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4L's love story--Similar yet Different

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4L's love story--Similar yet Different

Post by pollyanna on 2014-10-15, 19:47

Couple of different things which the makers have shown till yet to build up the love story of Sahir-Arzoo:

1. Sahir is the angry young man but controls his emotions while Arzoo is also the angry young woman who is known for her short temper. 

2. Both have interacted several times , not in a cordial manner but the situations have been more or less closer to reality, no dhak-dhak, no hawa ka jhonka, but yes mutual dislike based on the interactions they have had so far. 

3. Both are also getting known to other aspects of each other's attributes and sensibilities.

4. Now coming to Kurti Appa and Alvira, I am sitting on fence as to me , both look grey characters and NOT negative. KA initially started off as being rude but am sure Arzoo will win her, as it happened during cupboard issue. Alvira looks very warm to Arzoo but she is trying her best to make a match with  Sahir, it sounds well but then there has to be a CATCH and that catch will only be solved once we know what transpired during the convo of Sahir with the doctor.

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Re: 4L's love story--Similar yet Different

Post by Shesherkobita on 2014-10-15, 19:56

I'm quiet sure Alvira will turn negative ... Just cos she seems so perfect ... Kurta apa is comic relief ... But hoping she gets more humane treatment than Khala Khalu in QH2 ... Who are just unbearable ...

So far the best acting has come from
1. Arzoo's mom ( terrific natural actor)
2. Zaki ( flowing smoothly )
3. Saheer ( he doesn't have a choice but to act stoic at this point)

Anam is 50/50 ...cos she is vampish but then that's what she is supposed to be ...
This boat will sink because of Shivya or Arzoo ... She better get thru some executive courses on acting during weekends .... After all sony gives her 3 day weekend ...

I panicked when I saw that little kid ... Bubbly ( IPk) has scarred me for life ... Every time I see a kid in 4 lion show  I panic .... But thankfully this kid had a reason to show up ... And not turn psychotic ..

Nice post pallo

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