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I have nothing to say for you dear zoya .......just tears

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I have nothing to say for you dear zoya .......just tears

Post by jayalakshmi on 2013-04-20, 10:04

Salaam!!namaste!! yaaron..
kal ki episode dekhte dekhte meri jaan nikal gayii.....aur main toh abhi tak depression phase mein hun...QH waale bhi kamaal karte hain...aise epi friday ko hi kyon dikhaate hain...khairrr..aaj koi masti mazaak karne ka mann nahiin kar rahaa
i came across this article by Sangeeta joshi on fb' forum32 page..waise toh I luv all her posts but this I had to share.......plz read and comment

Asad: The Protector Epi Apr 19

"Yeh is mulk mein rehne ke laayak nahin hain."

Did anyone wonder why he made this statement? Yes, of course on the outside it's evident that he is really upset and infuriated with Zoya's visit to the Siddiqui mansion. For Asad, no one is above his ammi (except Khuda) and the moment Razia spewed venom against his beloved ammi, Asad had lost all control over his emotions. No one can blame him for his response to the humiliation Razia showered for Dilshaad.

Did anyone notice his response to the slap Razia gave Zoya? The cameraman did a great job there. The screen changed to a black and white tone from the colored tones. It was as if Razia had slapped him, and not Zoya.

Asad, the lion's life revolves around a few people and he will do anything to protect them. Zoya is definitely a part of this ring now. Her protection his responsibility and anyone who threatens her safety or honor shall bear the wrath of the lion.

His first impulse was to throw his laptop, as he couldn't bear seeing that scene anymore. Anymore insult of Dilshaad or Zoya was unbearable for him. It wasn't only the slap or accusations on Dilshaad, there was also a danger to Humeira's life and fingers were being pointed towards Zoya. Asad knew what that meant. Not only was Humeira going to lose her life, Zoya could find herself in legal trouble, possibly accused of murder!

Next, he picked his keys to leave for the forbidden Siddiqui mansion but ammi's 'vaasta' stopped him from unlocking the door.

He had no recourse. Asad dashed into Zoya's room and started packing her bags. The only way to protect her was to make sure she left the country and his life as soon as possible.

Zoya has faced many life threatening situations since she has been in India. Earlier, while Asad would get frustrated by her ignorance and interfering nature, lately I have noticed a sense of worry in him. He knows she will never change; she will do what she thinks is right, even if that meant putting herself in danger. That's why, he knows that the best way to protect her from all these dangerous situations is to deport her back to the US, where she would probably be safer and not get herself into such dire situations.

I have no doubt Asad loves Zoya a lot. After all, he has lied and acted against his principles to keep her in India. If he is acting rude and cold right now, it's just for her sake because he loves her too much to let her get into any precarious situations.

So, why will he run and propose to her on Monday? Perhaps, he will find out that Humeira is alive, there was no poison in the sweets and Zoya will not be accused by anyone. HE KNOWS SHE IS INNOCENT!

Asad should realize that Zoya will be safest when she is with him because he won't be able to survive without her, and if she is with him, he is the only one who can defend her against her own mistakes and outside dangers.

Asad Ahmed Khan, the lion, the protector will never let anyone hurt or harm Zoya, except that he doesn't realize that sometimes he hurts her more when he tries to protect her. Zoya's spirit couldn't be crushed by Razia's slap or Ghafoor's stinging words, but Asad's hurtful words shattered and paralyzed her. If only she could understand that he did it all for her….

Other observations about the episode:

Cheers for Rashid, Badi B and Ayaan for standing up for Zoya.
Jeers for Razia and Tanveer
Tanveer is treading dangerous grounds now- Razia knows who mixed the poison, Zoya doubted her for a second, Asad questioned her on whether she knew Zoya was going to Ayaan's place. I can only hope that Tanveer's days are numbered now.

A song dedicated to Asad from Zoya for hurting her feelings today:

jhute ilzaam meri jaan lagaayaa naa karo - 2
dil hai naajuk ise tum aise dukhaayaa naa karo
jhute ilzaam meri jaan lagaayaa naa karo) - 2

meri aankhon mein jo achhe nahi lagate aansu - 2
to jalaayaa naa karo mujhako sataayaa naa karo - 2
dil hai naajuk ise tum aise dukhaayaa naa karo
jhute ilzaam meri jaan lagaayaa naa karo

- Umrao jaan

Ab yeh main likh rehi hun...aap sabki dukhiyari kaneez.....
"i knewit..i knewit...Asad wanted to get her out of the country as sson as possible so that she wont land in trouble...aise toh Asad miya ka main humesha bahut mazaak udaati rehti hun....lekin aaj kuchh nahiin fact Jahapanh pehli baar aaap 100% sahii ho..pehle jab Asad Zoya ko daandti thi there was so much humiliation, ridicule aur pata nahiin kaya liye gussa aata tha...lekin is baar it was his hurt that got reflected...his concern....and his frustration at not being able to do anything when both His Ammi and the love of his love were getting humiliated badly......
woh Razia bii apne aap ko samajhti kya hain...woh jisko chaahe jahaan chaahe kuchh bhi kahegi..karegi...aur Mr siddiqui ne jab woh "naapaak' word use kiya ne Zoya ke liye...aur Razia "behaya" dil broke into jaane kitne saaare pieces....agar koi Razia ki baton ka muhtod jawaab de sakta hain....toh woh hain...nahiin naa hi Zoya ya Dilshaad ya Rashid ya Ayaan ...not even Badii Bii .....only our hero can do that Asad....and I desperately hope for a scene in which He gives jawaab for all her ghatiya baatein.....And Mr.Khan aap toh din pe din humara dil jiitte jaa rahe hain...aap pehle se kitne badal gaye ho.....sssooo cute!!
And for Zoya.....You were wrong this time sweetie..and probably even I had gone wrong in my prediction...just dont know what to say....your tears..I just cant see anymore...tum wahaan ro rahi thhi,.....aur main yahaaan...I have nothing to say for you dear.....just nothing.....tears..thats all.....


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Re: I have nothing to say for you dear zoya .......just tears

Post by --sumana13-- on 2013-04-20, 12:34

Jayalakshmi .... Aapkaa yeh post padkar merey bhi aankhon mein aansoo aa rahey hai yaara ..... Apni bholi bhaali Zoya key liye ..... Kaash ki yeh jaldi sort out ho jaye and Zoya is proved innocent .....

Weeekend bahut udaasi sey bhara hai iss baar .... Merey sabhi favorite shoes mein :'(

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Re: I have nothing to say for you dear zoya .......just tears

Post by Maria J on 2013-04-20, 12:40

Beautiful post Jaya..
Thanks for sharing this with us..
I knew that Asad cares for Zoya but was irritated when I saw that he wanted her out of the country and the rudeness he showed.. This post made me understand the reason behind Asad's behaviour..

Maria J

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Re: I have nothing to say for you dear zoya .......just tears

Post by Sponsored content Today at 05:49

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