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Sasural Simar Ka 29th October 2014 Written Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 29th October 2014 Written Update

Post by trintring on 2014-10-29, 20:16

Scene 1
Simar says this is truth mata ji that no one can take prem’s place in my life but now surbhi is in prem’s life. Fate has decided this kind of end for us. Now it doesn’t matter whose mistake was it who was right who was wrong. What will be the future of the child in surbhi’s womb if prem leaves her. She says he will the heir of this bahaaradwaj family. We have to be juts to surbhi. sujata says what about you? have you even thought of yourself. We can’t apart you from us after knowing the reality. We have been damaged because of one mistake. We can’t do this. Mausi ji says you and prem can’t live without each other. simar says if we don’t give surbhi and her child their right what will happen to that innocent kid. His life will be ruined and we will be responsible for it. Pari says there are no two options. This house is of surbhi and she is going to be prem’s child’s mom. We can’t be unjust to her. Simar says you always thought about the better of this family. Now the future of this family is linked with surbhi not me. Please forgive me. We have to accept the decision of fate. She says this is my last pleas mata ji. Accept surbhi as the daughter in law of this house. Let me go please. mata ji says no simar. Simar says please ask mata ji to agree. sujata says what are you sking us. simar syas this is right. roli says I agree that you are right but I know you can’t live without us. We all know the reality you can live here. this is your house, this family is yours. She says mausi ji please ask didi not to go.

Simar says mata ji please I have to go. I want this family to accept the reality and embrace the future. it won’t be possible in my presence. Mausi ji says please don’t leave us. Karuna says gives us one chance to repent. Sid says this house, Anjali and roli need you. Sujata says I beg you simar don’t leave me. Simar says please don’t do this. Don’t increase my problems. Just like you brought me in this house with prayers and smiles and send me out of this house with the same prayers. roli says please stop her. Mata ji says without even asked and nagging you kept thinking about this family,. you are sacrificing your life for surbhi now. you are doing this once again for this family. you have to pay for our sins. Your mata ji alwys understands your deicison. And I say that my daughter will be sent out of this house with all the respect. Mata ji says I want you to promis em something. You have will always come here with the right that you had. Simar nids with tears streaming down her face. Mata ji kisses her forehead.

Precap-simar is leaving the house with all the respect. The welcome garlands fall on the floor. mata ji says this day is doomed for us.

Source: DTB

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Re: Sasural Simar Ka 29th October 2014 Written Update

Post by Maria J on 2014-10-29, 20:19


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