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Airlines-Written Update - 12th October 2014

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Airlines-Written Update - 12th October 2014

Post by pollyanna on 2014-10-13, 23:48

Airlines-Written Update - 12th October 2014

Short Update

The episode starts with Akash-Ananya on flight to delhi having a casual conversation, she talks about Mahima and he lightens the mood by speaking about her boyfriend.

They are caught in a fog like situation, Ananya gets excited as this is her first time. Akash tries to handle the situation which is not by the book, she is surprised, some passengers get worried, Akash decides to abort landing in Delhi due to low visibility and finally diverts it to Jaipur.

All the passengers are given accommodation in the hotel, Natasha also gets a room but when it comes to pilots, they are asked to check in some other hotel. There too, they get a single room to share. After lot of deliberations, Ananya lets Akash come in her room but Akash will take the couch and Ananya the bed.

Akash-Ananya share some light moments during the dinner which is in the room, while Natasha gets angry that Akash is not with her as she has earlier thought, she cries her heart out, she also comes to know that An and Ak are in the same room when she calls up the landline, she goes out for drinks, gets sloshed and then create ruckus. Meanwhile Ak and An have retired to sleep, An is fearful of darkness, she tries to tell the reasn but gets interrupted by the call , Akash has to rush to the other hotel to handle Natasha who tells that she hates Ananya and that Akash likes her.

While Ananya waits for Akash to return and wonders about the conflict running in her dil and dimaag.

Precap--Some armed men have attacked hotel/airport and one has Ananya at gunpoint.

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Re: Airlines-Written Update - 12th October 2014

Post by sarra0 on 2014-10-15, 05:34

thanks palls...conflict running in her dil and dimaag? has she started having feelings for him?

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