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Sasural Simar Ka 14th October 2014 Written Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 14th October 2014 Written Update

Post by Maria J on 2014-10-14, 20:40

Sasural Simar Ka 14th October 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Simar says to vikrant I had a hope that I will see prem just for once. I am happy that I took this decision. I happy that he is getting over with all this. He says what about you? and your pain? You still love prem. simar says yes I do and I always will. Now I have just lost the hope to be with him again. I wanna move on in life. I want him to stay happy forver. tell me what happened to your case? He says I have to collect some evidences and had to confirm some things. He says if you don’t mind can we have a lunch together? She says yes lets go.
Simar leads surbhi and prem through out the Hong Kong. Surbhi and Prem enjoy the view from train. Surbhi sees a heart shaped wall and says we write wishes and place the paper there. this wish always fulfills if it doesn’t fly. Prem says this all rubbish. She says no I believe in this. She writes and wish and places it there. Simar writes a wish too. she says my happiness lies in prem’s. Surbhi takes a selfie with prem. The wish she wrote flies with the wind. She gets upset. Prem says the selfie is so good. simar says I hope you are wrong prem ji.
at the night, they enjoy ride on a tramp. Simar looks at them and smiles.
Scene 2
In bharadwaj house everyone is having dinner. roli brings some for mata ji. Mausi ji says please eat some. Mata ji says I am not in mood to. Doorbell rings, someone slaps khushi. Everyone rushes to the door. Some robbers come in. rAjhinder says who are you and what are you doing here with these weapons? Mata ji comes out of the temple too. Baa comes in along with karthik. Everyone is shocked. Sujata says what are they doing here. Baa locks the door. Baa says you all will be detained in this house from now.
Prem gets a call from Mr bajpaye. He says I missed the plan I had an accident. Prem says okay hen you take care of yourself. Surbhi comes out she asks what happened? He says I had a presentation but Bajpaye couldn’t reach. I think I will lose this contract? Surbhi says can I help you? He says can you make sweets? she says yes I made them once and they were tasty. He says okay then lets go. Mata ji says whn you came ou of the jail and what will you get by doing this to us. Baa says I will tell everything. Come in the middle of hall and place your phones on the table. rajhinder says let me call police. one of the men takes the phone from him. on resistance he points the pistol on him. sujata comes in front of him and says what are you doing. pleas don’t harm him we will do what you want. baa says I like it when people beg like this. roli says you will be punished? baa says who will punish us? The same law that sent us to jail. Karthi says we needed a safe place where cops can’t find us so we came here. baa says we don’t know anyone here. where else could we go. kathik says if simar was here we would have killed her. baa says we have given her a worst punishment than death. This is the first time I am listening about sunnaina soul, remember haha. Roli says you have nothing to do with us. Baa says I won’t leave you this time, she grasps roli from hair. Anjali hides behind a wall with fear. baa says oh someone is playing hide and seek. baa says I will kill Anjali if you don’t listen to me. no one will come and go out of this house until we run from here. I will shot if you try to be clever.
Precap-vikrant asks simar what are you doing in kitchen? She says prem is in a trouble he needs my help. simar places all the sweets on prem’s table. 


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