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YRKKH shows you all colors of life and you never find yourself disconnected - Pooja Joshi

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YRKKH shows you all colors of life and you never find yourself disconnected - Pooja Joshi

Post by -*Fenil*- on 2014-10-31, 17:12

Pooja Joshi who essays the role of Varsha is
doing a fabulous job in Star Plus ' long running
show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai . Since she is
associated with the show for a long time, she
talks about her connection with the show and
more in conversation with TellyBuzz.
The show has been running since many years and
yet is popular and much admires so how is the
feeling of being associated with the show for such
a long time? Pooja says, "Its an amazing feeling
because we never thought that the show will run
for a long time. I would say its wonderful for an
actor to be associated with a long running show.
Now this set is like a home and my team mates
are like a family for me. Everyday be with them
for hours and you go home only for sleeping so
there is this beautiful connection. I feel Yeh
Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai se Ek Rishta sa Ban Gaya
Hai. "
Pooja talks about her attachment with the show
and sometimes is extremely sad because of the
viewers opinion about the shoo as she says, "I
am emotionally attached to the show and
sometimes I feel bad when some viewers say that
our show should go off air as they don't
understand the fact that this show is a way of
earning money and its their livelihood. I just want
to pass this message to audience that if the
show goes off air then many people will be in
Some fans feel that some shows are
unnecessarily stretched so when asked Pooja
about he take on this she avers, "As a viewer I
would expect for some new drama and creativity
in writing in a show. I feel that our show has
always been appealing. We have always tried to
bring newness in the show, our story has always
been realistic, even if we have taken a leap then
we have never extended the leap for more than
five years. Humne Ramleela se leke Diwali aur
Holi tab sab dikha diya , so I feel that there is a
lot we have served to the audience. Yeh rishta...
shows you all colors of life and you never find
yourself disconnected to the show ."
So who is more closer to her? Pooja answers,
"Lataji who essays the role of Rajshree is very
close friend of mine, she is like a mother and
sister to me."
When asked Pooja whether is she happy with her
character and how does she feel to essay the role
of Varsha? She answers, "This character of
Varsha has taught me many lessons, I have a
carefree and a bubbly nature but the character
has taught me how to behave maturely, it has
also taught me how to survive in a joint family. I
never knew the practices of a joint family system
but when I started working here I came to know
how to adjust in joint families and how to
maintain good relationships. I think its not only
me but this show also gives a nice message to
the audience."
She concludes the conversation with a sweet
message and says, "I just want to say them that
keep showering your love, recently when I went to
Delhi, I loved the response of fans in Delhi."

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