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Akdha SS Tu Hi Tu

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Akdha SS Tu Hi Tu

Post by Tinker_Bell on 2014-10-15, 19:10

Hiiii Here I am writing an Short Story. Thanx .... pls comment.Its a long journey.... there will be tons of fun, masti, romance, fights, frndship, cool drama, and Akdha nok jhok.... Lets get started with the character sketch.


Jalaluddin Mohummad
Shenshah of Hindustan.... at the peak of his power. But unfortunately.... he misuses it sometimes. He is married to Jodha cose of his mother's wish. He controls his anger and miraculously strong. Illiterate but smart, witty and devilious..... He belives in strength and brain.... He easily influences everyone... except two... Pratap and Jodha... He is a devil but has a soft side he loves children, his family and near ones and forgives for sake of his loved ones.He does not believe in love. But he believes in caring for near ones.

A beautiful lady.She is bought up with love and care. She is the most ideal daughter and kind. She loves people, helping them, caring for adjective suits her best. She is extremely intelligent and smart. She lives with pride. Everyone loves her. She is soft hearted. She cares for everyone. But she has secrets only three people know and they aare most close to her... Moti, Naina and Akira.

Jalal's first wife and his best frnd..... She is good but comes with pride and arrogance to her enemies.She has no one except Jalal from her own family.... She also secretly loves Jalal but dosen't say it to him. She is over proudy.... She is selfish and over confidant that no one can defeat her.

Maham Anga
Jalal's foster mother and Wazir e aaliya. SHe is smart and a devil(in real sense) She is hungry for power and too proudy and over confidant on her brain that no one can track her.... Jalal knows that but is quite due to love on her as bought him up.

Adham Khan
Jalal's foster brother and his minister. He wants to be in Jalal's place... he wants to be badshah of hindustan. He is evil and womeniser. He is too confidant on his physical power. Jalal defeates him easily... that is why he hates Jalal.

Jalal's sister's husband and his minister. He loves Jodha ... but she dosen't. He is plotting against him.They always fail cose Jalal is more smatter that they think.. he easily puts them in trouble without even their knowledge. He acts as if he love Bakshi.

Bakshi Bano
She is Jalal's sister. First she loves his brother but later plots against Jodha and Jalal. She is in love with Sharif. 

Jodha's bst frnd and her baandi.... but Jodha refuses her to call her baandi... They were together from childhood. She helps her even if she is wrong. She supports her in good and bad times and lives with her.

Jodha's youngest sister and bst frnd. She is third daughter of Raja Bharmal and Rani Mainavti. She loves to visit the whole world and rarely lives in the palace. She is witty, smart, intelligent and extremly naughty. She behaves boyish. She knows Jodha's deepest secrets.

Jodha's childhood frnd and Jalal's minister's daughter. Although her father works for Jalal she never saw Jalal.She loves Jodha as her bst frnd. Though she is a muslim Jodha is her bst frnd. Her father never stops her from talking to Jodha instead he encourages her to be religious tolerant. Keeping their religion aside they always keep their frndship strong and all these years growing up their frndship increases.

Jodha's sister and amer's second princess. She is calm, sweet and extremly soft towards Jodha.

Jodha's sister and third princess. She is little intelligent and partially naughty.

Hamida Begum
Jalal's mother and Malika e azam.She is nice, sweet, calm and cares a lot for Jodha.She cares for Jalal.

In this SS the story start with Sukanya's marriage and Akdha fall in luv with each other. Later go on with nxt thread. 

It has been an year since Jodha's marriage... they don't love each other but secretly admire each other. They eventually fall in luv with each other during Sukanya's marriage.

Chapter 1
Everyone is in Diwan e khas. Jalal is dealing with political conditionand Jodha is getting bored. She is whispering to Moti and talking in a low voice.Though nothing important descion is going on Jalal is serious.

