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Bipasha: Looking good all about health

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Bipasha: Looking good all about health

Post by -*Fenil*- on 2014-10-15, 15:06

Actress Bipasha Basu has been appreciated for
her looks in her first Hollywood venture "The
Lovers". And she believes "looking good" is all
about health and happiness.
In her first Hollywood venture, the actress sports
a no make-up look as Maratha warrior Tulaja
Naik. Roland Joffe has directed the time travel
romantic adventure saga, which was earlier titled
Q: What about the film that you did with Roland
A: It's called "The Lovers" now. It's will be
coming in a few months. I am really looking
forward to it. It's one of my most challenging
roles in recent times. People tell me I look my
best in "The Lovers". I am advised to do the no
make-up look more often.
Q: And you are also looking your best?
A: I think looking good has to do with looking
after your health and being in a happy space. I
am happy at peace with myself. Everything
around me is peaceful and under control. You
know, my greatest stress used to be my younger
sister's career. By god's grace she's doing well
for herself. She's a journalist. That's a load off
my back. Nothing gives me more happiness than
to see my family well settled.
Q: I've seen you go through the worst of times
and coming out unscathed?
A: It's really very simple. When the Tsunami
strikes, you have no choice but to try to swim to
safety across the choppy waves. One has to
protect oneself from the dark forces when they hit
you. You never know when they will hit you. It's
life. The hard times are bound to come. Nothing
prepares you for them.

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