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Second Hand Clothes for Aamir Khan in P.K.

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Second Hand Clothes for Aamir Khan in P.K.

Post by -*Fenil*- on 2014-10-29, 18:24

Character building is an interesting exercise when
you have two of the best creative talent working
on it.
In a brain storming session, Raj Kumar Hirani and
Aamir Khan decided that the character of PK
should be seen wearing worn or old clothes. So,
Raju and Aamir came up with the idea of sourcing
Aamir's clothes from a different place this time.
For the first time ever, the makers picked up
clothes from random people on streets of the
places they shot at. For instance, while they shot
in Rajasthan, they wanted Aamir to wear the
authentic print of Rajasthan. So the team got
down on the streets and requested common men
to give interesting shirts that they had worn in
return for money or a new shirt.
Surprisingly the strangers were very supportive
and happily gave their shirts to the team. When
the entire collection was displayed in front of Raju
Hirani and Aamir Khan , they were very pleased
with how different and quirky they all looked.

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