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Lost Love & Respect

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Lost Love & Respect

Post by Vicqust on 2014-11-01, 07:08

My 2 cents today-  The Lost Love & Respect  

Let me get this out of the way first

Renuka is shedding crocodile tears because she gave all the ration money to the "bank"   Now, she's afraid Jyoti will tell on her... blah blah blah blah- ALL DONE!!!!! Waste of 4 minutes  
OH!!  How disappointed I am that the CVs are making Varad a dark character.. NO BUENO!!!!   NO BUENO!!!!.. Such betrayal.  The AM is truly crumbling to dust.    What is the maximum number of villains a serial can have?  I think we are way over the limit.
Now we get 40 Shades of Green-  the color of jealousy.. btw... who came up with this?  Who assigned Green as the color of green to jealousy/ envy?!!!  Green happens to be my favorite color.. damn it!!
Finally- Varad's goody two shoes image went flying out the window.  All the years of being yearning for Baba's affection is surfacing to the top.   Precious has  finally left the way open for Varad to have some love and affection- the left overs!!.     
From the beginning of Time, I wondered how Varad stood by so meekly and watch the father/son relationship between Baba and Shlok and had no reaction, even the times Sojal taunted him for not fighting for his rightful place as the first born son. .  He seem satisfied that he  was  the second place with both Anjali & Baba.   Now he intends of taking what is rightfully his... Baba's Love.
How could he not become SELFISH?!!!   Both sons should have been given equal amount of love-.  EBP,, all this new drama is Baba's FAULT!!!.   OMG  Children are such sensitive creatures.. Even though this is reel life. Same applies to real life.. Varad's recalling Baba didn't care if he ate or not, but took the time to feed Shlok.
Oh Man!!!  This is crazy.. What role reversal!!!! First Sojal was dying to be the older Agni Bahu and its going to be her's and I'm getting the feeling, she doesn't want it anymore.   Varad using emotional blackmail to get her support " if you love me, you will support me"... So will she support him or not??
 The Singing Apeman - now for the fun part.  Ashlok missed their bus to Mumbai .. The aunties found out entertainer Shyama is not going to be entertaining.   .. Aastha bargaining with the aunties for a ride.  She and the Pati will do the entertaining.  Poor Shlok .. he sure is on his way to find his identity.. first a homeless street walker, then a cab driver and now an entertainer. His resume is starting to look pretty good. 
She is so darn cute, the aunties couldn't resist, much to Shlok's surprise


OMG- what a Hoot.. Aastha banging on the bongo..  singining tunelessly.. like a frog croaking .. and Shloky Bear helping... my sides was hurting from laughing .   ...  that kind of singing should be restricting to bathroom singing...  I know I know.. let me say,,, I myself restricted my singing to the bathroom.

Realizing she's is a tight spot... Shloky Bear bring out his magic voice.. What the HECK!!! CVs,,, where did not come from??  You made Aastha sound like a frog and Shlok with honey voice??!!!!
He sang so romantically,, eventually  the aunties all disappeared from the back of the lorry  ( I haven't used this word in such a long time) and we have a full Ashlok romance .. So romantic..

I have to tell hubby, I want to be romanced on the back of a lorry, decorated with streamers and flowers, a swing for us and driving along the highway.  I do!!!.  I was jealous   Oh wait.. he will tell me " In your dreams" .. just like Ashlok.. damn!!!

Welcome to Mumbai- the city of adventure?
Precap: Varad trying to have Baba sign over authority to him? Hmmm


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