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Bollywood and Women Empowerment!

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Bollywood and Women Empowerment!

Post by -*Fenil*- on 2014-10-20, 10:50

The various roles of women depicted in Hindi
Cinema have always been at large. Be it a woman
playing the role that is seen as a symbol of
women empowerment or a male being in those
shoes, has always existed in Bollywood.
Sonam Kapoor
Sonam Kapoor has recently joined the mission to
empower women after the release of her latest
venture, Khoobsurat . At a press conference
alongside Fawad Afzal Khan, she made sure her
point of view regarding every female being
beautiful was given a chance to be heard. Sonam
Kapoor , being a fashionista is followed by many
females for her glamorous outfits and style, and
she made very good use of that advantage by
speaking for and about women.
Vidya Balan
Vidya Balan is one of those female celebrities who
has been a great force in making women stronger
than ever. With Kahaani, the 2012 thriller film,
Balan proved that she is in this mission to give
women the confidence they may lack otherwise,
by proving that even in a male dominated
industry, a female can succeed on her own if she
chooses to do so. In favour of supporting the
rights of the females, she made sure not to
change her surname prior to her marriage to
Siddharth Roy Kapur.
Rani Mukherjee
Post the release of Mardaani in August of 2014 ,
Rani Mukherjee has reportedly been in favour of
women empowerment and hopes of women
standing up for their rights. The movie Mardaani
was based on human trafficking in which
Mukherjee played the role of a police officer,
Shivani Shivaji Rao. The movie itself had recieved
the rating A which restricts it to being watched by
only certain audiences. Rani Mukherjee was upset
when she found out, but the movie did wonders
and thus Rani packed a punch by giving a
stupendous performance. she showcased that a
woman can indeed face the toughest of troubles
and emerge victorious.
Kalki Koechlin
Earlier in 2014, Kalki Koechlin was a part of the
women empowerment initiative taken by none
other than the very famous brand, Vogue.
Koechlin wrote a monologue, that was not only
written but also performed by Kalki Koechlin
herself. She had called it "The Truths of
Womanhood" and the truth it was. It was about
women's rights and how they must become more
aware of it. Tying with it, she added in her poetic
illustration the fact that the society is patriarchal
and where the woman exactly stands.
Madhuri Dixit Nene
According to Madhuri Dixit, 75% of the women
population are unaware of their rights and the
women empowerment movement. Madhuri Dixit
claims to have been a part of the movie Gulaab
Gang only because she desired to create more
awareness for those who don't have the means of
reaching the upper end otherwise.
Juhi Chawla
Alongside Madhuri Dixit, one can not forge the
hard work of Juhi Chawla to make the whole idea
of women empowerment understandable and
recognizable to the women of India. In Gulaab
Gang, she may have been a sidekick of Madhuri
Dixit, but in real life, Chawla has been quite
prominent in awareness programmes.
Seema Biswas
The start of this powerful lady's career was with
Bandit Queen, where she played the role of a
gang leader Phoolan Devi, who was not only
molested but gang-raped and humiliated in front
of the public. More recently, she has worked for
Deepa Mehta's Water (2012), where her role was
of a widow who had no real say in the society
that was dominated by men. She connected well
with the audience and made sure that she plays
the roles to her best extent and proves to be
powerful for those women who are overlooked in
the society.
Not to forget, there are those men in Bollywood
who have been supportive of movements as well
as campaigns that emancipate the women and
their strengths. And with this, BollyCurry would
like to congratulate the women of Bollywood who
have been prominent in empowering women to
their best.
Author: Saraa K.

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