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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi-- Written Episode-- 24th October 2014

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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi-- Written Episode-- 24th October 2014

Post by pollyanna on 2014-10-24, 22:50

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi-- Written Episode-- 24th October 2014

RV says to CHiraag that he should thanks that he didn’t do this drama on a road side, but now Ishaani is coming to see him here. She must also know, who he promised to marry. Chiraag was upset. Ishaani is on the way to Emerald hall. RV shows Chiraag a CD, which he will show to Ishaani. He says that the three of them will watch it together. RV says it is the last chance for you. Ishaani watches Disha and Rishi. She goes behind them, and is shocked to see she is with Rishi. She asks she had gone to Rajkot with Manas. Disha says that Manas cancelled the plan in the last moment so she came here. Ishaani says he is RV’s assistant, what if he is also taking revenge with them through him. Disha says she is jealous with her, and she doesn’t like Manas and you who interfere in her life. Disha says she is marrying Chiraag, and now roams with Ranvir. He was her driver, but now when he is rich she is going around him. Ishaani slaps Disha.

Disha shouts how dare she.
RV says that he won’t have done as much bad, as will happen to him. He starts the backward countdown. The countdown finish, but Ishaani hasn’t come there. Chiraag laughs, that he will open him up in front of that stupid Ishaani who would forgive him and apologize him of mistrusting. RV says if the thirsty couldn’t get to pond, he will take the pond there; and leaves with the CD. Chiraag asks him for the CD, RV asks is he afraid.
Disha says that if she does this the next time, with her she will forget she is her sister. Ishaani says she will asks maa to let her out of the property. Ishaani takes Disha forcefully home.
Falguni meets RV and Chiraag. She tells Chiraag to leave, as she only wants to talk to Ranvir. She breaks the CD, and tells Chiraag to leave. RV asks what is she doing here. Falguni asks did he want to open up Chiraag’s truth, is he thinking that why is she preventing him to break Ishaani’s marriage. What has he given Ishaani, and what good that will give Ishaani. He doesn’t know, how to recognize and own the relations. Falguni says she couldn’t identify his love in the beginning, but then she realized that he loves her the way Harshid loved her. She wanted him to marry Ishaani, but he doesn’t have the courage to marry her and take her home.
She says Mota Bapu who loved Ishaani isn’t here, and Chiraag doesn’t love Ishaani. RV says he did what Ishaani wanted. Falguni asks won’t he stop her from slipping anyway. He would show her the path for a life time, but won’t hold her hand and walk with her. So he must let her marry Chiraag, and let her live the false happiness. She says now she is begging her again, to go away from Ishaani’s life, as he can only give him pain.
Falguni thinks that she knows his love will be enough for him and Ishaani. She thinks that his next step, will make him close to Ishaani.
Baa was worried at home, listening to Disha’s truth. Disha asks what she did wrong, and does she want to prove she is character less. Ishaani tells her to shut up, she is wrong and doesn’t accept it. She is roaming with RV’s assistant, who wants to destroy them. DIsha says she must concentrate on her fiancé and her life. Baa asks who was that man. Disha says he is just friend. Baa asks does he want to marry her. Disha says she loves him. Baa repeats her question. Disha says they will discuss later. Baa stops her, and says that she has a fiancé, she will be married to Manas only. She deters him to stop wandering.
Baa further says that Disha won’t step out of home, until Ishaani is married. Before leaving, Disha says she won’t participate in any of Ishaani’s functions.
Chiraag comes home beaten. His mother shows him concern. He says it is because of a girl, and there were thousands of girls after Chiraag. They all wanted him, and made him like this. He says she must be happy, his son has this much demand. He asks is his eyes swollen. He says Ishaani would marry her anyway. His mother says what if her mother had said so. Chiraag says they will marry, and they will get the dowry as the case-money. He tells her that Falguni saw him with girls but didn’t say a word. She keeps a single eye closed in matters of her daughter’s wedding. Falguni comes there, and asks do they have demand about any function. She tells Chiraag that he has celebrated his bachelor’s party, not he must come to her mehndi as well. Before leaving, Falguni says to Chiraag that he won’t change but she is waiting about changing his days. She thinks RV will do something for Ishaani.
PRECAP: Ishaani says to Ritika that she wants to tell him something. Ritika says she knows RV loves her. Ishaani says she doesn’t. Ritika says this is her stupidity, and because of this only RV is hers. .


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Re: Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi-- Written Episode-- 24th October 2014

Post by Shesherkobita on 2014-10-25, 16:24


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