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KumKum Bhagya - Written Update - 20 October 2014

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KumKum Bhagya - Written Update - 20 October 2014

Post by slmu on 2014-10-20, 21:41

Kumkum Bhagya 20th October 2014 Written Episode

The episode starts with Abhi’s lawyer telling Tanu/Aaliya that with Pragya’s statement against Abhi, he cannot get Abhi’s bail and asks why did she change her statement when she was ready to help her husband. Aaliya says she is unpredictable and asks lawyer to spend howmuch money it takes and bail out Abhi.

Abhi thinks why did Pragya showed concern at first and then gave statement against him. Pragya comes there and thinks she wants to get him out at any cost but cannot tell him the reason for giving false statement. Corporator comes there and murmurs something in Pragya’s ears and she walks behind him. Abhi thinks what is going on between then and thinks once he comes out, he will expose them.

Pragya says corporator that he is so dumb to think that he will keep Abhi behind bars for a long time and says she heard his conversation with corporator that he will kill Abhi, so she gave false statement. Corporator says she instead helped him as Abhi brought 2 day’s stay orders of kumkum bhagya and now that Abhi is in jail for more than 2 days, he will break the hall. He says he provoked Abhi to beat him and got him behind jail. He says his plan was to get him behind bars and break his bones, but she came in between and frightened inspector to release Abhi and later instead gave wrong statement. He challenges that she cannot do anything now without proof. Pragya says she will get proof and bail Abhi out and even her marriage hall. Corporator asks her to try her best.

Mitali scolds her papa for getting Raj’s sign on marriage hall demolition papers and getting Abhi behind bars in the process and says Raj will kill her if he will know this. Dad asks her to take Raj on a vacation for 2 days while he does something. She says Raj does not tolerate her being at home at all, then why will he tak her on vacation. He says he will fund her vacation and asks her to tell Raj that she won a lucky draw.

Pragya sees corporator and his men on the road, enjoying snacks and tea nearby a roadside tea stall.

Abhi’s jail mates sing songs and try to entertain him, but he gets irritated and asks them to stop, asks since howmany days they are here. One says 1 week, another 1 month. He thinks he is getting mad within one day itself. He sees Pragya in front of him smiling and asks if she is laughing on his helplessness. She says she is smiling for the feelings she is getting since yesterday. He says he will strangulate her but then says she will send him to jail permanently if he does so. He asks her to think whatever he can and wait till tomorrow as she will get him out tomorrow. He asks her to stop joking. She says she got evidence now and will bail him out in the morning. He asks her why she wants to do a favor. She says she is repaying for the favor he did yesterday and walks out, smiling. He thinks she is unpredictable.

Tanu happily tellys Aaliya that she was worried that Pragya will become Abhi’s favorite after bailing him out, but she instead gave statement against him and got into wrong books of Abhi. Aaliya says she got herself into trouble now and it is good for us. Now, she will bail out Abhi and brainwash her. Tanu sees Pragya coming and thanks her for giving false statement and says tomorrow Dadi is coming and if she will know about your true colours, she will kick you out of Abhi’s life. Pragya silently walks to her room. Aaliya scolds her for informing Pragya about Daadi’s arrival. Tanu says she wanted to enjoy insulting Pragya and says within one day Pragya will not get proof to bail out Abhi.

Pragya comes to her room and smiles thinking she will bail out Abhi tomorrow. She goes into flashback where she records corporator agreeing his plan.

Precap: Tanu sees Pragya telling Sarla about video recording corporator’s statement and thinks she should stop Pragya from producing it in court and get into good books of Abhi.


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