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SBB- Highlights in YHM

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SBB- Highlights in YHM

Post by Tanthya on 2014-10-30, 15:40

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Re: SBB- Highlights in YHM

Post by --sumana13-- on 2014-10-30, 15:57

Written Update ...

SBB takes us to the sets of YHM where Ishita is seen shouting at Raman for his atrocious behaviour towards her and also for throwing away the bracelet  which she had lovingly gifted him
Ishita is in tears and is not ready to hear Raman's apology

She accuses him of being heartless .. That he could never change his attitude and unacceptable behaviour  ...

She retorts back at raman as he accepts his folly

Raman then gets angry at Ishita's adamant /unforgiving nature and shouts at her that he was human and not God
He could commit mistakes and now he was not going to apologise any more

The fight escalates as they discover that their darling Ruhi had gone over to Pammi aunty's house.... as she was very upset with papa mumma's fight ....and also about her shagun Mama's doosri shaadi
Both Ishitan Raman blame each other for Ruhi's disappearance
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