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KumKum Bhagya - Written Update - 13 October 2014

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KumKum Bhagya - Written Update - 13 October 2014

Post by slmu on 2014-10-13, 21:46

Kumkum Bhagya 13th October 2014 Written Episode

The episode starts with corporator asking Sarla to vacate hall in 30 minutes and take all her items from there and says he cannot see her loss as he is a nice man. Servant says if he is a nice man, he would not have tried to break their marriage hall. Corporator says they are enjoying govt’s land and he will not let them enjoy more. He asks Sarla to get him married to bulbul to get back her marriage hall. Bulbul says she will slap him again if he talks about marriage. He gets irked and asks his men to start bulldozer. Aaliya and Tanu reach their and get happy seeing Pragya’s helplessness. Tanu says she is happy seeing her helpless. Daadi forms a human wall with her family and says corporator that he has to crush them to reach their marriage hall. Aaliya thinks why is corporator not starting bulldozer and thinks once bulldozer comes, they will run away. Corporator asks his man to start bulldozer and says Sarla that he will count till 10 and if they don’t leave from there, he will crush them also along with hall. He starts counting.

Abhi reaches the spot and spots bulldozer. He starts his acting and gathers people. He asks corporator how can he start the drama without rockstar and says the real drama will start now. Tanu says Aaliya that Abhi must have come to enjoy watching Pragya’s helplessness. Aaliya says she is right. Corporator says Abhi if he would have told him before, he would have arranged a special seating for him. Abhi says he will perform now and asks him to take a seat. Corporator gets confused. Abhi says he cannot break kumkum bhagya marraige hall. Tanu and Aaliya are shocked to hear that. Even corporator is shocked to hear that and asks what does he mean. Abhi says if Pragya does not want it to be broken, then nobody can and gives corporator stay orders, says it is stay and protection order. He gives it to Pragya once he reads it. Pragya reminisces Daadi telling her that Abhi will fullfilll his responsibilities and will not let her down.

Abhi asks corporator to get out now. Corporator asks him how did he get stay order at this time. Abhi says he is a rockstar and people die to take pic with him, he just used his popularity just like him to get stay orders. Corporator says he will repent and asks why is he helping these cheapsters. abhi asks him not to tell insult them. Corporator says these people are prostitutes and marriage hall is just a showoff. Abhi gets irked and tries to slap him, but inspector holds Abhi. Corporator starts insulting Bulbul, Pragya and tells they are big prostitutes, etc., says he is a fool to marry Pragya. He then says Sarla is big pimp and handles this business alone. Abhi asks him to shut up. Corporator then insults Daadi and says he is the biggest pimp and is the boss. Abhi starts punching corporator and beats him. Corporator even while getting lashed laughs and asks Abhi why did he marry a prostitute. Abhi gets more angry and hits him with a rods and tries to break plant pot on him, but Pragya stops him. Corporator signals inspector to arrest Abhi.

Inspector tries to arrest Abhi, but Abhi starts beating police. Inspector says he will teach him lesson now. Pragya requests inspector not to arrest him. Inspector forcefully arrests Abhi and leaves. corporator laughs at Bulbul says he got lashed by Purab first and Abhi now an dsays he is an eunuch to force himself and asks him to become like Abhi first and then show his face.

Precap: Sarla says Pragya that Abhi loves her so much, but she unnecessarily doubts him. Purvi asks her to bail out Abhi.


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Re: KumKum Bhagya - Written Update - 13 October 2014

Post by Shesherkobita on 2014-10-13, 23:01


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