toys there"

"I would love too"

All the four watched the little ones holding hands walking out of the room.

"Not at all bad... he picks up girls quiet fast- pushes the right buttons...If you credit me for this... I am proud of myself" Sid mumbled to Arnav

"Yeah I know...and she is good enough too. Forgets and forgives quiet fast..." Arnav mumbled back.

"What the?" Kushi got up "What kind of Dads are you both?"

"Definitely not the ones found on this earth" Lavanya commented

All the four burst out laughing.

That's all folks...The end.

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Re: ArHi FF: Checkmate! (Epilogue updated)

Post by Maria J on 2013-03-13, 10:52

Loved it Vi..

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Re: ArHi FF: Checkmate! (Epilogue updated)

Post by fire.whisky on 2013-03-14, 01:59

I must say this was some beautiful Epilogue vi!

Loved it to my very core.

It was just amazing long hug


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Re: ArHi FF: Checkmate! (Epilogue updated)

Post by Maria J on 2013-05-03, 17:51

Awesome !!

Loved reading the FF.

Do post more FFs Vi...

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Re: ArHi FF: Checkmate! (Epilogue updated)

Post by yogakopi on 2013-07-23, 16:55

nice ending


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Re: ArHi FF: Checkmate! (Epilogue updated)

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