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Sasural Simar Ka 27th October 2014 Written Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 27th October 2014 Written Update

Post by Maria J on 2014-10-27, 20:34

Sasural Simar Ka 27th October 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Surbhi is the one has attacked simar. simar says why you wanna kil me surbhi. Surbhi says you will have t die simar. I won’t be able to live in peace till you are alive. I attacked you at the cruise. Simar says have you gone mad. surbhi says yes I have gone mad, I won’t let anyone come in between me and prem. Simar shoves her hand and throws the knife away. Simar says think your mind. surbhi says whats my mistake in all this. I loved prem when you were not in his life. I took care of everyone. your truth is in front of everyone. Everyone is ready to forgive you and they want to own you. Vikrant says I have to go to simar as soon as possible.
Malhotra sees Prem and tells him that prem’s life is in danger. He sends him at the same venue. Prem says thanks and grabs a cab. Vikrant reaches the place. He says simar. Surbhi is shocked. Simar takes off the glove from her hand. He asks are you okay? I heard someone attacked you last night. Simar says someone attacked me right now but surbhi saved me. I would have been killed if she didn’t come here on time. Thank you surbhi. Prem reaches the sire as well. He says simar. Surbhi is shocked to see him. Prem recalls slapping her. Prem recalls when he said I feel ashamed of the day I made you my wife. He has tears on repentance in his eyes. Vikrant says I will call roli and tell her that you are all right. prem bows down on his knees in tears. He says I am sorry simar. I don’t know what to say or where to start from. I loved you but I gave you more pain than that. I burnt you in sins. I made mistakes and you were accused of everything. I promised that I will protect you but I became the one who gave you all these pain. You never nagged. you never asked for your right. You slapped me in trade. I was so blind to see the truth. I didn’t even listen to you once. You stay away from us because of us and after what I did, it was a sin. I have ruined so many lives. Simar if you want everything can be all right. Give me one chance I promise I will make everything perfect. Simar holds his hand and says please stand up.
Scene 2
Diwali celebrations have started in Bhardwaj house. Jhanvi says they are returning on right time. roli sees simar everywhere in the house. Celebrating with the family. Mata ji sees roli and says what are you thinking roli? She smiles and says nothing. Mata ji asks rajhinder is everything done? Shalu says everything is done. Mata ji says simar is coming back today. There should be no shortcomings in her welcome. Roli says there will be nothing wrong. Mausi ji says we will welcome prem and simar with all our hearts. Sujata says after so long my children prem and simar wl be one. uma says simar is coming back what will be better for us? Khushi says in heart simar was even better than pari. Pari is so rude. I have to with the flow. khushi says we will welcome them. Jhanvi says we will welcome them like a new bride. Pari is so angry. Mausi ji says go and get everything ready. Mata ji says ask karuna if pooja is ready? Mata ji says in heart please show us a way that will be just to surbhi as well.
pari comes in her room in anger. she says simar has not even entered this home and everyone is crazy for her. Everyone has forgotten surbhi. Archana calls her. apri tells her everything. she says I knew this is going to happen. I ma coming to dehli I wont let anything happen to surbhi. Roli comes to pari and says pari bhabhi I know you are worried for surbhi. You know what happened to simar. She has got the chance to start her new life. When whole family knows the truth they will rectify their mistake. pari says surbhi’s life will be destroyed. what about that/ roli says I know that its wrong with surbhi. pari says I don’t wanna listen anything. I won’t let anything happen to surbhi. she will get her right.
Precap-simar comes home. mata ji hugs her. Sujata welcomes her home. sujata asks prem and simar to do the pooja. simar says surbhi only you have the right to do this pooja.


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