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Sasuraal Simar Ka - Written Update - 30 October 2014

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Sasuraal Simar Ka - Written Update - 30 October 2014

Post by slmu on 2014-10-30, 20:13

Sasural Simar Ka 30th October 2014 Written Episode

Scene 1
Mata ji says this time you will keave this house with smiles not with tears. Simar is in tears she meets everyone. Anjali holds her sari. simar sits down and hugs her. Anjali swipes her tears. Simar hugs sujata. SHe meets maisi jia after her. Simar says from now this sausral is of surbhi not simar. surbhi hugs simar. Simar says stay happy. Simar hugs roli and says you always listen o your simar didi why not today? I have to go. will you take care of everything? I know I am giving you a lot of responsibility. SHe hugs her. roli is crying hard. simar says don’t cry roli. sid handles her. Simar says to prem you know I won’t be able to live if you send me with these gloomy eyes. I want you to promise me something. Fulfill what your promised to surbhi. Simar is leaving. roli sas I can’t live without you. please don’t leave me.

Simar looks back at the family for one last time. He gaze stops at prem. Simar recalls when she enterd the house as a bride. She touches the floor and leaves. the weding garland falls on the floor. mata ji says its a doomed day its not a day to be celebrated. Our Lakshmi has left us today. she is taking the peace of this house with herself. From now there won’t be any happiness in bharadwaj house. There will just be sadness. Simar is in the streets not knowing where to go. roli recalls every time simar helped her. she sees simar from the balcony. Vkrant comes there with Anjali. He says simar please come with us. for sake of our friendship, I promise I will never break your trust again. sanju says mama please come with me. Virkant says please for one last time come with me mama. sanju says please come mama. Simar hugs sanju. Simar agrees to go with them. THey leave.

Scene 2
They come home. Sanju says mama what you saw in Hong Kong? what you bought for me ? simar says I will tell you. simar says it was so beautiful. I have bought toys and chocolates for you. vikrant says I am taking a decisiom too. I have deicided to leave Dehli. vikrant says I will go to Ahmedabad. Sanju will be admitted to a boarding school. sanju says I wanna live with mama. I don’t wanna go there. Vikrant says quite. she isn’t your mom. Vikrant says you have accept this reality. vikrant says this is better for all of us. she has o live without you. He takes sanju and says she has to accept the truth. SAnju says mama I wanna live with you.

Roli is crying hard. She says why didi has to face this every time? sid says its the deicison of fate and she has accepted this with respect. Look from her point of view. What about the kid who has not even seen the world. simar says we don’t have anything do now. what does God want from my sister.

Precap-prem says to surbhi I will never differentiate between Anjali and this kid but I wont be able to give you place of simar.


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