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Deepika Padukone was always a star: SRK

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Deepika Padukone was always a star: SRK

Post by -*Fenil*- on 2014-10-22, 21:31

Shah Rukh Khan , the producer and hero of
Deepika Padukone 's debut film " Om Shanti Om",
says she has paved the way for her own success
and that she always had it in her to be a "star".
SRK and Deepika worked under Farah Khan 's
direction for " Om Shanti Om ", and the team has
joined hands again for the forthcoming " Happy
New Year". In the gap of seven years, Deepika has
established herself as one of the reigning beauties
in Bollywood -- and Shah Rukh feels the success
is "all hers".
"I have nothing to do with her (Deepika's)
success. It's all hers. You can't take credit away
from someone," Shah Rukh told reporters in a
group interview.
Citing his own example, he said that when he
worked on his debut film " Deewana(1992) ",
veteran actors like Rishi Kapoor and Amrish Puri
were very nice and kind to him.
"I must have made mistakes, I must have been
good and bad," Shah Rukh said as he mulled over
his own journey.
But then talking of Deepika, he said: "I think
Deepika was always a star. Since she was new,
we did the 'Aankhon mein teri' song and we
showed it to Amitji ( Amitabh Bachchan ). He said,
'She is a very huge star'. She was a supermodel
at that time, so it's not something we (Farah and
I) have done.
"I haven't worked with her for seven years, but I
think she has it all. As a friend, I told her that
'Always do a film where you feel comfortable with
the people around'. She has made wonderful
choices -- whether it's 'Cocktail' or 'Finding
"She has chosen some highly commercial films
too; she has made the right choices," he said.

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