A solider enter.... " Gustaki maaf Huzoor.... Jodha begum ke liye paigam aaya hai... Aapki ijaazat ho toh pesh karun." Jalal" Haan... usse Jodha begum ko de dijiye" Moti takes it and gives it to Jodha. But this oppourtunity is not only for Jodha. Another solider  comes and says" Huzoor... Aadab... Shenshah aapke liye Amer se paigam aaya hai." Atgah sahab takes it. It is read aloud.

Shenshah ko Raja Bharmal ka pranaam. Hum bohot khushi ke saath aapko hamari beti Sukanya ke vivaah par aamatrit karna chahate hai.Is khushi mein hum aapko amantrit karna chahte hai... aur Jodha Sukanya ki behen hai is wajah se uska ana atyant aavashyak hai... asha karte hai aap apne parivar ke saath aaenge.
Raja Bharmal.

After listening to this She turns to Jodha and says"Shenshah... kayde ke hisaab se Jodha begum ko mila paigam diwan e khaas  mein pdha jaana zaroori hai" Some minister agree with her..... secretly even Jalal wants to know what is in the letter that Jodha is smiling so brightly. He nods in agreement.
Jodha" Parantu... ye hamara patr hai.... Yeh hamari hai" Maham" Jodha begum... kuch kayde hote hai jinhe todna gunah hai" Jodha" Thik hai lijiye" Atgah sahab takes it and smiles and reads it aloud.

Pyaari Jodha,
Main tujhse bohot naraz hun...... tu kahi dino se chitti nahi likh rahi hai. Kya hua? Phir se koi musibat khadi ki kya un logo ne? Khair.... Sukanya ki shaadi ho rahi hai.... hume teri bohot yaad aa rahi hai.... aur to ek saal se nahi aai na Jodha..... Main tujhse baat nahi karungi... tu jhooti nikli..... Dekh yahi hai na behen ka pyaar.Yahan hoti toh Majarmach ke aansu baha kar sabko chup kara deti..... Tu kaise aaegi yeh mujhe nahi pata .... ghar se bhaag ke aaegi ya puch ke mujhe nahi pata... par agar tu nahi aayi to tu yaad rakh ..... tujhe shanti se jine nahi dungi.... soch le.hum sabh tera intezaar kar rahe hai.Haan par akele mat aana.... Moti, Jiju and baki logon ko saath lana. Teri chitti ke intezaar mein..
Teri dost

Jalal smirked and then looked at Jodha. Maham's plan had flopped as she thought it was someone else's letter not her sister's.
Hamida smiled at Jodha while Ruks was fuming with anger and jealous.Jalal" Atgah sabah... amer jaane ki tayari kijiye... hum kal niklenge... kyuki is waqt agra par koi musibat nahi hai" Atgah"Ji shenshah... bilkul thik kaha aapne ... yeh waqt bilkul thik hai" Jalal" Ruquiyya... aap bhi aane ki tayari kijiye aur ammijaan, salima begum aap bhi chaliye " Jodha"Aur rahim bhi saath chalenge na Salima begum?"Salima"Haan"WinkMiss You
Jodha was extremly happy.Salima"Jodha begum, yeh Naina kon hai?" Jodha"Naina? woh hamari bachpan ki sakhi hai... aur hamari sabhse choti behen hai"Salima"Accha.... lagta hai bohot gehera rishta hai aap dono ka " Jodha" Haan". All the begums were jealous of Jodha.Evil or Very Mad

Next Morning Ruquiya was getting ready for leaving Agra.Everyone was getting ready.... Jodha was too much excited.Maham and Adham were coming too.... even Bakshi and Shrif

Jalal sat on his horse, Ruquiya,Rahim,Jodha and Salima sat in one palki. Jalal was riding ahead. Jodha was looking outside evry 10 min.She was excited to go to amer after a whole year. Jalal was seeing all this and thinking Amer mein aisa kya hai jo Jodha begum itni bechain ho rahi hai?

OK ..... This is the end of first chappy.... will give u another nxt time... Thanx pls comment on this as this is my first long story.

Tinker Bell:-)))))))):


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Re: Akdha SS Tu Hi Tu

Post by manishi on 2014-10-15, 22:35

nice one .. pls continue


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