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Qubool Hai - WU - 19th April 2013

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Qubool Hai - WU - 19th April 2013

Post by sharmibalan on 2013-04-19, 23:15

The episode starts with Raziya cursing Dilshad's children. Asad shoots up unable to take up accusations thrown his way. Zoya immediately states that some misunderstanding has happened and clarifies that Dilshad would have never conspired against Humeira. Badi Bi arrives and is shocked to see the unfolding of events. Zoya immediately states to Mamujaan (her actual dad) that Humeira is like her little sister and that she would never do this do her. Her tears seems to affect Mamujaan. But Raziya understanding the true meaning of the statement immediately turns her aside and shocks everyone by slapping Zoya. Asad just couldn't take it anymore. He immediately slam shuts his laptop and throws it away. He takes his car keys and marches out only to be stopped by Dilshad, who questions his need to go there. He simply states that he cannot sit back and watch accusations thrown on his mum and he is going there to give them the much deserved answers. When stopped again by Dilshad he simply states that he cannot just keep quiet and let them talk. Finally Dilshad takes her name and requests him not to go. Unable to go against his mum he finally relents to her wishes. Tanver witnesses this whole exchange with a sly smirk pasted all over her face. Asad is upset and angry with Zoya and states that all this wouldn't have happened if Zoya hadn't gone there in the first place.

The scene shift to Rashid's residence where Raziya violently shakes Zoya. She is stopped by Shireen and Rashid. Rashid intervenes and tells Raziya that he has met Zoya before and she isn't that type of person. Ayaan tries to do the same but is stopped by Raziya stating that they have both become victims of Black magic. Shireen watches the whole drama unable to take sides. The arrival of ambulance distracts everyone. Ayaan carries Humeira to the ambulance. He requests Zoya to leave for her residence and will talk to her later. Mamujaan stops Zoya from touching Humeira. He warns her that if anything happens to his daughter Humeira than he will make sure that he sees the end of her. With that warning he leaves Zoya and follows Ayan.

Asad's Residence:

He starts packing Zoya's suitcase only to be stopped by Najma. He orders Najma to pack Zoya's suitcase and walks out of the room.

Ayan's Residence:

Badi Bi is requesting someone to keep her informed of Humeira's progress. She notices the Black Magic stick and voices her opinion that this incident has got to do something with Raziya. But why would she put her daughter's life in Danger? She ponders over the incident again.

Tanveer calls Raziya and asks her how her daughter is? Raziya states that the Doctors are trying their best. She questions Tanveer as to how she knows about this. Tanveer quickly recovers stating that Zoya had informed them. Raziya blames Tanveer for the current situation by pointing out, if she had sent Zoya back to US then this wouldn't have happened.
Tanveer happily proclaims that Zoya will leave this time. Raziya quickly cuts the call not before pointing out that Zoya wouldn't have mixed the poison but someone else is behind all this and she is bound to find that person.

Tanveer again self praises herself that she has indeed killed two birds in one stone. Humeira's death will be lesson for Raziya and Zoya will leave the country this time.

Zoya leaves Rashid's residence but is stopped by Badi Bi who questions her motive. Zoya tells her that her motive was not to harm Humeira. Badi Bi tells her that people will believe what they see and further asks her if she had given the Thaal to anyone or placed it anywhere. Zoya remembers as to how Tanveer took the thaal from her. She tells Badi Bi that she had indeed given it to someone but that person doesn't have any relation with this house. But Badi Bi tells her that whoever had done this knows your relation with this house and asks her to think properly and prove her innocence. But Zoya tells her that people will believe what they see and therefore no one will believe her words and especially Mr. Khan. Saying this Zoya walks away leaving Badi Bi feeling sorry for her state.

Asad's Residence:

Asad, still angry is waiting for Zoya's return. Tanveer uses this opportunity to inform Asad that she indeed knew that Zoya would go there but couldn't stop her as once Zoya makes up her mind its very difficult to stop her. She further adds that she was praying for the family the whole time. If anything happens to Humeira then the whole blame would fall on the family and Humeira's dad would not settle this issue that easily. Asad gets even more angry. Zoya finally returns. She slowly walks towards Asad. He questions her as to why she went to that house. Dilshad, Najma and Tanveer are quietly watching this with Dilshad and Najma feeling sorry for her.

He turns and walks towards her while she backs away in fear. Dilshad come and stands behind Asad and asks him to clam down. He repeats the question again as to why she went to that house. She tries to reply that she thought.....But was cut in mid sentence by Asad asking her why she wants to think if she cannot be smart. He again accuses her that only because of her, today he had to hear Raziya's accusations on his mum. He further adds that she hadn't thought about anyone before going there not even him. This captures Zoya's attention and they have a sad intense mitwa moment.

Asad asks her as to why she didn't inform him. If he had known he would have stopped her and this whole incident wouldn't have taken place at all. He blames Zoya for both on Humeira's status and accusations that was laid on his family.

Just then the immigration officer and Dolly rocks up the place for the engagement. They say that they are here to witness the engagement which was suppose to take place today at 5.00pm. Everyone is quiet. Asad tells the immigration officer that they lied about the engagement and both himself and Zoya aren't in a relationship. He further adds that its difficult to share a relationship with some one who doesn't know the importance and value of it. The immigration officer states that he knew that the whole engagement story is a fiasco and he never believed it in the first place. What they did was against the law. Zoya has to leave the country immediately.

Dilshad tries to intervene. But Asad stops her. He asks the immigration officer to take Zoya from their house. Zoya is shocked to hear this. A sad mitwa moment.

Precap : Asad rushes towards Zoya in the airport, stops her from leaving. They get engaged in the presence of everyone.

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Re: Qubool Hai - WU - 19th April 2013

Post by anurao66 on 2013-04-19, 23:54


Thanks for such a wonderful update. So Razia knows very well Zoya is innocent and some else has mixed poison. We have to wait for Razia to find out Tanu did it.

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Re: Qubool Hai - WU - 19th April 2013

Post by pollyanna on 2013-04-20, 19:29

Thanks for the update yet to watch the episode...but looks like a good one, isnt it??

Hope Asad comes to know abt Zoya's innocence soon Wink and hence the airport scene :)

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Re: Qubool Hai - WU - 19th April 2013

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