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Movie Review: Creature

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Movie Review: Creature

Post by -*Fenil*- on 2014-10-15, 15:03

Film: "Creature"; Cast: Bipasha Basu , Imran
Abbas, Mukul Dev , Deepraj Rana; Director:
Vikram Bhatt ; Stars: ** out of 5
Finally Bollywood attempted to make a creature
based movie, following western trend. It's a
difficult task for not just the technical team, but
for the actors too. The effort of the team was
visible but could not possess the flair, which such
movies require.
Creature 3D is a story of Ahana who has come to
the hilly terrains of Summer Hill from Mumbai
after losing her father, her home and everything
because of some evil people. She opens a
Boutique Hotel in the middle of the jungle, a
perfect get-a-way place for the city people from
their busy lives. Guests love the place and the
natural beauty around until they start witnessing
unexplained disappearance of people around.
Soon the guests see the deadly creature, Brahma
Rakshas, and decide to leave and the hotel is
shut. But being brave and not ready to give up
her dreams, Ahana decides to fight and save her
Bipasha played her role well but in some scenes
she could have done better. Imran really needs to
work on his acting skills. Just like other
Bollywood films, Bipasha and Imran were
expected to create some magic on screen as a
couple, but they could not. Talking about other
actors, Mukul Dev and Deepraj Rana are great and
should have got more screen space.
The songs are as average as the film, well yet to
figure out if it was because of the improper
recording or its non-impactful lyrics. The only
song that you would like to listen again is 'Sawan
aaya hai...'. Well the music played in the
background to make the scenes more impactful
were typical horror film music, that plays every
time ghosts are about to appear.
Being the first creature based Bollywood film it
was good, but unfortunately these days most of
the Indian audience are fond of watching
Hollywood films and they are bound to compare.
The movie has some unwanted dialogues and
some noticeable flaws. All in all, if you have no
other movie to watch this weekend then you can
think of giving it a try.

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